13,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

You know what the coolest thing about AGLOCO is? You go on vacation to see family in Toronto. You have a great time, take a side trip to Montreal and Quebec City, fly home, check your AGLOCO stats and find it went up by another 2,000 referrals. I guess I’ll have to skip my 12,000 sign ups update since I blew by it so fast.


Where Is The Viewbar?

That is the number one question on everyone’s mind. AGLOCO has stated that the Viewbar was slated for release between April 2 – 16. Now they’re saying it’s “days away.” In the past, I has stated my desire to have AGLOCO delay the Viewbar so I can sign up more people. There’s less competition when there’s no Viewbar. However, now that I have over 13,000 people in my network, I think I want to see the Viewbar.

According to AGLOCO, the current problem is getting the Viewbar to talk to the ad server. There’s no use letting members download the Viewbar if it can’t show any ads. Hopefully, this problem gets resolved quickly and there’ll be no other delays. AGLOCO says it’s still on track for an April release. I can see members starting to get tire of one excuse after another so it better be released this month. I think it’s time I do another conference call with Akshay Mavani.

I Have Already Made Money From AGLOCO

Promoting AGLOCO has been really good for this blog. I have already made money from it. How can I do that when there’s no Viewbar? I am listed as a resource in AGLOCO’s Referral center page. So far this month, that page has sent me 3,407 readers and 6,712 page views. That’s enough to make AGLOCO the number one referring site outside of Google.

This blog has a site wide eCPM $27.26. That means I make $27.26 for every 1,000 page views. AGLOCO sends me 9,000 to 10,000 page views each month. That’s an extra $245 to $270 of blog income that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t promote AGLOCO. Once they release the Viewbar, I’ll be able to add to that total.

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69 thoughts on “13,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups”

  1. Shawn Knight says:

    Congrats on 13k signups!

    I am right with you, I think it is about time they release the Viewbar. Those who have been actively promoting it are ready to see a Viewbar!

    Oh, and good call on already making money from agloco. When my blog was featured as the “interesting site of the day”, they sent me a good deal of traffic as well πŸ™‚

    1. Kumiko says:

      I don’t intend this comment to be negative towards AGLOCO (I’ve had enough of that for now!) but they’re actually sending me a lot of traffic too. Every day the viewbar is delayed, more and more people are searching for ‘agloco scam’ and ‘agloco fraud’. 😈

      1. Congrats on your massive network. I have had very limited growth this month. I find it tough to grow my network with only using a landing page and word of mouth.


      2. Marc says:

        Way to catch the wave of opportunity Kumiko πŸ™‚ For everyone who loses out, someone somewhere is cashing in πŸ˜‰

      3. Simonne says:

        I noticed that as well. I wrote a bunch of posts about Agloco and now I get more and more search engine traffic to them. Maybe I should write some more 😈

    2. awesome congrats john!!

  2. Ronaldo says:

    Being a programmer myself I can understand the delays, I’ve been there. But I think Agloco has done their share of delays.

    Current members are getting pissed off and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them don’t even bother downloading the Viewbar once it’s ready.

    1. Ashwin says:

      Net Business Blog blogger Matt already said that!

      1. Ronaldo says:

        Yes, I’ve read it. But I also believe that once people begin to use the Viewbar and write about it, everyone will give it a try.

        Still, it’s bad publicity when bloggers with over 1000 readers a day say that.

  3. zane says:

    wow, well done, john. You’ve really well for yourself!

  4. Wow. you are ridiculous sir.

  5. Shaun Carter says:

    Great progress John! At the rate you’re going, you’ll have 15,000 by May! When the viewbar launches you’ll be raking in the referrals left and right.

    1. Simonne says:

      You can imagine, if the Viewbar will be launched by the end of the year, John’s network will pass the 100000 limit. Too bad that we have no data about people in the down line! If only we could have contacted them…

  6. Badshah says:

    You mother … haha, John Chow, you bastard, give me some of your money, you rich prick. πŸ˜›

  7. Hi,

    Congrats for your 13000 member mark, I am currently at 8225 members, well tht sure would have helped too.


    Pankaj Oberoi

  8. Ronaldo says:

    John himself only referred 893 people (I wish my entire network gets this big πŸ™‚ ). The true power of his network are some of his direct referrals who are doing a great promotion job.

    I still have more directs than extended.

    1. Simonne says:

      I also have more directs than extended. I suppose that I did my recruiting in a bad place.

  9. Ace Ventura says:

    Great work John. I’d give anything to be your direct upline, haha.

    1. I signed John up myself! I’ve got 13,001 signups. =)

  10. Agloco says:

    Great to see your are alread in the green by promoting Agloco. What are your predictions regarding the potential value of each share of Agloco? What was each share of AllAdvantage worth?



    1. Marc says:

      “What was each share of AllAdvantage worth?”

      Now that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day πŸ™‚

    2. Simonne says:

      I think it was zero by the end 😈

    3. John Chow says:

      AllAdvantage never made it to the IPO.

  11. lalitha says:

    u of all the people deserves the success, bec. you have never let go of any opportunity to earn and win. :mrgreen:

  12. mohdismail says:

    Hi,congratz John Chow.. it is a impressive number πŸ™‚

    clap clap πŸ˜†

  13. Bucky says:

    As a member of your downline, I feel obligated to tell you that I haven’t got any new members in over a month now. Members without a viewbar are currently worthless anyway…heh

    1. Simonne says:

      You just read here that they are not worthless. If you had 10000 members, you were in the position to receive traffic to your blog and earn from other monetizing sources.

  14. Derrich says:

    Holy delay, Batman! You just keep on pullin’ em in, huh John? This is gonna be great once the viewbar gets released.

