3 Reasons To Quit Your Day Job And Start Blogging

Do you still enjoy working at your 9-5 job?

I had more than 20 reasons to quit my job in 2005, but I waited until mid 2006.

It wasn’t easy for me at the time, but it was the best decision I made.

Being an employee offered some benefits in the past, but all that no longer holds in today’s world.

During the industrial age, people who had Landed Properties were in command of wealth. But today, a significant change has come.

In this information age, you can command attention and build a profitable business online. Of course, you should be ready to invest eons of time and act accordingly.

Blogging is a business tool

In a brick and mortar business, a good office apartment and packaging can define how potential customers and competitors perceive your brand. Blogging itself is not a business, but you can situate your business around the blog.

A blog has the potential to drive target audience to your service. The last time I emailed my subscribers, I discovered that 54% of them don’t even have a blog.

More than 85% of them have corporate websites or ecommerce sites. And this got me thinking – why do these people talk about blogging, but don’t have a blog of their own?

Well, I guess I’d have to write a fresh blog post to address that question. For now, let’s look at the 3 reasons why you should quit your 9-5 job and start blogging. Are you ready?

1.      You’re the boss

As the CEO (chief executive officer) of your business, you can make decisions to grow your business. No matter your position in a firm, you’re bound to obey protocols and carry out instructions. If you’ve met me in person, you’d attest to the fact that I’m humble.

I’ve worked with an IT firm for 5 straight years before starting my business. It’s easier than you think to start a blog. All you need is a vision and the might to pursue it.

Most people fail at blogging because they’ve no goal. They’re just chasing the wind. Being the boss who makes decision and signs the documents for your business gives you an edge over your peers.

It means you can connect and convince potential customers. Yes, becoming a BOSS takes a lot of time – you must build it to earn it. But you must start today with a blog.

2.      You could double or even triple your paycheck   increase your blogging paycheck

When I finally quit my job in 2006, it was as if a pipe of cash was opened to me.

In the first 5 months, I doubled my income.

Maybe I was lucky, but luck only comes to those who work hard and smart.

I worked 6 hours every day. I built niche sites in various niches, but mostly in the health niche.

I had a huge success with niche sites. As a result of that, I started a content marketing blog to share my experiences with others.

And it dawned on me that all these wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t quit my day job. You may argue that some people hold a day job, and still do well online.

But have you inquired from them yet? Do you think they’re enjoying the lifestyle they purposed?

You can’t control how much you earn as an employee, but with a blog, you could. Blogging takes hard work to bring results, which makes it fantastic. Rather than working hard on someone else’s business, why not work hard on your blog? And consequently grow your business.

3.      Blogging makes you an expert

The benefits attached to blogging go beyond making money. You could become an expert if you work hard and smart. By this, I mean you should use social media and search engine marketing to your advantage. Position your brand where the right audience can find it.

As an employee who wants to change the world in a positive way, becoming an expert in your chosen field is vital.

Since I started blogging, I’ve been featured on media sites, online and offline magazines and business blogs. Although I’m yet to land a book deal or speaking engagement, but I’m confident it’d happen sooner or later.

When you combine blogging and guest blogging, you can earn the status of an industry expert. The way to gain traction in this competitive world is to have a VOICE. An employee doesn’t necessarily have a voice, but a newbie blogger does. Want to live the internet lifestyle, visit content blog.

Over to you

Are you afraid to quit your job and start a blog? If you’re waiting for the right time, when is that time? How do we recognize the time? Please share your comment below. See you ahead!

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24 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Quit Your Day Job And Start Blogging”

  1. Glen says:

    Hi tried this a few years ago, but only for a few months. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time. I was very productive I made lots of full “thick” sites, but my main problem was no one was interested in what I was writing…. when I was starting out I forgot to find out what people would search for… instead I just wrote about things that interested me. seems I dont have very popular interests!

    1. Martijn says:

      That sounds very familiar 🙂

    2. I know some people who weren’t patient enough to wait and see how things will work out. We all know that things don’t happen overnight. To others it can happen in a few months and to the rest it can happen longer.

      We just need to believe in what we can do. Read a lot of blogs. Ask help from the other bloggers.

      Good luck!

  2. Mikka says:

    Man I cannot wait to quit my job!
    This is my number one goal: set up a business working part time (or better part night lol) allowing me to leave the rat race and become FREEEEEEE!!!

    But of course it takes a lot of time and effort! You need to learn a lot of new skills, from personal skills like how to be more productive, how to manage your time, how to set goals and stay focused, to more professional skills which in my case is internet marketing. How to set up your site, drive traffic, get known and build a relationship with your leads and so on…

    A lot to do but once you know that there is another way in life then working like a slave for 40 years and to then “enjoy” your retirement, you become simply unemployable!

    That’s what I became in the past few months! The “problem” is that I’m still employed…..but be sure that this won’t last!

    Thanx a lot for your post Michael, you motivate me to focus even harder on my goals 😉


  3. Joe Scandale says:

    I gave my notice at work on Monday, I have two weeks left at work. After which I will be focusing on building my business around my blog. So this post was perfectly timed for me.

    I already see how working a day job can interfere with building a business around your blog, I am actually at work on break right now.

    This post was helpful for me since i am new to blogging so it is a good reminder that it can be alot better than a 9-5.

