10 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging Mistake #1 – Not Updating

It never fails. Somebody sets up a new blog and is all excited about it. We see a furry of posts for the first few days, maybe even a few weeks, and then the number of posts starts to go down until the blog is hardly updated at all. Nothing kills a blog faster than lack of updates. If you are going to blog, then pick a posting frequency and stick to it. Whether it’s one post per week or 10 posts per day, make a commitment to keep your blog updated. A non-updated blog is a dead blog.

Blogging Mistake #2 – Blogging Only For Money

If you’re blogging only for money, then you’re in for a shock. Yes, you can make good money with a blog, but despite what that National Post story on me said, it takes a lot more than “no effort.” 99% of blogs on the Web cannot make more than $100 a month. John Chow dot Com makes money because I don’t blog for money. If the only reason you’re blogging is to get rich, you will fail.

Blogging Mistake #3 – Rushing a Post

I am sure we have all been guilty of this – I know I have. A hot story comes up and you want to get it out ASAP, but in your rush to get the post published, you forget to proofread and just hit the Publish button. Whenever I’ve done that, there have always been mistakes in the post. Before you hit Publish, take your time to double/triple check the post to make sure it’s free of errors. If you spot an error after the post, correct it immediately.

Blogging Mistake #4 – Not Being Personal

A blog is not CNN or News.com. People read your blog to get your opinion and your point of view. Give it to them.

Blogging Mistake #5 – Being a Copycat

What makes your blog stand out from the millions in the blogshere? Is your blog unique or is it just another copycat? I am certainly not the first blog to write about making money on the Internet, so what makes my blog stand out other than me posting pictures of my dinner?

You can write about the same thing as the next blog, but you need to add your own views to make it unique. Don’t just copy and paste what another blog posted. Give your opinion because that’s what blogging is all about. The most unique thing about your blog is you.

Blogging Mistake #6 – Not Replying To Comments

A blog is a two-way communication tool, but many bloggers forget that. When readers comment in your blog, please answer them. If your readers don’t leave comments then try adding these Two Plugins To Increase Blog Comments.

Blogging Mistake #7 – Not Giving a Full Feed RSS

Unless you make 10+ posts per day, there are really no good reasons for not offering a full feed RSS. Since turning on my full feed RSS, my RSS subscribers has increased steadily. I expected traffic to the blog to go down but to my surprise, it kept going up.

Yes, a RSS feed is harder to monetize than a blog, but many RSS readers will unsubscribe to a feed if it’s not full. Not offering a full feed when you do only a few updates a day (or week) just makes you look cheap.

Blogging Mistake #8 – Not Reaching Out To Other Bloggers

The best way to get your blog noticed is by saying hi to other blogs in your niche. The easiest way to do that is to comment on their blogs. I check the comments on my blog all the time and I visit the commentator’s site. I discovered many great blogs this way. Other ways of reaching out to other bloggers includes linking to them, sending trackbacks and adding yourself to their MyBlogLog community. If you’re really creative and have a bit of money to spend, you can even try sending a Google IM.

Blogging Mistake #9 – Writing For Google Instead Of People

Some of you may recall that I am taking an Internet Marketing and SEO class. During this class, the teacher talks about stuff like key phases, keyword density, making sure your content is Google friendly, etc. The only thing I have to say about that is; write for people, not for Google.

You can have the most perfectly written Google optimized page in the world and still not ranked number 1 because Google follows people. And people won’t read a page written for a search engine because it makes no sense. I do keep an eye on my keywords and key phases when I’m writing a post, but I also keep in mind that the readers come first, Google comes second.

Blogging Mistake #10 – Not Reading John Chow dot Com

I think everyone here will agree that this is the biggest mistake any blogger can make. 🙂

196 thoughts on “10 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. Jacob says:

    Yes, yes, biggest mistake is not reading this site. :-p. I like this guide. But, is it wrong to blog for money? I mean, I intend on creating a network of blogs as my means of profit. Does that mean my network won’t be good because I intend on making money from it?

