$12 Million Dollar Mystery Man Webinar Tonight

This is a little reminder that $12 Million Dollar Mystery Man Webinar start tonight at 10PM EDT, which at the time of this post, is less than two hours away. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, now would be the time to do so.

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Space is limited to 1000 people and it’s on a first come, first serve. Once the room fills up, you’ll have to wait until someone leaves before you can go in. I recommend you get there early to ensure a seat.

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180 thoughts on “$12 Million Dollar Mystery Man Webinar Tonight”

  1. Pam Britton says:

    Luckily I have the time to get in on this one! Thanks again, John..I’m registering now.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Lucky you. I already registered but I still don’t know if I can make it. 🙁

  2. Cc Delove says:

    I was on the webinar and my computer shut down due to the high temperature today. If you can find it in your heart to provide a replay it would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I tried to get back in, but no go.

  3. BullCrap says:

    It’s a complete scam:

    Read the site’s terms:



    1. John Lee says:

      anyway. i dont trust it

      i believe someone bought products from his link while he was talking his boring story.

  4. Keith says:

    That smelled like a scam! Anyone who bought it, I would love to hear their success story. If it was backed by click-bank, i might have thought twice about it…

  5. Andrew says:

    I feel sorry for all the people that are getting scammed out of $1000.

  6. amine says:

    Hi guys,

    i cancelled i few personal important appointments to assist to this webinar, as it was recommended by John.

    but i’m really frustrated, it’s just a big lie !!!

  7. LoadOfCrap says:

    This is just a load of crap. They are selling software $997 that you can find else were for $77, $47, or $27. AND IT’S THE SAME SOFTWARE.

    well, I guess that what you get for being one of the worlds biggest fertilizer salesman.

    1. AnonymousGuy says:

      Can you post links to the other sites selling the same software?

      1. Terra says:

        Do you know where this software is available and the name of it?

    2. Bill, The Info Guy says:

      Where can you get this cheaper software that is doing the same thing? I think I just got took big time?

    3. Douglas says:

      What’s the name of the software?

  8. BS? says:

    Did what John say in his email end up being true: “There’s no sales pitch or anything, just 100% PURE CONTENT.”
    If not…?

    1. LoadOfCrap says:

      It was lies. There was a sale pitch to the tune of $997 dollars. He put some fake statement up saying “only 15 people allowed, then i;m shutting it down.” It’s just fake bullcrap.

      1. AnonymousGuy says:

        Which is funny, seeing as his site is still up and STILL accepting orders. LOL

  9. LoadOfCrap says:

    This is the page he hyped.


  10. Dear John says:

    Sad to see John stoop to the level of promoting a 5 year old scam. At least the two casters made $5k each in affiliate commission on a ‘software’ that Marketing Logistics, LLC (as per mail sender) has been peddling with 99% markup since 2006.

    Last time on this blog.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      John explained about this in his comment below. Anyway, I don’t think it will be your last time here. You might just change your nick into something else like AnonymousGuy or Lucy. Something like that.

  11. Dear John says:

    Ha ha, visited instantmassiveprofits.com. Check Alexa 🙂 and then try to leave… I counted 7 popunders.

  12. He did revealed the clickbank account to make $424 automate. He also offered 3 days money back guarantee and if you’re not happy with it you can get a refund for it.

    It just a bit contradicted that it said he offered 3 days money back and someone post the term and agreement page and I read it. It did say no refund or return.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      And that’s why they call it scam.

  13. Lela says:

    I could barely listen to this guy. First, I could tell that he was selling us when he spoke his first word. I I also had a hard time believing that the results he was getting were just from his software. Lastly, I can’t shell out 997 on software like this because I don’t think it was worth it. I feel like you would never see the instantaneous results like he claims.

    It just felt all bad and I just could not buy. Also, the he slipped with his numbers on how many were bought and left. I wish I had not attended. It really is not worth it when it is stuff like this.

  14. BullCrap says:

    As already posted, you will NOT receive a refund if you purchase that software.

    Read the Terms of Service page on the website:

    Clearly says:


    If you already bought it, I’m sorry, but you were scammed $997.

    1. AnonymousGuy says:

      Hopefully those that bought, paid via PayPal as you would have 2 layers of protection and recourse. If you paid direct via credit card you can cancel your transaction.

    2. Jim says:

      Interestingly, they have now changed their terms of service page.


      Before it did flatly state that there would be no refunds. It now has a clickbank return policy, perhaps borrowed from the page for the $97 clickbank software product (“Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software” ) which people say is identical to this one being sold for $997. Their website seems to be in a state of flux with them (scrambling?) to make it more legit, perhaps to avoid FTC investigations?
      Before the Contact page said that only members had access to it. Now, there’s an email for [email protected]

  15. Pam Britton says:

    Smelled fishy to me..not what I expected! The guy was a pretty smooth talker, though, but it is unfortunate that fifteen people got all caught up with it.

  16. John, The webinar was VERY impressive, but almost seemed to good to be true. I would like to think since you promoted this webinar, that you are personally endorsing both the individuals presenting and the product on offer – Is this the case?

  17. Lucy says:

    OK for future people, HOW TO SPOT A LIE/SCAMMER… PLEASE ADD


    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Nice points there. Is this the same Lucy with the one below?

  18. Lucy says:




  19. By the way did John Chow receive money for promoting his stuff. John did like 3 posts for the webinar which was pretty heavy advertising.

  20. John Who? says:

    Wow I’m really disappointed that I got this from John Chow. I only took the time out to check it because I figured he wouldn’t mess with anything that wasn’t legit. It casts a shadow of doubt on whether John is a scammer as well.

    1. Lucy says:

      I think he is. Not in the ” I will steal your money” type of way but in the sense that he has a higher standard for money than he does his readers. As experienced as he is, he should have known this was a scam immediately and he still took the money…. altough lets face it this is probably not even him posting up this stuff, i dont know if that’s worse. I honestly think all he does is send videos to his staff about things no one cares about like his dauther, his dinner, his walk through a convention and then the staff posts.

      sketchy sketchy

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        I think I’ve seen you commenting before in other post. You were commented negatively, angry, with various emails and no link. Well, maybe all these comments were posted by yourself anyway.. Can you please share me some proxy too? I think you got a lot.

        1. Lucy says:

          I dont think my last comment posted…i didnt have a link because I didnt have a post until AFTER I went to that seminar thing. I actually wrote my first post on watching out for scams.

          I dont know what a proxy is but i’m assuming it means my website. I have 2 gravatons because one is for my now formal website email and the other is my personal one.

  21. Come on John What were you thinking ? I like your posts but this one is disappointing, I mean seriously.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      John said that it was referred by his friend. He should’ve check the product before though..

  22. AnonymousGuy says:

    A couple of signs that this isn’t legit…

    First off, when he was telling his story, it seem like it was rehearsed, almost reading from a script.

    Secondly, he says he only has 15 spots near the end of the webinar, and just before closing, he says he has only 2 spots left. YET an hour later, I get an automated email stating he has 2 spots left. Certainly those two spots should have been filled by now, seeing as 13 spots were instantly filled within the last 5 mins announcing the site link.

    Even now, 3 hours after the webinar, you are still able to place an order. I thought there was only a couple of spots left?

    This definitely seems like a major cash-grab, and when your gut tells you this is too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Well, almost everything in make money online are too good to be true. It’s kinda hard to tell which is the scam these days.

  23. Great Webnar, I enjoy the last one which was with mic.
    Really great.

  24. Jim says:


    What these two con men pulled off tonight is CRIMINAL! I can only hope that the poor people who gave them a thousand dollars will have some legal recourse against these scumbags.

  25. I had my alarm clock set to wake up and listen to this one, but wasn’t able to. But after having read the comments here, I don’t think I missed out on anything.

    1. Yup. I didn’t like a bit. I felt like wasted my time.

    2. LoadOfCrap says:

      You didn’t miss anything. It was just a two guys, talking about how they supposedly meet at some party, and that one guy show him a secret of making a lot of money online that no one else knows. Then said guy spent the next 10 minutes showing us some clickbank pictures of how much money he has made. He then proceed to spend a good 40 minutes telling us a rag to rich get rich quick story, about how he supposedly discover this secret, but he never really tells you anything.


      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Were you really listening to all of it? Because from the way you say it I don’t think I can stay listening for even 30 minutes.

  26. I checked whois for the domain and the info was hidden. Enough for a smart person to avoid it :).

    Btw, even tho they are scammers, guys are pretty smooth talkers. Calling for action all the time, using some NLP techniques like embedded commands, making people think about fancy restaurants, easy life, lambos, then again calling for action… Very good from that point of view, but still I hate scams!

  27. A shame I missed it. I’ll keep an eye out for the next one.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Have you been reading the comments? It does not look like you missed much.

  28. Sandra says:

    2am … in Portugal!
    lost time …
    he said: “and you’re GUARANTEED to see Commissions in your account in the first 3 Days… Or if you don’t, return it for a 100% REFUND…No Questions Asked. ”
    in other words: “If you do not make money in three days, I buy a $ 10 product! so there is no guarantee to return 997$
    I am disappointed!

    1. AnonymousGuy says:

      Yup. His only guarantee is that you will make money in 3 days. BUT he doesn’t guarantee how much. So if you make $1 or more, he’s not obligated to refund anything as you made money. That and his TOS states “no refunds”.

    2. Douglas says:

      I bet this guy actually bought a clickbank product from each of his members so he can “prove” the software works and not have to refund.

  29. fas says:

    I hope you put the results from the webinar here.

  30. Christine says:

    Wow what a piece of crap. I was so disappointed. I unsubscribed from Johns list, this was low and I expected better. I moved around my schedule for what I thought was a no sale seminar. Thank you John for teaching me a great lesson: If you want to keep your subscribers, don’t send them scammy products. Oh and lesson #2, the only way to make money quick is to scam people.

