2010 Affiliate Summit East – Shoemoney Facebook Keynote

Facebook Ads Session

Shoemoney gave his much awaited presentation on Facebook today at the 2010 Affiliate Summit East in New York. Shoe came to the keynote wearing a really fruity red Adidas tracksuit. He promptly took it off after getting hit by rockets thrown by two trouble making affiliates. In addition to learning how Shoe makes hundreds of thousands per month on Facebook, all attendees got a copy of Shoe’s new limited edition DVD, Making Money with Facebook.

Shoe started by talking a bit about the history of Facebook and told the story of how he got a picture with the Facebook founder. Then he got right into the nuts and bolts of Facebook advertising and how you can make and lose thousands per day with the network. His advice was extremely eye opening. for example, he explain why copy cats who copy his Facebook campaigns can’t make any money on it.

Some of the tips I can share from the session include:

  • The ad image accounts of 70% importance of a Facebook ad.
  • The number 1 thing people noticed in an ad are boobs.
  • Ideal title has a call to action, association, Facebook feel and simple.
  • The body should have results, call to action and scarcity.
  • Facebook house CPM rate is 23 cents.
  • You always want to start with CPC ads.
  • Facebook reporting is great.
  • Facebook frequency capping sucks.
  • Don’t let your ads run when they are not getting clicked on.
  • Be patient. Facebook takes time to learn.

Win a Copy of Making Money with Facebook.

Facebook Ads Session

I picked up a few extra copies of Shoemoney’s Making Money with Facebook DVD. If you want to win it then reply to this blog post. I’ll draw the winners this Saturday at Dot Com Pho. Good luck!

Facebook Ads Session

Facebook Ads Session

Facebook Ads Session

116 thoughts on “2010 Affiliate Summit East – Shoemoney Facebook Keynote”

  1. John says:

    I have to agree..I have much better luck with ads featuring sexy women than truly relevant images.

    1. Sex always work … my dear friend.

      This is the oldest and easiest way to trap your target but after that you will grow the feeling of pimp as well.

      1. “Grow the feeling of pimp”? What the hell does that mean?

  2. Did Adidas pay him to wear it? I hope they did, because it looks, ehm, peculiar! SY

    1. d3so says:

      Yea that’s a possibility. Remember when he had that t shirt fundraiser.

      1. He could have just come back from a jog or he was going for one right after his presentation.

        And maybe he’s getting paid too.

        1. Affiliate money really change the way we look at the things … lollzz

  3. d3so says:

    Yeah I think shoe needs a wardrobe stylist lol so people were throwing “rockets” at him?!
    I wish this couldve been recorded 🙁
    I can’t wait to win that DVD though 😉

    you’re doing a great job covering ASE10

    1. Jason says:

      I agree that you are doing a good job at covering this event.

      I wonder what shoe was thinking when he was up their at the podium and seen some rockets flying at him.

      Too funny!

      1. Er, RED rag to a bull? 😉

  4. Rushan says:

    would Love to get my hands on the dvd!

  5. Ben says:

    Gotta love Shoemoney!

    Good work on the comp, John 🙂

  6. What if you are targeting women? I’m sure they can appreciate a nice set, but…

    1. John Chow says:

      Someone asked that questions. The stats don’t change with women. They like clicking on boobs too.

      1. d3so says:

        lol but of course it makes sense that women would click an ad with a woman on it rather than a guy.

        1. Why do you think that is, if it is so? Isn’t it that perhaps they want to find out how to look that way too?

        2. But what would happen if you were targetting young women and you used a picture of a really good looking guy? Would that work?

          1. Although I can’t reveal the inner workings of my psyche, I would like to think I would click on the cute guy’s picture. Although, I might click on the girl just because I could envision myself in her shoes more easily?

          2. Thanks Izzy – that makes sense.

          3. d3so says:

            I think girls would click on a girl because of the relation and a guy would click on a girl because of attraction.

          4. Bidet says:

            Yes so if you have a girl on your ad you target everyone.

