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Why No One Should Rank #1 On Google

Matt Cutts of Google says he wants to ‘level the playing field’. Well here’s a way they could do that with no one getting hurt. Google is constantly amending their search algorithms in a bid to make the results more and more relevant – in theory anyway. In fact, these changes have been so frequent and powerful lately, that Cutts […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile

The blogosphere is growing every day, but I believe change is something we should all embrace at one point or the other. One major change that needs to be embraced in the blogosphere right now is the need to start putting more effort into optimizing our blog for mobile users; the internet is experiencing a huge shift from traditional browsing […]

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Vote for My Sessions At Affiliate Summit East 2012

Affiliate Summit East happens in New York City from August 12 to 14 and I’m scheduled to speak at two panel sessions. The first panel is on the power of branding and blogging with me, Zac Johnson, and John Rampton. Case studies and break downs of how to build a business through blogging and branding. The beginning phases, content management […]

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The Hidden Gem In Blogging

While there are hundreds of crafty ways to monetize your blog, the SINGLE greatest monetization method I’ve found is through strategic relationship building. In the past two years I have made well over a million dollars through the strategic partnerships that have come from my direct response marketing blog, Here’s how I fell into the world of blogging. A […]

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