    Maybe if he addresses that he was tricked into sending this out I’ll reconsider my opt out, but so far I haven’t seen an email so I wonder if he even cares. Goodbye John Chow, and my friends and their friends say goodbye too.

  31. Bummed says:

    Just goes to show you that anyone will promote anything just to make a buck, including John. The reason I was led to Chow was to avoid BS like the one last night. Hurry and buy now, $997, only 2 spots left, 3 day money back if you don’t make $$$, hurry, shutting it down right now, and the order page has a no refund, all purchases final, no cancel policy….SCAM? And still taking orders today…WTF John?? Will you comment on this?

  32. AndroidAppy says:

    I got a bad feeling when the webinar started, but I stayed on, only because John recommended it.

    I am tempted to say that I wasted my time, but to be honest, I learned some important lessons from the whole experience… not least of which is look out for your subscribers and treat them well or you will risk loosing them.

    John, we have been getting lots of pitches from you lately — is it now all about the money?

  33. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! Glad I missed the webinar based on everyone’s comments… I guess not all of the webinars can be as good as the last few.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Me too. But see Ian, isn’t everyone here looks a bit identical? They commented with anger, saying goodbye and stuff. I read them a few times and I think it’s kinda funny.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yeah… rolling on the floor funny. I guess if you’re out $1000 you would just laugh about it. Erwin = idiot

  34. AndroidAppy says:

    The website now says that the offer is closed to the public… uhm

    1. Yep, sure does. Now there is a form there to register and be put on the waiting list. I THINK NOT! 🙂

    2. AnonymousGuy says:

      Nope. The offer is now available on their main page: http://secrettrafficsolution.com/

      Looks like someone just updated it. Only 2 left, even though it’s 2 days later, and that offer was only good for May 19. LOL. SCAM!

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Thank goodness I missed the webinar. Everyone seems so pissed about it.

  35. mary says:

    Fraudulent through and through. Has anyone ever tried reporting scams like this (and thie promoters) to their states attourney general? Seems there should be laws against and reprocussions for this type of activity

    1. Well, that’s the problem with it… Technically its not illegal even tho its a scam. People must learn to read the terms, and SMALL LETTERS.

      It’s like you make a contract with a bank for example, make sure you read the small letters or you are screwed.

      Anyway, all what I wrote doesn’t make it cool cause technically they protected themselves with terms. Scam is a scam in my eyes, no matter what 🙂

  36. Does anyone have any proof that it was a scam? It looked sort of legit to me since he did everything realtime.

    I want to hear from someone who brought the product, so far I looked online and I can’t find any negative reviews on it..

    1. BullCrap says:

      That’s because the domain and system are only 5 days old. The domain, secrettrafficsolution.com, was registered on Sept 14, 2011.

      Of course you can’t find any negative reviews on it.

    2. AnonymousGuy says:

      The red-flags of a scam are certainly there, and anyone with common sense can see that. He stated that he isn’t making any money off this, and was doing this as “give-back” or charity, yet he is charging an insane $997 for this supposed “charity” work. That along with the high-pressure sales tactic at the end of the webinar, announcing low availability to make quick cash-grabs.

      If you paid via PayPal or even just a credit card, then you are protected as you can always file a claim or do a charge back, but it’s a hassle and you won’t get your money back until 30 days or so.

  37. Server Crashing Webinar, Guys!

  38. Anna says:

    I registered for the webinar on Sunday and received no less than 10 reminders that this was a one time only event never to be replayed and never to be repeated. The day after the event I get this:

    WOW is all I have to say!!
    Last night’s webinar was INCREDIBLE!
    When I revealed EXACTLY and LIVE ON VIDEO how to
    REALLY become successful online.
    Everyone LOVED it, and I hope you were able to attend
    Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it!
    Anyway, if you couldn’t make it…
    I’ve still hooked you up 😉
    This is going to be up TODAY ONLY…
    Check it out –
    secrettrafficsolution (dot) com/replay

    Then the webinar that was never to be replayed and never to be repeated, I get this e-mail an hour later:
    WOW is all I have to say!!
    Last night’s webinar was INCREDIBLE!
    The server almost CRASHED! There was a full house…
    With over 1000 people on the webinar.
    We had over 5,622 registered for the event,
    so there were LOTS of people who weren’t able to attend.
    “Best Webinar EVER!”
    These are the type of responses that we’re getting back.
    And for good reason…
    On last nights webinar…people witnessed
    Over $340 in profit made LIVE ON VIDEO.
    Everyone LOVED it,
    and I hope you were able to attend 🙂
    Like I’ve said before…this information is so sensitive and private…
    That no replays will EVER be posted.
    But by special request, since over 4,000 people tried (and FAILED)
    to get on the webinar last night…
    I’m doing another ONE TIME event.
    This THURSDAY @ 8pm EST.
    Go here to register –

    1. Anna – I registered, but I missed the show. Unfortunately, my e-mail received lots of similar mail like yours, spam, spam, spam…..

  39. Boodaboo says:

    Did anyone else’s computer freeze up/crash at a little after 10pm EST tonight (Tuesday)?

  40. Jim says:

    Hey, guys. Yes, lots of suspicious things about that webinar.

    Also note that on the sales page… http://secrettrafficsolution.com/go/
    this line in the “disclaimer” at the bottom:
    …” This website utilizes a professional actor in place of the site Owner or advertiser. ”

    Out of curiosity, I called Clickbank today and asked if the affiliate nicknames, which I copied down when they were shown on the screen, were valid. While Clickbank customer service would not reveal the name of the affiliate, they did say that 3 of them were valid (including the Sept19 new account he demonstrated), however, at least one other one “index851” which was one of the big-income accounts, they have no record of. However, they did say that some of their affiliates do make upwards of a million a year.

    The still images on Clickbank of his various accounts can easily be faked. But so can the live video. If you go to any Clickbank page and copy the source code you can then create your own “counterfeit” version of that web page and change the numbers and even embed a live “clock on the page”

    As someone else said, it would be easy to have had friends buy the product with their affiliate link and run up sales during the 40-minute storytelling time. In fact, Mike Sweeney sounded just a little too eager for Ron to refresh his screen again to show that even more sales had come in. (My guess is that Mike had been off making more purchases in the interim.)

    Interesting, too, that the webinar was not recorded. I confirmed this by calling Go To Webinar who told me that the webinar organizer’s account was opened on June 8th under the Super Secrets name. They did say that it was an actual paid account (and not a free account.) So these guys are on record somewhere.

    But the fact that it was not recorded is certainly convenient (and no doubt planned) if anyone wanted to prove they were using fake screen shots. Unless one of the viewers used Camtasia to record the webinar, there would be no lasting evidence that they had lied.


    1. cassandra says:

      There is proof that they faked the money showed they made. i took screen shots throughout the second broadcast because i became suspicious because it was supposed to be a one time only – 15 people only accepted event. So as not to dilute the value of being able to produce the results he claimed. I’am sending the copies to clickbank after talking with someone there. EVERYBODY please contact your states attorney’s office and report this Fraud. if enough do so they will investigate and take action. Most credit card companies have a 45 or 60 day window to dispute your claim.

      These scammers get away because people do not take any ACTION. A lot of time because they don’t know what to do. Other times they don’t have any hard evidence to show and still others are afraid or just too lazy. Robbery is a crime whether by a gun in your back or by tricks in advertising…remember Bernie Madolf?

      I have decided to create a white paper to ensure folks know what and how to look for these scams. it will be detailed, and yes i will ask a small amount of money for it for my time. Along with an affiliate link to click bank. May even try a WSO to promote it. i will wait and see if there is much interest in this first. so if you are interested email me at [email protected] with ” Don’t Ever Be Scammed Again”. This will take sometime to research and complete so it won’t be ready for a few weeks. it would also be helpful to tell me your stories too. i don’t even have a website yet. Can anyone help me put one together? Cause i really am a granny and not very tech savoy and never tried to do anything like this before. Hope John doesn’t try and do this before me…lol

      I am so angry about this I could spit bullets because I bought it too! Very expensive lesson to learn, but i have learned it..and so can you.

  41. Jim says:

    One other thing I forgot to mention, while the “trafficbos” clickbank nickname was a valid one, it is also the name for the merchant of “Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software” sold on Clickbank so the earnings shown on that screen, though probably valid, are not necessarily made from the software being promoted, but by sales of the Auto Mass traffic Generation Software.

    This is a trick used, I think, by many promoters showing their Clickbank screen shots. They suggest that the income displayed is derived from the product they’re hyping, when, in fact, it came from the sale of their other products on Clickbank.


  42. Anonymous says:

    I just hope that John Chow really make great decision to promote the product to thousands of his loyal readers. I wonder if John get a chance to review the product before he promoted. Thus far, he sent out 3 email reminder as this is one and the only of the best seminar. I had to put a lot of stuff on the side to attend this seminar and rush to get online at the right time. If this was a scam and John did this for a few quick bucks he totally goes against what his blog is about. If anyone can post anything up and prove that this is a scam then I’ll said “Chow” to John Chow dot com and never to return again and this is a promised. Losing me is not going to make a big difference in his blog but I think John might have damaged his brand if this were true. Being a true loyal reader to John’s blog I think John should do some commenting on this articles.

    1. Kraken says:

      Open your eyes and put 2 + 2 together. It’s a scam!

      Just because John promotes something, doesn’t mean it’s going to be 100% legit. It’s always buyer beware, and you should never blindly follow. And seeing as he’s not responding, he probably could care less because well, he’s getting paid.

      If you checkout their website now, they are still promoting the 2 spots left (out of 15), that was supposed to be only available on the 19th. It’s now the 21st and those spots are still open, even though (as mentioned) 13 spots were purchased instantly during the webinar.