      2. That’s interesting. Have you found this “stat” to be universal with all FB campaigns? I cannot disagree because my FB advertising is minimal right now, but my marketing instinct keeps slapping me in the face in denial. Thoughts?

  7. P.K.ARUN says:

    Hay Jhon, I would like to be part of this contest 🙂 Count me in…Came to know by your Twitter profile.

  8. Kris says:

    Hi John,
    I am hoping to actually make it to the next dotcom pho. I lived in Vancouver my whole life and have never had Pho.

    Remember that restaurant on Kingsway ” Pho Bich Nga”, LOL.

    1. Kris says:

      Why do people still use “Keywords” as their blog comment name. It has no effect on SEO at all. Also it keeps you from developing a relationship with the blog owners.

      Think for a minute. Would the blog owner rather be friends with “Cheap Debt Consolidation / Personal Blue Pills” or say ” John”.

      1. d3so says:

        It actually does have benefits when you reach the top commentator list. But I agree, that people should use a name to build relationship rather than SEO.

        1. Kris says:


          Good point! I never thought of that. The top commentator list do not have “no follow” tags then I guess?

          I guess on a high traffic blog like this, even the click traffic (vs SEO) is a worthwhile pursuit.

  9. Tyga Lyrics says:

    Shoemoney looks like the birdman lol google birdman bugatti and you’ll see it 🙂

    1. d3so says:

      lol yea he shouldve dressed more appropriately.

      1. He dressed athletically and perhaps dramatically. People are relaxed at live events like this.

        Would you rather have him wear a formal dress?

      2. Having given 7 suits and 30 silk ties to a charity shop after I got out of corporate life, I’d say let Shoe decide what is appropriate. You look like a very individual dresser. Would you betray your unique style just to give a presentation? I hope not. 😉

  10. Harshad says:

    What about conversions? I might get a 90% CTR on a super sexy image but will I get any conversions on it is something that counts.

    1. John Chow says:

      In that teeth whitening campaign case study, the ad with the guy converted 5% better than the ad with the girl. However, the ad with the guy cost 1000% more!

      1. Harshad says:

        OH yes, with high CTR the ad cost goes lower and hence the ROI would improve. Makes sense. Thanx John.

        1. d3so says:

          Wow, I never saw it that way. I would originally think about staying with the higher converting ad.
          I learned something new thanks!

    2. d3so says:

      That’s why you make sure your landing page delivers as well.

  11. santosh p says:

    I deserve this being a loyal reader of your blog and shoemoney’s…

    1. d3so says:

      I honestly haven’t seen you commenting here or @ shoes blog. If you’re loyal you would comment often 😉

      1. This person wants the free DVD. Comments only when there’s a chance of getting something free.

        But that’s OK.John wanted to increase the number of comments and his incentive obviously works.

  12. Jason says:

    I would like to learn how shoe is leveraging Facebook to make a profit!

    I bet the reason he said that people who copy his ad cannot make any money with it is because they don’t understand the underlying strategy that shoe follows.

    1. d3so says:

      I think that facebook also has a system that detects copied ads.

  13. browie says:

    You can just send me the DVD because I’m lucky.

    Good stuff. I know FB is basically golden for local leads.

  14. Chris S. says:

    Would love to get my hands on that DVD!

  15. Ricardo says:

    LMAO with the rockets but the Adidas suit rocks … ok I want the DVD

    1. d3so says:

      I don’t think it looks good on shoe though.

  16. That DVD is pretty sweet I bet

  17. Ben says:

    Love to get my hands on the DVD…. And it would be helping a fellow Canadian 🙂

  18. Rison Simon says:

    So facebook can be a game changer! Thanks for sharing this with us John.

    Also, hope to win that DVD.

  19. Wess Stewart says:

    I never had any luck with Facebook ads at all. I ended up paying per click, getting 0 clicks, 0 impressions and STILL got charged.

    I haven’t run a campaign on there since.

    1. d3so says:

      I don’t see how you can get charged if you received no clicks and impressions. The logic is missing.

  20. hackcorp says:

    Are you going to upload the full session this time? 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      No, I didn’t tape it.

