3 Core Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Powerful

Email marketing is the best sales driver.

By far, communicating with loyal subscribers through email will produce tremendous results than facebook and twitter engagements combined.

If you want to increase your bottom line and grow your online business, you need to get started with EM.

Many online entrepreneurs are still on the fence. They think their prospects are within their reach and can easily find them. But that’s not true. Even if you’re providing your service locally, you still need to integrate emails into your mix – it’ll make a whole lot of difference.

Having considered the impact of engaging prospects and customers through emails, I’ve nailed down the seemingly uncountable reasons into three.

Yes, feel free to give your opinion at the end of this post – I’ll be waiting for your useful comment. Here are the 3 core reasons to do email marketing:

1.   Personality

A lot of arguments on the importance of personality have been going on, as regards to enhancing your brand image online.

But did you know that your potential customers are eagerly searching to know you personally? I mean, they’re tired of reading those sales pages, hyped-up video sales letters and they want something better. A personal touch is where marketing is heading to. You can achieve that through email marketing.

79% of your email subscribers are also on 5 – 10 different email lists? How do you differentiate yourself and get your emails read? That’s why personality is the core reason for using email marketing because you can achieve that.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter where distraction is at its peak, you can gradually infuse personality into your email letters, broadcasts emails, send out surveys that are personal and get all the feedback you require.

If you don’t have enough money to buy email autoresponder now, you can enjoy Getresponse Free for 30 Days. I highly recommend GR, because of their powerful platform.

2.   Rich Analytics


Can you really track how far you’re going with Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing? I doubt it. The truth is that you can leverage emails to get a richer analytics on the right business metrics.

Such metrics that would affect your business growth through emails include: click through rate, list growth, open rate, unsubscribes and complaints. More importantly, you can use retargeting to further understand your subscribers even if they didn’t purchase your product at the first glance.

Just like Google Analytics that helps you track the most vital metrics in your business, you need to also get a richer overview of what is going on while dealing with your target audience. This is what email marketing can give you. If you’re not involved yet, get started today.

3.   Conversion

According to a recent study by Blue Kangaroo (source), 70% of email subscribers have used discounts and coupon codes they received from emails to shop online. What does this tell you? Simple: email is the top rated platform that can increase your conversion rate.

A rule of thumb when sending prospects to your website: don’t send leads directly to your sales page or affiliate link, instead send to your landing page to capture their email address – then start engaging them via your autoresponder follow-up emails.

Are you an affiliate marketer, a consultant, a freelancer or salesperson, you can persuade your list members to purchase through you, because you’ve earned their trust. Try Getresponse Free for 30 Days.

Email marketing takeaway

Did you also know that mobile marketing has become the ultimate medium to reach your target audience? Experian Q3 Study revealed that 50% of all unique opens and 40% unique clicks on your email takes place on the mobile devices.

There you have it, the 3 core reasons why email marketing should be your absolute priority. As usual, leave a comment below and let the awesome community learn from you. You’re the best!

8 thoughts on “3 Core Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Powerful”

  1. Thought provoking as usual, Mike.

    EM marketing has come to stay and anyone who really doesn’t give a hoot must be incurably ignorant or else, simply isn’t ready for success yet. The advantages are overwhelming (with the only ‘disadvantage’) being the service cost per month premium providers charge.

    Make the day nice!


  2. Hi Michael,

    All are powerful reasons. The note about personality resonates strongly with me.

    By being you, and sharing your story, your subscribers can grow to know, like and trust you. By trying to be someone else you simply turn off most folks. It’s that simple, and that direct.

    Be you through your emails. Tell your story. People want to vibe with your personality, because your personality makes you, you. Share your experiences. Paint each newsletter or autoresponder update with your take.

    I blog all about my world travels. Today I met a Fijian woman named Olivia in her village, in Naginagi, Fiji. I saw the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever witnessed in person, after circling the globe for 40 months straight, in Naginagi.

    Nobody can re-create that story or tell it like me so you better believe I’ll be turning that experience into a post soon, or at least I’ll work the story into a post.

    Thanks for the smart share Michael.

    Tweeting in a bit.


  3. Enstine Muki says:

    One of the things I noticed is that people don’t just signup because you have a shiny lead capture page. Mot of those who signup just to grab that free stuff end up jumping off through the unsubscrie link.

    Personality is what keeps your subscribers

  4. James Thurn says:


    Your first sentence explains it all, “Email marketing is the best sales driver.”

    It’s funny because beginners tend to skip capturing emails. It took me months before I fully grasped the whole idea. Now, my email lists grow every day.

    With a few clicks, I can connect with thousands of subscribers, all who have a sense of who I am. I agree with Enstine about how your personality keeps your subscribers.

    People like to buy things from people they like. It’s really that simple.


  5. I think replying via e-mail has jest become the in thing. Having people on your mailing list clearly want to be there and if they contact you, then you should most definitely interact back. Not only will they feel as if you’re interested in what they have to say, but your personality will no doubt come through in that e-mail. It’s quick, it’s easy and you have time to think about what you want to write, unlike called calling which could lead anywhere!

  6. Caleb says:

    Another thing about you email marketing is that you no longer have to rely on Google or other search engines for traffic because your email list of subscribers becomes your own personal source of traffic.

    also because of the same reason I just mentioned, you are no longer in a competition race with other marketers because with your emaillist it’s only you and your own personal traffic sources that you personally control.

  7. regina says:

    Hi,Thanks for sharing such a information.keep on share a information like this

  8. John Adams says:

    Great article Michael,

    Long term success is indeed with list building. The much-said old saying of the money is in the list is one of the REAL true statements on the internet, but In truth, long term success is almost impossible without the help of owning a list.

    As a website owner and business coach, the biggest problem I see (and hear daily), is how to “actually” get started with list building.

    It’s okay to tell people they need a list, because they do, but not enough is explained to people (especially beginners), on how to get started.

    And telling people to buy the traffic is simply outside the realms, and comfort zone of the typical website owner – its simply to scary!

    It’s okay to buy and drive traffic once you have an understanding of it’s power (and the money to do it), but in the beginning the only real way to get decent traffic is to make that website work hard.

    What that really means is hitting the search engines BIG time, and getting your website (and web pages) to the top of the results page for every keyword you can.

    It’s how Mr John Crow started, and we know what success that has led him to! ;-]

    It’s all about belief, perseverance, adding content (constantly), and giving the viewers something that they feel is going to help them. When you do, the viewer will go the extra yard for you and join your list.

    In return the big 3 search engines see the good response and give you higher rankings, which in turn drives MORE traffic, giving you more sign-up’s, which gives you MORE people on your list…

    And you finally have the power of a list.

    Which ALWAYS leads to more revenue, more confidence, more success, more respect, and puts you in a comfortable spot to start to buy traffic, and that is when you really understand the awesome power of a list!

    A website needs viewers
    A website owner needs revenue

    The answer to both is by building a list.

    John Adams

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