      It’s completely obvious they are BS’ing about the limited spots being left, and are accepting an unlimited amount of purchases.

      They are now going to do another webinar (ahem scaminar) this Thursday. Someone should record it and post it on YouTube as a scam warning.

  43. Roy says:

    When i receive the recommendation from John, I thought “this must be a scum but it’s recommended by JOHN CHOW and I shall give it a try.” A complete waste of time. The mentioned domain name secrettrafficsolution.com was only registered 5 days before the webinar and the scummer was using a Gmail account to send following pushy emails. To be frankly, John, your recommendation greatly jeopardizes your credibility and professionalism.

  44. Abhik says:

    I just watched the replay and found it crap like hell.
    I registered since John mentioned that it’s all content. Glad I missed the Webiner.

    1. Where can the “replay” be found?

        1. Erwin Miradi says:

          I don’t think the replay is still available.

          1. Jim says:

            Yes, it’s still playing back as of now: Thursday morning

  45. Pawel Reszka says:

    Those guys simply bought advertising from John. He probably wasn’t aware of what they are going to pull that night. Seems to me like they lied to him about the whole thing.

  46. John Chow says:

    That was a pure advertising buy. I accepted the ad because they came from a referral of a friend. However, I should have look at what they were offering before accepting the ad. That was my mistake. Going forward, I intend to look at all products before accepting a sale, even if they come from a friend’s referral.

  47. ScammedGuy says:

    I was feeling not well that day and didn’t realise the warning signs were everywhere. so very gullible of me to sign up.

    can anyone tell me how I would go about trying to get my money back? I paid using paypal (im from Australia using a local bank’s credit card). what should I write to paypal?

    1. AnonymousGuy says:

      First demand a refund from them. If they don’t refund the money to your PayPal account within 24 hours, then immediately file a PayPal dispute. The only problem is that PayPal disputes can take up to 3 weeks, but you will get your money back.

    2. Jim says:

      send an email to [email protected] which is part of Digital River service. They are not the merchant/vendor but they are the ones who processed your order.
      They will forward the request to the vendor.

      Or, if you got an email from the people selling the product, then send them an email asking for a refund. Be sure to tell them that since there are only 15 spots you want to free up yours for someone else.

    3. Jim says:

      Hey, ScammedGuy. Don’t feel badly about being taken in. This does help us learn the power of doing live webinars. So, (except for the apparent unethical aspects and the blatant lying that these guys are doing) may be be able to learn from their otherwise effective marketing techniques.

      Did you actually download and use the software? can you tell us anything about it? Do you know if it Is the same as “Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software” which is being promoted on Clickbank for $97? (Perhaps you can ask them if it’s the same.)

      If you used it, did it work at all? Have you had any training yet? Watched any videos or anything? As an insider, can you tell us anything more about this software, it’s vendors, or the training?

      If you used the software, be careful NOT to let them know which sites you’re using it on. Otherwise, during the 3 day period they might go in and make some purchases of your affiliate product just to “prove” to you that the software is working and making you sales.

      Thanks for anything you can share about the “behind the scenes” of this apparent scam.

      1. Kraken says:

        From what I’ve seen from their scaminar/webinar, the “software” in question isn’t a program you can download. They are selling access to the secrettrafficsolution.com site. On that site you fill out a form which you enter your “click bank url code”, or what have you. It will then will supposedly run a script (PHP, or Perl) which will somehow magically generate thousands of hits to your ad, and thus sales. He is very vague and doesn’t tell you what exactly his script does. The only thing that could possibly do that, is an email spam blast or spam-bot. Regardless, you will never know as it “super secret” LOL. I can almost guarantee it does absolutely nothing.

    4. AnonymousGuy says:

      You can email them here for the refund:

      [email protected]

      That email is off their website here:


      Again, make sure you file a dispute with PayPal if you don’t get a refund (24 hours). To do this, log into your PayPal account and choose “Resolution Center”, then click on “Dispute a Transaction”. Select the transaction, then for the dispute reason, choose “Scam / Fraud”.

      24 hours after that, if you still don’t get the refund, escalate the PayPal dispute to “claim”. Once you do that, PayPal will jump in and arbitrate, and seeing as it was marked as “fraudulent”, you should get your money back sooner.

      1. Kraken says:

        I would escalate the PayPal dispute to “Claim” right away, and don’t bother waiting 24 hours. In fact, I wouldn’t even bother emailing them for a refund. I would just directly put in a PayPal claim now, as to not waste anymore of your time. You will almost certainly get a refund much quicker this way.

    5. Disgruntled, Angry, Pissed Off, WANT TO KILL says:

      Just contact your bank, get onto the credit card department and dispute the transaction. I am with ANZ and this is the process I am involved in at this time.
      Good luck

  48. Metoo says:

    I called my bank and file a trouble ticket and the bank said it going to take 10 days for it to credit. I check my online banking and the charge hasn’t yet goes through. But I ask the teller and she said even though you haven’t see the charges but it will likely to come through in the next few days. I ask the teller if I can stop all the charges come through she said that won’t be possible, but she said you can still file a trouble ticket and get the credit back within 10 days. This is by far the worse purchase I have ever made. I don’t want to blame JOHN CHOW for my stupidness. I even reschedule important appointment so I won’t miss this webinar. Contact paypal to get your money back just said you never received the product and you have contact the seller which is a “fucking” spam email. I received fucking shiet load of email through some random as offer and trying my ass to unsubscribe to that email.

    1. LoadOfCrap says:

      Did you check out of the software? What were they actually selling?

    2. Jim says:

      You should send an email refund request to [email protected] which is part of Digital River service. They are not the merchant/vendor but they are the ones who processed your order.They will forward the request to the vendor.

      Also, don’t feel badly about being taken in. These guys are slick.

      Besides, while on the webinar they said that they were selling only 15 copies and that there were only 2 spots left, it’s very possible (and likely) that they actually sold 30 or 40 or more copies. It certainly worked well enough that they’re doing it again with the replay and another live webinar. So you may be among a very large crowd of people who were scammed.

  49. dfgdgd says:

    very funny,i will give a try

  50. Erwin Miradi says:

    I missed the webinar, thank God. But seeing all these comments, where are all these guys come from anyway?

  51. LoadOfCrap says:

    Just found this on another site:

    I am here to alert affiliates here that if they are promoting “Instant Passive Profits” (vendor id: instantpp) that your cookies are being overwritten by an affiliate known as “index051” for another product product called “Copy Paste Traffic”. This means that if you are driving traffic to articles, videos, ppc etc. you will never see a penny in commission. If you dont believe me check your links for yourself. I have alerted CB already and will get back to you when I get a response.

    Index051 was one of clickbank pages shown during the webinar.

    1. Jim says:

      Thanks for this info. This is interesting. Both index051 and instantpp are vendor IDs that they showed in the webinar when checking the earnings from their ClickBank account.s.

      Why are these guys not in prison?

  52. Army says:

    This is really annoying.

  53. Webinar gives an important things for the guys who has taken part

  54. Arun says:

    I am very curious about it. I will definitely take part next time, if possible.

  55. Divena says:

    I have bought this produkt and it is really worth every penny – well if you have english websites and affiliate-products to promote (what I do not have – I am german).

    So I have decided to sell my account (there were only 15 slots sold of this product in total) for the same price (909,- €). If anybody is interested just write me to: [email protected].

    Thank you,

    1. Lucy says:

      You obviously didnt read this entire thread lol. You’ve been super scammed, we’re sorry, try to get your money back through your bank or paypal. Quickly too!

      1. Kraken says:

        Probably a bot posting. Trying to scam unsuspecting “suckers”, be we already know better 🙂

  56. Nathaly says:

    I too bought the secret traffic sollution. After I bought the product I felt very weird, not happy at all. I felt pushed into my purchase and I had a gut feeling that it was a scam. But because it came from this site I trust I thought I was just imagining things. But then the next morning I came back here and saw all the comments about scam and that he was still selling the product. I checked and indeed he did. I didn’t hesitate and immidiately asked him my money back. He than sent me a link to the website as a proof that the closed the website. Shortly after that the website was running again and is stil running. I emailed him back saying that you can still buy the product and that I wanted my money back. The 15 spots available were a total lie. He agreed to refund me, but didn’t. I emailed him multiple times over the next two days and he either didn’t answer or answered that he would refund and was ‘working on it’. But it was all taking too long and last night I emailed him saying that I would still
    wait half a day and if by then I still wasn’t refunded I would contact SWREG and PAYPAL. I got no reply. So I did and within just a few hours SWREG refunded my money to my PAYPAL account. I hope with this many complaints they suspend his account at SWREG. I had sleepless nights because of this. I was scared I wouldn’t get my refund. Now that I have, although I can’t touch it yet because of paypal policies, I must admit I am glad I’ve learned my lesson. Anyone who still wants his money back go directly to SWREG. Don’t waste your time with him.

    1. That is a good tip there for those that got “scammed” if the are looking to get their money back quickly. Should be a “stick to top” feature 😉

  57. Anonymous says:

    I too bought the product and feel like I got scammed but it came from John Chow I actually bought the product and feel very stupid. I contact my bank and filed a dispute. They told me that it took 10 days for me to receive the credit. I learned my lesson from this. I actually put a lot of appointment on the side just to go to the webinar that John recommended. I felt so stupid and will never do this again. I had to unsubscribe from JOHN list. Being a very loyal reader to John’s blog but never imagine that I got scammed like this. There wasn’t even any software to purchase, it was just an access. After the first day we do get on to another webinar but Rob is so vague on everything he goes around and around talking about all his life and i’m sick of hearing his shit. Man i spent $997 so get to the fukin point but he goes around around and never even answer my question when i asked through the message. He spent about 5 minutes talk about the products through 1 hr of the webinar. I just went ahead and did the campaign to see if it work. Unfortunately it does work, I got like 1 sales from click bank earning me $31 from affiliate but it not worth the investment at all. I emailed him for a refund and emailed Swreg also but haven’t see any response yet. I demand a refund as this is not worth $997 for some access not even an intangible product.

