1000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

Today I passed the 1000 member mark in my AGLOCO network. As I write this post, I am sitting at 1,006 members. When I gave my last update three days ago, I was at 588 members, so growth has been good. I’ve also had a chance to talk to AGLOCO’s founder, Akshay Mavani, about some questions and concerns that members and potential members have. Here are some answers.

No Spyware In The Viewbar

Mavani has assured me that the AGLOCO Viewbar has absolutely no spyware. The Viewbar tracks your Internet surfing and serves advertising based on the web page you’re visiting. Everything the Viewbar tracks will be spelled out in the privacy statement. This is really nothing new. Many other toolbars, like Google’s, already track surfing habits. In addition, the Viewbar will offer privacy and phishing protection and an uninstaller should you wish to remove it for any reasons.

1 Hour Of Surf Time = 1 AGLOCO Share

In the beginning of this program, AGLOCO will be rewarding members with shares of the company. 1 hour of surfing time equals 1 share. Members will be able to accumulate 5 shares per month based on the current limits. Members will get 0.25 shares per hour for people in their network. As an example, if all 1006 members in my network surf the maximum 5 hours, I would receive 1,257.5 shares, plus 5 shares from my own surfing, for 1,262.5 shares per month. How much will those shares be worth? Maybe zero, maybe millions. It really depends on how fast the network grows and how well management handles this growth.

As AGLOCO starts to earn income from the Viewbar, members will be able to trade their hours for cash as well as shares. The amount per hour will be adjusted periodically to reflect income earned and company net worth. After a successful IPO, surf hours will mostly trade for cash, but shares will still be available. However, don’t expect to get 1 share per hour at that time.

Three Possible Scenarios

I see three possible scenarios with AGLOCO. The first is company management completely fails to handle the growth and the company fails. Or, Mavani lied to me and the Viewbar does have spyware. The resulting bad PR would no doubt kill the company. Should AGLOCO fail, we as members don’t lose much. Unless you’re one of the few who are spending money on advertising to sign up new members, you won’t lose any money should the company fail. Moreover, if you already surf more than five hours a month, you won’t lose any time either.

The second scenario is AGLOCO glows like crazy and the IPO is successful. In this case, the shares we’ve build up in our account maybe worth a fortune.

The third scenario is AGLOCO glows like crazy and attracts the attention of the big boys (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc). Instead of doing an IPO, the company will be like YouTube, and get bought out. However, unlike the YouTube deal, the AGLOCO members will make big money on it. YouTube got huge because of their user base, yet the users got nothing of the $1.65 billion that Google paid.

Which of the three scenarios will come to past? We’ll just have to wait and see. This is one of the cool thing about being part of a startup – you never know what might happen. They may fall flat on their face, or they may be the next YouTube. Either way, I plan to be part of it.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here.

77 thoughts on “1000 AGLOCO Sign Ups”

  1. Ed says:

    Yay! No spyware.

  2. cayne says:

    Congrats on the 1000 sign-ups. Your extended referral ratio must be very nice. I run a website with 450k visitors/day and linked it once in my update and made like 50 sign-ups. Of course I got totally the wrong traffic for such a program, but it’s a good example what targeted traffic is all about.

    Besides that I like your blog and I’m almost every day here. Keep up the good work!


  3. Mark says:

    Stop posting these blatant attempts to get people to signup to AGLOCO using your referral link. The idea of AGLOCO is garbage – you dont even know what the shares are worth and its so obvious every post you make is just to add your referral link at the bottom. Seriously, give it up. I don’t read your blog for crap like this.

    – Mark

  4. Gdog says:

    Sounds great. When will the viewbar be available to download?

  5. John Chow says:

    Mark – One of the thing my blog covers is how to make money on the Internet. This is one of the ways. And when I have new information about it, I will post it.

    Gdog – I don’t have a firm answer on when the Viewbar will be available other than “very soon.”

  6. Robert A. says:

    Awesome, no spyware will definitely be a reason why a ton of my friends will now sign up for AGLOCO. Thanks John!

  7. Mayo says:

    1 Hour Of Surf Time = 1 AGLOCO Share

    Do you think this will be viable for a business… ???

    I mean, do you think that even talking about this is viable???

