10 Ways To Turn A Website Into A Smashing Hit

This post was guest blogged by Alan Johnson of The Rating Blog.

While I have covered the most common 10 ways to turn a website into a flop with my recent guest post, it’s time to analyze things from a different perspective and see how you can turn your website into a smashing hit:

1 – Establishing a solid foundation

One of the most common traits among successful webmasters is the fact that they start each project by establishing a solid foundation, in other words, by setting the right goals and only then working towards achieving them. Knowing exactly where you want to take things with your websites is definitely a must.

2 – Having a solid business model

One should never just launch a website just for the sake of it. It is highly recommended that you always know what type of audience you are targeting, what your contribution to the market is and what makes you better than competitors. Never underestimate the importance of a solid business model.

3 – Adding value to the Web

If you are interested in long-term success, adding value to the Web is the most important part of the equation. In the end, it all boils down to giving others a reason to visit your website in the first place on the one hand and a reason to come back on the other.

4 – Spreading the word

It is extremely important that you let people know you’re out there and that you do everything you can in order to make sure that your website doesn’t remain unnoticed. While adding value to the Web through your content is the key aspect here, spreading the word is also a must.

5 – Having the right priorities

You are only human and, no matter how productive you are, the day only has 24 hours and you will eventually reach a point when you will not be able to take care of every little task on your to-do list and, as such, setting priorities will be in order. If you don’t know where to start as far as the issue of setting priorities and becoming more productive is concerned, the article I’ve written regarding 123 ways to increase your productivity and manage time like the pros will be a great starting point.

6 – Playing the trial and error game

It’s impossible to know what works best for you right from the start and, as such, some serious experimenting will be in order. Actually, the trial&error game is never really over since, even after you’ve found something you are satisfied with, trying other options on for size never hurts, as here is always room for improvement.

7 – Not giving up

Things won’t always be easy and your reaction under such circumstances will, in the end, make or break you as an online entrepreneur. Never give up, always give it 110%, even when your goals will seem out of reach.

8 – Networking

No, you are not the only webmaster out there, why would you want to isolate yourself? In fact, you will be able to generate more than a few win-win situations by making good contacts and by keeping in touch with other online entrepreneurs. In the end, networking is one of the main perks the Web comes with, why not take advantage of it?

9 – Striving for excellence

You should always have the right attitude. No, you are not here just to be another webmasters and no, you should not settle with your current income level, as comfortable as it may be. You are here to be the best and you had better let others know as well.

10 – Thinking long-term

Sure, you might be doing fairly well today, but what about a year from now? It’s easy to fall into the trap of short-term thinking, of taking it one day at a time but in the end, such an attitude will get you nowhere and you never know when a reality check may ruin everything for you.

54 thoughts on “10 Ways To Turn A Website Into A Smashing Hit”

  1. TheQuickBuck says:

    I think the most important think you listed is thinking long term. Most people, when they launch a website, do almost no thinking about what they plan to do if the website becomes a success. I try to always have a game plan, based on specific milestones.

    1. Poker Sharks says:

      Stop letting the comment spammer guest post on your blog john – he is annoying enough in the comments let alone an entire post. His top 10 lists are really dull – lets have a guest post that ISNT a top 10 list and ISNT from alan johnson please.

      How about i write one who not to pick to guest post? 😛

      1. SOCOM Sales says:

        I don’t mind the guest posts but every time with a top # list is getting boring. Mix it up with some better content.

      2. Alan Johnson says:

        Here you go, 6 guest posts of mine which are not top 10 lists:


        Maybe next time you’ll bother to look into my comments (which, unlike yours, are always helpful and to the point) and guest posts before making such assumptions.

        I’m sure that John Chow, Andy Beal (MarketingPilgrim.com), Daniel Scocco (DailyBlogTips.com) and Ryan Caldwell (Performancing.com) know how to pick a guest post (the blogs listed previously are a few of the places where I contribute with guest posts) and could care less about your advice, so that, my friend, I would suggest sticking with that poker site of yours 🙂

        Have fun,

        Alan Johnson

    2. Will says:

      then again a lot of the big websites didn’t really start out with their future success in mind. take john chow for example… john just blogged and people for some strange reason listened :p

    3. David Chew says:

      You are right, planning is always the key to success.

  2. Jorge says:

    All fairly common sense points of interest but it’s always nice seeing it on paper every so often. Keeps things fresh in your mind. Thanks!

  3. Not giving up but being smart will most likely take you far. But at one point, you do have to give up no matter what.

    1. ah P.S. nice logo I see over there John

  4. Mike says:

    Just plain common sense…read this stuff on tons of other blogs/sites.

  5. impNERD says:

    Yeah I like the logo. I see a next post announcing it coming soon.

  6. Trial and error – good point. Many are afraid to risk and that pretty much prevents them from making errors.

  7. Mubin says:

    This is ridiculous, does Alan Johnson now own this blog? Great news.