    1. John Chow says:

      Nothing wrong with blogging for money. But if money is the only reason, then you’re in trouble.

      1. Jacob says:

        Well, my passion for the topics I write about is an underlining factor in my posting. I’m a science major, so when I do build my network of science blogs, it’ll be about a topic I am passionate about. But, my intentions are to profit from them so that I can pay for medical school. More is explained in my personal blog.

        1. Jane May says:

          If there is an opportunity to profit from something you love (i.e. science), I think you can be successful at it providing you have the right direction, work ethic and support network. I don’t know many people that wouldn’t want to get paid to do something they loved.

      2. Nomar says:

        I blog for money, but also because i like it.

        1. Derek says:

          One of my first driving factors to start blogging was to blog for money, but I had to choose a topic I was mildly interested in Writing daily about something you have no interest in can be extremely tiresome in the long run.

      3. You nailed it on the head. Many MFA (made for adsense) blogs do badly (both in terms of traffic and in revenue) because they were created SOLELY for making money. The long-term value of any blog is the amount of PASSION the owner puts into his online property. This passion translates to 1) finding blog-relevant news daily and commenting on it 2) networking with ‘trusted sites’ and ‘experts’ in his blog’s area of expertise and 3) becoming a de facto resource and reference material for his blog’s subject matter. Greed, acting alone, cannot produce these. Passion and dedication are what’s needed.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my site John!

    I definitely agree with point #9 in your post….how do you tell when a blogger has just learned about SEO? You can’t understand a word they’ve written!


  3. Gary says:

    Point number 10 sounds hillarious. =D

    thanks jhon. nice article

  4. syl says:

    Heh heh. Number 10 is by far the most important 😉

  5. Samer Bazzi says:

    Great post, I agree that if you are blogging for adwords, i guess you call it “BFA” blogging for adwords than you are doomed, just have fun, relax, try to build traffic and the money will eventually come, its just a matter of time if you work hard and stay consistant.

  6. Liara Covert says:

    I agree this is a useful post. In addition, I think what adds value to a blog is how each person has a chance to distinguish him or herself in creative expression. Each of us has the power to inspire, empower and enable other people to gain insights and learn. This to me is part of how I would define the success of a blog.

  7. Yan says:

    Just saying hi! I figure lurking for too long is rude. 😉

    Seriously though, great list. Not writing in lists should be mistake number 11. Crowds seem to like them.

  8. Kenny says:

    #9 is huge. Many people are guilty of writing headlines that are full of keywords and don’t make any sense.

    A tip for bloggers that do want to incorporate as many keywords as they can into their permalinks, but still want a headline that is written for human beings is to use the slug editting feature found in WordPress. You can pump the slug full of keywords so the URL is keyword rich, while the actual headline reads normally.

    I’ve also been guilty of #3 a few times because I was too anxious to publish (for no good reason).

    Another excellent post John! 🙂

  9. “many RSS readers won’t subscribe unless your feed is full”
    How does anyone know what kind of feed is offered on the blog unless they subscribe to it first?
    I think saying that many RSS readers would unsubscribe if the feed is partial would be more appropriate.

    1. John Chow says:

      You are right, and I have corrected the article. Thank you.

      1. You’re welcome 🙂

  10. Vijay says:

    hello john.. thats a nice post.. i too hope i will make blogging a habit.. im a medical student. I have poor technical knowledge. hope i get sometime to learn some html and do some blogging in my field.
    Your originality is the key to your success.
    Nice writing.

  11. Dave says:

    Great list of mistakes, I agree with all of them. Especially number 10 🙂

  12. deejay says:

    that was a very interesting and inspiring “how to do it” in blogging. this will clear anything about blogging, the interesting part is you can do blogging by yourself with a unique distinction of what’s inside you as a blogger.

    thank you john for being a leader at hand.