    1. Larry says:

      I also fell for this crap they sold me. Trying to recover my $997. I emailed Swreg and let them know about this scam and I requested a refund. Swreg will forward request to vendor . Also, called my bank and they will help me from their end. Hopefully, with all the requests for a refund that Swreg is receiving for this rip-off junk ,they will see that somethig is very wrong with this falsely advertised “software” and we all will get our money back.
      When you put the clickbank link in the software and expect a miracle to happen, well it doesn’t. I believe the scam artists of this website somehow find the link, buy the product and you get one commission. This may be how they get around their phony money back guarantee. It seems that way if you only got one sale. Let’s hope we all see our money back.

  58. Pookie says:

    I bought it and i’d like to hear from anyone who is trying to use it or who is trying to get their money back. Let’s share deets – s t a r l i n g 0 6 1 8 at gmail.

    1. Kraken says:

      Another bot collecting email address’s. DO NOT email: [email protected] unless you like being spammed.

      1. Pookie says:

        I ain’t no bot.. drop me a line.

        1. AnonymousGuy says:

          Did you even bother reading all the comments on here? It’s a SCAM plain and simple. And if you’ve read the last few comments you would already know how to get your money back. What’s there to discuss in email other than harvesting email address for spam? LOL

  59. Tim says:

    I also listened in on the live webinar on the 19th as I too was emailed by John Chow to check it out. Complete waste of time. Glad I didn’t fall for that $997 snake oil. I feel sorry for those that did and I hope you can recover your cash somehow!!

  60. Yeah you can get your cash back. Just emailed SWREG and they will response. They said you will you have to wait 2 business days for the owner of the software to answer you. If he doesn’t then contact SWREG again then they will issue a refund for you. Contact SWREG is much better.

    1. Larry says:

      Glad to hear the good news! I learned my lesson. Many red flags went up during the webinar but I chose to ignore them. I will know better next time, and remember all if it sounds too good to be true, it is guaranteed to be a pile of crap.

  61. Divena says:

    I have tried to get in touch with SWREG about 5 times but no answer to my refund requests. I have emailed to this Mr. Anderson and he does not reply at all. The Telephone-No. SWREG has added to their paypal-account is false and there is no way to get in contact with them – only by email and this is not so very successfull. I have blocked the money through paypal-conflict – but there is no response, too.

    After all a really bad experience. I have got on affiliate sale on friday and 14 clicks on my hoplinks – nothing more. I have added some of my websites for to see if any traffic comes in – but none at all. First I thought it is so because of my german keywords – but as I see the others made the same experiences this cannot be the reason why it does not work.

    I wonder how John Chow can recommend a big scam like this! May be he earns his 500,.- $ and keeps his mouth shut. I really would like to read a statement from him for this story!

    I just want my money back, nothing else…! Please help!


    1. Jim says:

      Divena, try this email address for SWREG
      [email protected]

      If it’s the same one you already used.

      Don’t give up. That’s a lot of money. Apparently, they have given others refunds on this offer.

      QUESTION about your clicks and the original purchase on your affiliate link when you were testing the software…

      Are you sure the purchase and the additional 14 clicks were not from the software owners, trying to make you think it was working?

      Do they have any way of knowing where your site is? I think this is on-line software that you are using. If so, they certainly have access to your hoplink and could easily have made a purchase of your affiliate product on Friday to “prove” to you that it was working to you. Maybe you can find out from Clickbank who the purchaser was as part of your “fraud” investigation.


      1. Divena says:

        I have written 3 more emails to SWREG but no answer – today they have sent me their invoice! So ignorant, not to answer my refund requests but to send me the invoice for the order that I have declined already…

        My only hope is the paypal conflict – there I can give it to test via paypal on 29.09.11.
        So will have to wait more.

        I wonder why SWREG answered to the others and not to me.


        1. Kraken says:

          If SWREG doesn’t answer, file a PayPal dispute now and make sure you immediately escalate it to “claim”. You should also mark it as a scam / fraudulent and reference this page. Anything marked as a scam on PayPal will get your money back quicker.

        2. DL says:

          Victory for me, I just got this from [email protected]. If you are emailing them, be sure to put in your order info. I had a “U” and a “K” number. It should be on your invoice from SWREG. Let me know how you progress. Only 1/3 of my emails to them were ignored.

          From: SWREG Info
          Date: Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 1:22 PM
          Subject: Re: SWREG, Refund Request, Uxxxxxxxx (Kxxxxxxxxxxxx)

          Dear xxxxxx,

          Thank you for contacting SWREG.

          We show your order was refunded on 28 Sept 2011. Please allow 5 – 7
          business days from this date for the credit to be applied to your
          account. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same
          credit card statement as the original charge. If you are unable to
          locate the applied credit, please contact the issuing bank for further
          information regarding when it will be applied.

          Freneil R.
          Customer Service

      2. Can't Believe I Got Scammed says:

        Jim and Divena,

        Yes, the sales done Friday were all from the seller. They were all from NY and American Express. NY is where their headquarters are.

        It had to be them as it is very unlikely that someone from NY with an American Express Card just all of a sudden bought a lot of clickbank products from different people. However, this ends up helping all of us because the attorneys plan on getting a legal order to see who those sales where made by for sure.

        1. Jim says:

          Hey “Can’t Believe,” good research into the Clickbank NY/Amex sales.
          Clickbank should also know the IP address of the purchasers. My guess is that they’re all from the same IP address. And Amex knows who they are.

          Also, if you’re having attorneys look into this, SWREG should be able to tell you how many sales of the $997 software were purchased during, or after the webinar. My guess is that far more than 15 were purchased and if that’s the case then they have created “false scarcity” which is against FTC rules.

          It seems the FTC should be made aware of all this. It’s very possible that these guys made $50K or more from this webinar.

          Clickbank certainly knows who they are because the “nicknames” posted on the screen to show their success during the webinar were valid IDs. However, they won’t reveal their names and details unless there is some sort of legal action.

        2. if someone plan to sue his ass count me in. we can do a class action lawsuit. I’m sick and tired of this scammer and working my ass off to get my refund back. I sent multiple emailed to SWREG and they said please wait patiently for 2 business day so we can contact the owner of the software. If you don’t see a response within 2 business days contact us back to get a refund. Man after waiting for 2 days sent out 4 to 5 emails asking for a refund. Now its been a week already still not receiving any emails from them.

  62. Eric says:

    Hi, Guys

    Finally I get my refund from paypal. It is refunded by paypal directly because it said “We have concluded our investigation into your claim. You have received a refund via PayPal in the amount of $997.00 USD.” Anyway feel safe now, but tired. Also a lesson learned:
    Don’t trust anyone too much. Even he is guru. I believe I am careful enough for scams, and most of time I am far from them. Only duped this time is for John’s recommendation. Just like who said above, remember if it is too good to be true, be careful. Whatever who sent it to you.

    Also a small tip for who is still on the way to get your refund. Except try all the tips above, List this page as a important reference for paypal reference. I believe it can make paypal refund you also faster. At least, I did it and got the result.

    Good luck. Guys

    1. Can't Believe I Got Scammed says:

      I can’t believe I got scammed. I’m glad Eric, that you got your paypal back. I hope we get ours back too. We started an investigation the 3rd day.

      We also started the beginning of a class action lawsuit at scambook.com

      It isn’t just enough that we get our money back, these people need to be stopped.

      Anyone who paid them the money should submit their proof, the attorneys are collecting information to shut this down put need people who actually paid them money.

      So if any of you know anyone, spread the word and have them submit a claim to get a refund at their credit card company or paypal and also to post at the above scambook link. There is another post on scambook about this but they didn’t pay anything. To get the attorneys on this, you have to have paid something AND you have to give them the documentation.

      Help us shut these scammers down once and for all!!!!

      1. colin audie says:

        I agree im still batttling to get my money back and im from south africa this whole thing is bad i am willing to give evidence.


        1. Colin Audie says:

          Good news SWREG just refunded me I am so glad as this guy is bad news ,no conscience and guys are we going to allow him to get away with this?

    2. Can't Believe I Got Scammed says:


      What exactly did you give to or do with paypal to get the refund because we escalated it to a claim and gave them this link and now they say they are waiting for the seller’s response. Did you go through this? If so, how long did it take?


      1. AnonymousGuy says:

        It shouldn’t take more than a week, especially when they don’t get a response. But I would also contact PayPal via their support messaging system, pointing to the transaction, and tell them it’s a known scam (referencing this page again), and demand them to put through the refund ASAP.

  63. DL says:

    The website’s original terms were for a 30 day money back guarantee. I copied it and have made it available here:


    I requested a transaction cancellation less than 72 hours after the sale as the counters on his site are fake as I used a test backend website counter and it showed zero traffic over 48 hours.

    In emailing Rob, he visited my site leaving his IP [] (Saint Louis, MO) but refused a refund per his terms. I sent him a copy of his original terms to no avail.

    I have contacted my credit card company but they said it’d be 30-90 days to hear back from them. I sent SWREG ([email protected]) a refund request yesterday and they replied with “we’ve forwarded your email to the vendor and will wait for their reply” type of message.

    I detailed the scam today in another email to SWREG and copied John and an FBI agent that I’ve worked with in the past, bringing an online scammer before an actual judge in New Jersey. I have requested that SWREG reverse all the $997 charges and am hoping that the FBI will be interested since this scammer has brought in much more than the previously prosecuted case.

