2007 CES Booty Haul


The above photo shows some of the free stuff given to me at the 2007 CES in Las Vegas. I didn’t go crazy this year trying to get free stuff because I didn’t want to carry it all home. Instead, I asked companies to mail me their bigger gifts – makes it easier to clear Canadian customs that way.

For 2007, CES gave the press a laptop backpack instead of the roller bag from the past few years. The new backpack is nice but I much preferred the roller. Some of the more noteworthy free stuff includes a nice tool kit from TigerDirect, a brass Killer K necklace from Bigfoot Networks, Fun Friends cellular phone holders, and about 10 GB of flash memory products.

I plan to give away most of the booty haul to blog readers over the next few weeks. The first contest has already started. If you haven’t gotten in on it, better do so now.

Next year, I plan to do a real booty haul. Girls Gone Wild invited me to take ride on their bus. The PR rep told me the bus could haul a lot of booties.


34 thoughts on “2007 CES Booty Haul”

  1. Leftblank says:

    That is one sexy ride John, I love the lime you took, but I’ve got the feeling this one might be pretty nice – and comfortable – as well 😉

  2. baron says:

    I wonder what kind of contests you’re gonna dream up!

  3. Vinay says:

    “The above photo show” should become “The above photo shows”

    “I didn’t went crazy this year” should become “I didn’t go crazy this year”


  4. soundofgold says:

    John which one of the freebies did you find most amusing? Was there any kind of CES humping dog alternative?;)

  5. Gdog says:

    Haha, GGW…gotta love that. You should check to see if your wife and kids can come along too!

  6. Nomar says:

    wow, that is alot of free gifts !!!

    nice bus by the way 😀 take the trip

  7. Matt says:

    Now that is one pimped ride…

  8. Ed Lau says:

    Dude, you have to wear that necklace so I can laugh at you.

  9. Yeah the necklace John – time to get your B-Boy stance on 😉 Reprazent to the fullest yall, moguls in the hizzouse!

    Nice haul. Feel free to send some of that 10GB flash memory my way! I’ve only got a wimpy 256mb SDcard in my Palm. Needs to be bigger to hold more Webmasterradio show podcasts!


  10. Andy says:

    What were some of the bigger gifts?

  11. that is amazing sir.

  12. Yeah, you sure can walk away with a lot of free stuff at CES. I was there in 2005, and had to ship most of the free stuff home in a small box, so I did’nt have to deal with bringing it all through the airport back to Florida.

    Cool post..

  13. Michael says:

    Sweet stuff.

    The best I ever got was a developer edition of MS SQL Server 2005 and a couple t-shirts.

    The GGW bus looks interesting. If you need someone to help keep you out of trouble, let me know.

    I added your blog to my technorati favorites. That is a neat idea.

    Take Care,


  14. HMTKSteve says:

    So, will there be some new contests coming up for the stuff you don’t want?

  15. Ryan says:

    John, where are the pics with the bootie girls? 😉

  16. Jimmy says:

    Hi, I’ve been a long time reader of this site. I enjoy your boyish ramblings. Anyway, seeing how your last few posts have been CES related, I figured maybe some of your readers may be interested in looking at this item that I’m eBaying. It’s a mp3 player and it has only a few bids on it.

  17. ash says:

    i heard sansa gave away 1gb mp3 players at ces. what bigger stuff did you get?

  18. Alex Becker says:

    Yes the girls. If you go make sure to take lots of pics.

  19. Tyler says:

    What type of bigger gifts are you expecting John? Be neat to find out what is coming in the mail for you.

  20. That looks like quite the impressive haul of freebies and I too am interested to hear what the gifts are that are being shipped to you.

    Free stuff is fun, even though a lot of it is usually garbage. A few years back a company I worked for gave away bouncy balls with the LEDs inside them, big hit as you could see them bouncing all over the place inside the convention center. Lol.

  21. Stew says:

    John, how did you manage an invitation to ride on the GGW bus? And why in the hell did you turn it down?! I’d have loved to read your experience on that (with pictures of course)

  22. Ryan says:

    You could create a new site: johnchowsbusblog.com

  23. Indi Scoop says:

    More and more ways to improve technorati rating 🙂

  24. Raghu says:

    Good haul of stuff at CES. When are you getting to sharing things which you found ‘useful’ there ?

  25. Nomar says:

    I also like to know what your bigger gifts were you received true email…

  26. John Chow says:

    Some of the bigger items includes computer cases, power supplies, keyboards, that kind of stuff.

  27. adrian says:

    Now that looks like a fun ride!

  28. David Mackey says:

    Wow. Thats a lot of stuff. I can’t believe that there more stuff being mailed.

  29. Ewdison Then says:

    OMG john, how the hell you carry all those with you flying home lol

  30. Jane says:

    Looks like you have enough backstock of items to run contests for a good year or so 🙂

  31. Michael Kwan says:

    Free swag is always a good thing.

  32. derrich says:

    GGW bus trip? Oh, John…please do NOT show your booty, man. But take tons of pics. I’ll be at CES next year. Doubt I’d even be considered for that same invite, so I’ll rely heavily on GGW coverage from JohnChow.com. 😀

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