  13. cd says:

    When you said “reply to comments,” do you mean replying through this comment section or through emails?


  14. Me says:

    #11 – Getting banned by Digg 🙂

    1. Leftblank says:

      Haha, you’ve got him there 😉 However, I don’t think Digg has a very big impact on the amount of returning visitors, most Digg-users don’t even return to your website (neither do I most of the time).

  15. deejay says:

    thank you for your very interesting and inspiring topics about blogging. it learned me so much about the importance of “how to do it” blogging. the importance about it is how to express oneself as a unique blogger different from the rest.

  16. randomguru says:

    thanks so much. this is truly great advice to follow. and thanks for the plugin suggestions in #6.

  17. Ah Pek says:

    hahaha…. I like your tip no 10.

  18. Pallab says:

    I am one of those who is guilty of Blogging Mistake #1.

  19. Chris says:

    Great advice – I think I avoid all of these, but it’s easy to get complacent.

    This post may not be ‘Digg-able’ but I ‘Stumbled’ it instead 🙂

  20. Chris says:

    Talking of offering full feeds, I’ve just read on JohnTP’s blog that if you use the feature in your posts in WP 2.1 it will also cut off the RSS feed at the same point.

    JohnTP points out a plugin that will fix it:

  21. Chris says:

    OK, that didn’t work, that should have read:

    “Talking of offering full feeds, I’ve just read on JohnTP’s blog that if you use the [!–more–] feature in your posts in WP 2.1 it will also cut off the RSS feed at the same point.”

    Stupid HTML tags….. 😉

    Right, I’ll stop spamming your blog John, and return to my own….

  22. Nomar says:

    Good article john, It makes me awake again 🙂

  23. Thilak says:

    Correct! During my initial days, I used to blog like hell.. 4 posts a day, 100 comments, talking with readers, but now I have burned out. Thanks for reminding me!

  24. Andreas Bard says:

    Excellent guide John.

    // Andreas Bard

  25. Josh Buckley says:

    Great post John, it’s given me lots of tips for how i should run my blog!

  26. martinezg says:

    Dam it!!! #10 got me 🙂

  27. JC says:

    Good list…. and #10 is even better 😉

  28. Marc says:

    Guilty as charged on #3 and #7. Will fix #7 and have been improving on #3 🙂

  29. Renée says:


    Although many have said that offering Full RSS Feed will increase RSS subscribers, I can tell straight on that IT IS NOT TRUE for certain niches.

    Ironically, doing the opposite (offering partial feed) will increase RSS subscribers on a tortoise pace, better than having the adverse effect (switching partial to full).

    Secondly, on your mistake about not replying to comments is subjective. Depending whether your commentors wanted a conversation or a quick solution! If is the latter, your chances to turn that commentor to a regular commentor is very slim. You will have a better shot to convert him/her to become regular reader. Again, I have to say this is largely depending on your niche.

  30. Hey, thanks for the excellent reminder. I think # 1 and 4 is really important. Also, I think i need to work on number 6 and start rsponding to more of my comments.

  31. Aris says:

    The order have to be reversed, John, so #10 should be the first. 🙂

  32. Joseph.C says:


    I have too admit that i’m guilty of being a “copy cat and rushing posts” …but I’m working hard on developing my own writting ideas and take time out to proof read very post 3 times before publishing …..Once again John you’ve hit the nail right on the head.

  33. Amy Stephen says:

    Rushing posts. I must be getting closer to not doing this anymore since I have advanced to the getting a bad feeling stage as I am pressing Save.

    One I would add – posting too late at night. But, that might merely be a subset of “rushing posts.”

    Good list, John. Appreciate it.

  34. Ryan says:

    Great post, John. I think that to be successful you obviously can’t be doing it for the money, but it’s even more important for the blog/topic to mean something to you. If you’re enthusiastic about a specific topic and write about it well then the visitors/readers will come.

