20% Blog World Expo Discount Code Extended

If you haven’t registered for Blog World Expo yet, you’re in luck. Blog World has extended the 20% coupon code they gave me until September 15 and they’ve removed the 50 user limit.

To take advantage of this offer, register for Blog World Expo and enter coupon code JV1PCHOW at checkout. This will reduce the price by 20%. Entry into Blog World range from a $100 exhibits only to a $400 full conference pass. You will want to get the full conference pass because only full conference pass holders can get into the Super Panel. Trust me when I say you will not want to miss this session.

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level then you need to come to Blog World and you need to come to the Super Panel. This will be the first, and maybe only time, myself, Shoemoney, Pro Blogger, Copy Blogger, Zac Johnson and Jim Kukral will be on the same stage at the same time. You won’t want to miss this. I will see you in Las Vegas!

See You At Blog World Expo!

14 thoughts on “20% Blog World Expo Discount Code Extended”

  1. I was wondering why you still had the offer showing in your stripe ad when it had already ended.

    This is an awesome deal and a great way for some people to have a little more spending cash on hand at the event.

    I’m only sad that I can’t attend this year. Would love to hear the super bloggers on the super panel. 🙂

  2. 100kjob says:

    Great news. I’m sure it will be a great event, and as I said before, I’ll try my best to be there. John, any plan to add Yaro in your super panel?

  3. Jake says:

    Are ticket sales stalling? Day by day the expo comes closer and the first call-to-action-with-urgency-creating-limit didn’t fill the seats. Now they resort to opening the flood gates by trying to create a product that everybody talks about.

    I’d say that the only strong part of this sales strategy is the sales channel they chose – amazingly blogs are relevant for bloggers. Also John Chow has huge following and long trail (yes, not tail) of sales results. However, I’m betting that isles are going to be less congested than hoped for.

    1. John Chow says:

      I really don’t know how tickets sales are doing. But I do know that it will be standing room only at our Super Panel, since the room only holds 400.

      1. Jake says:

        The super panel really sounds remarkable. One can see the big names all at once. One idea I would like to float here.

        Bands tend to have a leader, someone that takes the heat of unfairly difficult questions like, “Sounds lot like your early records, have you returned back to your roots?” Now then, it would be idiotic to ask this question from all of the band members so they get to answer something else, but the main theme is carried out by the answers of the leader.

        You guys have such different experiences and backgrounds that I’d expect it to be impossible to come up with focused panel discussion. So, when it’s your turn to say something, just have fun. We are anyway there to see you, not to hear some internet money making secrets from you. Secrets we expect to hear when having private chat with you in person. Those secrets are hard to keep 😉

  4. Ryan McLean says:

    Sorry I can’t make it. I simply do not make enough money online for it to be worth me attending. Maybe next year when it comes around again I will have the time and the cashflow to go as my blog will be much bigger by then

  5. Good deal, now can you get me free airline tickets :mrgreen:

  6. Lupin says:

    Too bad I won’t be able to make it….

    Will this be around maybe like next year?

  7. Would lve to be there , it will be an awesome event

  8. ZK says:

    it would be an awesome show

  9. I wish I could attend but unfortunately I will be traveling on business.

  10. Naveen says:

    Thanks John.. Awesome event

  11. chris says:

    man, i really wish i could make it as well


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