    1. Didn’t you hear? Haha….

    2. Alan Johnson says:

      I’m sure that my 8 guest posts here at JC, as well as those over at MarketingPilgrim, DailyBlogTips and Performancing have done a great job of spreading the word 🙂

      Alan Johnson

  8. Nice post. It’s hard to succeed with your site if you can’t hit almost all of these points.

  9. Brian Zafron says:

    Turning a website into a smash hit is basically like turning a first date into a marriage. If you understand what I’m talking about, you’re golden.

  10. Long term thinking is the way to go. Too many short termers, going for the quick buck. I used to be one, not any longer though.

  11. Jason says:

    Wow. A helpful and beneficial post on JohnChow.com for once? 😀

    I can relate to a couple of these. I had to learn “business model” and “having the right priorities” the hard way… The internet is like crack…

  12. Will says:

    This post makes it sound so easy. unfortunately, I have not gotten a website to be a smashing hit.

  13. Robert says:

    Value and promotion. Those are the two most important traits to make a website successful. Put something on there that makes people want to visit it and come back. And promoting your website is key. I started an online business, and I advertised through every means possible. You have to be exhaustive. In the beginning, it might seem futile. But it catches on, and once it does, you will be grateful that you worked so hard in the first place.

  14. Keith Cash says:

    Some very good ideas for a gameplan for the website.

    6 – Playing the trial and error game

    7 – Not giving up

    9 – Striving for excellence

    10 – Thinking long-term

    These four are the best for me

  15. Very simple post packed with nice information… Keep up the good work Alan.

    1. RacerX says:

      I agree with Andrew – Don’t get the Alan bashing. All he did was to provide content that none of us are paying for! I like the posts, if parts don’t apply ignore them.

      Thanks Alan!

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        Maybe if that poker guy who seems to have nothing better to do with his time than launch baseless accusations would spend more time on his own projects, his website may even end up being visited by people he is not related to one day 🙂

        Glad you find my guest posts useful,

        Alan Johnson

  16. Mike Huang says:

    Great guest post! Much better than John Chow’s real posts 😆


  17. Hi John, you’ve hit right at the head of the nail !! It’s not so hard to make money from internet marketing or building a website, right? I guess nobody want to work under other people’s nose forever. Just think of the great advantages of working online and making money online. If you’ve said is not going to make any of your site a killer and make money online, I’d be smashing my head. ha. P.S Thanks for sharing your 10 money making points.

  18. David Chew says:

    Nice post john, if you want to have a good website you really need to be passionate about doing it to its full performance.

  19. John says:

    Not giving up in anything you do. Is a must.

  20. RacerX says:

    Trial by failure will really help you grow. Just don’t repeat the lessons over and over. At some point…Stupid is as stupid does 🙂

  21. The long-term mentality is something that most successful entrepreneurs will agree is a major principle to adopt. I try to renew that thought each day with the idea of Rome not being built in a day. I have also heard so many say, “Never Give Up!” I think that is long-term thinking.

  22. David Mackey says:

    Great post. Same old stuff, but its good to be reminded again and again and again.

  23. Warrel says:


    cliche’ stuff dude, not happining!

  24. HostingCow says:

    Currently, my only problem is when it comes to setting the priorities.. When you are just starting, you have two problems.. Writing interesting content and driving visitors to your blog.. I know that I should focus on writing content but for who am I gonna write it if I don`t get some traffic to my blog?

  25. Steven Finch says:

    This is a pretty good list. You always see blogs run for 3 months or so then the writer gets bored and leaves it. Im trying to really push my blog at present and anyone that could help, would be much appreciated, http://crenk.com

  26. Tom Beaton says:

    Great post again Alan – sure have been working hard.

  27. Alan Johnson says:

    Thank you for your comments, it’s always great to see that others find your articles helpful and it’s also great to see that adding value to the Web through the posts on your blog as well as through guest posts pays off 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

    1. David Chew says:

      His post sure helps new bloggers a lot.

  28. Great info! Thank you for sharing what has helped you. 😀

  29. I don’t know why people are always fighting these comments and are unsure of what they’re even fighting about. Anyhow, I enjoyed this post. Very similar to the post about what not to do, but together they are a gem. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Affleap says:

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

  31. Never Giving Up is the Best One! :mrgreen:

  32. John, these 10 points mentioned are really handy for new entrants in the world of web like me.

  33. I would say that number four is the most critical.

  34. Terry Tay says:

    Great post! It’s not just technique skills you need to build a successful website. You need to have a plan, strategy and desire to do it. No wonder not many people can successfully build a site. They lack a strong desire.

  35. Nice blog you have friend, very informative content… I also have blog similar to this, would you mind if I ask you for a link exchange? Regards….

  36. Not giving up and improving the mistakes are the keys. Besides blogging rocks!

  37. I think you hit the nail on the head (for me at least) with the very first point, make sure you know fully what you want to achieve. It this is cloudy you are going to spend longer and longer on unimportnat tasks.

  38. Eva White says:

    Nice article but just a small help needed from you John, could you tell me in detail how should one spread the word around the web and how should one do networking to make his website famous.

  39. JoNathan says:

    A great list!! This post is a must read for anyone considering starting a online business period.

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