  35. Another major one you forgot is use the sepll cehcker! There is ntohing wrose than readnig a psoting that has seplling eorrrs in it!


    1. Marc says:

      While that’s definitely a lot of words make it through a spell checker and still won’t make any sense. Good old fashion proof reading is the best strategy.

  36. Ellen says:

    Thanks for a great post. I just started reading your blog and I love it. So, I am doing #10. Overall I am trying to do all the things you point out in your list. My biggest challenge is writing interesting posts on a consistant basis without rushing the post or being a copycat!

  37. egon says:

    I couldn’t agree more on a lot of these, and I’m guilty of some myself. Thankfully, I learn from my mistakes and correct them accordingly. Not being personal is an easy one to forget, especially if you are in a niche where a lot of your stories can be copy and pasted from a press release (like new cars for example, which is what my blog is about.) Another controversial subject is the full vs. partial feeds, and after almost a year, I’ve finally come around to realize that full is indeed better.

  38. Regan says:

    #2 is right on the money (pun partially intended)

    It’s misguided to think anyone can post a blog and expect to reap a worthwhile sum without anything unique to say. Who wants to read another blog where every post is how make to money writing online and where every text link / Google ad shouts the same?

    It’s akin to the get-rich-quick schemes of the 80’s where You Can Earn $1,000’s Stuffing Envelopes at Home – Send me $5 in a self-addressed stamped envelope to learn more.

    Thanks for the site and the news articles John – I’m launching my blog (thepaperbull.com) this week and I’ve set “content” as the primary goal.

  39. John says:

    Good tips. Especially responding to comments and commenting on other useful blogs!

  40. Gdog says:

    I’m still thinking about how you got free drinks and food in the VIP section of the Abbotsford Int’l Airshow video…LOL

    1. Kalle says:

      Haha :):) Roflmao

  41. Shawn Knight says:

    Very good post, John. I’ve also found that it’s a good idea to keep a running list of blog topics you plan to write about and check the list daily. This will help keep you thinking about the topics and things to include under that topic.

  42. Adrian says:

    Hmm…i may re-enable my Full Feed now. 🙂

  43. David says:

    Good post John. I am new to the blogging world, and have enjoyed it so far as a way of publishing my own thoughts. It’s like amature journalism, something that I’ve always had an interest in, and thoght would be fun, but never had a chance to try. Thanks for the tips, and of course I will continue to read your blog everyday, it has become quite a habit.

  44. Marc says:

    Great advice John. I am new to the blogosphere, and it will be helpful to avoid these pitfalls.

  45. Heywood says:


    what do you think about this…
    there seems to be a direct relationship between the popularity of a blog and the design of a blog,

    almost all popular blogs ‘look’ good, and most dead blogs ‘look’ boring

    speaking of which, I know I need to find ways to make http://bigbignews.net look better!

    any thoughts?

  46. Redstar says:

    Pretty interesting artikel, but if mistake 10 is realy a mistake? 🙂

  47. Bashar says:

    Well It’s my first visit to your site, but I sure dont want to make it my last. Very interesting topics. Don’t worry, I bookmarked you to stay ahead of Mistake #10 🙂

  48. スロ says:

    i’m not doing any of the mistakes hahahaha
    i did some of them in the past though…

  49. Lori says:

    Just following your advice from #8… Hi 🙂

  50. I’m guilty of the not updating one. I read your blog more than I post on mine, hah.

  51. Asep says:

    I agree with number 10. Money comes second but could be comes first but definitely agree, content is king

  52. egon says:

    Once you start making money from your blog (especially if it’s your first,) it’s easy to spend more time optimizing for monetization than writing content. You just keep having to remind yourself that the only thing that is bringing in the money is the fact that you have the good content, so you have to keep it as the focus.

  53. Corey says:

    Thanks for the tips! Ill try and use them as guidance on my new site!

