15,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

It’s been ten days since my last AGLOCO update so I figure it was time to check my stats again. I’ve been averaging 100 new sign ups per day so that should mean I’ve crossed another milestone if the rate held up. Sure enough, it did.


The AGLOCO Viewbar – It Really Does Exist

The AGLOCO Viewbar is real and it does exist. I know because I’m using it right now. Akshay Mavani sent me a beta Viewbar to try out and give my impressions.

The Viewbar software is a 1.8 MB download. When installed, it takes up 5 MB of space. The Viewbar is not any bigger than the Windows task bar. The version I am running shows ads by Google and Google is the default search engine. The ads are not targeted at the moment because it hits only one ad server. The rest of the ad servers have not been connected.

Besides allowing us to make money while surfing the Internet, the Viewbar does offer some useful tools. It has a nice Google search box and keeps tracks of all your favorites from Internet Explore and FireFox. There is also a quick link to the Windows calculator and calendar. I’m sure more features will be added in later versions.

From what I can tell from playing around with it, the Viewbar looks ready to go. The main sticking point is the integration with the ad servers. Once that problem is solved, everyone will be able to download it.

Here’s a video of the Viewbar in action. Please feel to post it on your blog. Just remember to give proper credit. 🙂

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325 thoughts on “15,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups”

  1. Ed Lau says:

    LOL! I thought the Viewbar would be out already…geez…how long could it take to program it?

    1. John Chow says:

      Programming is all done. It’s just getting the bar to work with the ad server. Hopefully, this won’t take too much longer. On a cool note, I see I’m about to break 1,000 direct sign ups. 🙂

      1. congrats,john
        seems that whatever you do, you do it well

        1. your rss readership is reaching 5000 now


          1. Thanks for the video demo. Posting this video will probably entice even more users to sign up, so great idea!

            Here is my AGLOCO promo site:

      2. Kenny says:

        Then I guess that would mean the programming is not done 🙂 Agloco made the biggest mistake of any development project and that was to provide an estimated release date. :mrgreen:

      3. congrats john !! nice going !

      4. Manic says:

        Well I feel embarassed even talking about it to friends now. Promises were given and broken and those who were likely to use it are now laughing at it and me. Get rich quick NO, become a laughable geek YES. Wake me up when it is an actual, usable, profitable product. Anyone want to see my NON-AGLOCO blog?

      5. Dot says:

        John hi, I have tried everything from the simple and understanding letters, memos, face to face even begging my associates, friends and family members to register. It’s like talking to a rock. Nothings working, since March I only have a total of 7 including myself. ❓ 😕 am I doing wrong.

        Kind regards, Confused and bewildered 😯

      6. sumit says:

        TAHNX.. 🙂

      7. Mete says:

        hi there,

        how is it going with the Viewbar? any ideas when it will be ready for use?


      8. Debbie says:

        Are you getting these signups using the bar that I keep waiting for?

      9. expat says:

        I looked at the video and notice that it is running google adsense on it, but as far as I know it is illegal for anyone to put adsense on desktop applications/software. Is there something that I am missing???

        1. tallguy12 says:

          hwy waht is a adsense and why is it illegal? 😮

    2. Gdog says:

      I think they shouldn’t have made all these promises as to when the Viewbar was going to be “officially” released. It just makes people disappointed when there are delays.

      Thanks for the sneak peak into your computer room, John!

      1. quite right

        they have put off the timetable quite a few times now

      2. Marc says:

        Hey I’m just impressed that it’s not vapourware… The thing actually exists.

    3. Mathew says:

      Why do u think so. All are wiaiting for its release.

      1. Gdog says:

        Well, they were pretty confident for an end of April release but that never happened. There were also promises before about the release, but nothing happened.

        I am aware these things require testing and such, but I mean what’s taking them so long?

    4. Kumiko says:

      The ViewBar is old technology! All the cool kids will be using the ViewCAR!


      1. By the time the viewbar does come out, I wouldn’t be surprised if there actually WAS such a thing as a ViewCar LOL.

      2. TheAnand says:

        thats funny…..it is expected to be out…in weeks, months, years…no in the future! thats really cool…

        1. James says:

          Naw, it was actually released in the past. It just didn’t work out then.
          It’s retro.

      3. Marc says:

        Kumiko always gets to test out the cool products! You’ve got to fill us in on your secret Kumiko 🙂

    5. Entrepreneur says:


      I don’t believe the whole technical problems thing. I’d not be surprised if there was another reason they haven’t released it, in terms of monetization and stuff.

      1. i agree its like the hype building around vista

    6. omar says:

      hey jhon
      really u amazing i have question
      i have 76 direct ref
      and 80 ext. ref.. how much i can earn monthly .. approx pls

    7. reid says:

      i keep telling everyone that this isn’t a scam, but they wont believe me and keep telling me how screwed i will be. their so skeptical…i dont know wat to tell them

    8. Sarthak K says:

      Seriously, I’ve lost faith in this whole AGLOC thing. How can you guys cause such an inordinate delay in releasing it..its pathetic!!

      anyways, congrats on the 15000 john!

