12 Writing Opportunities for Bloggers To Make Money

Did you know that the average person can make an excellent second income writing articles about some of their favorite subjects? It is a well known fact that the ability to write is directly tied into the degree of a person’s success in just about any kind of career he/she chooses.

And for aspiring entreprenuer, the ability to write effectively can mean the difference between success and failure. Yes, you too can write for income. Just make the decision and do it! It is really that simple.

1. Write children’s stories: Writing children stories requires a vivid imagination, enthusiastic creativity and ability to put something in the mind of a child. For many writers, writing children’s book successfully will require some effort to step back into the shoes of the very young and see the world from a very fresh and curious point of view.

For those who are always young at heart, writing children’s stories can be a very satisfying craft. A good story usually has some sort of conflict or obstacle that the main character has to resolve after which everyone lives “happily ever after”.

2. Campus newspaper: The fact that most universities and colleges already have campus newspapers doesn’t mean that they are good papers or there isn’t room for other campus newspaper. Creating and producing an unofficial campus newspaper is very straight forward.

The paper can be published on a weekly or bimonthly basis and distributed free of charge throughout the campus community selling classified and display advertising space to local businesses wishing to gain exposure to the paper readership base would support the paper.

Information and articles featured in the newspaper can focus on campus issues and events and most of the information can be obtained for free from students, readers and freelance hobby writers.

3. Organize a writing competition: You can organize an essay competition in secondary schools and universities and rake in entry writing competitions. Collaborate with a newspaper, radio station, magazine. Specify word count, genre, topic, terms and conditions. Enlist respected, unbiased judges. Publish entries.

4. Employment and career publications: Starting a deskstop publishing business that specializes in producing a monthly employment and career guide newspaper is a fantastic new business venture to set in motion. The paper can be distributed throughout the community free of charge and supported by charging companies advertising fees to list their employment and career opportunities in the paper.

Additionally, the paper should also include useful information and tips for readers on subjects and topics pertaining to securing gainful employment. The tips could include information such as how to prepare for a job interview, ten secrets to writing a winning resume and more.

5. Healthcare newspaper: Are you seeking to start a unique business in the healthcare industry? If so, perhaps you should consider starting a monthly healthcare newspaper. The paper can feature stories and articles about healthcare in general as well as new healthcare procedures and products that are being introduced.

The paper could be distributed free of charge throughout the community and supported by selling adverts space to interested local healthcare professionals and companies. Local healthcare professionals covering all segments of the healthcare industry can supply the information featured.

6. Providing special information: Do you know that you can make a lot of money by just providing special information on small pamphlets. You don’t need to be the owner of that information, all you’ll do is contact the people who have the information. For instance, if you are good at writing music lyrics, you can compile series of music, package it well and sell it to the general public especially music lovers.

7. Script writing for movies: He visualizes a scenario in his mindset and he put it on paper, he must also be a good storywriter, he uses the method calls, sequence, description and plotting.

He must have a creative mind and it is what the scriptwriter put on paper that will be translated on the tube by actors and actresses. Attend a seminar on script writing, get other movie script and ask expert in the industry for more information.

8. Continuity man: A continuity man is like a secretary on location, he follows the sequence as the shooting progresses and takes all records of all the activities that takes place during the shooting of the film.

This is imperative so that the director can have the history or records of the past scenes, a continuity man must have great deal of concentration as he take records of all the details.

9. Business plan writing: If you are convinced that you can write a good business plan then there is a market out there for your services as a lot of Nigerians want to start their own business and to easily have an access to loan facility they must be able to put a good business plan in place.

To excel in this income opportunity, you must have a good business background, an accounting and marketing knowledge is an advantage.

10. Be a romance writer: No special education or experience is neccessary to break into this field. Successful romance writers merely require independence, creativity and a determination to succeed. If this sounds like you, then liase with publishing houses and work out an appropriate sharing formula.

11. Writing non fiction: Although many people like to write fiction, few are able to get paid for their efforts. Fiction writing includes the writing of short stories, novels, screenplay, soaps and stage plays.

Besides being creative and having a good writing skills as well as having the perseverance to complete a work of fiction, you must also be able to find places to get your work published.

12. Recipe booklets: If you can prepare a well laid out information on how to prepare a particular food recipe, you should consider writing a cookery book and sell it.

There you have it friends! You can actually be making money while doing what you love the most which is writing. I hope this article has helped widened your horizon as there so many more writing opportunities waiting for you tap into.