  54. Delwynndwn says:

    #1 – Trying hard to not go down this path. I’ve set a goal of doing at least one post a week when I started my blog, then I went through a period where I posted just about every day. Then I got burned out a bit.

    #2 – One of my inspirations for getting into blogging, but it’s not my sole purpose for it. I guess I’m safe here. 😉

    #3 – Guilty >_

  55. Delwynndwn says:

    Nobody warned me about comment length limits! >_

  56. Delwynndwn says:

    Ok, never mind. It’s that stupid smiley I was trying to use.

    #8 – Ok, this is something I need work on. But I’m working on it! This comment I guess is proof of that. 🙂

    #10 – Never made that mistake. In fact, this site is one of the reasons why I decided to take that big step and start blogging, John! 🙂

    Sorry for spamming comments! 0_o

  57. Alex says:

    Nice, i like it 🙂

  58. Nice guide, was a good read 🙂

  59. John,

    I just came across your blog today for the first time (I know, where the heck have I been? 😉 ). Anyway, GREAT info.

    Keep up the good work!


  60. Larry Eiss says:


    I found you throug Darren over at ProBlogger and have added your feed to my list on this topic. THanks for this great post. It’s highly practical and explains why I am such an abject failure as a blogger. LOL Seriously, I was reminded to improve several things by reading your post.

    Keep up the great work.

  61. Great post… I am a relatively new blogger and advice like this is golden. Thank you!

  62. Wes Mahler says:

    LOL, Not reading john chow. YOU! GENIUS

  63. ilker says:

    By far the most informative post in a long while.. Thanks John! ^_~

  64. Chris says:

    I stopped offering a full RSS feed because content aggregators were lifting my entire content via the feed! Switching to summary resolved that problem handily, and my readers seem fine with it – I explained why I was doing it.

  65. MixMazz says:

    Nice tips John. But I think it would be nice if you did an update to the “Google Whores,” as the one you did awhile back was great.

  66. When I stop reading johnchow.com, I stop receiving visits to my blog. I can’t believe it! It’s crazy. John Chow has taken over my life!!!

  67. Christian says:

    Since I just started reading johnchow.com is my blog traffic going to go up? Also, what if you don’t have any ads on your site and you’re not blogging for any amount of money?

  68. Dave Wong says:

    I use a blog for my photography, and after reading your tips, I’m definitely going to get more regimented in how I post.

    Thanks so much for the tips!

  69. Rebecca says:

    Very good info for anyone starting out, looking for a wider audience, or forgetting why they’re actually doing this in the first place. Now if only I could continue blogging AND generated money or a fancy job that would be fantastic 😛

  70. Calvin says:

    hi john,
    what’s up with the new design. Does it has something to do blogging mistakes you just told us about or is it a new Feng Shui. Kidding John. love the new design – it looks more of a blogging mogul blog now 🙂

  71. arnold says:

    Just making sure that I don’t make mistake #8, that’s why I’m leaving a comment here. 🙂
    Great article! And I’m freeing myself from mistake #10 as well, from now on.

  72. Timothy says:

    I have to say that the number 1 mistake to avoid is very true. When I started my blog just over a year ago, I was very excited about it but didn’t post as much as I wanted to. In December 2006, I made a “new years resolution” to blog once a day and so far I have successfully done so. In December and January I blogged 36 times both months. My point of this comment is to let people know that since December, my traffic has increased more than I could have imagined. By blogging every day, I have gained new readership and it is very exciting. So thank you for writing this post because it is very true and makes a big difference. Enjoy!

    1. Kalle says:

      Thanks for sharing, Timothy! Nice to hear that your blog is doing well 🙂

      As I have published new posts almost every day for one month (the blog is one month old) I don’t have anything to compare with, but it is common sense that posting every day gives more visitors.

  73. Eric Brown says:

    A very concise and useful post. Thanks. Someday hopefully I’ll be as successful.

