2010 Affiliate Summit East – Newcomer Meet Up

The Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program (formerly Affiliate Summit Mentor Program) helps connect first time attendees with Affiliate Summit veterans. Veterans volunteer their time to share their past experience ideas and information to help newcomers optimize their time at the conference. The Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program is headed up by affiliate Jen Goode.

How it works:

  • Veterans are asked to have a 15 minute call and/or email exchange leading up to the conference.
  • In return, newcomers are asked to treat their veteran volunteer to a meal at the conference.
  • As a thank you to veterans, Affiliate Summit hosts a webpage recognizing all participating veterans with a link back to their site.

The newcomer’s meet up was held last night in the room right across from the ASE blogger lounge. It was great to network with all the first time Affiliate Summit attendees and connect with some of the old ones as well.

ASE Keynote

ASE Keynote

ASE Keynote

14 thoughts on “2010 Affiliate Summit East – Newcomer Meet Up”

  1. Hey John,

    That’s a really good way to benefit for everybody. I’m glad you wrote this post because it helps people who haven’t been to such an event yet.

    Newcomer Meet up may be more valuable than the rest of the event to the newcomers I think.


    1. d3so says:

      Yea, I can see how this event breaks the ice so to speak.
      I’d feel out of place being a newcomer 😉

      1. Boy now this is what I call a nice move to the right direction.

  2. I like that subclause of taking your experienced veteran out to dinner 🙂

    1. Snowball says:

      Haha yeah that’s awesome. The question is what kind of dinner does the newcomer buy the veteran? I’d do sushi.

      1. d3so says:

        I’d be the one treating a vet to McDonald’s lol
        “Get anything you want from the dollar menu”.

        1. I feel sure that if that is all you can afford, it would be accepted with good grace by a person who has had the compassion to help you for no payment.

          1. @d3so

            Than he will finish his dinner within few minutes and you will not get the useful tips.

  3. Jason says:

    Thats a really good way for newcomers to get to know other affiliates that have been doing this for along time.

    I agree that the newcomer meet up may be the most valuable aspect of the summit for newcomers. What a great chance to work on getting connected in the industry.

    1. d3so says:

      I wouldn’t say most valuable but most essential.

      1. I’d say that most valuable makes sense. Most essential is a redundant expression.

        If something is essential it is so by nature. It cannot be less, more or most. Breathing is essential to life. Adding anything before the word essential is useless.

        There are no degrees of the essential, it just is.

        On the other hand value can and does have degrees. It may be subjective for some things but it can also be expressed in $$.

        How would you express essential in $$?

  4. This is a great example of people having respect for others and helping them to succeed for little gain – just the price of a meal. Laudable.

    1. Yes … they should add one more thing …

      By donating some amount for charity as well.

  5. Krystle says:

    That’s a great event, John. I wish I could have joined as well. How was the free meal, btw? 🙂

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