      1. hackcorp says:

        🙁 somebody did though 😉

  21. I just start my facebook ads last month and wish i could get this DVD copy.

  22. Eric Bisson says:

    I knew I should have come to the summit this year… 🙁
    This presentation should have been really interesting.

  23. Earl says:

    Wow great article, and the math does make sense with better pics. Funny how everyone loves boobs though too.

    1. d3so says:

      Yeah, even the ladies love em’ oh boy.

  24. Earl says:

    Hahaha for a minute I thought the pic you posted after the video were the two empty seats because you ran away after the attack. Then I realized it was the seats behind you guys.

    1. Nik says:

      I thought so too!

      John, you’re missing the heat wave here in Vancouver – but I would love to be in New York right now. Hope you’re having fun!

  25. The impact of an image in any successful ad campaign is a thing that anyone can understand but the images must be relevant. I am also curious about what is hidden inside DVD.

  26. Chris B says:

    The Shoe is the king of FB. I’d love to get my grubby hands on a copy of his DVD and learn some of those secrets!

  27. PPC Ian says:

    Awesome post! Looks like a great keynote. I’d love to be entered to win one of your extra copies of Shoe’s DVD.
    All the best,

    1. Dino Vedo says:

      Let’s win again Ian! see if we can get lucky twice! haha

    2. I’d like that DVD too John.

      Can you give away more than just one copy?

      How abut 3? The draw would be more suspenseful and more interesting that way too.

      1. d3so says:

        Yeah, I think John has more than one copy. I hope I get one as well.

  28. Dino Vedo says:

    Might attend the next one that they have but New York is a bit far!

    Are there going to be any in Chicago!?

    1. Jason says:

      I would go to if it was in Chicago!

      Maybe I’ll go next year! It would be wise to purchase the tickets early on to avoid the price increase.

  29. james parker says:

    I want to know too about content of dvd

  30. I bought an ebook about advertising on Facebook some months ago and sure enough the writer made the same recommendation to use a pretty female face etc in virtually any ad because both men and women are more likely to click on it.

    I have to admit though, that I did not go any further with it, probably because I regard facebook as “The Great Time Waster”. Perhaps I should think again.

    1. d3so says:

      Just stay away from your profile and spend time on facebook ads.

  31. S Ahsan says:

    I was really excited about the video but brrrr, its the 30 sec shooting rocket at Shoe (old school trick). I purchased the tix but couldnt make it for some reason. 🙁 Do you have anymore videos from the summit John?

  32. Allen says:


    Nice summary of the best session of the show!

    And cool contest with the DVDs. We produced them for Shoe, they contain really good info right from his $500 product, so the winners of your contest are going to get something really special.


    1. d3so says:

      Knowing that makes me want it even more.

  33. “wearing a really fruity red Adidas tracksuit.”
    This made me laugh so much. Its good to see the love between friends. 🙂

  34. With a good pair of boobs you can sell anything.
    I hope I’ll get a copy of the Facebook DVD.


  35. Lol – too bad you guys didn’t have better aim.

    You should’ve passed out footballs to the entire audience and had them throw it.

    I would’ve liked to have seen that keynote – it seems like it was pretty solid.

    1. d3so says:

      That would’ve been a sight to see the entire audience rocket shoe to death lol.

  36. santel says:

    I guess the presentation would be an interesting one. I am far away from the blogger lands but I like blogging. I hope I could win this DVD, John !

  37. Sonny says:

    I’d like to win the DVD.

    Seems like the cheaper ad is the way to go with only 5% less in conversions.

  38. He was so focused on his talk that he didn’t bother to look at who was through stuff at him.

  39. krillz says:

    AH come on, that track suit was dope, you should buy a pink one and start a track suit affiliate gang together.

    That could totally revolutionize the industry.

    May the best man win!

  40. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi, I missed the SM presentation, would be good if I am able to lay my hands on the DVD.

  41. Rob Dobratz says:

    Great update from the show. Would love to win a copy of the DVD!