  74. SEO Buzz Box says:

    Blogging Mistake #11 – Doing too many top ten lists in an attempt to get “Dugg” or linked to.

  75. Pratheep says:

    I like your 10 points, i think i follow most of them and i will try to follow the rest… especially the last one 🙂


  76. Great post as always. So many people are blogging for money. It has really hurt the net.

  77. zaki says:

    I totally agree with No 1-9.
    And I really sincerely agree on no. 10.

    People must read your blog.

    It’s Cool…

  78. Casey Woods says:

    On the full RSS feed issue: I typically have pretty long posts so I usually use the “more” tag to split it up on the home page. I believe that does the same thing on the RSS feed? Any way around it?

    Also, the “what year is it” question on the comments. What plugin is that?


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  80. Most things in life come down to basics.
    Most of seo and blogging is in most cases common sense. A 12 year old kid often is clearer than so called seo professionals in many cases.
    Clarity and direction are everything.

  81. singh says:

    it is simply because of the first inertia. People run faster oof the blocks, and hardly finish the race. But all the 10 points that chow says are valid.

  82. singh says:

    my comment is not showing up here. Am i makeing a commenting mistake!

  83. echard wheeler says:

    amen! great info.

    thanks for sharing,

  84. Amanda Rush says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for writing this article. I’ve taken your suggestion, and implemented the two plugins you recommended at my site. I’ll be adding this blog to the blogroll as well.

  85. Brendan says:

    Im interested to see the comparison of being dugg to being on the front page of netscape.

  86. Scott says:

    Great tips. As a new blogger I am always looking for ways to improve my blog. Thank you.

  87. Scott says:

    Great tips, as a new blogger I am always looking for ways to improve my blog. Thanks

  88. infonote says:

    Great post.

    I would however modify number 1 to

    Blogging Mistake #1 – Not being consistent.

    It relates not only to content, but to promotion, reading other blogs etc.

  89. derrich says:

    Every now and then, I’ve considered myself guilty of about 3 of those. When I first started out, I concentrated on keywords so that my AdSense eCPM was high. Funny thing is, now that I’m writing about whatever, my eCPM is much higher, and my revenues have increased as a result (not only from increased traffic).

  90. Kalle says:

    Thanks for the great post John!, now I think I know why you got such an increase in RSS readers, this one hit the netscape frontpage, didn’t it?

  91. Aprazeth says:

    Aaah, points 1 and points 10… So that’s what I have been failing miserably at.

    And here I was thinking it was just my personality that scared people off 😉

    … OK so that’s a factor as well.

    Thanks for the tips, and great read 🙂

  92. Great tips John. I am new to the blogging world but totally plan to put them into work.

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  94. I’m having the problem of being copycatted within my own narrow community. I semi-specialize in kitchen oriented subjects, with expatriate posts a distant second and anything else rarely.
    I work hard to make original info available, try to photograph step by step if I think it will help, and anything original (most is) gets tested multiple times and tasted by natives at least once. In other words, I am really serious about helping people make good, real food and equip their kitchens.
    I did a post last week that a friend just down the road copied yesterday. Other times I get a credit, but no link. It is driving me nuts that hours of work and multiple euro go into something and it gets re-published with a few personal comments on some other blog.
    My blog is meant to expose my work as a personal chef and cooking teacher. Theirs are a hobby. I frankly feel ripped off.

  95. Ray says:

    Man, what if I blog about money? Just kidding. you need to love what you do or you will fail.

    That applies to just everything in life.

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  97. Blue&Pink says:

    these are some interesting pointers. Will put them to trial. Thanks.

  98. Oya says:

    I am new in blogging, all I know is, that content is everything. Good content, keeps you content….:)

  99. Vahid says:

    Dear John,

    This article was the first post of your weblog that I read and I really enjoyed it. You are a professional blogger and I will come to your weblog everyday.