    If this is the point — then what’s the point — it will only harass me, and btw i don’t like ads like most of people don’t…. that is maybe the point why AllAdvantage got broke…

    1 Hour Of Surf Time = 1 AGLOCO Share



    It’s like i’m pitching MLM products and i receive
    some dummy IOU’s ….

    sorry John for my skepticism, but i don’t want to be harassed by some flashing advertising and receive nothing for it… at least when i see some ads on website i know AM GETTING SOME VALUE ALREADY when i use website service …. i.e. AGLOCO IS NOT JohnChow.com, AGLOCO IS NOT Google.com, AGLOCO IS NOT Reddit.com, AGLOCO has no value in return that i can’t find ANYWHERE ELSE…. 🙁

  8. mr_ombak says:


    this post makes me scared dude!!

  9. Carl says:

    “No Spyware” is such bullshit. It is literally spyware! That’s exactly how it works – spy on your surfing, show ads based on its spying.

  10. John Chow says:

    Mayo – It really depends on how fast the network grows. In order to attract advertisers it needs to grow really fast. AllAdvantage got to 10 million members in 18 months.

    If they can build a big enough user base, the company will be worth money even if it makes nothing. Look at YouTube. A money losing video sharing site that was constantly under the threat of copyright lawsuits. Yet it gets sold for $1.65 billion because of the size of its user base.

    Carl – By your definition, the Google toolbar I’m running is spyware. I’m fine with that.

  11. Austars says:

    I must say, John, you’re making a noticable increase in your blogging output. That should boost your blog enough without digg *thumbs up*

  12. Carl says:

    Google toolbar is spyware, Alexa toolbar is spyware. If you’re OK with that, then fine! Not saying anything.. But to say that their bar isn’t spyware is bullshit.

    There’s a reason most people won’t touch Google bar, Alexa bar, and this.

    Install it all you want. But don’t tell people it’s not spyware

  13. John Chow says:

    I have no problem saying it’s not spyware because I know the true definition of spyware. If case you want to learn it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware

    Or you can just keep on pretending your answer is the right one. I’m fine with that.

  14. John, congrats on cracking 1000 referrals. After reading about this on numerous sites, I signed up as one and have put out a post and a few notes to people I know. So far, I have absolutely 0 other signups but am still plugging away.

  15. John says:

    Wow, you got to 1000 people pretty quickly. Thanks for doing the research on this; it’s very helpful.

    Wish I could still digg your articles b/c this would be a definite digg!

  16. Carl says:

    The only difference is that you are consenting to giving your information away. So while it isn’t by Wikipedia’s definition of the term, it still “spies” on your activity.

    Maybe it’s just because the term ‘spyware’ has such a negative connotation, nobody wants to be associate with it. But let’s tell it like it is; Agloco (and Google toolbar, Alexa, and All Advantage) is nothing more than giving consent to have your browsing ‘spied’ on. Maybe there is a better term to use, but if there is I don’t know it. So I just call it spyware. Consensual spyware, but spyware nonetheless.

    That’s how they can make money. Getting people to give up their privacy is worth a lot! That’s why Agloco has potential, and why Google pays $10 if you can get someone to use their toolbar.

  17. NSUSA says:

    This stuff might be about making money on the Internet, but this really drifts away from normal stuff. I do not think you are doing yourself a favor writing about this junk. What comes next? Promoting so-called “Opt-in” Email programs? Write about arbitrage, Adsense, YPN, real affiliate programs, SEO, and so, but this stuff makes me stay away from your blog. Sorry, John – but I think you are on the wrong track here.


  18. Pingback: it's K-Rad y0
  19. Stephen says:

    It’s pretty much voluntary surveillance (aka consensual spyware). Just know what you are installing before installing it by getting enough information to satisfy your privacy concerns. Give it some thought and don’t be a lemming. If you install it, you give up your privacy, just like any other toolbar. Some people don’t need much when they are being told to sign up, install software, surf 5 hours, get rich. That’s a very powerful marketing message. If privacy is of no concern to you, then it’s an easy one.

  20. John Chow says:

    I guess “official” name is call Adware. You can call it spyware because you already know it’s tracking your surfing in order to serve the ads. Spying by definition means you are not ware of this. Also spyware has no uninstall feature, or even an install feature since in almost every case, spyware is installed without you knowing. That’s why it’s SPYware.

