$1500 In 1 Week with No list, No Traffic & No Money

In the years I’ve been online attempting to make money, I’ve never really earned a lot. I’ve made some money here and there promoting different programs, and I’ve lost a lot of money buying products and paying for traffic. My best days online have always been short-lived, never generating more than a couple day burst of income and then quickly fizzling out.

In my first 7 days inside of the Empower Network I generated over $1500 in commission with no list, no blog and no money to spend on traffic. And unlike past endeavours, the money I’ve earned isn’t a one-off payment – over $500 of my first week earnings are monthly recurring payments. You see, Empower Network is a little different from other training systems out there and their affiliate structure is just as ‘odd’.


Empower offers 100% commissions on all of their products, some are montly recurring and some are one-time payments. The system is crafted in a way where the products are already built for you, the sales pages are done and hosted for you, you get a blog on an authority domain to help drive traffic, and they will upsell your customers on further products once they’re in the door.

How I Did (Offline)

I started with no list and no money to spend on traffic, so how did I manage to get sign ups? I used what I had available to me. I like to attend local business networking events where I can meetup and chat with other entrepreneurs. Inenvitably, the first question you get asked at any networking event is “so what do you do?” – when you simply respond with “I’m an Internet Marketer, I make money online,” it seems to pique peoples’ interests. The follow up question is typically “how do you do that?”

At any business event you will almost always collect a handful of business cards. Most people put them in a box, never to be seen again, or immediately dump them into the trash when they get home. Business cards are valuable, because they each represent a warm lead – you met each and every one of those people and have some connection to them. As soon as I got home I would start flipping through the cards and send out a short, personal email to each person letting them know I enjoyed chatting with them. At the bottom of each email I would put a link to my Empower Network opt-in page, or if I had talked to them at the event and they seemed interested in what I was doing, I would make it clear “here’s a link to that thing we were talking about earlier.”

From going to 2 events in a 3 day span, I generated over 30 leads into Empower Network and those leads resulted in more than $1000 in commissions. There are much easier ways to generate 30 leads online, but most require some money or some other existing resource like an email list, or highly trafficked blog. When you have no money and no list, sometimes you have to work a little harder, but it pays off.

How I did it (Online)

A small part of my success in the first week was actually because of (free) promotion I did online. Almost everyone has a Facebook and Twitter account with friends and followers. I used my small online lists to my advantage and drove little bursts of traffic to posts on my Empower Network blog – which is already optimized to collect leads for you.

The posts I wrote weren’t all about online marketing and making money. Some of my most successful posts (conversion-wise) were simply about the events I had gone to. I would write a quick post and upload some photos I took at a networking event and tweet it out to different people who were also there. I would target people who spoke at these events and make sure I snapped a photo of and linked to their website. I would then write a quick tweet where I mentioned each of the speakers and thanked them, all while linking to my Empower blog. Almost every single person I mentioned retweeted me, giving me access to their twitter following and dozens more clicks, new leads and new sales.

It really frustrates me to hear people complain about how they don’t have a list, or they don’t have a blog, and how they can’t get any results because they don’t have X, Y or Z. One thing I want to make clear is: everyone started at zero. John Chow didn’t wake up one morning to hundreds of thousands of readers, he started with nothing and they slowly built up. Any online marketer with a gigantic list started with no one in the beginning. I’m the first to admit I was guilty of this type of whining and making those kinds of remarks. I stopped when I realized that the complaining was really just wasting time I could be using to START.

About the author: Michael Yurechko is a founding member of the Team MMO Empower Network Team. He lives in Vancouver.

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  1. sapna says:


    I hope this works, let me go through it.



    1. Steve says:

      Hi Sapna, being the first to comment on this post, what are your thoughts after going through the info and reading other’s comments below?

  2. Hafis says:

    Gonna try it.. 😀

  3. Eric says:

    I keep on hearing a lot of good and bad about this Empowerment Network. I am pretty skepical on this one, but than there are others that promise you that it works.

    Best of luck to you!


  4. I have always said to live and let live. Negativity usually gets you nowhere so I will just say this:

    Empower Network and The Six Figure Mentors are regarded as being very similar network marketing ‘systems’.

    I’ve been a member of The Six Figure Mentors since it began (August 2010).
    I WAS a member of The Empower Network for about 8 months last year before I quit.

    Bottom line is that Empower made it very difficult for me to make money without bending the truth. Please see my website if you want some honest reviews about The Six Figure Mentors.

    Please note, I still have many friends inside Empower making good money and I say good luck to them!

