2010 Affiliate Summit East – More Meat Than She Can Handle

Carnegie Deli is a famous sandwich shop in New York. It’s famous not for the quality of the sandwiches but for the size. They are just freaking HUGE! The sandwiches are generally made from two pieces and bread with meat in between – a lot of meat. If you’re a meat eater, Carnegie is your place.

The sandwiches are so big, they’re perfect for sharing. However, Carnegie knows this and to prevent a lowering of their profit margin, they charge $3 extra if you want to share your sandwich. They also don’t offer refills on your soda. If you try to eat the entire sandwich in one seating, you’ll need more than one soda.

If you’re ever in New York and want to eat a stupid big sandwich, head over to Carnegie. They were only one block from where the Affiliate Summit East was held. I was able to consume half my sandwich and doggie bag the other half. However, Crystal didn’t do so well. She said it was more meat than she can handle.

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli

28 thoughts on “2010 Affiliate Summit East – More Meat Than She Can Handle”

  1. d3so says:

    Sounds like a Man vs. Food challenge.
    I bet I’d be able to down one of those.
    Pretty stingy joint; no refills or sharing 😛

    1. If that was it then I would like to join.

    2. Smart business plan… they’re definitely adding to their profits that way.

      1. d3so says:

        I’d still share if it was too much for me to handle.

        1. Whoever eats there regularly must get an oversized stretched stomach.

          Then they will not get satisfied at a regular place.

          What a way to get customers for life.

          1. Lolzzz …

            That’s why Stephen is not coming these days on dot com pho I think …

  2. Ed Lau says:

    This and Katz Deli are probably the most famous places to get a sandwich.

    It never looks that gigantic on TV…

      1. Ed …. you should add Indian category as well in your food blog …

        Would love to read your review on Indian foods.

  3. Marius says:

    you can feed a small third world country with that amount of meat

    1. John is also from that world my friend … and I think China is the second largest economy now.

      Now things are changing.

  4. Will says:

    These are HUGE sandwiches.. What meat is it? I can just see layers of stuff – besides, John, the conversation gets quite disturbing from 3:09 😉

    1. Disturbing …. ????

      Lollzzz … she enjoyed it.

  5. Ron says:

    Good to see you back online! My site was hacked a few months ago… hope to read about what happened and how you overcame it so quickly (it took me a week or two!).

  6. That sandwich is huge! I’m not even sure I could fit it in my mouth to take a bite out of it! Personally, I also like a little more on my sandwiches besides just meat.

    1. The only veggies on the video are pickles. Just meat and bread is pretty plain. It also raises the need for extra drink which is likely where they make money.

      1. Last year also they were charging $3.00 for sharing and this year too …

        But I am sure many people will go their with the plan to share and pay extra $3.00

  7. Jason says:

    Yeah, that was more meat than she could handle. Shes a champ for trying though!

    1. Yes she paid for that … and if she could not finish she packed it.

      Nice move … I like it.

  8. I just lost my lunch. Thanks for the gross photo John.

  9. Disgusting! When are Americans going to learn to eat properly and sensibly? It is no wonder that so many of them are obese and it is unfortunate that the rest of the world seems to want to follow them into the abyss.

    1. krillz says:

      It’s a western illness. You start to see more and more super fat giants walking/rolling down the street here in Europe as well. It’s just that we are 20 years behind US on that front.

      Come back in 20 years and you will see a lot of fatties roaming the towns of Europe, at what size US will be then.. hard to imagine.

      1. Presumably it doesn’t matter how fat they get because they can all work from home selling each other stuff online. 😉

  10. PPC Ian says:

    That is perhaps the biggest sandwich I have ever seen. Crazy stuff!

  11. Jane Lee says:

    Hey John:

    Carnegie Deli is a tourist attraction. It’s a hot spot because it’s by th hotels and Central Park. They are a bit pricey. Charge for sharing? Hope you guys had the tums and the rolaids ready. Big heartburn.

    Katz Deli is the place place to be if you want to taste a delicious hot pastrami on rye with mustard. It’s on the lower east side the next time you are in town.

    Could not make it to the pizza party.

    1. John congratulation you got your Newyork Food guide … lollzz

  12. Interval says:

    should have a ‘vegetarians beware’ disclaimer on that image – straight grotesque!

    $3.00 for sharing??? Is there a sign posted for that? That cant be legal. I pay for the sandwich….If I want to give the leftovers to my dog (not recommended) do I have to pay for that? Sounds like an episode from Seinfeld – the SHARE-NAZI!

    I say….Charge a buck fity more for the pile and eliminate the no sharing rule!

    interval.in – take a break!

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