10 Million BlogRush Credits

It’s been a few weeks since BlogRush launched version 2 of their stats system and I haven’t checked it since my last update on it. I decided to check the stats today to see how my custom BlogRush RSS feed was doing and to my surprise, I have over 10 million credits!

I first blogged about BlogRush back in September 15. BlogRush is a cooperative syndication network where you earn credits for displaying the BlogRush widget. You also earn credits for referring other blogs to BlogRush. The more blogs you refer that run the widget, the more credits you earn.


My custom BlogRush RSS feed is working well. I am up 0.35% click rate. That means I can expect over 35,000 visitors when BlogRush serves all the credits. It’ll be really cool if they can set up a system where I can sell my credits. I wonder how much 10 million credits can sell for?

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  1. Neil Duckett says:

    That is a SERIOUS amount of credits!

    1. betshopboy says:

      Yeah, seriously useless! :mrgreen:

      1. Well it could be useless…but I still wonder how much clicks does John receive daily or per post with that amount of credit? I have an average of 1.8 clicks per post since I installed it again with the version two and I have WAY much less credits than John does.

          1. ROFL ok than let the bidding start lmao 😛

          2. Kabatology says:

            Down with BlogRush, it’s a FAKE 🙁

      2. agreed! 😈 😈 😈

      3. Israel says:

        I agree, totally worthless man.

      4. Mike says:

        mmm yeah, probably!

  2. Karol Krizka says:

    Congratulations John! I use BlogRush too, but I don’t get results like you do.

    1. Well John will see results irrespective of blogrush 🙂

  3. bloggernoob says:

    unbelievably massive. seriously what is your secret

      1. No, really? LOL Congrats man, they seem to send a bit of a traffic now. You should ask them if they will ever offer selling credits. One buck per credit would be nice 👿

        1. One buck per credit? Hey now that means John owns 10 million dollars (i think 1 dollar per credit is really TOO MUCH). Maybe something like 100 credits for 1 dollar makes much more sense …kinda

  4. I wonder who will be the first person to get a 1 billion credits. The taht person can really brag about him/herself. Who do you think it will be?

  5. Domtan says:

    Congratulations on the that figure John. That’s really something.

  6. Yeah, implementing the ability to sell credits would be an interesting approach. A new form of blog monetization. If there were a way to sell them, I know some people would by them! 🙂

    1. Yeah, EntreCard is already doing that and it’s FREE!

  7. Steven says:

    Rather than have the credits build up, it’d be better if it just gets distributed immediately so it would reflect in the traffic stats instead.

  8. Stephen says:

    I wonder if they’ll be worth as much as those AGLOCO referrals! 😈

    1. cashquests says:

      Haha! You beat me to it! Maybe they should set up an exchange where you can trade agloco referrals for blogrush credits.

      1. Frank C says:

        What’s the ratio of BlogRush Credits to Agloco Referrals?
        Same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

        1. Stephen says:

          Well, if you take something that is worth nothing, and trade it in against nothing, you get… NOTHING! 😆

    2. Israel says:

      whatever happend to agloco? did they go loco?

        1. Kabatology says:

          I hope they are just where they are supposed to be: HELL

  9. Steven says:

    I’ll pay a solid $5 for 1 million of the credits. 😉

  10. That is way to many credits for one person, give some to me 😆

  11. Teddy Wong says:

    Congratulation !
    Crazy result ~

  12. bakkouz says:

    Is there any actual meaning to this? I mean what can you really do with these credits? can you buy stuff with them?

  13. How much traffic are they bringing you?

  14. Zybron says:

    Considering the really low CTR for BlogRush, I’d say all 10 million credits might be worth…oh, $5, maybe $10. Even considering all the bonus credits they are pumping through to sites with less traffic, my experience with BlogRush has been somewhat less than stellar.

  15. Etienne Teo says:

    I have dropped them out a long time..Seriously with 10 million credits, i am not sure what i can do with it..

  16. squaretan says:

    They will go bankrupt if they allow you to sell your credits! :mrgreen:

  17. Congrats John.
    Seeing you with all those credits just makes me think that Blogrush has a few winners (such as yourself) and many losers. The number just don’t add up when you are owed that much traffic. Someone is losing out somewhere – thats the reason I;ve stayed away from Blogrush

  18. Kym Huynh says:

    Holy cow… the power of affiliate earning credits @[email protected]

  19. Chanya says:

    According to the BlogRush FAQ
    If BlogRush Is Free How Does It Make Money?
    BlogRush may eventually sell the 10% surplus credits to users that want to buy more credits. BlogRush also has plans to sell advertising on its main site and to pursue other partnership agreements which will generate revenue.

