17 Signs Why You Need a Break From Blogging

Blogging is one heck of an enjoying activity. Whether it be on a personal level or from a business standpoint (I’d like to call it “entrepreneurship” because its cooler), blogging can make yourself get tied in it. Most people eventually marry it (look at Mr.Rowse) while some are currently on an “MU” situation.

The main problem with blogging I believe is that once you enjoy it, it can become your whole world. Aside from that, it can burn you out, it can make you stop watching South Park, it can give you appetite problems, makes you intoxicated with caffeine, and a whole lot more, you name ’em!

But how do I know I need to stop and take a rest in it once in a while? Well fear no more! I compiled a definitive guide on 17 signs on why you must need to take a break from blogging. Some of them do have a comprehensive (ehem) explanation, most of them do not have Here it goes:

  1. You can’t spell cheezburger cheeseburger properly? – Blogging is cool, it can be improve the heck out of your grammar but it does have a lot of freedom that sometimes it makes you susceptible to commit stupidly wrong spellings! Come on! Even before we reach 15, we should have been able to spell all words correctly.
  2. You printed out your own copy of the blogging dictionary – in these modern days, we started having all sorts of dictionary for various topics like dictionary for idioms, medical dictionary, taboo terms dictionary, but heck blogging dictionary? geez!
  3. You’re constantly looking for the keys S, E, O in your piano.
  4. You’re with your friend talking and sharing great stories with each other. You started scratching your head though because you couldn’t find a digg, likethis or retweet button.
  5. You’re hands are trembling – on a serious note, since blogging is all about typing, you may want to take proper care of your hands. Make sure you give them proper rests and not overstress your fingers that much. I usually get the flak ( or praise depending on who u are) of masturbating too much just because my hands are trembling so bad when taking pictures. You may not want to experience that experience from me.
  6. You’re neighbor thinks you’re insane because you’re talking alone – this oftentimes happen when you don’t type but use one of those speech to text software that sounds like dragon or you interview someone over at Skype. Either way its a clear indication to stop or at least speak in a more lighter voice.
  7. You use the target =”_blank” in your application form. After filling up the character reference, you remembered that you need that detail to open in a new window so it can be more convenient to the HR to scan it.
  8. You get into the zoo and you’re frustrated to see that graywolf, web guerilla and randfish exhibits are closed.
  9. Your mother/father leaves you a note on 30 things to get done over the course of a month. You feel pissed off because you’re tired of numbered list.
  10. You’re watching a baseball game and you saw an advertisement from a sponsor. Immediately you wondered whether the link is nofollow or not.
  11. You think Shoemoney is the son of Mr.Clean.
  12. You received a mail from someone you don’t know and you immediately trash it. You thought it was spam.
  13. You setup a blog for your daughter or you encourage your friends to start a make money online blog. – Geez! I’m guilty with this. But then when you start talking about blogging outside your own blogging, that’s a good indication that a break is imminent
  14. Someone whom you give a gift way back gave you a gift in your birthday. You didn’t accept it because you realized Google frowns at reciprocal linking.
  15. While attending the customary Sunday mass, you were listening to the sermon and thought it was a good article with good keyword density. Aside from that, you were sure that it will rank high in search engines. tsk.tsk..
  16. You’re obsessively and compulsively thinking of this guy and that guy.
  17. You laugh at anything included in this list.

There ya go. If you’re doing any of those 17 things I listed, then you’re in serious trouble. From a personal experience yes I do most of this, if not all and that’s attributed to my pure adoration with blogging. Obviously the rule “anything excessive is bad” applies.

On a more serious note (I used that phrase again!), everyone should have a fair break on doing blogging. I know guys like Darren Rowse and Melvin Dichoso (who the f is the latter one?) spend like 8+ hours a day blogging but do take note that they are doing blogging as a living. If it doesn’t work out for them then they’re poor so their challenge is to make it work.

Most people who work at home (aka online entrepreneurs) do use a blog as a communication medium. That being said, blogging is just a tool. Yes, just a tool that is used to leverage an audience and eventually make them buy your sh*t. And if we spend more time on things that have a lesser importance, we get burned out quickly and we do not maximize our productivity by spending time on the more important part.