    9. rustan says:


      I still don’t get it with statement from agloco. They said they will give viewbar to 50,000 members per day.

      If now AGLOCO already have 10 million members.

      Could anyone tell me. Thank you

    10. E.P.Huigens says:

      I was hoping the viewbar should come quickly, yet until now I haven’t seen the darn thing at all besides at John Chows page, and I am very disappointed at that.
      I am getting the feeling the site owners of Aglogo are pulling our legs, as the delay of publication has been reaching far beyond the made promises.

    11. drinker says:

      Ok guys, stop dreaming and start thinking. Do you really mean that somebody will give you the money?! It’s simple math – thousands, maybe millions of net people are in the system now, thousands and millions are going to join agloco in future. Again, do you really think, that somebody will give you a thousands bucks? Where he will get them? I saw some google adsense in the video, do you know how many you’re gonna get if you use google adsense? It’s just a cents! Nobody in the whole world would give you so many money for nothing and nobody in the world (except Bill Gates and others:) has the possibility to give you that amount of money. This is gonna be some students project, or in the worse way, some kind of scam or something like that. Please count and think.

  2. Awesome John and congratulations! Ill be checking that video out when I get to a better internet connection.

    1. Ok I just checked it out. Looks pretty cool. But John, we really need to work on your video skills.

  3. celsum says:

    Hey John.
    I was thinking to join your AGLOCO network, or at least check it out first, but you know what? The link “Join My AGLOCO Network” is broken. 😉


    1. John Chow says:

      Ops! It’s fixed now.

  4. Shawn Knight says:

    Awesome, glad to see some more progress being made. I can’t wait to see what Kumiko has to say 🙂

    hehe j/k Kumiko 😉

    1. Kumiko says:

      I’ve still got LOTS to say about AGLOCO!

      I’m glad they’ve finally got the ViewBar running (well, they’ve got it displaying Adsense at least) but what I’d like to know is how many people will use that viewbar for the months (in AGLOCO time could be years) before they start paying people?


      1. Entrepreneur says:

        They don’t really have a plan for actually paying people right now, just giving them ownership of the company.

        Which may or may not pay money.

  5. Man … I just made a video for the Wii Promo … ha ha ha … we’re all making videos tonight!


  6. Dan says:

    Any word on a Linux version? I asked AGLOCO early on and the response wasn’t promising.

    1. John Chow says:

      I think a Mac version will come out long before a Linux version. That is if they even do a Linux version.

    2. 2. Initial Release for Windows: The initial Viewbar release will be for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 Pro and 2000 Server. Later, we will release Mac and Linux versions of the Viewbar. Until that occurs, Mac/Linux users can still log onto any supported Windows computer and accumulate their five hours. The Viewbar works with browsers IE 5.5 or higher and Firefox 1.5 or higher.


  7. Dan says:

    Their loss.

    1. AGLOCO is doing pretty well for themselves anyway — I don’t think they’re out to lose anything.

      1. Stanley says:

        yeah good going Agloco keep it up

  8. Phishie Diaz says:

    That’s cool that you have so many signups… man I am so jealous. I’ve got 4 people under my wing. Hehe… it’s been a long time hopefully those people I referred to remember to download the viewbar. hehe

    1. well, if it makes you feel better, i’ve got none.

    2. I think John has so much because he advertises Agloco SO well; it’s just been like a huge chain reaction for him. I’ve never even heard of Agloco until I started reading John Chow dot Com.

      1. same here

        maybe john should start some kinda Agloco club

        1. Well, I think John’s Agloco network IS his Agloco club. 15,000 sign-ups in such a relatively short time — simply amazing.

  9. red snuff says:

    Thank you John for getting information from the tight lips. Did they give any information on how long we are looking at for launch?

    1. At this point a lot of people aren’t relying on scheduled release dates anymore. Not that they all lost faith or anything; it’s just that they’ll believe it when they actually see it…and be happy nonetheless.

  10. emfoo says:

    very cool john thanks for making me so happy take care man!

  11. Aaron Cook says:

    I’ve been toying around with it as of yesterday myself as well. It’s definitely a welcome change form having no viewbar access. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Shine on,

  12. Shaun Carter says:

    So it looks from the video that the Agloco bar is only generating revenue from Google links. Is this correct?


  14. Gerard says:

    Whatever John. Now you’re suddenly posting about the viewbar itself like it’s all cheese and crackers when you just wrote the following on the agloco blog…

    “Hey Brain (sic),

    You posted in a comment that the Viewbar would be ready later this week. It is now the end of the week and there’s no Viewbar.

    I would imagine your advertisers must be getting pretty upset with you. I deal with advertisers all the time and I know when I tell them their ads will start on this date and run till that date, they expect that. If I miss the start date, they start demanding discounts, or worst, pull their ads.