  15. 13,000 already, eh — there’s no stopping John Chow, is there. What an awesome homecoming present indeed LOL congrats, man! 😎

  16. thesilly1 says:

    13K that’s impressive! nice work. Now I should really get onto the signing up for AGLOCO…

  17. Amanda says:

    but have you received that money?

    1. John Chow says:

      Didn’t you read my post? AGLOCO is already making me $250 to $270 per month.

      1. Skitzzo says:

        John, that might not be entirely accurate. It could be that AGLOCO is sending you traffic that doesn’t convert into earnings.

        I have no idea whether that’s the case or not but maybe if you didn’t have that ALGOCO traffic you’d be pulling a higher eCPM…

        1. Marc says:

          He’s not talking about viewbar traffic. He’s talking about traditional traffic like search engine users and other web surfers. They would likely convert just the same.

        2. Aaron Cook says:

          I agree with Skitzzo regarding the conversion factor. One of my blogs is also listed on AGLOCO’s website; it sends me about 3,000 readers a month. But that traffic is highly untargeted and coverts much worse than my regular, organic traffic.

          So while the “sitewide” eCPM is $27.26, I can pretty much guarantee that the traffic coming from AGLOCO’s site is producing far below that. I know because I get essentially the same traffic from them day in and day out as well.

          Yes, it’s nice to think (and post) that the AGLOCO traffic is making $250 to $270, but I think that figure is quite inaccurate. Nonetheless, congrats on hitting the 13,000 mark! πŸ˜€

          1. Marc says:

            In either case he’s earning something off of them. It certainly won’t be a wasted effort by the end of it all.

  18. blogdinero says:

    Joder, cuando Aglocco empiece a pagar, todo el dinero serΓ‘ para John !!! si lo hacen por porcentaje de miembros

  19. Dian says:

    It’s not about Agloco anymore! Pure Evil 😈 !!
    now it doesn’t care whether it’s scam or not.

  20. I don’t think it’s accurate to imply that the page views from AGLOCO’s link resulted in the average pay per pageview. It’s likely that many (more than half) of them left without clicking on any affiliate links or ads. So their only value is that it increases your visitors/pageviews, which allows you to charge more for your reviews.

    Of course it just means that you’re making more per visitor from other sources. I just don’t think that you can sell it as a reason to join the network.

    1. thesilly1 says:

      Yes, but he gets visitors by being associated with AGLOCO which is a good reason to sign-up. And I think he has to associate visits/pageview as that’s the only way to really associate a dollar value to visits….

      1. Skitzzo says:

        No, that’s not the only way to associate visits. John has Google Analytics set up on this site (as all good webmasters should) and can tell how the AGLOCO visitors perform. However, in general more visitors=more advertising revenue so he is probably in the black on this whole deal.

  21. Simonne says:

    This is very nice. At least somebody is making money from Agloco. I suspect that the Viewbar will not be released so soon, so it’s time enough for us to continue building the networks.

  22. agloco is taking you all for a ride..mark my words.

    1. I tend to agree. I can’t believe they haven’t released the viewbar yet! I was excited about this way back in January and it’s still not out.

  23. Skitzzo says:

    Call me a skeptic but every time one of these delays is announced I grow more and more convinced that AGLOCO will end up being a HUGE flop. If they can’t manage to deliver the viewbar (something critical to the success of their company) in a timely manner what makes you think they’ll be able to deliver on any of their other promises?

    As I’ve said in the past, John has positioned himself well on this one and it appears he’s already profiting (at least to some extent) from it. However, I think in the end many many people will have wasted their time for a nice share of nothing.

    1. Simonne says:

      Moreover, I would add that many people would have been losing money by the end if Agloco flops. I know some guys who paid a lot to build their networks.

  24. blogdinero says:

    Please, don´t tell me that the way to Aglocco will pay will be visits sent or some relation to it !!! all we are hoping cash 😑

  25. 13,000 sign ups and $0 from Agloco! I would start to get pissed.

    1. Marc says:

      Well John has explained that he has already earned money just due to the extra traffic. As for the viewbar not being out, people will only earn money once the IPO goes. That inherently will require a lot of patience. That means that the specific time the viewbar comes out isn’t going to cause a flood of money coming in. This game’s all about patience and I think John has played it well.

  26. The longer the viewbar is delayed, the more and more I think this is some kind of sick joke or con. That being said, I’ve still signed up πŸ˜›

  27. Matt Jones says:

    As usual WOW, Ive got about 75 people in my network…

  28. Court says:

    John, that’s a lot of signups, wow congrats.

  29. If anyone is interested, I knocked together a couple of banners people can download to help promote agloco etc. You can find them here:
    Agloco banner ads for download

  30. Cade says:

    That is stinking great. What benefit would a blogger with a web site in the 200k ranking for technorati have for signing up for Agloco. What would you recommend?

  31. wonder who signed john uP?

    1. blogdinero says:

      him self with other mail πŸ˜†

  32. Umut says:

    Hi John,

    I agree with you about another conference call with Akshay Mavani as soon as possible.


  33. Steve Yu says:

    Do any Agloco members want to know their Agloco rank among all members with referrals.

    Well, check this out – What is Your Algoco Rank?. It is Fun. πŸ˜†

  34. najaah says:

    agloco is taking you all for a ride..mark my words.

  35. Ichiro says:

    Hi I just signed up for Agloco today. 13,000 people..dannng! 😯 if it all to go well, how much $$$ is that per month??
    I better get crackin!

  36. Bashar says:

    Isn’t the site Agoloco kind of slow and times out alot or is it my connection?

    1. Steve Yu says:

      ya… sometime they do

  37. Congrats on 13,000! Gosh you’re a lucky Dot Com Mogul!

    -Sam from Market Matador

  38. pastrami says:

    Incredible John, nice work. You are an e-idol

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