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Freshly Sliced Blog Posts


3 SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic in 2019

November 19th, 2018

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most essential parts of your digital marketing strategy. It’s how websites and pages get ranked on Google and other search engines and greatly affects one’s visibility, engagement, and conversions. SEO makes it easier for search engines to find the best content, bring in organic traffic, and match consumers with their appropriate […]

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DMC Lamborghini Aventador and More Crazy Cars at Cars And Coffee

November 18th, 2018

There were some really crazy cars at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee, including an insane Lamborghini Aventador with a DMC body kit, and a Lotus with the craziest shifter mode I’ve ever seen. Check the video to see it all, and more! Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model!

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Dot Com Lunch At Krave Asian Fusion Restaurant

November 17th, 2018

Krave Asian Fusion Restaurant in Irvine serve crunchy, savory and non-greasy Korean Style Fried Chicken. They use a special frying technique that renders out the fat from the skin and transforms it into a thin crackly crust. Then they hand brush the sauce of your choice onto each piece of chicken. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Will Fail

November 16th, 2018

Content marketing is a tough strategy to implement because there are so many small things you have to keep in mind. These factors will influence how successful your campaign is, and the future of your company. Many bloggers don’t pay close attention to the small factors, and then when their content marketing fails, they scrabble to find out what happen. […]

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How to Step Up Your Content Marketing Game: 4 Tips

November 15th, 2018

Almost every marketer will gladly tell you that content marketing is the top way to drive traffic to your website and increase revenue. There’s a very good reason all of the best marketers feel this way. Content marketing generates three times the leads of outbound marketing and it has the benefit of costing a staggering 62 percent less. Now, we […]

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The Only Thing More Important Than Quality Content

November 14th, 2018

If you clicked through on this blog post hoping to find some sort of magic bullet, some magic formula for near instant riches where you can get rich quick and retire on some tropical island, I’m sorry to say you’re going to be disappointed. It doesn’t exactly work that way. You might see the fast cars and fancy mansions of […]

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4 Awesome Marketing Tweaks to Make to Your Blog

November 13th, 2018

It’s important you have unique ways to build engagement on your blog. Over the years, we have learned a lot about the way people interact with blogs. This is cool because it allows us to keep up-to date with changing trends within the industry. Let’s explore some cool tweaks you can make to your blog to help WITH marketing. Let’s […]

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Six Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following by Leaps and Bounds in 2019

November 12th, 2018

Are you wondering how to increase your Twitter followers in 2019? You’re not alone. Millions of business owners, independent artists, musicians, and content creators all want to know how to increase their Twitter views, engagements, likes, and followers in 2019. It’s not too early to start planning for the new year. You need to work on putting a marketing strategy […]

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Elon Musk Sent A Dead Body Into Space

November 11th, 2018

Was Space X Starman really a dead body that Elon Musk shot into space? We explore that question, and more, at this week’s Dot Com Lunch. Let us know what you think. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model!

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Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 at Cars and Coffee

November 10th, 2018

I check out the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee. It’s got some REALLY BIG brakes! In addition to the Unplugged Tesla, Cars and Coffee featured over 600 cars for you to check out. It happens every Saturday from 9am to 11am at the Outlets at San Clemente. Click Here To Download John […]

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