10 Ways For Bloggers To Stand Out From The Crowd

This post was guest blogged by Eric Hamm of Motivate Thyself and Sean Platt of Writer Dad. They are co-authors of Blogopolis Blueprint.

Over time you’ll hear us use the term herd when referencing the majority of bloggers on the Net. It may sound condescending, but it’s not. It’s a fact that should be addressed and understood. It’s pervasive no doubt; most bloggers do things just like every other blogger out there without evaluating the reason behind their method. As with any new fad, ideas go viral until we soon see every blogger and his buddy boarding the band wagon.

A new must have theme comes out and soon every new blog is suddenly posting content beneath the shadow of a single design. A new product goes viral, and it’s soon a permanent fixture on the sidebar of the blogging community. The quarterback bloggers have a certain number of comments everyday; an instant metric for everyone else to measure their own comments by. Time and again we see it.

Time and again, we’ve fallen into the same habits ourselves. This is NO WAY to become a successful blogger. Do it and you will only carry the hollow sound of a tired echo.

Use What Works To Blaze A Trail Uniquely Your Own.

There isn’t any doubt that there are some common tactics every blogger should use. If you’re new to Blogopolis, it’s essential you learn the basics before you can be an effective member of the community. Once established, you are free to blog to the beat of your own drum. Stand out, be unique, and search for opportunities not yet dim from too much exposure. There are too many bloggers fighting for the same spot. You can’t afford to waste time in futile competition.

Here are 10 ways that will help you learn to think for yourself and truly stand apart from the masses.

1: Treat Your Blog As Your Personal Online Fingerprint

Don’t worry about other blogs, worry about yourself. Every minute spent fretting over what someone else is doing is sixty seconds your not spending making your blog better. Your blog is your fingerprint, inked with your style and ideas. Certainly, we want a well designed blog, but be sure your blog isn’t a faded copy.

2: Look for Results, Not Answers

This point is extremely important if you plan to break free from the herd. People love to pontificate about their success, but it’s only their results that matter. If someone tells me I can get to A by doing B and C, but they only saw A by going straight to D and F, it’s hard to take them seriously. Keep your eyes peeled for the road to results, not unproven theory.

3: Blog for Respect, Not Popularity

Popularity often follows respect. Popularity is by no means a bad thing, but popularity alone won’t cover the mortgage. It is only from the respect of your fellow bloggers that you can build a scaffolding for success.

4: Let Your Personality Show

Which bloggers do you remember on any given day? The ones who let their personalities show, or the ones who just blended into the background of your day? Many bloggers, or people in general, tend to say what they believe others want to here rather than reveal the individuality of their own thought. This is boring. No one remembers these bloggers and they will never stand out. It’s that simple. (Of course we should always show respect for others, but putting forth an honest perspective can take you places in life as well as Blogopolis.)

5: Bring Forth Original Ideas

Take a post, any post, and do a Google search with the title. Read the content. More than likely, you will see the same ideas bandied about, time and time again. We’re tired of reading the same repetition. People want fresh perspectives with original thought. Be that person and you WILL stand out.

6: Address the A-listers In A Way Not Common To A Member of The Herd

The top bloggers are always being contacted by those at the base of the totem pole. Most of these are card carrying members of the herd, behaving like obsessed fans as they pine for the attention of their pro blogger of choice. Naturally, this does nothing but turn off the A-blogger in question. Never be afraid to seek connection with an A-lister. Just be sure that when you do, you show a humble confidence; respect for the blogger that leaves plenty of room for respect for yourself.

7: Ensure Your Content Is ALWAYS Top Notch

This would seem like a no brainier, but with millions of posts spread around Blogopolis like graffiti on Time Square, we are bombarded by an abundance of content that falls well short of solid. Post out quality content. Period.

8: Add Comments, Not Clutter

Here we go with the graffiti again. Commenting on another blog is a kind of extension of your content. If you can leave only useful, pertinent ideas, you will be ahead of 95% of the rest. If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

9: Look The Part

There’s no getting around it – appearance (especially the first impression) is crucial. Everything from your avatar to your entire blog design. Appear professional and you will be treated as a professional. Even if your blog is lite and humorous, you can still create an image of yourself and your blog that shows you are serious.

10: Read THIS Blog

There are certainly many blogs out there that talk about blogging. I can’t speak for them, but I CAN say that this particular blog, if you read it on a regular basis, will make you stand out from the heard and find your voice.

66 thoughts on “10 Ways For Bloggers To Stand Out From The Crowd”

  1. ProBlogineer says:

    Great tips there.. Nice read.

    Yes, concentrate on your success, don’t compare πŸ˜‰

    1. Agreed . Great post! I like #2 – I don’t hear many people mention this, but it’s very true!

      1. True enough – very interesting writeup – I liked the point about addressing A – list bloggers!!

        1. Yup you need to have a guru so you know where you want to be heading πŸ™‚

    2. The best thing to share is the best thing we had in mind and experience!

    3. Ben Pei says:

      Lol yeah competition never ends.. It probably discourages you at a certain point of time more than helping you.