    The 17 ad networks you’re dealing with can’t be very happy either. I’m sure more than a few were expecting a huge increase in sellable ad inventory and told many of their clients about the new marketplace. They may have even lined up a bunch of sales. Now they look like fools. Whatever inventory their clients ordered would surely be gone in the next few days.

    I find it amazing that a company who’s sole source of income is advertising would think about getting their ad server to work with the viewbar last. Shouldn’t that have been the first thing you did?

    Now you have pissed off members and you’re going to have pissed off advertisers. I wrote an email to AK asking for conference call. I got no reply. That seems to be the communication mode lately.

    I think it’s time for a management change. If you guys can’t bring this to market, then get a team in there.”

    Hello? Isn’t that the very definition of lame?!

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s call putting a fire under a company’s feet. As you can see, it worked. 😈

      1. Ooooh that’s just so evil, John LOL. 😈

      2. john that was some comment

        1. TheAnand says:

          SUPER! to the point and to the pinpoint that is…..i liked that….but then…wht you said is right….i dnt think agloco is going to make money ….at least in this year!


          1. nicely put…the arrogant john ! 👿

    2. Kumiko says:

      I’m not sure that management even exists. AGLOCO is going to give 10% of earnings to “Infomediary Services Corporation” to manage the company but I can’t find any trace of this corporation existing anywhere!

    1. maria says:

      I still don’t have the AGLOCO Viewbar I wonder if you can send it to me so I can download it

  15. Aaron Cook says:

    No complaints with the viewbar so far. Let’s hope it stays that way! 🙂

    Shine on,

  16. qingqing says:


  17. GA says:

    Nice to put a voice to your blog John. I think you should do little video’s more often.


    1. Yeah, I agree; it was really good hearing your voice. All this time I was imagining you talked like Yoda — all smart and knowledgeable LOL. 😳

  18. alamster says:

    I still don’t get the idea on how agloco generate revenue for user, like alladvantage did or like 12dailypro. Just watch the space for now 😛

  19. Thanks for the video.

  20. Turk says:

    Thanks for the update John. Thanks for your trust and belief in this idea. You are the man.


  21. Nishanth says:

    I am the owner of http://aglocosviewbar.blogspsot.com and would like
    to have a link exchange with you as we the same concept, thats “Agloco”
    . I have added you in my blog(In the link partner section) and hope you
    will do the same… Thanks and have a nice day

  22. You are going to make so much money on this, that you maybe will double your income from this blog.

  23. The video was very enlightening, I have to say; it definitely gave me a more complete idea of how beneficial Agloco can be in site revenue and building networks.

  24. Tyler Ingram says:

    My favorite quote from the video:

    “..Luckily I can read Chinese…well maybe now..”

    Classic 🙂

    Good job though showing us it in action

    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      err that was supposed to read:

      ‘..Luckily I can read Chinese.. well maybe not..’

  25. Greg Stratz says:

    I have 7.. so sad… But when it is aviable I have a fwe hundren people I can spam…. hehe

    1. no spam please…hehe 👿

  26. I really want to believe that this works, but it reminds me of All Advantage.

    1. Some of the people behind AllAdvantage are the same ones who came up with Agloco, right?

      1. jayaprakas says:


      2. sumit says:

        ya u r saying right some is behind for this adnavtage’s and now we do the hepl of thse people’s so plz do the help with me………… 🙂

  27. green says:

    I heard someone’s voice at background 😆

  28. Wolf Stone says:

    ooh..a beta version…guess the real thing isint too far away then huh !! Cant wait to make money surfing the net !!

  29. I’m glad to see the Viewbar will be small, the same height as the Windows Taskbar.

    The fact that it has a search tool should make it easier for people to replace the Google Toolbar with it. Why search for free when you can be paid to search?

    Nice beta testing.

  30. D&D Nerd.com says:

    Very cool that they have the toolbar working thus far, even though it’s not talking to all the ad servers quite yet. But at least we’re seeing progress!

    Btw, I would like to suggest a different way of taking videos of stuff on a comp. Using a camcorder to record what’s happening on a monitor generally doesn’t wield very good results. Using recording software that records what you’re doing on your desktop would probably be much better, and clearer. One that comes to mind is Fraps (yes, I’m a gamer 😛 ), though I do know that there are others out there as well.

    I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to dub your voice over the whole video. I actually haven’t played with Fraps myself, but I’ve seen plenty of vids which included full voice-overs, so I imagine you can talk on a mic while recording the action.

    Anyhow, that’s just my suggestion. 🙂
    I can be nit-picky when it comes to video clarity.

  31. flescflesc says:

    Hi, I’m an italian blogger. i have just posted in my blog about your video.. and your blog. it’s cool!! 🙂

  32. DR.SUMEET KHANNA says:


  33. DR.SUMEET KHANNA says:


  34. chrissy says:

    Your Very Lucky John !!

