10,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

Good news or bad news, it doesn’t seem to matter. My AGLOCO network just keeps growing. Today I passed the 10,000 members sign up mark. While this can be considered a milestone, I have a feeling it’s just the beginning of things to come.


AGLOCO Viewbar Details

The AGLOCO Viewbar will be available for download this month. According to the company blog, AGLOCO will be sending an email directly to each member when their account is authorized for Viewbar download.

As we have discussed, we will be releasing the Viewbar first to Members who joined first. Currently, the plan is to have the Viewbar first be available to Members with ID#s beginning in BBBB to BBBF (as well as Members with an ID# beginning in “AGLO”). This is about 50,000 Members. We will then continue releasing the Viewbar to more and more Members in the order in which they signed up (again, all Members will be notified by email when their account is authorized for Viewbar download).

Since my AGLOCO ID is BBBB0743, I will be among the first to receive the Viewbar. I’ll be sure to post more information on it once I download it. The initial Viewbar release will be for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. Later, the company will release Mac and Linux versions. Until then, Mac and Linux users can log onto any Windows computer and accumulate their five hours. Hopefully, this will help you discover just how much better a PC is to a Mac.

Revenue and Ad Deals

AGLOCO has signed agreements with 17 ad networks to supply the Viewbar with ads from thousands of advertisers. They have also signed a few direct advertising deals. It’s good to know that AGLOCO is not putting all their eggs in one advertising basket.

AGLOCO is about to launch. This is an exciting time. Ten thousand sign ups is just the opening act. I expect to see sign ups increase significantly this month.

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123 thoughts on “10,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups”

  1. Alex says:

    You’re still slightly ahead of me. I have 8 direct and 2 extended referrals 😡

    1. and you are slightly ahead of me. I don’t have any direct nor referral. I have not even signed up with agloco 😕

      1. What are you waiting for? The earlier you sign up the bigger advantage you have. Sign up now before AGLOCO REALLY explodes.

        Thank you,

        1. I’m feeling AGLOCO will bust.

    2. 😐 Sadly, I have no referrals. Oh well.

      1. Matt Jones says:

        Noooo why must they release it later for Macs… 😥

        1. That’s why you should get a PC 🙂

      2. Well then your tactics aren’t working Stuart! Try some new strategies to get some referrals. 😉

        Thank you,

    3. Matt Jones says:

      Ive got a ‘solid’ 47 directs and 20 indirects, my referrals are rubbish!

      1. Jane May says:

        That’s pretty good for the average person. I have 15 in my total network, 13 being direct referrals.

        However, I do have one of the earlier membership code so I should be along side John in receiving the tool bar.

        My code is BBBB2071

        1. Alex says:

          I’ve just went up 3 since I posted the comment above 😎

    4. Dave says:

      Keep at it 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    … I don’t understand why Agloco will be releasing the Viewbar to the community one step at a time 😕

    1. vijay says:

      imagine if 5000000 people download the viewbar at the same time.. no wonder they send them in batches..

      1. Alex says:

        It still looks kind of unprofessional though 😐

        1. Alex says:

          …I mean, such a big company as Agloco should have dealed with that.

          1. Agloco isn’t that big

          2. Alex says:

            Alladvantage wasn’t big at first, but it grew to be not big, but huge company..

          3. Alex says:

            Agloco is huge for its age, they have been around just 5 months and it has thousands of memebers 😐

      2. Dave says:

        That would be some serious server strain 🙂

    2. Jane May says:

      Or its a way to mitigate the revenue they’ll have to pay out.

      1. Dave says:

        It’ll be a long time before they have to pay revenue out. This isn’t a pay for surf in the sense that alladvantage was.

        1. Alex says:

          shares, shares, shares…

  3. Wow Jon, you sure will do well if it takes off. 😯

    1. Jane May says:

      To say the least. He’s among the top .01% of all members…still waiting to hear of you having the number 1 spot John.

      1. I don’t think he has the top spot, there is a list of people already compiled. John is amongst the top, but there are a couple people ahead of him.

        1. Alex says:

          3 people to be exact!

  4. If agloco gives away shares to their customers, maybe you will end owning 100% of the agloco network with such a big network

    1. Marc says:

      There are some other major players in Agloco aside from John. He does stand to be one of the major benefactors should they go public though.

      1. Alex says:

        Yeah, there are a few guys with over 25,000 referrals!

        1. Just for curiosity, who are those other guys? current agloco owners? 😛

          1. Alex says:

            Some 8 Stanford MBA’s I think..

            Here is the list of the best Agloco recruiters.


        2. Jane May says:

          I thought John was like the number 3 spot wasn’t he? Hmmm, I wonder how he dropped? Or, the better question is, I wonder how those other guys came up? 😀

          1. Dave says:

            Same way John did…evilly! 🙂

          2. Alex says:

            I think they used paid services, like AdWords. John didn’t spen a dime..