    *** It is my hope that:
    1) all victims are refunded
    2) JOHN CHOW sends out an email to all his potential victims outlining how they may get their money back, in my mind, that’s the least he can do.
    3) Actual criminal charges are brought down on the scammers. ***

    1. Jim says:

      DL, if the webinar replay is still up, you should use Camtasia or some screen capturing program like CamStudio to record it for evidence.


      1. colin audie says:

        I recorded it if you need it.

        1. Jennifer says:

          Hi Colin,

          I’m very glad to hear that you received your refund. May I ask how long did it take to get it and were you refunded through SWREG? I am going through the battle to get my money and I am getting the run around from Rob Anderson and not much help from SWREG at the moment. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Could you send me the webinar audio that you have just in case I need it? Is it possible to send it to my email address?

          The address is [email protected]

          Thank you so much!


    2. Oh man I hope you get him man. Count me in for this. I am working relentlessly asking for a refund. After 5 emails got a response from SWREG that the email was forward to the owner. After 2 business days waiting, email SWREG for a response again but got no luck. AFter waiting for 5 more days emailed again and still haven’t get a response. I need my refund back asap.

  64. Larry says:

    Good work DL in retrieving the IP address of these crooks. The FBI will need this to get started to track them down. If these criminals were stupid enough to use their home computer to commit a cybercrime, they wil be cought and fully prosecuted.

  65. Edward says:

    If you used a debit/credit card purchase, you should be able to file a claim with your bank. I did this with Bank of America and they temporarily reimbursed me and are “investigating”. If all goes well, my $997 should be permanently back in my account. If not, I have proof of the scam here thanks to you guys. Also, I’m sure paypal works the same way, they have a pretty secure refund policy from what I’ve heard.

    First, John Chow posting one reply in this thread about this is insufficient. At the least, I would expect him to formally apologize to all subscribed users via e-mail. His conduct is grossly immature and I am actually surprised that he hasn’t apologized to the masses yet.

    Second, I’m absolutely shocked that John doesn’t pre-screen his affiliates and partner programs. That is unheard of when running any type of website, especially one with this much popularity. You should be ashamed.

  66. I’ll try to keep this short as possible. This secret software is nothing more than a webpage with a piece of javascript counting up “unique hits” to your Clickbank sites. Yes, I was dumb enough to fall for it even when I knew I was going against my best judgement. After I realized it was a scam I emailed “Rob” (fake name of course) and of course got no reply regarding my refund request. I was not surprised of course. I finally got the payment processor SWREG to give me a refund. Fortunately, I bought with AMEX which would also have stopped payment if I needed to. Ok, sit down for this one…I was so mad about this that I started investigating who was really behind all this scam. I did a little homework and found out that it is a VERY WELL KNOWN Clickbank Guru who I actually was a customer of! I couldn’t and did’nt even want to believe it when I found out but the proof was right in front of my eyes. He even has an upcoming Clickbank Launch coming up! I thought about out-ting him in the Warrior Forum and other forums right in the middle of his launch and still haven’t decided. I used to really like this guy but won’t ever buy any of his products again! I don’t want to hurt him but what he did was flat out wrong! He sold a 1K product knowing that it was total BS! It is stealing to me and criminal. I’m thinking about a class action lawsuit against him on behalf of the people he STOLE FROM! This has got to stop.

    Will I “out” the guy? Don’t know yet. He knows I know but doesn’t know how I found out. I won’t tell him where he didn’t cover his tracks. I’m sure it’s a name that most IMers have heard and even bought from. A household name. Check the Warrior Forum in the next week or so during the next big CB launch and you’ll see if the guy gets out-ted. I believe in forgiveness because it’s healthy for me. I just don’t want this guy to think he can keep getting away with this and STEALING FROM PEOPLE and taking food off of families tables so he can get high or whatever!

    1. DL says:

      Out him!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Fred says:

        On the webinar…the interviewer’s voice sounds like Philip Mansour and the other guy (Rob) I’ve seen him before on a cpa training, but forget his name. Could it be scumbag.

        1. Yep, that’s who’s name registered one of the websites that a “Mike Sweeney” emailed me from…Philip Mansour.

          Too bad he got out-ted during an upcoming CB launch of his…shouldn’t have been “riding dirty” .

          Time to “out” the scammers!

    2. AnonymousGuy says:

      Knowing what you know, what’s stopping you from exposing him on the Warrior Forum?

      Essentially you are protecting the scammer, that scammed you $1k without a thought or worry about it, and that doesn’t make any sense.

      1. “Mike Sweeney” sent me emails promoting the launch. He used an Aweber unsubscribe link like all legit emails. (Just to get me to let my guard down). When I tried to unsubscribe I got a strange page that wouldn’t let me unsubscribe. That’s when I knew something was wrong. Well, when I hit reply it went to a Mike at the-net-search.com. This is basically just an autoblog with poor content. Then I did a Whois search on the SecretTrafficSolutions.com and no surprise it was private registration. When I did a whois search on the-net-search.com domain it was registered at Name Cheap just like the Secret Traffic Solutions site is. Both sites registered at Name Cheap doesn’t mean anything. Could be a coincidence. But the email promoting this rubbish came from none other than…drum roll please….Philip Mansour. Yep. Better whois it now. Once he finds out how he was exposed he’ll no doubt scramble back and make it a private registration. Too bad screenshots were taken. The authorities can always find out! See the whois info for yourself!


        Registration Service Provided By: Namecheap.com
        Contact: [email protected]
        Visit: http://namecheap.com

        Domain name: the-net-search.com

        Registrant Contact:
        Philip Mansour ()

        224 List Ave
        Pasadena, MD 21122

        Administrative Contact:
        Philip Mansour ([email protected])
        Fax: +1.5555555555
        224 List Ave
        Pasadena, MD 21122

        Technical Contact:
        Philip Mansour ([email protected])
        Fax: +1.5555555555
        224 List Ave
        Pasadena, MD 21122

        Status: Locked

        Name Servers:

        Creation date: 16 Oct 2008 19:41:45
        Expiration date: 16 Oct 2011 19:41:45

  67. Tired of This BS says:

    I was unfortunatley one that was taken, i have multiple e-mails back and forth with this so called Rob Anderson. He just responded to the e-mail I sent him about and hour ago.
    It is now 5:10 pm so you know I have been working hard getting this to you.
    I spent allot of time copying and pasting these e-mails I hope it helps in the fight. This will be long get ready to read.
    The first e-mail you see is the latest, then the next e-mail I go back to the beginning 9/19/11
    Last minute this afternoon at 2:37pm webinar members only! then came back and said something was wrong with servers
    and was put off to tommorow at 2pm. During the day of course when everyone has to work.
    I am set for the webinar, at this point I can only find out more about this clown.
    Me:9/29/11 at 12:46pm
    What’s up?
    Why is the site down?
    Rob:9/29/11 at 2:42pm
    Yes.. the site is down… but why?

    We unexpectedly needed to switch servers… and
    are in the process of moving now…

    The old one just couldn’t handle the traffic from the
    URL you entered… we HAD to do something!

    I’m sorry we couldn’t give you notice… it should be up
    and working within about 12 hours… we’re testing
    the software, and also stress testing to make sure
    everything’s good!

    Your campaigns will NOT be lost… everything will be
    back up and running VERY soon!

    I’m sorry for the trouble!

    Rob Anderson!

    by Secret Traffic Solution | 242 Acorn Lane | Stroudsburg, PA 18360

    Previous e-mails between Rob and I from the begining till now.


