3 Fail-Proof Ways To Earn More From Your Email List

Just for a moment imagine you’ve access to 100k email list.

And the subscribers are active and have a lot of money to spend. What would you do to get a slice of that profit?

That’s a million dollar question. Isn’t it?

Email marketing has come a long way – and smart bloggers have embraced it.

But the question to ask is how many bloggers TRULY earn from their list members?

“The money is in the list.” Don’t forget that a lot of business owners have read this phrase and it’s almost become a cliché.

I don’t even like to see it anymore… used it for emphasis only.

Let’s not get in all mixed up, because there is more to building a list. That’s the first equation; the second equation is getting benefits from the list members.

I’ve had a fair share of success with my list, and so I want to show you the 3 fail-proof ways to earn more from your own list. Let’s go…

1.   Invite 10 – 50 subscribers to come onboard

Come onboard for what? Well, to help you with your upcoming project. An email list is like a storehouse, where several items are kept.

You may not sell directly to your subscribers, but you could use their knowledge to create a valuable product or post.

The concept of using subscribers’ brain isn’t new. In fact, several bloggers like Danny Iny, Darren Rowse and a host of other pro bloggers have used it. It works.

You just need to send out an email newsletter to your list, informing them that you need 10, 20 or 50 active persons to lend you their support. However, they need to act fast before you close the door.

I can assure you that more than 10 persons would gladly volunteer to help, especially if you’ve been of great help to them.

It’s time to get a reward for your love towards them. Get a sizable number of your subscribers involved in your project. This is one UNIQUE way to earn more… I think it’s worth more than $1,000+ in product sales…

2.   Ask open-ended question    open-end question mark

When you’re about creating a particular product or content and you experience writer’s bock, you could ask your email subscribers to support you.

How? Just ask an open ended question and you’ll get a handful of ideas to run with.

There are basically two types of questions people ask.

Whether you realize it or not, one is not better than the other, but their individual roles are different.

Let’s give an example. Let’s assume that you want to write an e-book on “SEO strategies.”

When you seek for help from your list, don’t limit people to the answers they can give. In other words, throw the ball into their courts and let them do whatever they want with it.

You could ask, “How do you research keywords?” Did you observe how open this question is? I didn’t ask how they research long-tail keywords or which tools they use. This strategy is what I used on my keurig b60 reviews blog where I educate buyers – open ended question works.

Your aim is to get your list members talking.

The answers you’ll get will be pure gold because you’re going to see new keyword tools, research techniques you never would have imagined and so on. And the last way to earn more from your email list is to…

3.   Recommend a recurring affiliate program

I’m not saying you should sell your readers any affiliate product, because that’s not your duty as an affiliate marketer. Oops, did I just say that?

I’ve said it several times that the role of an affiliate is to presell, recommend and stand in the gap between the product owner and the ideal customer.

The truth is that prospects don’t like to be pushed into buying any product, no matter the value it’d bring.

They want to make buying decisions based on their emotions, and justify it with logic. That’s what copywriters do – speaking to their emotions and using benefits to captivate them.

And if you actually recommend a product that’s been helpful to you, subscribers would love you more, believe and trust you with their hard earned money. Is it really hard?

Of course, making money is good, but don’t make it seem as though your life depends on the commissions you’d earn.

Position yourself as a solution provider, not as a blogger per se and more money will flow into your bank account.

In order to minimize your hard work, you need a source of passive income. The way to get it is by promoting recurring affiliate offers like autoresponders, web hosting, social media tools, blog backup services et al.

Take charge of your list

To clarify what I said earlier, the money is never in the list, but in the communication, trust and influence you’ve built over time with your list.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you to collect leads and start bombarding them with premium offers.

Take your time to build a responsive email list and you’ll never again worry about Google Panda, Penguin, EMDs and maybe the tiger updates…

Do your list members actually know and trust you? Please be honest – share your opinion in the comment box below. See you at the top!

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