          3. Alex says:

            Did I write ‘spen’? I meant spend..

  5. Gath says:

    I’ve got over 100 referrals, and they’ve all been flaming me for the last XXX months since AGLOCO has been promising to release the viewbar in ‘just a few weeks’.

    1. vijay says:

      ya, that happened with me too..

      1. Jane May says:

        Yup, the whole March release time came and went…I wonder if it will happen with April as well.

        1. Alex says:

          I’ll put up with that until August :mrgreen:

  6. I am not included in the first batch to get the viewbar first. Mine is BBBG.

  7. Jack says:

    i only have one referal. 🙄

    1. Derrich says:

      Not bad. Right now there’s me…and, um…then there’s…uh… 🙁

      1. Jane May says:

        You should hold a Tourney to get those numbers up Derrich 😛

    2. Dave says:

      I don’t have any…don’t have time to devote to building a network of something that may or may not take off 🙂

  8. Shaun Carter says:

    I’m at 2 direct and 0 extended… 🙁

    Way to go John!

  9. Robin Bal says:

    I have about a dozen and its building up.


    1. Jane May says:

      I’m in the same boat! Hopefully we can multiply those a couple of times 🙂

  10. Yes, at this rate John Chow may very well owe the entire Internet 😉

    1. Derrich says:

      I don’t think Al Gore would like that very much. 😯

      1. Jane May says:

        I just saw him at a conference I went to in Orlando this past week. He spoke about the environemnt and it was pretty off topic as to what the conference was about. Nevertheless, it was pretty cool to see him in person. He’s actually kinda funny.

        1. Dave says:

          He’s a hypocrite in my opinion. He goes on about Global Warming and then has a massive environmentally unfriendly home for himself.

          1. Alex says:

            Do you expect politicians to follow what they say? I wouldn’t!

  11. Hey John, thanks for the update. I love reading your blog for inspiration. I’ve got 12 direct and one extended referral so far, but I’ve only been a member for a week and a half. I gather it took a while for your extended network to start growing, so I’ll keep plugging away and not get discouraged.

    1. Dave says:

      Dont’ give up, once the viewbar is completely released, it’ll probably be a lot easier to get people to sign up 🙂

      1. Alex says:

        Until we you run out of people 😈

  12. Ali says:

    wow 10,000 is huge number! good luck with the it.

    I haven’t signed up yet. There’s still million of more users out there.

    1. Jane May says:

      Yeah, the internet is such a huge place that its all about the approach and not so much who has already signed up.

  13. John’s Agloco network will only keep growing, I imagine. 10,000 members and counting — that’s simply amazing.

  14. Kumiko says:

    I can’t wait to finally download the viewbar and see more ads!! 😉


    1. Alex says:

      I bet you do :mrgreen:

    2. hahaaha :mrgreen: sure, more ads will be great 🙂

    3. John Chow says:

      You can never have too much advertising. 😈

      1. Dave says:

        If you’re the one getting paid for the ads, I agree 🙂

        1. Alex says:

          Too much advertising – what is that? 🙂

  15. Dan says:

    Off topic sorry but what’s up with the FREE Male Enhancement in the Featured Sites list 😯

    1. Alex says:

      That’s already been discussed. John gets a good offer, John puts a link on his blog, John makes money…

  16. Matt says:

    What do you get for these referals?

    I’m not familiar with agloco, so what are you going to get out of your 10k + referals?

      1. Alex says:

        First come the shares, then come the $ 😀

  17. Larry Lim says:

    Congrats John! Now you’ve got me excited to push Agloco referral ads to visitors on my network of websites.

  18. siong1987 says:

    I am one of them who can downloda the viewbar.


    1. Dave says:

      At least they are finally releasing the tool bar 🙂

      1. Alex says:

        I hope they are, but who knows?

  19. Ronaldo says:

    I’m BBBT so I’ll have to wait a little bit more for the Viewbar. I think it’s fair to reward those who signed up first, just as John gave extra entries for the early members of his Mybloglog community in the Lego Flash contest.

    I have 38 directs and 4 extended. That puts me in the top 5.8% of all members with referrals. 95% have referred less than 42. There’s a lot of referring to be done.

  20. I only have a lowly 16 referrals but apparently that still places me in the top 11%! That’s pretty scary!
    Hopefully they actually release the viewbar soon, I’m getting tired of hearing that it is coming…

    1. Ronaldo says:

      Most people will only refer a relative or friend. With little effort you can jump to the top 10.

      With 40 sign ups I except to get a little more than beer money. Maybe some expensive belgian beer 🙂

      1. Alex says:

        Imagine you have a big family and they’re all computer geeks 😈

  21. Obviously, many have been waiting for this for a while now. True enough, good things come to those who wait. 🙂

  22. Bob says:

    “Hopefully, this will help you discover just how much better a PC is to a Mac.”

