123Spoof Makes Caller ID Spoofing Easy


One of the greatest inventions in recent memory has to be caller ID, because it gives you the opportunity to screen your calls. On the flip side, you may find yourself receiving the cold shoulder from someone because he, surprisingly enough, is screening his calls. How can you get past this?

The solution being described in today’s review is that of 123Spoof, a service that effectively lets you change your caller ID to just about any number that you’d like.

Hello, This is Elvis Calling

There are a number of reasons why you may be interested in using a phone spoofing service such as this one. In looking through the provided FAQ, we learn that 123Spoof is ideal for people who want to play pranks on their friends, businesspeople who want to “research” their competitors, and even concerned spouses who want to check on their partners.


The goal of this caller ID spoofing service is to provide you with complete anonymity. Further still, it can be used to make calls to and from anywhere in the world. They have a range of access numbers around the globe and you can have almost any number appear on the recipient’s caller ID. Make it look like you are calling from your New York office when you are really lounging in the Bahamas.

No, you won’t really be able to fool someone into thinking that Elvis is calling, as shown in the screenshot above, but you can choose from a range of area codes and phone numbers. In terms of legal concerns, the site says that spoofing is legal in the United States (and most other parts of the world) so long as it is not used to commit a crime or to conduct any illegal activity. You can also rest assured that your real data will not be revealed to any outside party (unless required by law).

More Features Beyond Caller ID Spoofing

But wait. There’s more. In addition to the caller ID spoofing service offered by 123Spoof, you also get a myriad of additional features when you sign up for an account. Some of the highlights include:

  • Voice Changing: Swap sexes, alter your voice, and preview your new voice before calling.
  • Record Your Calls: There is an option to announce that a call is being recorded before the call is initiated.
  • Straight to Voice Mail: Skip straight to the person’s voicemail when you don’t want to have a conversation right now.
  • 123Spoof Mobile: Instead of dialing the access number, entering your code, and then completing the call, this handy app for jailbroken iPhones and BlackBerry devices streamlines the service significantly.

How Much Does It Cost?

Getting your account hooked up with 123Spoof is as easy as paying them. Packages are offered based on the number of minutes that you will use, ranging from $10 for 60 minutes to $80 for 540 minutes.


The signup page is pretty straightforward, getting you enter basic contact and credit card information. 123Spoof accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. It would be nice if they accepted PayPal, but that’s not the case.

Make Money Spoofing Affiliates Online


Whether or not you are actually interested in the caller ID spoofing service yourself, you can make money with the affiliate program. Not a lot of information is provided on that page, like how much they pay and under what kind of system, but they do mention that the affiliate program can take on a variety of different forms, including a private label solution.

In the end, I personally feel that phone spoofing is definitely on the shadier end of things, but some of you may be more comfortable with its somewhat evil undertones.

22 thoughts on “123Spoof Makes Caller ID Spoofing Easy”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Is this something like Skype? What´s the main difference?

    Looks very interesting option, I will check it out. Thanks.

    1. Faisal Anwar says:

      Its actually blocks your identity. Just like the movie “Untracable”

      1. From what I understand, you could change your number to appear like ANY OTHER NUMBER! IE someones ACTUAL number – so I could call you, and make you think it was one of your other friends

  2. Car Vehicle says:

    Hi, Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day! Thanks Car Vehicle

  3. joe gelb says:

    good deal i want that

    1. fas says:

      You can do the same with your computer and show a unknown number.

  4. I think it’d only be shady if you used it for the entirely wrong reasons.

  5. sound’s very great service……many great fiture

  6. Bibokz says:

    I already seen this in Call Center… but exposing it on public is somehow interesting to small entrepreneur

  7. Looks interesting, will give it a try

  8. Ben Pei says:

    Is this a paid post? Looks weird to read such stuff here on JCDC man. Nevertheless, some good info!

  9. Agent 001 says:

    What do 60 US minutes mean? Are minutes different in US?

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Yes, the US central bank has been pushing so much cheap money to the markets that it not only devalues USD value against other currencies, but also shortens minutes when compared to eg. European minutes. This is also the real reason for time difference between US and the rest of the world.

      1. JAY says:

        HAHAHA. Your funny Jake. Agent 001I think they meant thats only 60 minutes if you are calling within the USA. If you make international calls its more.

  10. Alexandru says:

    I’m curious how many phishers will use this service now.
    besides that, it looks nice, but if I recall good, I thinks there’s already a service like this from spoofcard dot com.
    Or eventually, skype ..
    Curious what they offer to exclude concurence

  11. Melody says:

    Great…now I know what those homocidal maniacs are using that keep calling me…j/k lol

    1. Jake Stone says:

      How on earth they got your number?

  12. I can see where this might be a benefit and plenty of ways it will be abused.

  13. I have to pay? I’m gone, lol.


  14. I can just get Skype and pick an out bound number that I like as my spoof and pay yearly rather than per minute. Its a great idea, just can’t see this fly on a wide market.

  15. Well, that sounds interesting 🙂 Thanks for the info

  16. Technology is really moving fast and we do have to run with this, Otherwise we will be way behind.

    Now with the technology you can do all job so easily and smoothly.

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