  21. John Chow says:

    NSUSA – I write about stuff that has worked for me. I’ve done this before. I made money at it. The people I signed up made money at it. Ask anyone who has ever been in AllAdvantage if they lost money at it or got ripped off. You won’t find any. That’s a pretty good deal.

    Of course, I will continue to write about Google, SEO and all the other good stuff. However, when there is news about AGLOCO, I’m going to write about it.

  22. Carl says:

    Adware is defined differently. It is software with ads in it. That same software may or may not track usage, but that’s not what makes it spyware or adware.

    Spyware tracks usage. Adware shows ads. Some do btoh, such as Agloco. The difference is, they give you shares of their company in exchange (which brings me to something else they might have up their sleeves. I’ll get into it more after I do some research).

  23. John Chow says:

    Spyware also steals passwords, invade your hard drive, delete files and can’t be un-installed. And you don’t even know it got installed. That’s where the “spy” came from.

    The bottom line is this. Everything the Viewbar tracks will be clearly spelled out in the privacy statement. If you’re OK with it, then go for it. If you’re not, then don’t install it, or any other toolbar for that matter.

    You know, just by visiting my blog I know your IP address, what OS your run, whether you have a Mac or PC, your screen resolution, what part of the world you from, I know what page you came in by and I know what page you left by. Does this mean I’m spying on you? Does this make all website spyware?

    I already posted a link to what spyware is and based on that I can say without a doubt the AGLOCO Viewbar is not spyware.

  24. Carl says:

    It’s all about how much info you want to give up. We all know that we’re giving up our IP, country, OS, browser info when we visit a site. So we all decide that’s worth the risk (or if not, some use a proxy).

    And when you use Gmail or Google’s toolbar, you know you are allowing them to spider words in the emails, etc. Some people feel this is too invasive, some don’t.

    Then you have the Algoco bar, which reads the sites you go to, tracks usage, time of day, spending habits, where you shop, when you shop, what kind of forums you go to, and probably stuff I don’t even think of. They take that info and use it to sell ads, and give it to other partners of theirs, in order to increase the value of their company.

    It’s not like I am saying Algoco is stealing passwords and deleting files.. I don’t think you understand what exactly spyware is. But hopefully I have made the point clearly by now. Algoco tracks usage, uses it to make a profit. Now whether you want to give that up in exchange for shares in their company is totally up to you. I am just pointing out what may not be obvious when you read their fluffy FAQ pages or interviews like the one this guy gave you.

  25. Here’s my analysis of the situation should AGLOCO actually become big and go public. The company will receive money from advertisers on their adbar. After subtracting expenses, lets say their income is $1 million per month. Assume that everyone who was going to get the adbar got it, and that number is 10 million people. If there are 10 million people in the network, each getting 5 shares + their referral shares, thats going to be more than 50 million shares. In month two, the number of shares will double because everyone surfed another 5 hours that month. Since the growth has now stagnated, the advertisers aren’t going to pay any more to advertise to the same 10 million people, so income stays the same, $1 million. This goes on and on with shares increasing much faster than ad revenues. At some point a limit will be reached where shares become worthless, and people will just want to opt for the cash. Well now you have to divide $1million by 10 million people, and everyone basically gets $1/month unless they have a big network. The big network guys could make a ton of cash if they have a lot of people signed up. This could go on for a couple months, until the small network leaders realize that its not worth having an adbar up since they are only earning $1.75 a month any way. The site will probably make the minimum cash out something like $20, so who wants to run ads on their browser just for a $20 check every other year. Now you’ll see the networks start to shrink until even the former big network guys are only making a few bucks.
    The bottom line is this. No matter how you try to spin it, these types of pyramid business plans will never work. I don’t doubt that they will try. They might even make a few people with big networks like John Chow rich for a few months, but I guarentee you that this will not become a long term success.

  26. Lynx says:

    That last comment is gold. All this is is a pyramid scheme where the people at the top get rich and the people at the bottom get little or nothing.

    I paid good money for my 19″ screen, im not decreasing it by an inch to make somone else a few dollars a month.

    I must admit I thought differently to begin with, but the sign up i gave you john wont be getting any hours. Sorry.

    PS, launching when the Viewbar wasn’t even ready was a BIG mistake, they’ve already lost loads of people that signed up as they’ll forget and never go back. Plus, why is the Viewbar going through so much beta testing? My guess would be vulernabilities and crashing bugs – doesn;t inspire confidence.

