25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging

My good friend and fellow blogger, Douglas Karr has published a new eBook call 25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging. It’s a long title for sure. But, from a SEO standpoint, it is quite brilliant. Doug’s new eBook talks about the best SEO practices for blogs and why business must get into blogging.

Regular price for 25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging is $99.00. However, to kick things off with a bang and to generate some buzz, Douglas and Bryan (co-author) is putting the eBook on sale for only $9.99 for the first 10,000 copies.

Who Is Douglas Karr?

FirefoxScreenSnapz002Douglas Karr is the President and CEO of DK New Media, LLC, an online marketing firm specializing in assisting medium to large businesses leverage search, blogging and social media to improve business results. Douglas also founded and is the key blogger at The Marketing Technology Blog, consistently named as one of the Top Marketing and Social Media Blogs on the web for several years. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his two children, William and Katherine. Basically, he’s an all around nice guy. He’s also the guy with the longest “Where to find me online” list that I’ve ever seen.

Extremely Refreshing Sales Page

The first thing that stuck me about 25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging is the sales page. It’s not a mile long and doesn’t have flashing lights or sounds or promises of making you a millionaire by noon tomorrow. This is because the book is geared toward businesses looking to add blogging as another way to communicate with their customers. However, the book is also great for bloggers trying to optimize their blogs for more search engine traffic.

25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging is 80 pages long and filled with sound and practical advice that is sure to increase your Google traffic. Even seasoned SEO professionals will find new information here. Also very helpful are links to some really cool tools that Douglas use for his blog and SEO consulting business.

The information in 25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging is worth far more than the measly $9.99 Douglas is asking for it. I’ve already came away with a bunch of ideas, like setting up a Bing webmaster account and using SEOPivot to reignite old content, that I know will increase my search engine traffic. I really think Doug should charge the full $99 for this book. I know the take away I got from it will be worth thousands of dollars. Go get your copy of 25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging before Douglas reads this post and increases the price.

25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging

62 thoughts on “25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging”

  1. bisaani says:

    I think With consistent efforts an regualar backlinks it can be achieved but surely if johnchow is recommending it than surely it can create wonder i will definetly bag this copy for my blog about Make Money Online Fast.

    1. Let’s face it, the search engine algoritms thrive on links, and links are the single most important aspect of effective SEO. The last couple of % that will give you the edge, especially in hotly contested niches, is what this offering is all about.

  2. Hey John,

    I never really heard people using the two examples you have given (SEO Pivot and Bing Webmaster) for SEO. So, I’ll probably try it…

    NB: I checked out the sales page…just wondering why do they us the black background and white text…? Just makes the page looks cheap and dodgy…(just my personal opinion though…)

    1. John Chow says:

      I thought the black background and white text was pretty old as well. Haven’t seen that since 1999.

      1. May be he want to give more emphasis on his text written on his page.

        This is the text – “It’s not all black and white!”

        But however I must say he should use some happy or sweet colour.

      2. I liked the black bg and white text …

    2. Douglas Karr says:


      Thanks for that feedback! The last thing I want to do is look cheap and dodgy – I’m not much of a designer but I’ll get to work on that!


  3. I love the sales page, so refreshing and easy on the eyes, I am tired and majorly put off by kilometer long sales pitch pages. This sales page sells! SY

    1. Yves Lanot says:

      ya I hate long sales pages as well. Its like when I read the first couple paragraphs and bullet points I’m ready and excited but then I have to scroll like 10 more pages which sometimes turns me off

  4. LetUpdate says:

    It seems an interesting ebook for bloger like me. 😀

    I will check it!

  5. Sam says:

    I’ve bought it to see what’s about.
    If someone can’t spend 10$ on a ebook, he/her better get out of this business 🙂

    1. aansa says:

      It is not matter of spending $10 on an ebook, it is matter of how you spend the money even a single dollar when you are running a business.