    Did it make your PC lag at all?

    1. John Chow says:

      It didn’t have any effects on PC performance, but I run a very powerful PC. I’ll test it on my notebook and let you know.

  35. Thanks for the video, you are very amiable to publish it.

    I put in my blog.

    a greeting from Spain.

  36. bruiser says:

    John, thanks for posting the video. It was good to see the surfbar “in action”. Hopefully this will help keep people interested in joining Agloco.

  37. Andrew says:

    Thanks, that really makes me feel more sure about Agloco 🙂

  38. Cifra says:

    I thought it was bigger. This is great, thanks John, for making me sure that Agloco isn’t just another hoax. Can’t wait for the official launch. I wonder if they will make a version for Linux? 🙂

  39. Wow, you have a huge network… 🙂

  40. I dont know, How to create a good website like you sir, Please advice me


  41. Agloco Dude says:

    Hey John nice porsche on your desktop. I am a fan of porsche cars..

    John, what your view on Agloco Share and Agloco Dividends

  42. ricardo says:

    I still dont know why something which didnt work 8 years ago should work for now. It’s still the same thing…

    1. red snuff says:

      The difference is that before they paid a set rate that they couldn’t backup, now they are paying a flexible rate that depends on revenue. They may not pay enough to stick around, but at least they won go bankrupt.

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    1. zainuddin says:

      Where is the toolbar? when are we going to get it? what seems to be the problem in this delay?

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  45. azito says:

    Guys did you drink anything before making the movie? :mrgreen: I was getting dizzy with all the camera shakes 😎 LoL
    Good video, anyway, I hope this bubble wont burst…

  46. well after all

    Agloco come up with the viewbar :mrgreen:

  47. "ME" says:

    Hi Sir John,

    thanks for sharing it.

    I posted it in my blog. 😛

    Hope the viewbar problem on adservers will be fixed soon
    and released to all members.

    Thanks again.


  48. Rend says:

    I really don’t believe this is a technical issue. Unless they get really lame developers.

    It’s all about money. Once the viewbar is launched they will need to start handing out the cash. Someone needs to do the math and make sure they can afford that payout.

  49. Looks pretty sweet…we cant wait!

    SFS Admin

  50. It’s pretty amazing how a lot of people are getting a bit restless about the toolbar release. Well, thanks to John’s home video we at least know it exists; there is hope.

  51. ProVibWealth says:

    Wow! I am just waiting patiently for the viewbar release. I am sure Agloco will send the download email soon. So, folks, just sit tight and stay patient. After all, we all have already waited this far… so there is nothing to worry about, right? Congrats John Chow.. Thanks for sharing us your video. Cheers!

  52. Agloco Team says:

    Thanks for sharing us your video of the Agloco viewbar… Cheers!

  53. when is the money going to start adding up??

    1. steven says:

      but why till now i still get the view bar yet !!!!
      i hav waiting dam long….
      all my friend saying i m cheating them …
      what i gona do now !!!

  54. Dear John Chow,

    Thank you for showing us the viewbar in operation
    a lot of luck for the agloco and all of us!

  55. Wow! 15,000 Agloco sign-ups!

    So when are we going to get the viewbar?

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  57. agloco says:

    Thanks for the agloco viewbar video I hava uploaded it to my blog

  58. agloco world says:

    I have uploaded the video to my blog thanks!

    1. tasaki says:

      you is GDI i too

      [email protected]

  59. SeanS says:

    Thanks John for sharing your video..
    that might help me a lot to build my own algoco network.

  60. Hurricain says:

    Nice blog~ And your video is simple but informative.. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  61. babay88 says:

    just hope everything goes fine n smooth and then no spam for this site that’s all. stay cool man!! 😛

  62. Sarat says:

    Hopefully, it might be out soon! And I have only 1 referral. 😥
    But, the name of the founder, Akshay, isnt that an Indian name?

    And this is my first comment on this blog. :mrgreen:

  63. hi there ill embed your video on my blog to update my readers on agloco viewbar.
    feel free to check it out thanks for this update.


  64. Just wait-and-see…

  65. Tech news says:

    AGLOCO is so profitable for you!

    For those with small blogs, ’tis not a big deal.

  66. kurva ravi says:

    Has the viebar is really released, b’coz i still didn’t received any such type of downloads in my mail, but i have received a mail once from agloco team informing that the viewbar will be released soon within a days, but till now it’s too long days ! So wat’s the problem? I think it’s not only my problem, others too facing this problem.

    1. kure says:

      😐 Yes! I have the feeling that this should personally to use, and effective interest, we will not believe all this. All of this is too confused! VIEWBAR when downloaded to the PC, let us share it, too remote. . . . . . . . . . .

  67. Oi John, I am surpreso with its 999 RIGHT-HANDERS expensive! parabens! I am of Brazil, of the one looked at in mine blog leaves a message la sera a pleasure! I hug!!