  27. Mayo says:

    That’s for sure…. people are picky … now if i got $10 to $15 a month, eve $5 that would be great, but anything below $5 for watching flashing commercials on my screen for 5 hours * 25 to 30 days is obnoxious , if i personally won’t earn these $5 bucks, then it will go to RecycleBin oblivion permanently.

  28. John Chow says:

    Mayo – It’s 5 hours a month, not 5 hours a day.

    Lynx – A pyramid scheme is illegal.

    How To Buy Websites – I think your assumptions are wrong but we’ll see. As for “pyramid” type business never working. Amway is still around. So is Nuskin. They’re multi-billion businesses too.

  29. I couldn’t disagree more with the characterization of the Viewbar as spyware. In my experience, spyware has four main characteristics: 1) It’s installed without your permission; 2) It surreptitiously tracks you; 3) it is difficult if not impossible to turn off or remove; and, 4) it sends your information to an unknown and untrustworthy entity where you have no control over what happens to it.

    AGLOCO’s Viewbar (nor AllAdvantage’s Viewbar before it) does not have those characteristics. Indeed, AGLOCO’s Viewbar is the opposite of spyware: you must actively install it, you have to turn it on in order for it to track you and earn your hours, you can easily turn it off and uninstall at will, and finally you know who’s tracking you and our Privacy Policy gives you explicit information about what happens with your data and how you can delete it from our system if you desire.

    I know a thing or two about spyware: I was an expert witness in a series of twelve lawsuits in which I testified against one of the major perpetrators of spyware on the Internet. They actually hired me in part because of my experiences at AllAdvantage with permission-based and privacy-protecting advertising technologies like the Viewbar.

    If you’re interested (or can’t sleep!) you can read brief excerpts from my 80-page expert witness report (the whole report is, unfortunately, under seal by the federal court). I submitted the excerpts when I testified at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Workshop on Spyware in 2004. My written materials are at: http://www.ftc.gov/os/comments/spyware/040319everett-church.pdf .

    I hope that helps clarify things a bit more.

    Ray Everett-Church
    AGLOCO Chief Privacy Officer

  30. Vinay says:

    Congrats to John on the 1,000 sign up. It’s remarkable considering the short time in which he achieved it. Well, I finally succeeded in getting 1 referral! For all the criticism about AGLOCO I personally don’t mind giving it a try. As long as I am not putting my money why should I worry?


  31. Rich says:

    Congrats on the first 1,000;) I’m of yours, too. Thanks for bringing up good ideas;)

  32. Geldseiten says:

    I think they should release the ViewBar as OpenSource, so there would be no doubt about if it’s spyware or not. Everyone interested can check out and examine the source code. That would build big trust and eliminate the spyware fears.

  33. John,

    The numbers I used are just made up. This company will work as long as the number of users is constantly increasing at an alarming rate. Once that torrid growth stops however will be when the whole thing stalls out.

    I signed up. I am going to try to recruit everyone that I can to use this thing. But at some point that new recruitment growth will stop. This will happen when the people at the bottom can’t get any of their buddies to sign up because everyone they know already has an account. How much do you think advertisers are going to pay for an adbar at the bottom of your screen for 5 hours/month? $1? $5? Whatever it is, that will be the upper limit that any one user can get paid without signing up any referrals. Actually it will be quite a bit less than that because of company expenses and the commissions to be paid to 4-5 recruitment levels above him. They probably won’t be paying out less than $20 at a time, and I would guess most people won’t keep the adbar around if they have to wait 4 months or more for a paltry $20 check. Once they stop using the adbar, that will affect the people who making money off them. If the recruiters lose too many recruits, then they will be less inclined to continue the recruiting effort. The whole thing will probably go through a large expansion (its nice that you have gotten in early) and then a contraction. At this point growth will stop. I guess there could be a steady churn at the bottom to keep the big recruiters making money. I assume that this is how Amway does it.

  34. Wes says:

    Just how big is this ad bar?

    I do agree with the above comment, however, MLM, nextwork marketing, direct sales, is one of the fastest growing buisnesses models around, and they continue to, most of them stay in business.

    Although, just like cars, there will always be new people on the internet. Yes, ideally if it got to that point, but it probably won’t ever will. PPL in other foreign countries, with ur assumptions, its good, but it’d only work till almost everyone in the world has internet, and how long would that take, 100 more years maybe?