      1. It is the only way to succeed in a TOO damn crowded environment like the Blogosphere, to standout or die.

  2. StarMars says:

    10: Read THIS Blog

    THIS refers to JohnChow.com right? It should. Coz it’s true that reading it will make you stand out. πŸ˜€

    1. KiwiPulse says:

      Or make you hundry lol.. Now I want that all my dinner be sponsored πŸ˜›

    2. Ben Pei says:

      Then there are so many people who are standing out right now

  3. Vik Dulat says:

    Great list. I think being yourself and letting your personality shine is a very important thing to do.

  4. I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs lately, not just MMO Blogs. It seems to me that most of the negative points made above of what not to do apply mainly to the MMO Blog community. I can see why everyone wants to be John Chow, but we just can’t have 10,000 John Chows. Perhaps the 11th point needs to be, blog about anything you want, as long as it’s not MMO.

    – Dave

  5. All those 10 points need to be with us in the same time. We must not only focus on few points and left others behind.

    For me, the most important key for those points success is intregration. Only with that, it can be successful.

    For example, the design point, commenting point and have a great content.

    It says comments are the extension of our content. So, if we have high quality content, it will definitely influence the way of how we leave the comments. We have something to let others refer to in order to make up our points and stands.

    But if we have good content but we leave good-for-nothing comment, it will give idea to others that we probably ( not for sure) has also good-for-nothing sites.

    If have everything but ridiculous and eye-soring site design, no matter how much we get traffic from our superb comments and great content, nobody for sure will have interest in reading it.

    So, the key of all of above points is integration. Do you agree with me, JC?

  6. 3. Blog for Respect, Not Popularity

    This is what I like, after sometime if your continuously do this you will be recognized and will gain lots of friends.

  7. Manori Money says:

    Thanks for the Great list. I truly believe that one should blog about what they love the most.

  8. Thanks for this great info.

  9. Edie Dykeman says:

    What a great list to remind us that we are original beings and our blogs should reflect our personalities. I am still a newbie blogger, and as such I signed up for numerous newletters, ebooks, classes, and whatever else I thought might help me learn about the world of blogging.

    Lately, I have deleted quite a number of newsletters because they all sounded the same. In fact, every once in a while they are exactly like one I received from someone else the week before. Talk about following the herd. It’s an excellent idea to learn from the best, and over time I have found out who the top bloggers are, but I agree we each need to let our own unique personality show through our blog.

    I definitely agree with blogging for respect, not popularity. Even with all the blogs and topics on the internet, giving a fresh look at an old topic will set a blogger apart from the herd. Thanks for this great reminder. Another quality post!

  10. That is some sound advice. Thanks…

  11. Nice tips John, really great ones! Treating your blog good always gives the best results.

  12. shun2u says:

    thanks for sharing. Good tips. πŸ˜‰

  13. Clarky says:

    Well, that would be a great guide to new bloggers like me, thanks for your sharing. I really want to be a successful blogger, but when I saw the great blogs like yours, I just don’t know how to do as well as you, it must take a very long time to get that, but whatever I will try it!

  14. SEO Tips says:

    Excellent article, a very vivid article which shows some excellent tips for standing out among other bloggers.

  15. 100WordRants says:

    I think that being yourself and being “real” is key here. No one wants to associate with a fake. They just tell you what you want to hear and not what they actually think. People will respect you more if you are honest with them. I often have to write on some controversial topics and I can’t afford not to state how I really feel.

  16. 4all2all says:

    Thanks for sharing the above ways. A great article!

  17. This is a GREAT list! As a “mommy blogger” the herd gets larger every day, and there are so many who ask the questions that this list addresses.

  18. Melissa says:

    I personally like doing interviews and just started to make that a main focus of my blog. If you find someone that hasn’t been interviewed before and has a unique business that would be of interest to many people, and relates to your niche, then your blog will become a place of truly unique content.

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Its definitely fun to do interviews and it gets alittle more interactive, but too much of it will get boring.

  19. You are you unique and original so let your blog be as well. Don’t mimic someone else as your voice is important in its own right.

  20. great tips and suggestions to work with!

  21. Reason behind following someone is you impressed by them. In the initial stage, this is a common but I do feel that after spending some time you should establish yourself with your own style.

    For the first few months this one is ok as you are not doing it intentionally. This is the effect of that people with whom you are impressed.

  22. Sheng Loong says:

    Hi John,

    This blog post comes at the right time. Sometimes I have been wondering how I can actually stand out from the bloggers. So I went to do some research in bloggers who are already very successful and popular. Nice post!

    Sheng Loong.

  23. Design and Personality point be look as a couple and must not be separated.

    The design of our site will show the personality of us. If the design is so uninteresting, in messed and eye-soring, it will probably ( although probably a bit) show the true colour of our personality – a messy, boring and annoying person.

    The design and then, personality definitely will create a big impact on others impression towards us. The more they feel warm towards us, the more the will participate and contribute towards our site.

    Am I right?

    p/s : U have a great design blog anyway (n_n)

  24. Re: No. 6

    Good point. I’ll be doing a bit of that in the next few weeks.