Joseph Eleyinte is an experienced online marketer who loves to help people, he has purposely dedicated a free blog that assist beginners in making money online. Visit his blog @ www.makemoneyonline2dy.com.

31 thoughts on “12 Writing Opportunities for Bloggers To Make Money”

  1. Jacob says:

    One of the things that I suggest to friends, while they are trying to build their blog, is to do some freelance writing for other blogs. First, you are getting some money on the side. But, you are also building connections. If you build those connections well, you’ll gain some help with your blog inadvertently.

    Most freelance blogging positions tend to come after you’ve been submitting guest blog posts to a blog a few times. If the posts have done really well with the community, the blogger might offer to pay you per post. After a short while, it might not hurt to even ask if they have any openings, especially if you’ve submitted a few times.

    1. Joseph says:

      Jacob, yes! you’re right on that one.

    2. Guest Posting and Freelance Writing is a good idea if people want to grow their blog as a full time business. You definitely have a point there but, they should also focus upon growing their blog as quickly and whilst people think great content is what makes a blog these days and to some extent it still does – the marketing aspect is highly important and should be focused on as much as, or even more than great content

    3. Hi jacobs very good suggestion,woh! I am forgetting to give thanks to John also.John your special information writing is new thing for me.It will be much more appreciated if you suggest some more information about this point.

      Hi Jacobs do you have any suggestion for any website where we could write freelance content.

  2. Robinsh says:

    Writing for others is the basic need for every beginner blogger to because it gives you alot of new connections as other established blogger and their audience that will help you to make your writing career brighter.

    1. Joseph says:

      Alright! I agree with you.

      1. No doubt there are tons of writing opportunities on the web.

    2. You don’t have to write for other bloggers to become established. It can benefit you by doing so but by no means, is it the only way to become established or the only way to acquire an audience.

  3. fazal mayar says:

    thanks joseph. I am trying to guest post for other blogs at the moment but freelance writing is something i should consider.

    1. Joseph says:

      You are welcome Fazal. Writing is serious business these days and you should really be considering this as the opportunities are actually endless.

  4. Some interesting opportunities here, business plan writing is something I’d be interested in for sure, thanks for sharing Joseph.

  5. Joseph says:

    You’re welcome Samantha! I hope you don’t waste too much time in diving into these areas of writing opportunities. Don’t leave money on the table my dear as the clock is ticking!

  6. Louie Sison says:

    you never fail to give very useful information. Thank you Sir.

  7. Kevin Kimes says:

    While these items are all genuine avenues of income by writing, this article covers them in such a way as to give very little insight as to how to actually pursue them as opportunities. It never hurts to know peripherally about more opportunities, as any of these could spark an idea that leads to a great business opportunity.

    However, the post itself does give a clue of one of the key methods for bloggers to get noticed, and thus increase traffic to their own blogs. Guest-posting on established, popular blogs.

    I am curious, still, how to properly submit a guest post here. Does one simply email the completed post to John, and then wait to see if it gets posted? 🙂

  8. ahhuann says:

    o yeah! u’ve sparked the ideas on children & recipe topics! i’ve never think about that!
    thanks a lot for the sharing & i’m going to roll into those niches today!

  9. Thanks for the tips John

  10. PPC Ian says:

    Great guest post. Another great one is simply writing SEO articles for yourself. This is the route I’ve personally taken and how have 100s of articles I wrote myself that are driving a substantial amount of income each month! Of course, you can also write for others and make a lot of money that way too!

  11. DrDarko says:

    Number 7, the script writing, is rather badly worded and also a quite unrealistic for an average person since that industry is very tight.
    All other ideas are great.

    Did you know that an average blogger can earn money for answering some questions online? Once that writer’s block hits, you can go, answer some questions and hit two flies with the same stroke. You earn money and get some inspiration.

    Anyway, great post and excellent tips! Thank you!

  12. Yeah John you are quite right and i would like to appreciate to you.
    Thanks for the great tips.

  13. fas says:

    A very good post however writing business plans is not a easy thing.

  14. Good overall tips man!

  15. Richard says:

    I like the whole idea of writing on every subject as above and much more. We should keep our minds open to the many thought patterns that flow through our intuitive creative minds to put on paper or on a word document.

  16. I will try soon on this point healthcare newspaper,i did not know about this business tips.

  17. Thanks for the tips John

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    Please tell me.

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  21. Very motivating share about writing opportunities for bloggers. I really enjoyed reading these posts, and I will use many of the tips to do better in the blogging business.

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