  68. flipoff says:

    Hopefully, this viewbar will go out soon. I wonder how they will pay John Chow with 1000+ direct referral. 😉

    1. I bet they’re sweating it with the likes of John. They’re stalling until he loses interest 😆

  69. Matt Huggins says:

    Awesome, thanks for making this video John! If you’re looking to make screen captures, you should check out CamStudio or Windows Media Encoder, both of which are free.

  70. Yanna says:

    Hi John

    I like the video! I was wondering since you will be talking again with Akshay Mavani…

    I’m sure you have seen yourself on company blog that many members want communication.It’s one thing to be waiting for a functional Viewbar and now integration with ad servers but communication is another story.

    Members may have forgotten or lost trust due to lack of communication, which in return has slowed down.

    I’m asking you John if you could point this out to Akshay and if they could email members with a brief update and your video.

    We don’t know how long integrating will take, at least members will see the greatness of the Viewbar and motivate them.

    Like the cars! 🙂

    Great Success
    Yanna -Montreal

  71. Jokiden says:

    Hopefully, this viewbar will go out soon. I wonder how they will pay us. Lets wait for another day…

  72. ajit says:

    can you tell me from where can i download the view bar
    reply me
    i am wating fro it

    1. bani das says:

      dear sir,



      BANI DAS.

  73. amol says:

    till the date waiting 4 view bar 2 download…how can i get it download ❗ 😳

  74. 何佳林 says:


  75. 何佳林 says:

    can you tell me from where can i download the view bar
    reply me
    i am wating fro it

  76. mjid says:

    can you tell me from where can i download the view bar
    reply me
    i am wating fro it



  78. harith68 says:

    wow John… you are the greatest in agloco.com . I’m sure that i want to learn something from you.

    1000 direct sign ups.. i could barely across the 100 sign ups barrier..

    Please do show me the ways and get AGLOCO to the TOP of the world community rankings and leave the rest behind us.

  79. Bucky says:

    I am beginning to think that the reason that they can’t get the ads to work is because they don’t have any advertisers! 🙁

  80. aglocomembet says:

    u guys are late….. why give a release date when cant commit… no point of video to convince people… you guys are loosing out trust…. 😯

  81. Ivan says:


    I have some referals in agloco, I hope to have much more!! I will like to have 20000 jejeje

    Congratulations John



  82. jayaprakas says:

    you are right.some people dont believe anything till the last moment .

  83. alaysure says:

    hi i’m from indonesin




  85. I am not excited much now i will not exite untill view bar release.

  86. sridhar says:

    I had surfed in chatting and i made 15 members and i used to surf daily 30 minutes,i had surfed nearly 5 hours in 1 week.but it had not showing me how many hours i had surf.Is it reduces money?
    ❓ Sridhar

  87. Ankit Taneja says:

    when is your software will b available for download…

    m not happy with ur delay nd members under me are saying that its a fake site dont consider it seriously …now what should i do….

  88. 何春宁 says:

    😛 你好,我是刚加入的,能够多多指教吗,为什么这个页面都是英文的呀.

    1. tasaki says:

      你好,wo shi tai guo ren

  89. 何春宁 says:

    😛 这是一个很好的教育网站.

  90. 김용구 says:

    방가 이리로 오셔요~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  91. 王z振振 says:


  92. Tezitta - Mukobe F.D. says:

    qIam a new member. Joined 28th April 2007. That was when the program was just getting popularized. I signed up. I have no regrets. All Am waiting for is to be flagged off to start down loading this so powerful tool. Am quite earger and full of prayers that by the fall of the hammer, I should be down loading it into my computer. Great!
    To all the AGLOCO community, I say Hi, and please accept these my feelings and encouragement to the: designers / developers / adoptors / integrators as well as the potential and or end beneficiaries of this tool. To you all, let us join together and say: “Cheers to – John Chow”.
    John Chow, I personally Love you and the initiatives you take on. I do believe People in Uganda do welcome your invitation into the AGLOCO Community. Long LIve.

    Tezitta – Mukobe F.D.(Agloco Member)
    (Jinja / Uganda)

  93. miki says:

    the viewbar is great
    here is my promo site:

    1. mearaj fatima says:


  94. Todo mundo ta na rede dele

  95. mid0 says:

    i need to know when will be viewbar available ? and how can i download this ? im form egypt is this service available in my country or not?
    and how can i make more referrals like you?
    plzzzzzzz answer my questions quikly becouse my referrals need the answer>>>>>>

    1. a, We doesnt have an actual release date.
      b, Once its available, signed up members will be informed via email
      c, Agloco is available globally
      d, Login to your Agloco account and check out the sites listed in “Referral Center”

  96. mid0 says:

    thanks but answer my questions plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  97. mightyduck says:

    how can i download agloco bar,ples sir

  98. Lusitano Slb says:

    😛 Im glad that agloco viewbar will be avaiable soon, hey John Chow, i need a little help to invite more people, its really difficult to me to got more people, i realy need very much that money i cant get job here, im counting very much with agloco, if u wanna take a little of your time to tellme some tips to have sucess, i will be very greatfull. 😀

  99. Sanjeev says:

    Seems u r also like Agloco not replying..Seems U both hav same thinking making people foool isnt it????