    So, it sounds like they, BlogRush, might one day sell credits to users. Letting users sell their syndication credits could work for them as well: the seller would pay BlogRush an upfront, small amount for each credit they sell and then turnaround and sell the credits for a profit. BlogRush would simply need to standardize selling prices in order to prevent price gouging.

  20. Shaun Carter says:

    I’d say the exchange rate would be somewhere around $1-3 per million credits. The CTR is extremely low and they have a really hard time serving ad credits in a timely manner.

  21. liciece says:

    I have tried blogrush for months and blogged for it several times.But maybe because of my low flows of websites,I seldom get extra inflows by BlogRush and yet,no bonus credit at all.Now I had pulled it off and leave the space to other opportunities…

  22. Etienne Teo says:

    I just realise that if you stay inactive for too long, you are removed from their system? How true? I got it going. :mrgreen:

  23. nickycakes says:

    Yep, too bad you will never see those impressions unless you run the widget on your site for like 10 years. It was a neat idea, but it just didn’t work. I know you’re friends with the dude who made it, but I think it’s time to stop promoting it, considering pretty much everyone knows it’s a complete failure.

  24. Young says:


    John Chow is No.3. John Cow is No.12.
    What a damn fun.

  25. Chad says:

    R.I.P. Blogrush

  26. I’m not sure BlogRush is working for me. I’m not seeing much traffic coming from it.

  27. Well, Blogrush might be the hype of it all, go check out http://EntreCard.com !

  28. Have they actually sent you any decent traffic yet? If so, is the traffic quality any good?

  29. MoneyNing says:

    With people accumulating credits and every blog widget showing headlines 24/7, it means that the credit distribution system is totally unstable. I deleted it already since it was not doing anything for me, while at certain times it would slow down my site.

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      Same thinking ning, big blogs gets millions of credits and i do not know how it works, but smaller blogs will get a smaller surface to breath.

      1. MoneyNing says:

        Even though my site doesn’t get johnchow numbers, I still have a ton of credits left when I deleted it. Ah well, maybe one day blogrush will find some way for people to click and distribute the credits!

  30. In my experience – BlogRush sucks.
    Small blogs can’t get enough visitors to do anything. I had my posts syndicated over 7,500 times and only was clicked on five times. That’s a 0.06% click-through rate.

    Someone like you may be able to get away with it through your referrals, but other than that, BlogRush doesn’t do much.

  31. Scott @ W Revenue says:

    Hasn’t worked very well for me. I build up a lot of credits but I get very little traffic. People bury the blogrush widget at the bottom of their blog where no one sees it. Great for building credits, bad for converting users into clicks.

  32. David Mackey says:

    Still thinking about joining this site, but haven’t made up my mind yet.

  33. Ms Sarker says:

    Great work! Just submitted my blog! Hopefully will get some good traffic!

  34. Still don’t understand, what do the credits mean? As in what does it fetch you in actual terms?

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      For every credit you earn, a link to yourlatest post will be displayed on another blog once.

  35. congrats on the 10 mil credits though (whatever they mean)

  36. Mike Huang says:

    WOW! Talk about a huge downline. As if you don’t have enough from Agloco already 🙂


  37. johnCard says:

    shouldn’t blogrush pay john chow up front, for all the traffic given?

  38. nickycakes says:

    Lets not pretend like anyone will be willing to pay money for blogrush credits. Seriously…

  39. leo says:

    i only get 100~~~but i think no one want to buy it, because you only can see you title, just show some words.

  40. There are a ton of Blogrush Naysayers here… “It doesn’t send traffic. It’s not worth it.” “The traffic is useless”

    I read one poster comment he was only getting a 0.06% CTR. This would tell me you’re just not using it effectively/not writing compelling headlines to get people to click.

    If my math serves me right (and using John’s October Income Report). 10,000,000 x 0.35% CTR x $0.07 per page view = $2,450 in revenue. This is assuming that all of the blogrush visitors are only view 1 page. Which in reality it’s probably much more that for John’s blog.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      That’s a good rebuttal for blogrush but that’s assuming those 10 million credits will get distributed in our lifetime!

  41. While I congratulate you for this wonderful achievement, I am not surprised that you got so many credits. By all other parameters your blog attracts a lot of traffic. I do hope that you will continue as you have been doing so far.

  42. Israel says:

    the sad thing about this is that its only good for thebig dogs. like always.

  43. Yep, John, wanna offer your credits in a competition!? You could, I think.

  44. Wow u are amazing! How did u get so many referrers?

  45. steve says:

    I’ve gotten 200 hits from Entrecard widget this week. Beat that blogrush!

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