    Do you want to know how I found your blog? I am a member of mybloglog BUT I didn’t find your blog through it.

    I read the article about you at http://www.canada.com. Congratulations!

    Best regards,

  100. Jack says:

    I tried writing a blog once which was entirely about big-money keywords; my mortgage, my credit cards, my credit score, debt management.

    Great idea but totally boring and I ran out of steam after about three posts.

    I now write about self marketing, social networking, and the future of work – all subjects near and dear to me and which I have years of experience with.

    My blog and other websites do a fair amount of traffic, but I still have my day job and will regardless of blog revenue.

    Do what you enjoy the and the rewards will follow.

  101. Cos says:

    I think before you even start a blog you need to write down the goals that you want your blog to achieve. You blog should be able to connect with people, give them something unique that you might not find somewhere else. You need to give it ample time, as in months. Blog don’t make cash right away, so make sure you’re in it for the long haul, then you will be able to quit your day job……

  102. Sean says:

    Great list! Good tips for everyone. Number 10 was the best lol.


  103. veronika says:

    Hi – great article but… in an article about MySpace in July 2006 you wrote:

    When a MySpace friend clicks the link, it posts a bulletin on their MySpace page of an advertisement for the whore site, which is seen by all of that person’s MySpace friends.

    Is it really a whore site or the WHOLE site — that would be the question…

    Otherwise love the article and will continue to read the site for tips about blogging.
    Thanks, V-

  104. Thanks John for the excellent post. You are right on the money(excuse the pun) when you say “don’t blog for money”. You need to be passionate about what you are blogging about. Otherwise people will pick up on that you are only blogging for money and not return to your site. Plus, you lose interest pretty quick in what you are blogging about and find it hard to be motivated to blog if you are only doing it for money. By the way, I have added a link to your blog on my blog.

  105. Rose says:

    Great article John.

  106. Jason says:

    This is a great post for us newbies. I had a quick question – I would really like for more people to begin reading my blog. I don’t want it to get too personal, yet be personally informative at the same time. What is the best way to find others who want to read about my experiences?

  107. Bash MVP says:

    I started blogging to express myself and month after that I started joining Adsense. I just want to try and see. By the way, great article.

  108. Ajith says:

    Thanx a lot john I am getting much from your posts

  109. max rubin says:

    It is often amazing how usefull tools can be overused by users who have little depth of comprehension of marketing , little understanding or the importance of a long term strategy based on honor and integrity and in the end little intelligence.
    Tools that have great use are overused in foolish manners so that in the end the honest people and in these marketers or simply people who have a message to share pay the price for other people’s foolishness.

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  111. Mardi says:

    Wow, I think I am guilty from 1-9! But 10? Well, I have been reading your fabulous blog for several months now (but I am guilty of not commenting!).

    My blog is essentially about the building and launch of my networking site in addition to my life as a netrepreneur. However, I am always worried about how ‘personal’ I should actually make it. I have yet to find the right combination. I guess blogging is slightly a hit and miss affair. I am still at the bottom of the learning curve!

  112. Roseate says:

    Hi John,

    Yes, the biggest blogging mistake is not reading John Chow dot Com 😉

    I am so excited I came accross your blog, so much useful info. I am still navigating through your posts…

    One thing that is confusing me is, how did you get that much traffic in your first month, other than having your link in other sites/blogs…I am not sure if what you did was link exchange, or did you pay for yor link to be on other sites? I am trying to make link exchange with blogs with page rank 3 and above, but it is hard as my blog is still rank 0…can you help me with that? (any idea)….and if I exchanged links with blogs with a 0 rank, will that help any way? or should I avoid it?

    So how do I get that much traffic other than link exchange? And is submitting articles to article dirctories (with my blog link) helps too? I want your opinion in the top way to increase my traffic.

    Sorry for asking so much, but I would appriciate it if you can give me ideas.

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