  100. sajjad says:

    I want to know more about this website.

    Please guide me how to proceed further.



  101. Alan says:

    It seem a little outrageous to advertise a product that is incomplete when will the tool bar be finished it’s been several months now
    and people are getting agrivated.

  102. sayed says:

    Thanks for the video , Toolbar looks cool ! 🙄

  103. jihye says:


  104. sayed says:

    Lets hope its Released soon ❗
    💡 Anyone use Leaflets to get Members ❓
    Im looking for a leaflet i cud do a door to door campaign with ? any ideas Appreciated ! as to were i cud get one to edit with my Details on ?
    im stuck on 12 Refferals with just one indirect 😕

    the videos great ! john . cool 😆

  105. John Chow says:

    No big update on the Viewbar. AGLOCO is still working on the integration of the ad servers. The 17 ad networks that AGLOCO has contracts with all have different ad severing requirements. As you can see from the video, Google already works on it. This is because Google was the first ad network integrated. Why not just launch with Google? Because AGLOCO has an agreement with all the network that they would launch at the same time and not leave any networks behind. So basically, we’ll just have to wait for the engineers to finish the job.

    1. MoneyAreEverywhere says:

      Hi John,
      this thing with AGLOCO, was something what changed my live, I created a blog, I wrote first posts, I have first new Agloco members now!
      I hope it will work! 😉

  106. blacksta says:

    this is bulls**t! Y make us wait so long? Ive got 0 referals coz theres no point tellin ppl about it if they cant download it. theyll probly forget and thatll b a waste of a valuble friend so i guess ill have to wait………years at this rate till i can start adding ppl. ne 1 got a rough guess in which MONTH its gonna come out “officially”????? I seriously dont get how dem r gonna pay for all these ppl. im sure they aint got that many advert associates. All i no is that if i dont get paid…im gonna b 1 angry motherf***a!

  107. M'zab says:

    posse votre problem ice

  108. Manuel says:

    Hola, a todo el mundo….
    amigos que hablan español, entrenle….


    vamos nos cadastrar senheres.


  110. E.P.Huigens says:

    If anything, Agloco has made me a disbeliever!

  111. akshay says:

    hahaha 😀

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  113. rizal says:

    hellow algoco team,i m ready new account,please here solution.

  114. saad eldin says:

    hello algoco team i just join , i hope all fin .

  115. Yanna says:

    Hi John

    Any updates/phone call from Akshay Mavani 🙄

  116. Tiago says:

    onde pego o bar 😯

  117. W says:

    thank you !

  118. feifei says:

    English??? yun~~~ My QQ:223617428

  119. feifei says:


  120. mrooge says:

    i’m a new member , i coudln’t get a viewbar 🙁

    tankx for all team

  121. mathmagician says:

    Sadly, I am a mathematician. And after having done the math the only obvious thing to say is good luck to you all. It is silly to think that a system within a finite world will yield infinite returns. Lets say for example that the number of shares were to be listed at 10 billion. Then the number of members would have to be cutoff at some point simply because the finite number of 10 billion would declare the limit on the number of users and the number of monthly earnings. This simply means that if Agloco should hit their target of 10 million and we assume that each person refers 3 members below them then (by using their calculator @5hrs) we should realize that the shares would dry up under 9 months. Thus, they would have to continue declaring more shares to keep up with their population. Or it might mean that they would have to stop share distributions. Either way, I do presume that only the people who get in early with very large networks will benefit from this venture… John you will be fine if you outpace agloco. The newbies on the other hand will hate Agloco because they cannot conjure up thousands of direct referrals. Either way, there is going to be mass disappointments when the number of shares and the number of members are declared!

    1. Wahlau.NET says:

      What???? This is complicated 😯

      Congrats to you John

      1. mathmagician says:

        No this is not complicated! It simply means that Agloco CANNOT declare shares. And if they should declare shares (the finite upper limit) then they will have to continue to declare more shares to keep up with their growing network. A little bit of thinking would help you to see that the system can only be sustained if they should declare shares at the same rate or greater than the rate that people are joining in order for this to continue. Therefore, this company will end up having a gazillion billion million shares and each will be worth nothing: The share value will continue to decrease each time they add shares to keep up with their network. In other words you will all lose and they will get rich selling ads to you. Hopefully, from this discussion you will understand why they don’t own shares in their company themselves.

  122. xuxiaopeng says:


  123. Noma says:

    Yes Chow may be using it we now know it exists.But When shall it be released?We keep hearing next week,soon,this week…..Come on Agloco you started well and we trusted you.Yet we are not getting any updates.We have to hunt for more information ourselves!!!WHY?