    Me: Hi Rob,
    I can’t help but feel nervous about spending a grand of my hard
    earned money. I want this to work so badly, cause I am tired of being
    sick and tired and living pay check to pay check.
    You probably know the feeling or did? lol
    Any way if you have a sec can you reassure me this will work so I know
    at the end of this month my bills will get paid. I just spent my bill money. OOOppps!
    Been burned so many times a little nervous ya know?
    Thank you,
    Rob: No response as of 9/20/11
    Me: 9/20/11 in the afternoon
    Good Afternoon Rob,
    You must be a really busy guy.
    I have not heard from you yet.
    I was reading your Policies and found this under Refund Policy section:
    So I thought you said if “I don’t help you make money within 72 hours I will refund your money every last cent and you get to keep the software”
    Please will you explain this?
    Also when will I get started and see the software?
    Thank you,
    Me: Same day 9/20/11
    I am attempting to login, to the site
    and it keeps telling me Im not set up
    yet .
    my username: (my e-mail)
    my password: (general password given)
    Is there a delay on getting in?
    What am I to expect?
    Thank you,
    Rob, soon after same day 9/20/11
    Hey Michael,
    I’m so sorry for the trouble.
    Actually, that login is
    my username: (my e-mail with acouple of letters in front of my e-mail)
    my password: same general password
    – Rob Anderson
    Me: 9/20/11 12:18pm
    Just received login info, but please
    answer question regarding your refund
    policy and your guarantee?
    Thank you for your time.
    Rob: 9/20/11 at 5:48pm
    Hey Michael,
    I’m glad you got your login!
    Be sure to signup for the webinar from the
    first page of your members area.
    Yes, we usually have a “No Refunds” policy,
    but I decided tonight to PROVE to you that it
    will work for you… by giving the 3 day guarantee.
    Hope to see you on the webinar!
    – Rob Anderson
    Login Info failed twice before I finally got correct link to login,
    Me: 9/21/11 In response to webinar the night before
    I said hello no response,
    I asked questions on webinar
    no response. I thought you were
    going to open it up to your “elites”
    I did not feel like one!
    I thought you were going to go in to
    more detail step by step detail how to generate results.
    I heard more of what I heard
    in the first webinar.
    I want results not reasons.
    I do expect more.
    I am in the service industry and own
    my own business. I have given my customers
    much more value for much less pay.
    hint: more actual nitty gritty content
    to help us make money (within 3 days as promised)
    I know why I am doing this business. Now please
    tell me how to do this business?
    Thank you,
    Me: Subject Line: Typical 9/21/11 at 2:39 pm
    Are you like all other software gurus?
    You don’t get back to your customers
    Im not impressed.
    Me: 9/21/ 11:16am
    Hello Rob,
    I have to be honest with you I thought
    were going to hear more nitty gritty content
    on webinar last night.
    Instead you talked allot about yourself and your story again, which I heard
    in the first webinar.
    You briefly after all said and done went through steps how to get started.
    You promised all of us to help us make money in our first three days.
    I heard you say you had family stuff to do and errands
    to run and bare with you, over the next couple of days.Did you not plan
    for this time with us?
    I am disappointed these are critical days, this “elite” group
    has spent good money for your software and we want to
    see results. 3 days is not very long, and it seems your doing a
    good job prolonging.
    Now I expect which is only fair, as you say your going to work
    1 on 1 with us “Today” day 2 to see results, starting now.
    After the webinar I got to work running four different campaigns
    from two separate Clickbank accounts
    I did notice this morning I have “unique visitors” from the statistics
    section of the site on each of the campaigns running. The last one I started
    11 hours ago has 51 vistors. Unfortunately no commissions from either of my two
    clickbank accounts.
    You said your going to hold another webinar to teach specifics about keywords
    great I’ll be there!
    In the mean time lets make some money, don’t ya think?
    You have done this before, please explain to me step by step my best results
    right now to make money, only a day and half left.
    Right now there are too many loose ends, and I feel uncomfortable.
    Last night on the webinar you did not recognize any of my questions
    or the fact I was even there. I felt like and outsider.
    Rob am I an outsider or are you going to show me exactly what you do with software
    to make money? I need to feel comfortable.
    Thank you for your response,
    Rob: 9/21/11 at 4:22pm
    Hey Michael,
    I’m sorry.
    I had to take my wife to the doctor.
    It’s not something I’d planned.. but we
    won’t get into that.
    Yes, I am a real person, and right here
    with you. As I can’t be online 24/7, it will
    take me some time to get tickets
    answered and such, I’m so sorry.
    I haven’t hired people to do support,
    as I do want to give you one on one
    I will be having a webinar soon with the keyword
    instructions, yes.
    It’s tough with this software, as there’s
    not much to set up… so you push the
    button and wait. Perhaps I made it too simple? lol.
    It does work, however.
    But… I am here when you need me. 🙂
    – Rob
    Me: 9/21/11 at 4:34pm
    Hi Rob,
    Thank you for your understanding.
    I am a bit nervous as u can imagine.
    I hope your wife is OK.
    So I will tell you I did exactly what you explained
    last night in the webinar. Going thru Google Adwords
    to get keywords, and copy and pasting both the key words
    and the affiliate link from click bank into the software.
    Now just wait?
    How many different links (products) can I put
    into the software at a time?
    I have a web site of my business http://www……com I noticed I can not promote
    through your software. Why is that?
    Thank you,
    Rob: 9/21/11 at 5:23pm
    what kind of error message did it give you?
    did you also enter the http:// ?
    Let me know!
    – Rob
    Me:9/21/11 at 6:20 pm
    I just tried it and it worked this time.
    Hmmmph I don’t know maybe cause
    I used all lower case characters this time for the url.
    How many different links can I submit under the same clickbank account?
    Also how many links can I submit into the sofware?
    Rob:9/21/11 at 11:41pm
    Hey Michael,
    Glad to hear it worked!
    clickbank will let you use as many
    links as you like… as will the software
    But for the software, it’s best to start
    with a couple of campaigns and then
    run them to see how they do.
    – Rob
    Me: 9/22/11 at 1:11am
    No results yet….
    I’ll keep you posted.
    How is it you made money live so easily on the webinar
    and I have not made 1 sale yet?
    Me:9/22/11 at 10:36am
    No Results,
    on clickbank sales.
    What is your suggestion?
    If I do not make money by the time I come home from “work” today Day 3
    I will be asking for a refund. I can’t afford to wait. You got results in 45 min
    on the webinar the other night, part of the reason I made the decision to purchase
    your software. If you made this so easy lol. Not really funny Rob, when I do not
    see the easy money you explained coming in. Not to funny!
    The only one who has won here so far is you.
    No more words, I want results please.
    Thank you,
    Me: 9/22/11 at 5:40pm I created an open ticket with Rob
    I have made no money and my risk tolerence is not that high.
    Please as you promised refund my $997.00 back to my visa card.
    Thank you,
    Rob:9/22/11 at 3:12pm
    Hey Michael,
    How’s it going?
    – Rob
    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: OHH-877-22347
    Department: Secret Traffic Solution
    Type: Issue
    Status: Open
    Priority: Normal
    Rob:9/22/11 at 6:05pm
    Hi Michael ,
    I completely understand your concern and I am sure you will get
    I am sure you would like to see a lot more of them and a lot faster as well.
    On Fridays webinar I am going to go into a bit more detail about how to ensure
    your campaigns get high conversions and do hope you can stay with me until then.
    I know you can get the results you are looking for, and I look forward to helping you get them.
    Please do let me know when you get home from work how things are looking.
    – Rob
    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: ARR-213-43157
    Department: Secret Traffic Solution
    Type: Issue
    Status: Closed
    Priority: Normal
    Support Center: http://cs.1dev.net/index.php?
    Me:At this point I felt I was never going to see a dime back.
    Rob:9/23/11 at 4:15pm
    Hi Michael ,
    The reason I was able to make money so quickly on the webinar
    and all the time comes down to one thing.
    Keywords are essential building blocks for anything you do online
    and picking the right ones can make all the difference in the world.
    If you can stand to stick around for tonights webinar I think you
    will find some answers that will help you get more out of your campaigns.
    Worse case scenario you stick around get some great training
    that you can take with you.
    Keyword research is such an important part of online business I would
    hate for you to miss out on the training.
    – Rob
    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: OHH-877-22347
    Department: Secret Traffic Solution
    Type: Issue
    Status: Closed
    Priority: Normal
    Me:9/23/11 at 4:25pm
    I am registered and will be on the webinar at 7pm tonight.
    Me:9/24/11 at 6:34pm
    After last nights webinar I went to work. I went into
    click bank and looked up deals relevant to the whole
    sale concept (i know it well i used to sell security systems)
    help take people away from their pain and lean towards pleasure.
    I used all three sites you spoke about and matched up keywords
    targeted using the methods you explained.
    No results.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Do you have any……any suggestions?
    If ten have made sales like you said get feedback results from the and post it
    up in the site. I am interested to see what they did.
    Plus I am confused I thought you said you have had yourself and other family members
    using the software, and it was working great. Last night you said it was bogged down.
    Don’t bullshit me I wasn’t born yesterday. To me it looks like you built the site as far as you could
    with your own money, ran out of money and we are your test subjects (funds) to help you complete it.
    You are adding things to the software that “should” have been in place when we purchased the software.
    The testimonial youhave up whi the hell is that look fake to me. how much did you pay Joe to say that?
    So tell me the truth you will earn my respect allot faster then you have.
    Instead of saying things like oh im sure you’ll start seeing results by
    the end of next week. Which leads me to believe your still coding the site its not really up and running right?
    Also why don’t you have webinar where us “elite group” as you call us can talk during a webinar and share
    whats really going on. I’m skeptical to think that ten others have seen results (sales) like you said last night.
    What do have to hide?
    Bring us out on the call next webinar. I am calling you out. And you manager is that your dog
    or your cat. You think Im funny. Its probably true. Prove me wrong I dare you.
    So whats your excuse this time Rob?
    Stick with me you’ll get sales you’ll see. Come on ever heard of honesty?
    Rob: No Response
    Me: Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 8:48 PM
    Rob Anderson
    What the hell is happening with
    the software?
    First I see the links then I don’t add new ones then the old links are back and the
    new ones are gone.
    Explain, and did you get my previous e-mails?
    Do you hate me for putting you through the ringer?
    I am concerned and voicing my concerns.
    Rob: No response personally just confirmation of webinar:
    Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 4:09 PM
    Confirmation: “New Secret Traffic Solution Members! – 3rd session”
    Join us on Wednesday, Sep 28, 2011 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
    Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 8:27 PM
    Webinar canceled: “New Secret Traffic Solution Members! – 3rd session”
    New Secret Traffic Solution Members! – 3rd session
    Dear Michael,
    The following Webinar has been canceled:
    New Secret Traffic Solution Members! – 3rd session
    Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    Secret Traffic Solutions
    The next e-mail i received was from Rob the first on you read in this post if you have read that far.
    Hope this has been helpful.

    1. DL says:

      I contacted the webhost with this URL and additional details. I was worried that they wouldn’t care as they were in Germany but I guess they did. 😀

      HOWEVER, I noticed that this plural version of the original scam site was recently registered: secrettrafficsolutions.com and it is hosted in RUSSIA!!! Maybe it’s Rob, maybe it’s not. Time will tell.

      German host contact:
      Sandra Kreidl
      Hetzner Online AG
      Stuttgarter Strasse 1
      91710 Gunzenhausen
      Tel: +49 [0] 9831 610061
      Fax: +49 [0] 9831 61006-2
      [email protected]

    2. DL says:

      Email [email protected] with your invoice numbers (I had 2 numbers on mine so I included both) and request your refund if you haven’t already. I appreciate you posting the thread but was sick with worry about getting my refund for the last week. I got word today that the charges have been reversed. This is a scam, get out while you can!!!

      I got an invite to another webcast but didn’t dare log in as I thought it was a trick and a way for Rob to say that I’m still using the system so therefore didn’t deserve a refund.