  42. Erik M. says:

    Shoe looked like a big red popsicle. But hell he makes more than me so he can wear whatever he wants. LOL

  43. Dean Saliba says:

    Shoe’s face when he got hit with those rockets was absolutely brillient! 😛

  44. Chris says:

    Your Pics are great! Hilarious and a telling message on what to test first…your images. Also great information on on market demographics that can be used in other areas as well.
    To Success!

  45. jeff says:

    Would love to win a copy. Met you at the vacant clickbank booth.

  46. Hey John,

    Nice chatting with you at breakfast.

    The rockets were pretty funny.

    Hope you have/had a safe trip home.

    The Guy that waited 3 years to talk to you!

  47. Azam says:

    Gobala Krishnan was there too? Nice…

  48. Heck yea I want to win the DVD, I’m only good at losing money with FB ads.

  49. Krystle says:

    “The number 1 thing people noticed in an ad are boobs.”

    – Really? Lol. And the pie chart is telling the truth, y’all.

  50. Carrie L says:

    Did you talk to Shoe later to see what he thought about the footballs?
    Would love to win that DVD!

  51. Kyle says:

    I’d love to win a copy! It’d be interesting to learn what works and what doesn’t from Shoe himself.

  52. Bidet says:

    Looked like a great lecture with a lot of info. Hope I can win an extra copy of the dvd.

  53. Fiona says:

    I would absolutely love a copy, Shoe is the man!

  54. Tommy says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  55. Ivan says:

    Yes, good looking woman definitely sells better.

  56. shawn says:

    i need to stop working for the MAN. I need to work for me…need the flexibility to have more time with my kids.

  57. Hi John, hope to win! Sounds like great info. What the heck is up with the affiliates throwing stuff at Shoemoney? I don’t get it! The Adidas tracksuit was pretty cute…

    1. d3so says:

      Did you watch the video? John was pulling a prank on shoe. 😉

      1. Watch the video and let me tell you that John simply love throwing rockets.

        This is second time when Jeremy ATTACKED by John. … lolzz

  58. Hey John,

    I would like to win that Shoemoney DVD!


    Nicholas Chase http://www.twitter.com/nachase

  59. It was nice meeting you on ASE. Oh and can I win a copy of DVD? 🙂

  60. Bruce Serven says:

    Hi John,

    I would like to take you up on the opportunity for the give away. Sounds like a very interesting program with some useful tidbits in it.

    I’ve done a few ad campaigns on Facebook myself and it is definitely a learning curve. I’ve also found that I get a better ROI with my FB ads than I do with the same ads on Google (nothing against Google, that’s just been my experience with a few different products advertised). I’m running some ads right now targeting 1.4 million FB users in Metro Detroit and am tweaking the ad to try to get a better CTR. It’d be awesome to pick up some tips from the Shoemoney system that you are giving away. Maybe I could learn something there?

    Anyways, thank you for the opportunity.

  61. Since I didn’t make it out to ASE in NYC this year, I guess I better drop my name in the hat for the DVD.

  62. Jaja says:

    Well that was fun… of course, A picture is worth a thousand words.. Who cares about the body content especially when it’s limited to a 150 text (i think)? Anyway, I’m guessing why Shoe’s copycats fail all the time is because they don’t even know Shoemaker’s plans on the campaign! The heck — they only care about profit! 😀 I do wish Facebook would allow publishers soon 😀 That would make bloggers a truck load of cash!

  63. Vlad says:

    That’s a lot of great info on FB ads.

  64. Mark Chauvin says:

    I hope I win. I really like Shoe!

  65. John leavitt says:

    For all the talk of “new media” over the last decade and a half, the realities are finally sinking in. A lot of what works in print, on television, etc. works online. It is nice to see some concrete data on this, even if the end result is, sigh, we need more boobs in our ads.

  66. Raghu says:

    I used Facebook ads couple of times, but not many of my readers were using Facebook then. Now, its a different story. Would love to have a copy.

  67. Jeremy was aware that this is only you who can do this.

  68. Dan Lew says:

    It is unfortunate we didn’t get to see the red toe nails as we saw on his facebook page?

  69. Michael says:

    Of course! Put a photo of a hot chick and you’ll get huge views!

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