  124. Blade runner says:

    Hi from Spain,

    Hopefully i get some day so many referrals, anyway i also have an agloco site and i am recruiting hundreds so i expect to earn good money in the near future!

    Do you exchange links? This is my site: http://agloco.astalaweb.org


  125. Thanks for the video. I just posted it on my blog. Check it out:


    Hope it’s okay that I put it on my blog. Im really hoping that the viewbar will be out soon… we are still waiting………

    Cheer!s to all!

  126. santhi says:

    How will u pay the amount? will u send any cheque to our residence? if u send the cheques to the residence, then u have not asked for the address of our residence?

  127. Thongchai says:

    Great …need 1000

  128. Badtzzz says:

    Hmmm… If that viewbar is real, then why on John’s web about the 15,000 members shows the monthly viewing of ZERO hours…??? Since he is already using or that viewbar really exist, then why are the hours not reflected…???

    Some people started to go around spamming how much they earn per month, but the freaking viewbar is not even launched and can’t be downloaded online…

  129. waseem says:

    where is the viewbar how can i instal it and when ?

    i need more information about viewbar 🙄 😆

  130. anoop says:

    hey wt this u people making us fool…or wt

  131. J.A.S says:

    when will the agloco viewbar release?
    so long….. 😥

  132. gan says:

    😆 🙂

  133. YUYADONG says:

    i think i can earn some money from agloco web,bu t,i need some friends help me,teach me about electronic buiessness,in china we call dianzi shang wu,if you want help me,please send your text,your teachbook to my email,[email protected] you very much.

  134. sj says:

    심플한게 !!

  135. keny says:

    hello!!!how are you !!

  136. Rahul says:

    hey friends

    can u tell..how we can get the money
    it will delivered at home

  137. 你好! says:


  138. 你好! says:


  139. majd says:

    you will pay for me ? ❓ 😐

  140. chunxia says:


  141. elang says:

    Very great, I want to get it 🙂

  142. CIDA says:

    😆 bom dia
    estou cadastrando hoje.
    gostaria de receber mais noticias e fazer novos amigos.

  143. CIDA says:


    quero teclar com alguem!
    como faço pra fazer amigos na rede!!!!!!!

  144. 蓝欢 says:

    [email protected]
    全是英文的.真是惨了. 😈

  145. 蓝欢 says:



  146. Debbie says:

    Are you getting your signups from the bar? Then what am I waiting for?????????

  147. badran says:

    إنها حقا رائعة جدا ولكنني متأسف جدا لأن الفيو بار لم يصلني إلى الآن

    1. hamza says:

      انا ايضا يااخيbadran لم يصلني الفيوبار حتى الان

  148. badran says:

    when will the agloco viewbar release?
    so long….. ❓ ❓ 😳 😳 😥 😥

  149. harsh says:

    i dont know which agloco services are provide in india.
    can u answer me money delivered in india
    give reply as soon as possible

  150. MONIK says:

    cand este laqnsarea viewbar?

  151. Brian says:

    Well everyone wants to find the veiw bar it would be nice if you peaple look at these comments and replyed to some most of all the where-abouts of the veiwbar since in the install instructions it tells you to install it witch is hard to do when it can’t be found.

  152. Sanjeev says:

    Seems John Chow and Agloco making fool of all memebers.. I do want to tell u all pls dont post nything as they both go with same strategy..


    John Chow Blogger is Making u all FOOOOOOL….

  153. wangxibo says:


    1. tasaki says:

      [email protected]

      shi wo de E-mail

  154. victor says:

    alguien que hable español le importaria explicarme como funciona esto? muxas gracias 😯

  155. biro says:

    Gratuluju John.Much nice


  156. biro says:

    Taky bych rad viewbar

  157. I joined and will see what happens in next days.

  158. Leny says:

    😀 I joined it too and will see what happens next months

  159. Denis says:

    My name is Dennis,

    I from ST-PIERRE AND MIQUELON(french island,north america)

    Excuse my english,speak just a litle…

    The members speak french?Just for understand AGLOCO?

    Sea you and thank’s.

    Dennis,St-Pierre 05/14/2007.

  160. ismabera says:

    hi, John

    can you make a favour to agloco members writing on oficial blog : just write something there as
    you are presenting us, members. And brian is not talking there for 2 weeks.
    Just some news , even, that you have no other info as you already wrote.


  161. ismabera says:

    hi, John

    please, can you write on agloco blog – just
    short comment. Even you have any new info about VieaBar.
    We need your comment as Brian is not saying nothing there for 2 weeks


  162. Mika says:

    Hello John

    Got two questions.

    Do you own Agloco?…

    I’ve just signed up for this Agloco thing. I can’t find the concrete explanation of how exactly a member can get his CASH.. or how can he convert his shares into CASH.. Can you tell me how? Please?

    Thank you.