      Do you know something that we don’t? Are you just trying to get more info or do you think that there’s a shred of worth in this system. I know that there was ZERO traffic sent to my links as I set it to a counter.

      Anyway, keep posting as I’m still following this in detail.


  68. Tired of This BS says:

    I am not sure what to expect. I have not seen a refund yet, so I am going with it for now. Curious and just maybe it will be helpful to understanding and getting better evidence.

  69. Nathaly says:

    Inspired by Tired of this BS I will also post the emails I had with ”Rob Anderson”.

    Tue, Sep 20, 2011
    Dear Rob Anderson
    Yesterday you said that there were only 15 spots left and at the end of the webinar there were only 2 spots left.
    Now I log in on the website and I see that you are still exepting orders! Am I being scammed?
    I have changed my mind and I would definetely like my money back.
    Since I have the three days, please give my money back at my paypal account.

    Yours sincerely


    Tue, 20 Sep 2011
    Hey Nathaly,
    Sorry you feel that way…
    You can see here though…that we’re all sold out –
    Here’s the order link from last night –
    Let me know if you’d still like to continue…
    Or if you’d like to refund, I’d hate to see you go as I think you’ll really love this…but if you did refund, that would free up another spot for someone else who really wants it…so just let me know 🙂


    Rob Anderson

    Tue, 20 Sep 2011
    Dear Rob Anderson
    I’m so sorry but I still have my doubts.
    Therefore I would like to have my paypal refund.
    Thanks in advance.

    Yours sincerely,


    Wed, 21 Sep 2011
    Dear Rob Anderson
    Yesterday I agreed to get my refund back.
    I haven’t got an email back from you confirming that the money is send back to me yet.
    Today I see on my paypal account that the money still isn’t refunded.
    I did however got two other emails from you.
    One inviting me for a webinar for the course.
    Obviously I did not attend because I already asked for my refund back.
    Strangly, later I got an email thanking me for attending the webinar.
    Please be so kind to refund my money asap at my paypal account.

    Yours sincerely


    Wed, 21 Sep 2011
    Hey Nathaly,
    Yessir, I’m working on that now,
    I promise!

    Thanks for your patience.

    – Rob

    Wed, 21 Sep 2011
    Dear Rob Anderson
    It has been almost seven hours since you last emailed me, saying you were working on paying me back.
    Paying me back through paypal takes only a few minutes not seven hours.
    And today it’s gonna be two days in total of waiting and emailing you for my refund.
    It really doesn’t need to take so long and I wonder why it does.
    I will still wait half a day or so to get my refund back.
    If by then I still haven’t got my refund back I will have to file a complaint to SWREG and PAYPAL to get my money back.
    I really don’t want to have to do this and I hope it won’t have to come this far.
    But because I see that nothing is happening I see no other sollution.

    Yours sincerely


    He did not answer me back. So I went to PAYPAL and SWREG and luckily got my refund back in just a few short hours. Guess who’s behind this, if you can out him out him. There is no reason to protect this crook. He will think of something new to scam the people all over again. Why should someone like that be protected.

    1. Fred says:

      How did you get your refund back so quick? Did you get it from paypal or swreg?

      1. Nathaly says:

        He Fred!

        Firstly I emailed SWREG asking them for a refund with the emails as evidence that he already agreed to pay me back. But SWREG didn’t immediately answer. I did get an automated confirmation though that they had received my email. I was panicking because I was convinced I wouldn’t get my money back. So I didn’t wait and went straight to PAYPAL and filed a complaint. When I did that it only took a few hours to get my money back from SWREG.

      2. Thanks goodness I emailed SWREG and finally got a response about my refund. They said it will take 5-7 business to apply to my credit card. Phew man this has to be one of my worse purchase experience. SWREG said it will be credit back to my account within 5 to 7 business days. I’m glad I was receiving a refund back from SWREG. That ROB anderson Bitch i hope someone take his ass to court and I know he will continues scamming people from different domain name and IP Address. I just hope people won’t be scam again by this guy. I even filed a complaint on scambook too and there are tons of people commenting on it.

  70. Also Scammed says:

    I also got scammed. Whomever knows who it is, please do let us know. I looked on the Warrior forum but there is no search available. ESPECIALLY if he’s a well-known guru already! As soon as I get refunded I will forgive him, but we still bear the responsibility to be sure he does not do this to anyone else, and I certainly don’t think he deserves any more of our money for his other products, either. I’m more upset that I got my hopes up and wasted some precious time on this. I’m certain that I will be getting my money back through swreg eventually.

  71. Here is the whois.net registration info from the site where I got the promotional emails from. Domain registrars don’t lie! Unlike some of these CB gurus do!


    He’s outed now. I’m sure he’s shi**ting every time his google alert goes off with his name in it. Here’s another one for you Philip Mansour! Ping Ping Ping…your google alert just went off again!

    1. Jim says:

      Can you clarify? Does this mean that Philip Mansour is behind the scam, or maybe he just sent promotional emails (much as John Chow promoted it here)?

  72. John says:

    I signed up and got my money back. What’s funny is this guy Rob is now doing his presentations from the UK and the IP of the website is being blocked by Malewarebytes and is coming up from somewhere in Russia. Looks like someone got out of dodge real quick. My gut feeling is that Rob himself was purchasing each members clickbank offer to “prove” the software works. All in all I had about 20 campaigns running through his software and they received over 1000 unique visitors (per his software) yet NONE of 3 separate tracking software even saw one click.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Hi John,

      I’m glad you got your money back! How did you get it back? Can you clarify for the rest of us who are having trouble getting refunds what you did and who you contacted?

      Thank you!

      1. I also got my money back. Email [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]….especially the [email protected]. Once you emailed them about the refund the support team from swreg will emailed you back that they are trying forward the email to the author of the software. They said please wait 2 business days and if you don’t receive any email then email them back. DO the actual email don’t reply it. Do the new email and tell swreg after 2 days that you didn’t receive any email from the author. This is what I do after waiting 5 business days.

        Dear Rob Anderson, SWREG, Customer Support

        It has been almost a week since I have receive any email from you. I sent out multiple emails regarding my refund. You said wait 2 business day for you to contact the owner of the software and if i don’t see any response then you will refund the money. It has been 5 business days and I still haven’t receive my refund. I Reply to the email asking the refund. Wait patiently for 5 business days.
        If still haven’t got my refund back I will have to file a complaint to SWREG and my bank as Fraudulent activity. I really don’t want to have to do this and I hope it won’t have to come this far.
        But because I see that nothing is happening I see no other sollution.

        Yours sincerely


        and here is the reply after 2 days
        This is what i receive from faggot Rob

        Hey Tom,

        I’m not sure why you didn’t get emails
        from me.

        What can I do to help?

        I with you through this till you’re successful, Tom!

        – Rob

        and here is the reply from support from swreg
        Dear Tom Nguyen,

        Thank you for contacting SWREG.

        As there has been no reply from the software author to the emails that
        we sent on your behalf, we have refunded your order number U2504884801.
        Please allow 5 – 7 days for the credit to be applied to your credit
        card. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same
        credit card statement as the original charge.

        We apologize for any inconvenience. This is not typical of the software
        authors that use our service.

        Joana Marie R.
        Customer Service
        Email ID: 20223585
        Swreg will emailed you back with something like this

        and a few days later the credit was apply to my bank account.

        and you know what he still dare to call me on the phone after all this. He said something like the manager was trying to do something. I was like not interested cut off his line and hang up the phone. Here is the number that they use it to call me 646-289-9401. PEOPLE out there if you hate this guy please call them and yell at them or crank call them. Well it might not be him it might be the company. They call me none stop and left many messages. Fuk those foo. I hate those scammers.

        Jennifer try that if you can’t get your money back let me know so I can help you as much as I can. I hope everyone can get their money back. This is sweats and tears of hard working money that people have to cough out for this Rob guy.

      2. Hey jennifer this is what I do to get my money back. I got it credit toward my account 2 days ago. After many email back and forth finally got it.

        1st i filed a complaint through my bank
        2nd then i emailed
        [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]
        here is what I wrote in the email

        Original Message Follows: ————————
        Dear Rob Anderson, SWREG, Customer Support

        It has been almost a week since I have receive any email from you. I
        sent out multiple emails regarding my refund. You said wait 2 business
        day for you to contact the owner of the software and if i don’t see any
        response then you will refund the money. It has been 5 business days and
        I still haven’t receive my refund. I Reply to the email asking the
        refund. Wait patiently for 5 business days.

        If still haven’t got my refund back I will have to file a complaint to
        SWREG and my bank as Fraudulent activity. I really don’t want to have to
        do this and I hope it won’t have to come this far.
        But because I see that nothing is happening I see no other sollution.

        Yours sincerely


        I got a reply from Rob and the support team of swreg

        Here is Rob’s email

        Hey Tom,

        I’m not sure why you didn’t get emails
        from me.

        What can I do to help?

        I with you through this till you’re successful, Tom!

        – Rob

        Here is swreg support team email

        Dear Tom Nguyen,

        Thank you for contacting SWREG.

        As there has been no reply from the software author to the emails that
        we sent on your behalf, we have refunded your order number U2504884801.
        Please allow 5 – 7 days for the credit to be applied to your credit
        card. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same
        credit card statement as the original charge.

        We apologize for any inconvenience. This is not typical of the software
        authors that use our service.

        Joana Marie R.
        Customer Service
        Email ID: 20223585
        Within 2 days swreg credit me back the money.

        You know what’s funny the company even try to call me and I was like not interested cutting through half of his message. Here is the number they use it to call me 646-289-9401. Call them and bitch at them, crank call also if you want. I hate scammer.

        Jennifer try that to see if you can get your money back and let me know so I do my best to help.