Also it can have a bad impact on the other things. For example if you’re a parent, or maybe a busy stupid student. Its always good to ask questions like “Am I neglecting something that’s more important?” “What are the cons of me doing this a lot?” Re-evaluating simple things will help you to have much clearer perspective on whether it’s harming you more than benefiting you.

As I end this article, I don’t really have the magic bullet on how to spend time properly or how much to spend time. These are all things that you should be aware with. If you feel you’re overspending and you need that break, don’t hesitate, take it! Whaddaya think?

Melvin Dichoso is an internet marketer and blogger who is that damn good. He blogs at MelvinBlog Dot Com where he shares his two cents on the industry. Don’t forget to become a fan of his blog in Facebook.

61 thoughts on “17 Signs Why You Need a Break From Blogging”

  1. This is awesome post funny too while reading.The points you make me laugh And One thing I don’t consider blogging as a problem since it has become my life and passion.

    Thanks For Sharing

    1. d3so says:

      Very funny indeed, but I am not guilty of any of these.
      They seem too strange for me to be associated with

      1. The points are mostly funny but there are good practical ponts in them as well, like making sure to take care of your hands by giving them a well deserved rest.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I agree – it’s very important to get sleep and take great care of your hands. It’s very true that blogging can be addictive and detrimental to one’s health if not balanced properly.

          1. d3so says:

            Yeah but isn’t taking care of your hands common sense. We use them for almost everything,

          2. Yes, so as a young guy, how do you feel about point 5? πŸ˜‰

          3. This one is really hilarious.

            Sometime I also want ctrl + f in my text book so that I can search for a keyword … lollzzz

          4. d3so, the funny thing is that common sense is actually not that common.

            Even those who have it forget to use it.

            That’s why we need reminders.

          5. Very true. Got to keep those hands looking good.

  2. Wess Stewart says:

    HAH! Perhaps I need a break as well. On the other hand, I really don’t do enough and I’m trying to push myself to be more focused with it.

    What I need is a post on how to keep yourself from taking breaks. LOL!

    1. d3so says:

      That’s true. When I get bored or tired blogging I get on xbox live and waste a huge amount of time. Bad habit πŸ™

      1. Very bad habit if you want to make money online, playing xbox doesn’t make you anybody, SY

        1. … any…
          I meant, SY

          1. PPC Ian says:

            SY, it looks like you may need some rest! πŸ™‚

          2. Hehehehe, yes, you might be right and I really should get in the habit to proof read my comments before I hit the submit button πŸ˜‰ SY

          3. Sy,

            You don’t make that many typos or mistakes, so don’t worry.

            With my new keyboard I tend to make a lot more mistakes than before. I touch the neighboring key sometimes without noticing it.

          4. Melvin says:

            lol. dude thats funny

          5. What keyboard you are using ?

  3. elie palima says:

    very funny post melvin. I was surprised. I thought it was john who wrote it since it was labeled “written by john chow”

    anyways, your point about:

    Most people eventually marry it (look at Mr.Rowse) made me LOL =D

    1. d3so says:

      I thought it was written by John too until I saw Melvin mentioned in the post lol.

      1. There are more spelling and grammar mistakes than John would normally let in but I wasn’t doubting that John wrote this that much since he’s moving now and I thought he was in a hurry.

        When it says at the start of the post “Written byJohn Chow” it obviously can make people think he actually wrote the post.

        When I see “A Guest Post” at the top then I pay more attention to the bottom part where it says who the writer is.

        1. I’m glad to see that you are back on “author watch” – I can take a break πŸ˜‰

    2. Bidet says:

      Yea its changed now to guest blogger

  4. aroopam says:

    this is awesome john

    1. What is awesome? Is this a lip service comment?

      John is too kind to let you get away with it.

      1. You are right – it is not awesome but at least it is creative and not just “same old same old”. With as many as 17 points to share, what a pity he didn’t make two articles about it, though.