    Great post!

  25. Rahul says:

    Thanks for sharing all your valued advice. Cheers.

  26. Lizwi says:

    This is great and worth the reader’s while. I have heard so money people talking about the big money they make from their blogs. But is there a way of verifying if what they say is true? Some make money by telling how much money they make and others even sell tips they download from the internet.

  27. joe gelb says:

    This is a good post. The most traffic comes when the site gives people what they need and want. Breaking the conventions may create some spam but when you are in the top sites traffic rank those trolls seem a bit silly

  28. I am happy I found this story in Carnival of Making Money Online today. To me it was an awesome read. Very New at this.

    Thank you

  29. Geoserv says:

    Great post, for me the best ones are being yourself, sometimes it can be hard to be yourself especially after reading so many blog posts in the run of a day, it’s easy to start sounding like everyone else.

    And, looking the part, most people decide in a split second whether they will stay on a website or leave no matter how good the content maybe, its the appearance that will either attract or turn people off.

  30. Hey I greatly appreciate this post! I really liked #8 and I continue to see this all the time. But, it’s so true to just continue to be yourself, write from your heart, help others along the way and you will succeed. The most important part is be true to yourself and don’t worry about the things that you can not control. Focus 100% of all the things that you can control for your blog and make it a true unique finger print the blogging world. And you have to read this blog!

  31. All great general tips, but the proof in the pudding is actually acting on them on a continual basis and that’s where most people fail, including myself…we all should strive to do better than the previous day and, in time, will get closer to that mental picture of perfection in an imperfect world.

  32. Ben Pei says:

    Yeah I would say blogging with personality is really important. Thats what make you really stand out and not just following blindly.

  33. Kayla says:

    Wonderful point of blogging with personality. I think I sounded too ‘corporate’ in my earlier blog posts–I’m getting much better feedback now that I’m blogging with my own tone.

    I’ve learned a lot of these things blogging over the years, you did a wonderful job of pointing them out. I’ll have to still take in the other tips!

  34. Reyn Aria says:

    Excellent tips. Point 1, 3, 4 and 5 is extremely important if you want to build a strong personal brand through your blog.

  35. game-girl says:

    Good recommendations. Now I think of personality and personal interest,inspiration and love which is the basis for your business.

  36. Connie says:

    I would have found your message more appealing if you didn’t have the very annoying and intrusive pop-up box. It obviously must work, or you wouldn’t be doing it, but it ruined your message for me. If that’s your “web fingerprint”, it comes off as cheep an shysterish.



    1. I agree I hate pop ups. If I want to subscribe I will in the appropriate place.

  37. Agent 001 says:

    These are really some unique and true points. I always believe in Point No 1. “Treat Your Blog As Your Personal Online Fingerprint” and No 3. “Blog for Respect, Not Popularity”. But I do not agree with 10: “Read THIS Blog”.

  38. qarla says:

    I totally agree. Uniqueness and first impression is the best thing to focus.

  39. I’ve found that people are looking for answers. If you can give them help in any way, it becomes a bonding factor. People are looking for ways to save time, money and energy. Give the readers that and you become their hero.

  40. Excellent Article and some good bunch of tips! πŸ˜€

  41. Jed says:

    Information here is great. Will follow up again…all the best.

  42. Tinh says:

    Great post for the new year. Thanks John

  43. Ali Hussain says:

    10 simple tips. Bookmarked

  44. Agree with all. Originality is king.

  45. Wesley Green says:

    Great tips which I think many bloggers should read and implement. I’m a firm believer in modeling those whose career you want to emulate. The post kind of touched on some points (referring to numbers 1, 5, 7, and 9) which indirectly involve modeling. The key when modeling is to just implement those factors which helped that person have the career they have then put your own spin on them by being original and yourself.

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  46. DialAbroad says:

    Great tips, thanks.

  47. rudy says:

    Hi, it’s very interesting topic, and the way you described is so simple. I enjoying reading through all the way.

  48. Great list. I would also add be helpful and be willing to change a bit for your audience. Interact with them and try to get their feedback.

  49. I totally agree and those are great lists for starters. If you are passionate about the topic/niche and are able to offer solution to problems, people will take notice and you’ll eventually stand out from the crowd.

    But if you really really really want to stand out from the crowd, befriend John Chow πŸ™‚

    Eugene Gregorio

  50. Pahn says:

    these are great ways.. it gives me another boost to continue blogging my way for success!!!!

  51. Costin says:

    @Pahn: blogging means 100% sharing. Ideas, news, projects, thoughts, whatever you want to share. Continuing blogging by boosting your share perspective is a better way πŸ˜›

  52. Damilik says:

    I like the last tip. I had been a John Chow fan for a more than a year.

  53. Blogging For Respect? Heared that first time. Loved the tip!

  54. A good comment adding to the conversation can showcase your talent, style, knowledge, sincerity and lots more. So giving relevant quality comments can make you stand out from the crowd too.

    Peter Lee

  55. Mark it with your own fingerprint. Make it unique to you in a way that others would recognize it from anywhere.

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