    Although I think I might have to chk it out, maybe signup thru john i guess, i found it on here, so whatever 🙂

  35. I think another point that the skeptics are missing is the income potential AGLOCO could achieve. If enough people sign-up and have the Viewbar operating on their computer, then it could become a standard vehichle for advertisers, just like a Sponsored Link from Yahoo or a radio commercial. These forms of advertising require big dollars and AGLOCO does not appear to have much in the way of administrative costs. I will admit there are a number of things that could go wrong.

    I look at the AGLOCO situation a little differently than most people, in that I can’t help but think about Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (assuming they ever release AdCenter) and how a successful AGLOCO could really damage their business model for online advertising. Assume for a moment that AGLOCO does become very popular and a whole bunch of surfers run the Viewbar. Then you will begin to have the large corporate advertisers showing up, companies like Sony and Apple. Won’t this begin to pull away the dollars that these same advertisers direct online to individual websites? I believe a successful AGLOCO is a direct threat to Google especially, maybe not one that is a killer, but certainly one that could take away money and customers. I predict AGLOCO will do well.

  36. Paul says:

    Hey guys

    Well I’m on day 2 of my adventure. Check out an AGLOCO network build from the ground up at http://www.aglocotest.com. Thanks


  37. OneLoveNet says:

    Just an interesting point. OK, let’s assume agloco will become big. The scenario that it will be bought by google or yahoo or another big business is wrong. Why?
    The big business have the brand and financial power to get hundreds of thousands of members (in a matter of days) with their high traffic sites (imagine signing up under google referral) and they will quickly became owner of the majority of the shares… Isn’t this a possible scenario?

  38. OneLoveNet says:

    And something else. Why no cookie is saved with the Agloco referral id? What if the referred person decide to signup later?

  39. AglocoVideo says:

    Dear friends,

    Check out FREE Agloco Video “How-To” tutorials on http://www.aglocovideo.com. You guys can use the videos to promote your downlines. Thanks.

  40. jg says:

    I am from India, I want to know whether I can join agloco. When checked in their site’s FAQs, they have mentioned as below

    “Check out the Global Payment Table for details about each active country.”

    But I could not find any “Global Payment Table” in their site, please help.

  41. John Chow says:

    ig – Yes you can join. AGLOCO is currently open to all countries.

  42. John Chow says:

    OneLoveNet – The cookie problem should be fixed. As for “The big business have the brand and financial power to get hundreds of thousands of members (in a matter of days) with their high traffic sites (imagine signing up under google referral) and they will quickly became owner of the majority of the shares… Isn’t this a possible scenario?” The answer is no.

    If the answer was yes, then Google wouldn’t have to buy YouTube, New Corp would buy MySpace and Yahoo wouldn’t be looking at buying FaceBook. Once a company gets to the size of Google, it can no longer act like a start up. In other words, they can’t start an AGLOCO until AGLOCO proves the market is there. By that time, it’ll be easier to enter the market by buying out the market leader.

  43. Andy says:

    Wow – 1000 signups
    I am still at ~25 but working my way up
    Watch Out 🙂

  44. Matt says:

    WOW 1000, how did you manage that? I signed up a few days ago and I am struggeling to get any, I have set up lots of free classified ads and got no sign ups. I am on a couple of other internet marketing schemes which i have been slightly more successful on, I have 12 referrals on one of them. Have you got any advice on free ways to advertise my AGLOCO link? I know blogging is a way, but is it worth all the effort? Is that how you got yours?

  45. HS ADDY says:

    I was registred in agloco, but i’m not get viewbar yet. if you have this software, please tell me or send to my e mail.

  46. Levi says:

    Aloha Mr. Chow.

    I’m from Hawaii and need to tell everyone
    here about Agloco. If it’s no inconvenience
    to you can you send me ads that you use?

    I do have 23 total. 9 directs.

    If anyone would like to use an ad I used
    to get those 9 you can copy/paste it.


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    *I like the idea of getting my share of all
    the billions of wealth being created on the
    internet – even if I am not going to be a
    millionaire because of this.

  47. Dan says:

    Checking back to see the AGLOCO program development but it seems that the viewbar is still in beta and not available for download.

    Agloco.com states that “…it will start to be available to download in several weeks.”

    That is there since November as far as I remember. Is there any hiccups with the AGLOCO plan? Anybody has some news?

