2016 MOBE Platinum Mastermind Fiji

The 2016 MOBE Platinum Mastermind opened at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort and Spa with keynotes and presentations by Matt Lloyd, Richard Watson, Russel Whitney and others.

The theme of the mastermind is wealth, marketing, and personal development. Nearly 100 attendees from all over the world flew to Fiji to attend the mastermind. It was great to meet all the new faces and connect with old friends, like Shaqir Hussyin (who will be hosting his Traffic Millionaire Summit 3.0 next month in London, UK) and Adeline Sugianto, who graciously modeled my book.


The Platinum Mastermind will be going until March 27. While of the most of the event will be held at the Shangri-La conference room, we will be taking some time off for activities and water sports.

I have taken over 100 photos so far from the mastermind and uploaded the good ones to my Facebook photo album. I’ll be adding more photos as the event goes on. Feel free to tag yourself if you see yourself.


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2 thoughts on “2016 MOBE Platinum Mastermind Fiji”

  1. MotorBeam says:

    MOBE is expanding fast.

  2. fav says:

    yes they are. wish they’d offer alternative currencies like Bitcoin too…

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