12,140 RSS Readers – 279 Away From Overtaking Shoemoney

John Chow dot Com has hit another blogging milestone. The blog broke 12,000 RSS readers for the first ever. Right now, the counter stands at 12,140. What’s more, we are now just 279 readers away from having more total RSS readers than Shoemoney! This competition started off to see who can get the most new readers but my margin of victory is now so great (I’m leading by 1,970 readers) there’s really nothing more to do than to overtake Shoe’s RSS count and hand one of the biggest marketers on the Internet a humiliating defeat.

Let’s make a final push and overtake Shoemoney’s RSS count today! Subscribe to my feed, sign up to my RSS by Email, download my toolbar and tell all your friends to do that same. Blog about it and tell your readers to subscribe. We can do this!

Later today, I will be giving away two $25 New Egg Gift card from Team Tutorials, two $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards by Shaun Carter, a 300×250 ad spot on John Cow, and $300 of promotional pens from 1234.pens. The winners will be drawn from the readers who subscribed to my RSS by Email. You still have a few hours left to get in on the draw. Sign up here.

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43 thoughts on “12,140 RSS Readers – 279 Away From Overtaking Shoemoney”

  1. Good luck John! You’ll do it no problem.

    1. Wish me good luck, it is my turn to win something damn it 😛

      Don’t give up John, I really hope (actually am convinced) you gonna win this competition. Btw, if you win, what does Shoe have to do? 😛

      1. I believe all Shoe has to do is link to John’s site? I think he should buy him dinner at a fancy restaurant, like Mendy’s. Although, we aren’t talking about Armani suits here. (Seinfeld reference). :mrgreen:

      2. John Chow says:

        Shoe has to link to my blog for a month with the term, “Find out why John Chow is a better marketer than me.”

        1. Now that’s what you call a prize!

    2. Geez…I’ve forgotten the original purpose of the contest 😕

  2. randy bragg says:

    Well you finally got me, not for this article but the last one. Keep writing like that and i will gladly read you with my morning cup of coffee.

  3. I was wondering if you were going to post this – I saw the numbers this morning and I was like “O damn the Chow is closing in on the shoe!”

  4. I was wondering if you were going to post an update, because I saw the numbers this morning and I was very surprise, the chow is closing in on the shoe!

  5. I think Shoemoney is an interesting situation because things are going really well for him business wise so that’s taking his attention, but losing this competition would be HUGE in terms of internet respect.

    Yeah, internet credibility is everything!

  6. I think Shoemoney is an interesting situation because things are going really well for him business wise so that’s taking his attention, but losing this competition would be HUGE in terms of internet respect.

    Yeah, internet street cred is everything!

  7. Ruchir says:

    Hey John,

    Seriously, what’s the use of this contest? Most people will unsubscribe from their emails. I bet your numbers will fall by at least a 1000.

    Or maybe I’m not seeing the full picture! Maybe this all contests thing is a big link bait! 😈 Evil Chow 👿

    1. Dude, if he goes up 4000 and then drops 1000, what happens?

      Oh yeh, he’s gone up 3000.

      That’s astronomical. How can you seriously ask what use the contest holds?

      Re: the linkbait, JohnChow is so massive that anything he says is linkbait, pretty much.

  8. Domtan says:

    Don’t think this is what Jeremy had in mind when he signed up for this competition. A loss maybe, but not a complete overtake. But, both of you increased subscribers, so that’s what counts at the end.

  9. Shawn Farner says:

    I’m in. Take down the Shoe.

  10. warzone says:

    Right. I think I agree with Ruchir. And in good spirit yeah, you are almoast there. you will smell the air of victory soon enough!

  11. Warren says:

    I am surprised by the results so far. Shoemoney needs to step it up. Kudos.

  12. Now this competition is starting to get interesting!

  13. James says:

    That’s without counting the fact that people might use multiple emails to subscribe (and unsubscribe)

  14. JCYL says:

    💡 I want that John Cow ad space. 💡

    1. It is always a great place to get some “mooo” promotion. :mrgreen:

  15. JCYL says:

    I don’t need pens. :mrgreen:

  16. Domtan says:

    Realistically, this competition is all but over. John, your next contender, ProBlogger, perhaps?

    1. That will be really interesting… 😈

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  18. Neil Duckett says:

    Looks like a convincing win on the cards.

  19. Question: if I subscribe on my reader + subscribe by email + install the toolbar, does Feedburner count this as 3 readers or just one, since it’s all from the same IP address?

    1. Domtan says:

      It counts as one only. It’s Shoe that uses the multiple subscription strategy mostly. Unless John is applying the same tactic now.

  20. Mike says:

    Well done once again John, Your going from strength to Strength.


  21. Neon says:

    i never thought you can beat shoemoney but it seems you are going to beat him… even in final total subscribers. Good Job 🙂

  22. Nick says:

    Looks like you’re gonna win – good one!

  23. I like this friendly competition. hehe…

  24. Goooo Shoemoney. It’s not over til it’s over! 😀

  25. Justin says:

    Its a tight matchup. Ihope one of you wins. Im on both sides of this competition.

    1. lyricsreg says:

      But what if none of them wins ? 🙂

  26. Liang Yao says:

    If you really wanted to play cheap and defy the purpose of this competition, you can use a service like killmail to get more email subscribers.

  27. lyricsreg says:

    That 300×250 ad spot on John Cow sounds Evil

  28. Sorry to say this but from what I see, Shoemoney is not really into this contest. Although he has put out over $10000 of prizes, but what has he done besides that? Whereas John has spent a lot of time and effort promote ‘taking down the shoe’ in his posts.

    1. I thought that as well, Show is more interested in the UFC than increasing his RSS subscribers. Maybe he knows as well that most will disappear when the comps finish?

  29. warzone says:

    Well done, you gonna win again!

  30. David Savage says:

    You’re beating him now, congrats Chow. Evil always prevails 😈

  31. David ness Jr says:

    kewl 😛

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