        1. Melvin says:

          hey thanks you think the post is creative.. well maybe next time i’ll consider two articles for that

      2. Sahil Kotak says:

        hehe and he doesn’t read it properly as well. He told “john” and the post is written by Melvin. πŸ˜€

  5. Whew for a second I thought, wow this doesn’t sound like John and then I notice it’s a guest blogger. Never rest from blogging – ever – so you can hurry up and get through the slog that is the Dip.

  6. Are you about to take a vacation from blogging John? SY

    1. Melvin says:

      lol. John Chow probably is the last guy that would take a break from blogging.

  7. Oh, the tagline got to me, yeah, nice post Melvin … SY

  8. Very Funny Post John

  9. Great post John.I don’t think I’ll take a break from blogging in a long time.

    1. SEO Cat says:

      I think John didn’t wrote that, look at author’s name πŸ˜‰

      1. This is the normal mistake …

        1. Melvin says:

          Well maybe John needs to give me a spot in this blog now for guest posts so my name would appear in it. what do you guys think?

          1. He should add photos of Guest blogger as well, so that Guest blogger can get more exposure.

  10. It’s definitely addicting. I remember when I was so scared that I wouldn’t have enough to say and now I can’t get my thought online fast enough. What a cool phenomenon it has become in the last five years. Thanks,


  11. Mike Paul says:

    I’m still laughing at this fantastic post! Guess it’s time I took a break from blogging. Great post!

    1. Melvin says:

      Heheh, thanks you think its funny. Well I myself have taken a break from blogging until I wrote this post. πŸ˜‰

  12. You mean Shoemoney isn’t the original Mr. Clean? Color me confused.

    1. Melvin says:

      lols man! Yea, we’re both confused I guess =p

  13. Dan lew says:

    Nicely written John, us bloggers will always be bloggers!

  14. Jayrweblog says:

    Now this will be the most useful post i’m looking for as a blogger. Very nice article John.

  15. try to pretend to be too funny, I catch you Melvin, Its not your zoner, good attempt though.

  16. Its my first time to stumble in your site. Although I’m quite new in blogging, reading advices and tips like this are great. Thanks.

  17. This post is just for fun and doesn’t really said anything on how to find out that you need a break from blogging.

    1. SEO Cat says:

      Sure, and, what’s the matter about that?

      1. But “Many a true word is written in jest” πŸ˜‰

  18. Funny post, and so true. I agree blogging is my passion, but it can also be addictive. If your not doing the normal things you used to do. If it is effecting your social life then its definitely time to take a break. There is a fine line between a passion, and not being healthy. You have to find the proper balance. Great post, John!

  19. SEO Cat says:

    It’s sounds scary, but I probably do about 10 of this πŸ˜›

    Nice article, I laughed a lot πŸ˜›

  20. Melvin you should be active after adding your guest posts here.

    1. Do you mean that he should answer comments?

      I’d agree with that.

      1. I agree with it too. Since he suppose to answer our Q&A and not leaving his post dead.

  21. fas says:

    Sexy post man, i am taking a break now, hehe.

  22. Well taking a break for a while is good but if you like taking a break will cease your interest in your blog. Better keep yourself with a constant consistency with 2 or 3 type of pace, Slow (blog every 1 week), Moderate (blog every 1 or 2 days) or Normal (Blog everyday)
    But it also depends on you how much you want to blog every time.

  23. Saw this post via your Facebook page.

    Great post, Melvin!

    Point 3, “You’re constantly looking for the keys S, E, O in your piano” really made me LOL! Nice one!

  24. Sagar Rai says:

    Oh yes even I have planned to make blogging to be my main income source. I started with a new blog recently. BTW how many days will it takes to get atleast 1000+ UV daily?

  25. Jeff Caceres says:

    Let me tell you something guys. If I look tired on blogging, I play Crossfire and Garena. Other than that, I used to go malling to have some fun eating and shopping with my friends.

  26. Bidet says:

    Haha this is a funny post. I love these type of lists. I liked 3 a lot and 11.

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