  6. That dude is a Goof .
    How much is a post now ? People that have blogs with
    their Alexa in the millions shouldn’t be selling books but
    blogging.I remember when he was a plugin GURU
    oh well at least Sam bought one 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s a sale page, not a blog and it’s brand new so doh! Of course it has an Alexa in the million, Doug’s blog, http://marketingtechblog.com, has an Alexa of 55K and is ranked 38 in the Ad Age Power 150 list. Not that these ranking actually mean much. 🙂

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        The most important is what are the information within the ebook. I’ve been buying and reading a lot of ebook now, and feel like the method look same… just hope this method is different from the other one I bought. I’ll probably give it a try, especially for this attractive price!

        1. EarningStep says:

          100% agree .. the quality is better than number.. i will go with ebook with million of useful information than ebook with nothing to learn. and sure this is one of ebook with useful information

    2. Remember that Alexa is a 3 month avg. If that page is only a week old, his actual traffic is probably 12-16 times what his alexa rank is showing. Plus, if you do a search in the archives, John actually wrote an article about why Alexa is useless (although I somewhat disagree, he does have a point).

      1. Bradley says:

        lol alexa is useless.
        i have a website ranking #1 for two word phrase, bringing in over 2k/uv/day, with 5k/pageviews/day- and alexa thinks i only get 100 hits a day lol.

    3. Douglas Karr says:


      As John explains – that’s just a landing page that I’ve put up strategically for search engine placement. My blog does quite well. Hope you pick up the e-Book, I guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied!


    4. Sam says:

      Well for 10 bucks it worth a try. I’ve already got back those 10$ using the internet 🙂

      If it’s worthy I may make a review on my blog.

      1. If you do, get some affiliate link hookups!

        1. Sam says:

          Now that’s for sure 😀 I may wait and get the price raise, so I can sell it for 99$!
          (Evil face here)
          That’s what an internet marketer would do.

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            You can’t resell it unless you have the resell rights,,, but you can become an affiliate if they offer an affiliate program.

  7. jason says:

    I like that stuff of step by step guide,I will check it.

  8. Nathan says:

    Well, it’s worth investing I think. ^-^

  9. I like step be step guides, and this one sounds to be really useful

  10. The header of order page is eye catching. Price is affordable as well. Must be good for new commers.

    1. Douglas Karr says:


      We’ve worked with over 400 companies with these methods so they’ll work for beginners and advanced alike.


      1. Thanks Karr for quick reply. I really like the site outlook. is it any word press theme?

  11. I like that stuff of step by step guide,I will check it.

  12. Justin says:

    I’ve been working permanently online for about a year and a half now so have a little bit of experience and am usually sceptical about paying for certain ebooks.

    Thought I’d take a chance on this one and just bought it. Have skimmed through it quickly and I have to say, there’s some stuff in this one that will help anybody.

    Price is absolute peanuts compared to the knowledge shared in this book.

    I’m happy, gonna grab some coffee and get stuck into it further! 🙂

    1. Hopefully by the time I get home where I can order this, there will be some $9.99 copies left!

    2. Make Money says:

      i used to avoid most MMO ebooks like the plauge too, but recently started buying up anything that looks like it might have a new idea in it.
      The key is to just take them up on their refund offer if you don’t feel like you got anything out of it.

      I have refunded heaps of ebooks, I don’t care what the authors think. My philosophy is simple. If I think I get value out of it. I will happy pay for it to gain a new idea. But if I get no value out of it. Its a simple email to get the refund.

      I also keep an MS Onenote file open, and write notes on any good ones, so I can go back and skim later.

      1. Teen money says:

        It is not always easy to get a refund. We must be some kind of opinion makers to pressure them to issue refund. I tried it without any luck. I bought one ebook that promised me the heaven and I failed even to find hell in it. I wanted my refund and till date I did not receive.