  163. MINESH says:

    I’ve just signed up for this Agloco thing. I can’t find the concrete explanation of how exactly a member can get his CASH.. or how can he convert his shares into CASH.. Can you tell me how? Please?n hw can i get the viewbar on my desktop????

    Thank you.

  164. ola, Mika

    1)Do you own Agloco?…
    I think John doesn’t own Agloco but is one of the most important members

    2) about payment see http://www.agloco.com
    or portugues http://www.aglocoportugal.com

    about “convert shares into CASH” nobody knows yet. Must wait that Agloco shares come to London Stock Exchange – I suppose in year 2008

    cheers from Portugal

  165. hi, Mika

    I am sure uou will get answers on new site
    of agloco members http://aglocome.org


  166. Ev says:

    With over 14,000 indirect referrals under his belt, assuming each one uses the bar for 5 hours a month, he will earn 48 million billion hours of surf time.

    I am not joking, figure straight from the agloco member calculator.

  167. Shubham says:

    are you insane? You’re asking
    1) if John own agloco?
    2) How do u earn money?
    3) If it’s delivered at home
    4) Indians elligible?

    I mean guys it would be really good if u all read the text before joining the Agloco network.

    And for you John:
    Luck Ass!

  168. suhas says:

    when I will get my viewbar??

  169. Arunyogesh says:

    hi 😆

  170. s says:

    😳 good!!!

  171. s says:

    how to get started.

  172. s says:

    I am new user. what should i do now to get started

  173. Mike says:

    John, what’s going on? You still excited about Agloco? Have you heard ANYTHING? thanks 😮

  174. DEE says:

    So, it’s one big joke?

  175. tasaki says:


  176. Joe says:

    Who gives a shit?

    John Chow has 10 billion signups of NOTHING.

    Not to mention – any reputation that he MIGHT have had is now in the gutter.

    Funny how he hasn’t updated his own blog since May 14th.

  177. Sanjeev says:

    All people John Chow and Agloco goes with same strategy they both are making u fools and u dumbo cant understand. This also a shit blog..
    He cant reply to anyone of ur posts in more than 2weeks.
    Don’t Joing under him Don’t post anything as they dont provide any concrete infoo…


  178. Sanjeev says:

    All people John Chow and Agloco goes with same strategy they both are making u fools and u dumbo cant understand. This also a shit blog..
    He cant reply to anyone of ur posts in more than 2weeks.
    Don’t Joing under him Don’t post anything as they dont provide any concrete infoo…


  179. Sanjeev says:

    Reply CHOW if u have any info about Agloco..
    COME SPEAK why hiding under the bush…

  180. John D A Sheriff says:

    hi ther i havent recieved the toolbar yet? just wondering if you can send it to me to download

  181. Joe says:

    Looks like this fuckin toolbar will never appear in real life……………

  182. mustafa says:

    ممكن نكون اصدقاء
    [email protected]

  183. 杨柏 says:


  184. Ekrem Shefkatli says:

    hello dear friends,
    I can’t download The AGLOCO Viewbar, please help me, maybe early still for this program

  185. عصام says:

    ارحب بكم جميعا ❗

  186. Tommyk101 says:

    so when exactly is it going to be out John? late June?

  187. السلام عليكم انا من ابشع البلدان في العالم انا استغيث انقدوني ارجوكم . محمد

  188. Yah says:

    تحياتي للجمــــــــــــــــــــع

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.For All….

  189. Sukanlapas says:

    I can’t download The AGLOCO Viewbar, please help me, maybe early still for this program

  190. Sukanlapas says:

    I can not download toolbar I wait it

  191. Rohit says:

    i can’t download AGLOCO Viewbar, please help me.

  192. ahmed ameen meshal says:

    hi everyone 😉

  193. jozefboi says:

    i have been member since Jan. 31, 2007 .where is the Viewbar???

  194. E.P.Huigens says:

    If the Viewbar works for John, why tge heck don’t we get it too?

  195. steven says:

    Pls tell me the truth and to all of us… whats the problem…
    just wasting our time to wait the bar out…
    all friend complain me cheat them !!!!!!!!!!!
    who understand me !!!!!!!!!!!!

    pls answer my question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Eugene says:

    Cuz john’s an asshole and he’s ugly

  197. Desheng Lin says:

    Hi,I’m new here.I need your help.Thanks.

  198. cakruk says:

    Good for increase income. thanks john.

  199. R Varadarajan says:

    I am very disappointed -You promised that view bar would be released by Ist week of April – we are in I week of June – and no sign of View bar
    Any possibility that this will be released at all?????????????????

  200. Não tem uma página em português do Agloco. Eu não sei porque estou postando mensagem aqui.

  201. AGLOCO4Arabs says:

    For arabs User Thy can find more about AGLOCO in Arabic in:


  202. ahmed shaheen says:

    طيب امته حيوصل السيد قيوبار ده سعادته جاى منين انشاء الله

  203. ahmed shaheen says:

    😆 حد يقولى امته السيد فيوبار حيوصل يا جماعه

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