  48. How do we get paid ??

    John M.

    “If nobody is perfect in this world, then call me nobody”

  49. Nomar says:

    I got my first follower also 🙂 up to 1000 😀

  50. Congrats on 1000 John

    Mark your an idiot! Go away!

    I have 20 personal and 18 indirect

    and still going

  51. adrian says:

    I only have 5 direct and 1 indirect. However, new people seem to be signing up under me every day the past few days.

  52. Levi says:

    hi again,

    The ad above (Levi) got me 7 more directs
    in 3-days. The below title never fail. I
    know…I track my ads/links.

    This is the Subject/Headline and Body-ad
    I use…

    Headline: (¯`HUGE *Free* POTENTIAL

    Body Ad:
    *AGLOCO – New Get Paid to Surf – Never
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    Copy/Paste above headline/ad and send
    to whatever list you’re on. Chances are
    we may not be on the same lists so the
    headline will stand out and get you
    visits. But will they sign-up?

    Who knows right!? 🙂

    Need a tracker? Get it here 1000% free.
    It’s simple to create.
    (I get no credit for it)

    If you want, and I do sometines, you can
    donate a buck or two to the owner.

    Goodluck friend,

  53. Jeff says:

    Wow.. that’s an interesting one. Hmmmmm…

  54. Ty says:


    What have you got to lose by signing up with Agloco?


    Get http://www.aglocoed.com Now.

  55. Levi says:



    Agloco site is down for maintenance. I wish I
    had knew, or were told (email), this before I
    sent my ads out to 30k-plus list members. Grr! 🙂

    I have 15 directs totaling 34. Now all I need
    is 967 to beat John’s 1000 by 1 – LOL!

    I have to say man… I make, or get more results
    and make more sales advertising paid-stuff than free stuff. What the hecks going on?!

    Maybe Free is to Expensive – he he!

    Anyway, congrats John…but I wouldn’t wanna be
    in your shoe should Agloco belly-up.

    But it won’t John, hopefully.

    Seriously, Congratulations buffy!

    The Flying Hawaiian,

  56. Simon says:

    I have my own blog on the subject;


  57. Emad Hassan kenona says:

    I like to be lucky one year.

  58. Adam says:

    Wow this is an older post its good to see now that your above 4000 in your network, I wish I knew some insider tricks to how you were getting such high numbers.

    Adam From Agloco Hype

  59. B.Nisa says:

    i had join Agloco for the past few months ,to date i can’t download the viewbar.it says in few weeks….i don receive any download,though
    So how can it track when i’m online.

  60. John says:

    I also joined algoco few days back and able to reffer more than 200 members…. i like the concept, but still have doubt on it…. also i have question regading the payment option. How will they pay the money to its member as they didnt ask for adress or any A/C number while joining ALGOCO.. please mail me if anyone has some idea…

    Thanks in Advance.

  61. gankses says:

    Yeah, It,s sound wonderful, I just imagine in my mind, when I get 1000 referral link, hehehe, till now I just got 1 referral, do any body want to join,huuu, I don,t get any chance to promote algojo ehh sorry agloco, because so many competitor out site ,btw congrl to you, I need support from you John

  62. egon says:

    For Gods sake, speak english

  63. egon says:

    Every time the name “Agloco” is even whispered anywhere on the internet (mostly blogs,) here comes the onslaught of spam. Look at the comments above, a god majority of them having their own links out for commisions. That’s the only bad thing about these programs, is what they create from other users.

  64. hi,

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    *I won’t add the link in here or, like egon
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    So just click my name-link above (Levi)
    outside of this message.

    Egon, I know you mean well, seriously. But
    better get use to it.

    Is FREE really spamming…I mean really!?


    P.S. Note that when you post a FREE message
    you are allowed to add a ‘Url’ to wherever,
    right? … Since most of us are already
    members of Agloco, do you think will add
    our Agloco referral link? 🙁

  65. I signed up awhile back. I have not referred anyone. I hope it takes off and brings new life to this sort of industry.

  66. Bob says:

    What kind of cars are displayed at the top?

  67. Agloco1 says:

    I have now been inspired to try to get some more referrals!

  68. Lee says:

    Hi John,
    Is Agloco still legit for making money online? I am a member when the site is very new. I am not sure whether it is truly a site that I can make money from.

    Could you share some of your payment proof from Agloco?

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