    3. Teen money says:

      Thanks for the information Justin. I was looking for some first hand information from a person. It does help learning our money is safe.
      By now the price is increased to 19.99 and suddenly became costly

  13. The sales page is really impressive actually. I think the white on black was meant to increase the drama of “it’s not all black and white.” Just a guess… I’ve read a ton about using SEO for a strong title, which I assume has more weight in a search engine than regular text; however, I haven’t read a whole ton about SEO in the body of the post. I’m hoping to get a lot from this!

  14. If he is such an old player than I am sure he have good stock of suggestions and practical experience as well.

    I know in SEO things change quite fast but there are few secrets and thumb rules which are always at there.

    1. This is the kinda ebook i was looking for, as i need to fix up certain SEO thing on my blog. Hope it will help me out.

  15. free says:

    how do you get started with e-books ?i think i wanna head that way.

  16. Yves Lanot says:

    10 bucks for a good seo ebook isn’t bad at all. It is an investment to your business

  17. The shortest and simple sales page i ever seen…don’t seem to be overselling…..

  18. EarningStep says:

    honestly i love the landing page but not the black background with white text…. lol

  19. Wow, Douglas is everywhere on the internet. That must have taken a lot of signing up to all the different social network. Way to go!

  20. fas says:

    You cant expect a sales page to be alexa sub 10000

  21. blues says:

    I am going to try his ebook, wish i could get that one free like you 🙂

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      well $10 is not “free” but the price is so low that we shouldn’t wait to grab our copy before the price goes up…

  22. James Paden says:

    I got a copy of Doug’s e-book at the Blog Indiana conference. It’s an easy read and full of great tips, even for a long-time SEO-hack like me. Highly recommend! Kudos to John Chow for reviewing it.

  23. Very nice posts John, I will take a look at this unique ebook.

    Thanks for sharing

  24. Bibokz says:

    SEO is dying… as what Shoemoney has said. But totally disagree with that fuzz. SEO will live forever as long as there’s search engines. We just need to adapt on constant changes.

    1. Make Money says:

      I agree, in the short term anyway. Who knows how will be browsing and finding things in 10 years time though.

  25. Adam Small says:

    Doug’s e-book is well worth the money. Easy to read and broken down into easy to digest pieces.

  26. videostar says:

    I absolutely share the idea that time passes quickly and we must adapt on the constant changes it brings.

  27. $ 10 lowest price for this book…..

  28. Douglas Karr says:


    Thanks for all the traffic! We’ve sold all we can at $9.99 and are now moving the special to $19.99. Based on the reaction of many professionals in the industry, our regular price will now be $299!

    Hope your visitors can get it while it’s hot!

    1. No You have not sold 10000 copies, and still raise the prize, this marketing strategy is out of my mind. catch you, you have not received a total traffic of 10000 visitor ( if everyone is buying a copy of your ebook)

    2. Teen money says:

      I would have liked to bag it for the promotional price.9.99. I was very much interested to buy it till I saw the price. Well it is good to sell more with less price than selling less books with a high margin.

  29. At least the sales page looks ok 🙂

  30. SonyaSunny says:

    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
    Thank you

  31. The sales page needs some serious freshening up! The Bing Webmaster trick and the SEOPivot report are both new tricks to me, and on those grounds I feel that spending $10 is OK.

  32. Teen money says:

    Well, when John is recommending an ebook it certainly would be a good book. When it comes to Search engine optimization and help it is always welcome. Even seasoned players are looking for help. From whatever little I know about john he comes across as a genuine person and when he reviews a product he does it genuinely. I would certainly go for the product.

  33. Blogging says:

    From a SEO perspective the title is completely useless, as absolutely is searching for this ;-( SY

  34. Money-Era says:

    Could anyone provide a more detailed opinion on a book? One or two sentences are not enough. Thanks Jacques for at least pointing two things you learnt. @How to make money with a blog: how can you prove your point that he has not sold what he wanted?

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