13 Great Post Topics and Ideas for Your Blog

Do you ever write so much content that you simply run out of ideas? Maybe you haven’t been writing so many posts lately and just hit a writer’s block. It can be hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas to write about while keeping your blog entertaining and informative. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of several proven suggestions for types of posts you can formulate:

1. Reviews

You can review nearly anything on the web. I know bloggers who have reviewed books, music, products, and even websites. People love to read reviews because they have a personal touch, a sense of emotion. I personally wrote several reviews for popular WordPress plugins that generated me a good amount of visitors and continuous traffic.

2. Lists

Posts that are formulated as lists imply a very effective technique for and produce great results. A list makes you want to pay attention and get to reading. That’s why some of the most popular magazines use them. Statistically, list posts are 4-7 times more popular than other leading types of posts. Wouldn’t you want to read an article about the ‘3 Hottest Celebrities’ or the ‘5 Best Fat Loss Tips’? You can make lists of tips, links, or whatever else comes to mind.

3. Interviews

Who doesn’t want to hear an expert’s opinion? Conducting interviews with experts builds your reputation as someone who’s connected. Not only that, but it helps promote your blog and may earn you more subscribers. Don’t forget that experts are highly knowledgeable of their topic and create provide you with powerful tips and content.

4. Current Events

This is also called ‘Piggyback Blogging’. Current events in the news or media are urgent so they attract immediate attention. Capitalize on the opportunity by writing about things that are happening right now. If you get the timing right, you could get visitors within a few hours of publishing your post! I wrote a guest post about ‘Black Friday Web Hosting Deals’ and the traffic report I got back from the respective blogger was very positive.

5. How To’s

So many individuals search for articles about how to do things. How To’s are probably the second best in terms of popularity after lists. This type of post gives you the raw information, in a direct and instructive manner. This is probably the main reason why I chose my domain name.

6. Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Some posts are better displayed as visual and don’t require too many verbal expressions. You’ll usually see this type of article at sites like celebrity blogs where the main focus is the picture. You can incorporate this method to almost any blog, mainly design based blogs such as Photoshop tutorials.

7. Debates

Do you have a point to make? Argue your way into your post. Spill whatever is your mind into the article. Get personal, turn fierce, and become argumentative by making a statement. For example, ‘Linking Is Not Overrated’ can stir up a discussion. Create a sense of urgency and implement a need or want for people to comment on the moving content you just published. Whether people agree with your point or not doesn’t matter, at least they are interacting with you.

8. Contests

This will keep you busy for some time as well as create a social acquaintance around your blog. You can write several posts leading up to your contest start date and continue writing about it throughout. I’d only recommend doing this when you have a crowd of at least 100 subscribers. Otherwise, your contest attempts may fail or not produce the results you were expecting. 

I’ve seen some interesting blog contests such as a cash prize for best guest post, free gifts for top referrer of subscribers, and many others. The technique of holding a contest generally invites other bloggers or readers to connect and come together and can dramatically improve promotion and subscriber count.

9. Insight Post

This one may be hard to come up with, but try to provide some of your own original tips and ideas. Most copy or imitate someone else’s proven methods, but why not focus on making new ones? If your idea ends up becoming highly popular, you could be established as an expert in your field and get recognition for it too. Try to be as ambitious as you can here as it’ll prove worthy.

10. Dreams

We have all ambitions, and some of us shoot really high. What’s your target? Talk to your audience about your dreams as a blogger or even outside of the blogosphere. This would be a good time to convince people to go out there and reach for their goals.

11. Personal Experience

Talk about your life and try relating it to your blog post. Believe it or not, some people are interested in reading about your reality. I recently wrote about ‘demand by choice of location’ and was able to relate it to my recent Starbucks visit inside a Macy’s store. The point I made is that if something is available at the right place at the right time, the sale is nearly guaranteed.

12. Videos

Creating videos is a direct technique of connecting with the reader. Some people just prefer watching or listening versus reading so it’s another way of reaching out to your audience. The videos can either provide powerful tips or try to entertain the crowd. Additionally, you can create a video of yourself blogging live (real time) as I’m sure this method would be popular and attract interested visitors.

13. Survey/Poll

Just like a debate, a survey brings out people’s opinion. This approach may be a little less aggressive, but it’s still effective. What’s more is you’ll get actual statistics as a result of your survey/poll campaigning. Your survey could be about the best brand of golf clubs. Your poll could ask a question such as: ‘Is Blogging Dead or Alive?’ and so on. There’s no limit to the variety of topics and questions you can discuss.

There are virtually loads of tips that you can use to integrate into your blog or just use as a tool of inspiration to create better content. It’s important however to conduct proper research before jumping into an idea in order to remain innovative. You don’t want to use the same technique for the same topic many bloggers have already covered. Tweaking these different styles can land you rewarding results, both in terms of traffic and loyal readership.

Isaac Atia writes about search engine optimization, blogging tips, and other closely related subjects. The goal of his blog is to help other bloggers advance their overall blogging knowledge. You can subscribe to his blog for more posts.

24 thoughts on “13 Great Post Topics and Ideas for Your Blog”

  1. Abhik says:

    Awesome!! These ideas fit in every niche..

    Nice read, Isaac.

  2. hypnodude says:

    Very interesting post, and pretty useful as every blogger sooner or later gets hit by a writer’s block. Especially those who have a niche blog aiming for evergreen content. So, useful list good as a reminder when there is the need for a bit of fresh air, so to speak. Printed. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  3. I would also add gossips a fashion trends to that list as usually people are mad about learning something new for their favourite star

  4. I would also add gossips a fashion trends to that list as usually people are mad about learning something new for their favourite star

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  9. fas says:

    Very well said, all these should be done regularly to keep audience interested.

  10. I needed a consistent list of recurring post topics – I was supposed to bog down & write them out, but my ADD never got me to do it… Thanks Isaac

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    1. @priyaanalystcalls technology is best paid niche.

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    Thanks everyone again!-Isaac

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  17. for me review is the best idea for blog. you get revenue and trust if your review is honest 🙂

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  21. good list, i think i would start polls

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