    1. Steve says:

      Interesting comment Gareth, heading over to your site now to see what you have to say about Empower.

      p.s. John Chow, don’t worry, I’ve still got your site open in another tab and I’m coming back ( :

  5. Lewis Saka says:

    it seems too good to be true and from reading various reviews online people should proceed with caution

  6. Jason James says:

    Hey John. Are you going to promote empower network with MOBE?

  7. Mike says:

    The info about collecting Business Cards at events and following up on them is great advice! Thats my gameplan going into the Affiliate Summit! Are you going to Vegas John? Where’s the party at?

  8. Hi John,

    It’s Really a Nice post..I am totally new to this concept and is this possible or not…I like your article…

    Thanks for a good information

    Akhil Abraham

  9. I have had Hundreds now – maybe even Thousands of emails and invitations to watch the Intro Video to Empower Network – People go to great lemgths to Mask what you are opting into — but when it just turns out to be Empower Network — AGAIN ! — I just Groan – and click OUT .

    If Only their Intro Video was not such absolute WAFFLE and SHIT ???

    I HAVE – actually TRIED hard — to just watch it even ONCE, – but simply Cannot. It appears that you will NOT be offered the link to join, — UNLESS you actually DO – sit through the entire video, how stupid ! when a well written Sales letter or PDF would do.

    I can sit and watch Instructional videos all day long — Particularly YOURS John — but – being a retired TV station Engineer – I simply cannot abide video sales CRAP ! Saw ENOUGH of THAT — during my working life.

    I also observed while buying my Solo Ads for MOBE, that almost EVERY reputable Solo seller – warns you – before you even contact them, that they will NOT accept ANY work from you – that promotes Empower Network — and THESE people know a LOT more about what is going on in the IM biz than I do —- Wow — what a ringing endorsement for the product Eh ?

    When one is being constantly SPAMMED with ads from numerous affiliates of an organisation like this, — one cannot help but detect a strong Aura of DESPERATION about a business activity that seemingly NEEDS to indulge in THIS sort of advertising ? I daresay that if their affiliates CAN’T get a Solo ad deal — then Spamming people is ALL that they CAN do – so – they Do it ! — furthremore EN lets them get away with it. Get caught SPAMMING by Reputable organisations like MOBE — and YOU are out the Bloody door Quicksmart, your ingoing contract makes THAT – abundantly clear.

    Top internet marketer friends of mine, whom I specifically asked — WHY — -was Empower Network so poorly regarded ? advised me – that in the opinion of MOST top Marketers, EN – had been thoroughly OVERSUBSCRIBED and reaced Market Saturation – Long ago, Not much REAL hope for the Newbie Eh ?

    1. Jason James says:

      You can try craigslist, and blue collar marketing.

      Do what this guy did and get leads from outside.

  10. Dan Lew says:

    Good news, I have made a few dollars off Empower Network myself.

  11. I keep getting emails from Empower Network and I watched their video many times but never giving it much importance. I read many reviews of different such programs and I get skeptic and think they are all scamming.

    Now I would look at Empower Network with a different view and see what I can get from it.

    Thanks for the post.

  12. faisal says:

    Interesting stuff, definitely something different.

  13. Tim Miller says:

    Hi Michael,

    Good post dude. In my opinion, online business can be really exhausting to do especially for those of us who don’t know whatsoever about this field. When we don’t get the result that we would have hoped for, we tend to give it up sooner or later.

    But i actually really like your idea of capturing as many contacts as possible to generate leads or commission like you did with your Empower program.


  14. Well, everyone has a method. I just need to find one that actually works for me. I’ve found out my biggest problem is me.

  15. Indra says:

    looks great, I’ll try it…

  16. Michael Sato says:

    These tips are great when you you don’t have those advantages like a list, money for traffic or hosted blog. Definitely this is a great technique for those wanting to build their mlm business.

  17. I’ve made a lot of money with Empower Network myself. Sometimes it depends on who you are surrounded by and the help you get within the team you join, the resources and your will to MAKE something work for your success. I’ve been successful with Empower myself though. I can’t speak for anyone else or go against another person’s opinions. On another note, vick strizheus just came in and make $532,000+ in 30 days…

  18. Bris Truong says:

    For me, make about 1000$ per month is difficult as making money online, i will try following John’way, thanks John Chow

  19. Bob says:

    It is increasingly more difficult to recruit into Empower, which I am a member of. Most of my new traffic is not looking for something with recruiting. If you want to make money online you need multiple offers to your paid traffic.

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