    Are you for real John? Because the Agloco toolbar enhances your ad viewing pleasure on the PC?

    1. Ronaldo says:

      From the point of view of a hardware guy who likes to assemble his own computers, tweak and overclock them, I guess PCs are way better than Macs.

      A graphic artist may disagree, of course.

      1. Alex says:

        PC rules 😈

      2. Dave says:

        I run a successful design agency that is PC based 🙂

        PC’s can do graphics just as good as a mac.

        1. Alex says:

          PC rules even more 😈 😈 :mrgreen:

  23. Derrich says:

    I’ll be more excited about this when they finally release the frikken toolbar. 🙄

  24. blogdinero says:

    :mrgreen: If aglocco is a fraud, I think John Chow gotta make his own aglocco, there’s 10k reassons.

    1. Ed says:

      remove “if” from your statement and you may be on to something!!!

      1. Alex says:

        “If” is plausible 😯

  25. John, you should talk about the best and worst estimate you think you might make dollars wise when this thing launches. This should be fun.

    1. Gath says:

      Ha ha – yeah, have a competition where people guess how much you’ll make.

      Of course, another competition is when the viewbar will actually be released.

      1. Alex says:

        I’m getting sick of these competitions 😛

  26. Greg Stratz says:

    I have like 6 total.. I thihnk I am BBBM meh I have a few people who have said wait till I can download it then I will sigh up for it.. grrr

    But I tell them your friends and possibel downline will be snatched by someone evil like john…sign up now…

    But they don’t

  27. Kyle says:

    John I will not be participating in the Agloco for various reasons but I would like to suggest giving back some. You have 10,000 people under you and yet you keep promoting yourself. That’s pretty greedy.

    1. Shawn Knight says:

      People don’t make money by sitting on their hands doing nothing. Of course he will continue to promote, why wouldn’t he?

      That’s like telling Chevrolet or Ford to quit making cars, simply because they have enough on the road already.

      I’ve yet to figure out why many people dislike others who are successful. Sounds like they are just jealous…

    2. Gath says:

      How can he ‘give back some’?

      Also, JC donates this blog’s income to charity. So if he counts the AGLOCO signups as part of the blog’s income, then he will be donating all the money anyway.

    3. Dave says:

      uh, John gives a lot back to the community as is, and he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

      1. Alex says:

        Stupid comment Kyle! If John was really promoting himself, he would be at 25,000 by now…

    4. Matt608 says:

      TBH John gives back quite a bit, he making an update every 1000 sign ups is hardly much of a promotion

  28. Agloco says:

    Congratulations John! I am looking forward to the Agloco toolbar and hope that Agloco made some lucrative deals with these 17 networks. I know it is just the beginning of things to come.


    1. Matt608 says:

      Yeah they definatly have succeeded with the whole ‘viral marketing’ thing… lets see how it goes.

  29. Gregg says:

    Well, hopefully I’ll be getting that email shortly. My referral ID begins with BBBK

    1. Matt608 says:

      same! Im exited!

  30. Dave says:

    Next stop 15000 referrals 🙂

    1. Alex says:

      Let’s recruit the whole World while we’re at it 😈

  31. Pankaj Oberoi says:

    Hi John,

    Congrats for the 10k mark, i have always been inspired by you, as i had told you earlier i have indirectly joined under you, At present i have 7634 members in my network. Eagerly waiting for the viewbar to be launched.

    Pankaj Oberoi

  32. Piggy says:

    nice… now i guess we’ll see if it pans out as advertised…

  33. npsg says:

    Wow, you are doing great with Agloco.

  34. Nerdelphia says:

    Congrats on the 10k mark!

    Seems like yesterday almost when I read your blog and you just had 3k hahaha.

  35. Chris M says:

    Don’t know how keen I am on Agloco, hmmm.

    Congrats on the 10k sign ups though!

  36. Matt608 says:

    It looks like your AGLOCO posts are stil really popular, 108 comments and counting!

    1. Alex says:

      Yeah, Agloco is generating a lot of buzz, positive and negative!

  37. Jauhari says:

    John Chow is Rock!!… their Agloco member really huge…..

  38. jake says:

    agloco is becoming huge

  39. You have heard from the john chov, agloco it is the hottest internet business running on the net, what else u want, you get paid for surfing.

  40. Andy says:

    I’ve been living under a rock and have only just heard of AGLOCO! Just signed up now and came in at BBDC6343 so looks like I won’t get the toolbar for a while.

    Problem is my offline friends are mostly tech retards so have little chance of expanding my network! 😕

  41. How much does a person make for each person they have under them?

  42. Mr. Red says:

    I really need to get on board of the Agloco train, If this pans out, John is going to make a million from it.

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