  73. Rick says:

    Hey Crew..I just finished Listening to the broadcast, it sounds so canned from this point on..Concept sounded good but of course its not according to all who have baought. I have listend to these webinars a few times, I am sure he will keep going until they shut him down…good luck everyone…

  74. Lee says:

    Their ‘Never to be replayed’ webinar was on again tonight through an invite from Daniel Owens ./ Another “15 spaces” ( probably many more)were apparently sold. I was tempted but after being burned by Anik and a few others, I always search blogs and the Warrior fourm befor I buy. I trust no one one unless the reports are good. It sounded like a mix of taped talk and live talk with clicking sound as it was switched back and forth. I hope they get caught and penalized. Thanks for all your comments and I hope you all got refunded.

  75. Jennifer says:

    Thank you all so much for your advice on getting a refund for this piece of crap software. I am trying to get my refund at the moment and didn’t know where to begin until I found this thread.

    If and when I get refunded, I will post the steps I took to get my money back. So far I have emailed Rob Anderson and have received no reply. I have also emailed SWREG using two different email addresses, [email protected] and [email protected]. I have only received an automated response from SWREG so far.

    When I tried to request a refund through http://www.cardquery.com/ through SWREG on the confirmation of my order it directs me straight to the Secret Traffic Solutions contact page…wtf.

    I feel so bad for everyone else who was scammed out of their hard earned money and I sincerely hope that we all get our due refunds!!!

    1. the only one i got reply from is [email protected]

      Re: Refund request (KMM39309047I11273L0KM)
      SWREG Info (Add as Preferred Sender)
      Date: Sat, Oct 01, 2011 3:16 am
      Dear Tom Nguyen,

      Thank you for contacting SWREG.

      As there has been no reply from the software author to the emails that
      we sent on your behalf, we have refunded your order number U2504884801.
      Please allow 5 – 7 days for the credit to be applied to your credit
      card. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same
      credit card statement as the original charge.

      We apologize for any inconvenience. This is not typical of the software
      authors that use our service.

      Joana Marie R.
      Customer Service
      Email ID: 20223585

      Original Message Follows: ————————
      Dear Rob Anderson, SWREG, Customer Support

      1. Jennifer says:

        Hi Corporate Youngster,

        I’m glad to hear that you got your refund and thank you so much for your suggestions. I have emailed SWREG at [email protected] three times in the past 24 hours and have heard nothing back. I have also used their other email address, [email protected] and only get an automated reply from this address.

        And of course loser Rob Anderson has not replied to my refund request…big surprise. I will try your suggestions about what to write and hopefully will see my money soon!

        Thanks for taking the time to write out everything you did, much appreciated!


  76. Disgruntled, Angry, Pissed Off, WANT TO KILL says:

    HI. Guess I can take my place in the ranks of the SCAMMED AGAIN crowd. I listened to the webinar, got all excited, flashed out the credit card, then…..nothing. I now have some sort of console, but what does it do. How does it work. Anyway, decided I had been had AGAIN, so tried to email for a refund. No joy there. Got onto SWREG.COM but to get a refund there, I had to enter my order number. Finally got that and put it in, hit the button, and was taken to the STS members area with the [email protected] address to deal with them. I just want my money back, and to pull out this ass hole’s fingernails with a pair of pliers. Is that too extreme?

  77. Disgruntled, Angry, Pissed Off, WANT TO KILL says:

    And to add insult to injury, I have now 7 emails in my inbox for the “NEVER TO BE REPLAYED” webinar. Seems this scam is listed somewhere and people are trying to sell it.
    Oh Shit. There I go again getting all pissed off.

  78. Disgruntled, Angry, Pissed Off, WANT TO KILL says:

    UPDATE – Just received an automated response from SWREGSUPPORT.ORG
    At least I know they have received my refund request.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Hi Disgruntled,

      Have you had any luck? SWREG forwarded my refund request yesterday to [email protected] and of course I have heard nothing back. I hope you get your money back…I hope we all do!

      Good luck!

  79. An ANGRY consumer says:

    I, like many of you have fallen for this SCAM. I made no money within the first three days and requested a refund. All my emails regarding refunds have all gone ignored. This guy is a big loser and the only money he’s made from this scam is stealing money from all of us!! I am trying to get a refund via SWREG, they said they would give me a full refund as requested. So if you’ve been scammed from “Rob Anderson” if that’s even his real name, contact SWREG, credit card company, or paypal. I also turned his website into the BBB and am posting about this on other forum/blogs. John be careful of the things you post, before you know it everyone will think you’re a fraud too. Secret Traffic Solution needs to be be shut down for good!! I am going to write “Rob” one last email after I get my refund to tell him what I think of him and his pathetic scam.

  80. Jake Mulligan says:

    Man.. I was so close to do my $997 Payment today sins I got a chance from “Rob An…” to get access to the system in 24 hours after payment..

    I found this trough the treat on Pawel R site

    And thank god I listen to him!.. It was my SAVINGS! and I`m facing a Downforce on my Job so my job is at stack, but thankfully someting in the back of my head “Do a research” on this before you pay… See.. I`m one of the guys out there who see the best in all people and I was so pumped! to get this system.. Yes!.. I was so happy.. but thankfully I was stopped by reading all these post`s and also on Pawel R site!.. Thanks Pawel 🙂 you saved my savings and the headeges.

    My Regards,
    Jake M.

  81. AnonymousGuy says:

    Why is this crap still being promoted? It’s been several weeks since the first seminar was on, and until now it’s still going on. WTF?

    These guys seriously need to be shut down FAST. I can’t image how many more thousands of people are being scammed right now as I type this message.

  82. ScamBusters says:

    One of the voices in the webinar for “The Secret Traffic Solution” is Philip Mansour.

    A quick Google search of his name shows that he was involved in multiple scams peddling “push-button instant-money” type software. Some of his recent scams included “Banner Ad Blueprint” and “Free Money Formula”.

    Here is his info:


    Registration Service Provided By: Namecheap.com
    Contact: [email protected]
    Visit: http://namecheap.com

    Domain name: the-net-search.com

    Registrant Contact:
    Philip Mansour ()

    224 List Ave
    Pasadena, MD 21122

    Administrative Contact:
    Philip Mansour ([email protected])
    Fax: +1.5555555555
    224 List Ave
    Pasadena, MD 21122

    Technical Contact:
    Philip Mansour ([email protected])
    Fax: +1.5555555555
    224 List Ave
    Pasadena, MD 21122

    Status: Locked

    Name Servers:

    Creation date: 16 Oct 2008 19:41:45
    Expiration date: 16 Oct 2011 19:41:45

  83. strange to know if the software is such a good one, why don’t the vendor hire 1000 people and make money for themself instead of selling this to innocent (and fool) people.

  84. Jason says:

    I watched the webinar, then paid the $997. After about 10 days, I was sent an email from a “Rob Anderson” saying that he had refunded my money from SWREG because he was having a problem with that merchant. He then asked that I pay with PayPal. Because I am apparently really stupid, I didn’t suspect anything yet, so I paid him with PayPal.

    Now he’s locked me out of the site and says that it wasn’t him who asked me to pay via PayPal and that I should file a claim with them.

    Yeah, I just got scammed. I’m going to involve the FBI, PayPal, and my credit card company and see if I’ll ever get that $997 back.

    This is called “stupid tax,” and I just paid it.

  85. Arthur says:

    Thanks for all the helpful information on this subject matter. I notice something wasn’t right when they posted the success stories. The comments didn’t seem to be real. Also, when he started cancelling webinars, I really started to question the hold thing.

    I was also tracking the traffic to my links and noticed they didn’t match what his software was claiming it was sending. The products I am marketing are some of the top products in my niche and people are making a lot of money promoting them. I have not made anything at all.

    I to have asked my bank to look into a refund for this product.

    Again, thanks for the extra infromation.

  86. Luu Tran says:

    This is definitely scam. Do not buy this service.

  87. Matt Bacak Scam says:

    I wish I had found this thread earlier! Matt Bacak had this once in a lifetime, never been done before, never to be repeated no replays scam….I mean….webinar on 10/14/11. Matt Bacak claimed that he made a quarter of a million dollars in just a few months and is now making 75k a month working only one hour a day with this exact scam… I mean…. ummm …system.
    The next day he sent a link to the replay and miracle of miracles…. out of the 15 spots available, there were still 2 available…but better hurry!!!!! Here 3 days later they are still stealing peoples money,,,,I mean taking orders from the elite.
    I have been on Matt Bacak’s mailing list for at least 2 years, what a damn liar. Matt Bacak and “Rob Anderson” can both go to hell.

  88. Colin says:

    Hi Guys

    I also had this but luckily I got my money back via SWREG, if he is now using PayPal ITS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT.Another thing he is marketing it now as Private Traffic Program and not Secret Traffic Solutions.How come no one is stopping this guy and the worst part Rob is not his name,and the marketers so called boffins helping him….DISGUSTING.

  89. David G says:

    Secret Traffic Solutions is a SCAM but weeks complaining finally got a Refund. He even tries buying from your affiliate links to try and fool you into thinking the Software works. He is a shocking Scammer and needs to be STOPPED.
    I just went to another Webinar today for Wasy Traffic Viper which costs exactly the same amount $997 and the software uses Youtube to make you Millions. The Webinar looked the goods but too good to be true.. Another system that says he is accepting 15 Members only, but the order link is still up..
    Is this yet Another SCAM???

  90. Mary says:

    Thank god I found this comment thread. I was one of the suckers that fell for this POS software. Sending threatening letters to SWREG and escalating to claim status with paypal got me my refund. So grateful to have had the info from others and the pdf of the original guarantee. Lesson learned and thankfully all ended well. Hopefully this loser will get stopped and punished.

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