    Thanks alot for another great post

  4. Mi Muba says:

    I started my blog on 1st May 2012; updating it with strong keyword-rich contents on weekly basis; after four months’ time I managed 100 visitors daily, placed Google ads but far away to reach first 100 dollars; not feeling boredom even in dreams see working on blog; morning job is continuing; away to make place in blogger community especially when John Chow flatly refused to publish my promotional article “Who the heck are these guys”.
    Who want to bet with me either;
    1) I will succeed
    2) I will fail
    3) I will be hanging between success and failure

  5. Dean Saliba says:

    I like the fact that I don’t have to answer to anybody and can take a break from work when I want without being fired. There is a problem with working working for yourself though, I have NOBODY to motivate me to work and earn money. 🙂

    Maybe this will chance when my girlfriend moves in with me. 😛

  6. It would also be ideal to start a profit-oriented blog while working a day job, with plans of resigning once the blog’s earnings become substantial enough to replace your paycheck. This is more demanding but it’s the safer alternative.

  7. enzo testa says:

    It’s easy to say that one can quit their 9-5 job and start a blog but that could be dangerous. It takes years to have a successful blog. You have to create a brand for yourself, be unique, create good content and give people what they want. (2) words that I always love to hear. “advertise” and “promote”
    This day and age we thrive on the social networks. Surely 600 million on facebook should do wonders for your blog 😉

  8. Rajesh Shukla says:

    Hi Michael, Idea looks so good but it is possible that a blog will become a day job alternative? I accept 90% people would like to be own boss but how many will succeed to earn money by blogging. I think blogging is also a tough way to earn money because it is not a matter of just domain registration and wordpress installation. There a lot thing to do for blog success and some estimation shows that blogging success rate is too low. So what you think about it, please reply it I am waiting for it.

  9. Eric Cheung says:

    I hate my day job as much as you do, but I think I still need it till I have some successful online business tools which could support.

    Personally I don’t think online business is easy, it is also full of competitions. It takes great efforts to be your own boss, but I think it is worth to try your best on. I still have many things to learn if I want to be a pro, sometime it is hard to carry on when there’s no one around you for being support. But like the old saying: where there is the will, there is a way. I think my efforts will finally help me to quit my job…

  10. faisal says:

    There are so many other things, freedom, your own work hours, etc.

  11. Deljo Joseph says:

    Now I am a student. I am into serious blogging now after realizing its scope. I will surely make my dream business live and not likely to work like a slave. Need to run billion venture online 🙂

  12. Wadud says:

    I really like the whole full-time blogging idea. I’ve recently started and have found that there is a huge learning curve, but I am up to the task. So many people are doing it and finding success with it. I figure you get out of it what you put in to it. I like the odds, so we’ll see what the outcome is.

    Thanks for all the info.

  13. Hi, Thanks for your sharing. I too starting my blog from 2007. Recent days I am not concentrating on my blog. I will sure regular blogger. After reading your post.

  14. Mi Muba says:

    Is blogging everyone’s cup of tea
    After reading glaring success stories of several bloggers the first thought come into our mind is lets start blogging from now. Without any planning with the click of a mouse we give a name to our blog like My Super Thoughts or You Guys Watch Me and put a freak domain name hard to remember and hard or pronounce and start writing post on how to develop killer content with several mistakes or how to attract traffic and we hardly have ten page views daily.
    Our pro bloggers off and on write about the basic qualities one should have to start blogging but most of us I don’t know why skip reading such sort of posts are treat them as stereo-types pack of advices for those who are more stupid than us.
    Therefore, one must not jump into the blogging and in very quantified terms spend three months in extensive research on blogging assessing every aspect of your personality if you are fit of this job or not. For this you must declare to friends and family that you are going to start blogging. For this you must decided firmly first after thorough research and then stick to your decision for ultimate success.

  15. I found your article very useful, i am already a full time blogger making money from adsense, CB and direct ads.

    I hope to convert this to full 5 figure or even 6 figure income so that i can invest offline as an entrepreneur

    Thanks for your thoughts so far!

  16. Hamza says:

    It gives you FREEDOM too, that’s the essential point as Peng Joon said 🙂

  17. I think you should keep both options open for few months & I also agree that those first few months are very crucial and hard. Where you try to blog and hold your survival job, later if you are being successful in generating income with your blog then shift to full time blogging. well this is my way of thinking I don’t know how many of you will agree with me.

  18. Hack says:

    So what advice would you give someone striving to work full time blogging, but apparently has website A.D.D. and is therefore spread too thin trying to pay attention to 20 separate sites at once. 😉

    I’d love to do this full time, but I really have a problem with consistency. Not necessarily with sticking with blogging, but with paying attention to just one site to properly develop. I feel like if I had/could put all of my energy into just one site, John Chow would be writing about me instead of vice versa. (kidding)

  19. Sawahasa says:

    So I like what mike has to say about generation of income from blogging which is true. However like anything in life you can’t get something out of nothing. Being in sales teaches me that very day. I’ve had to build my brand with clients to where some of my repetitive business is based years of practice and failure. You have to be in tune with what you’re target market needs for money to change hands. You can work all day and night but of youre not resonating with a clients needs then you need to go back to the drawing board before leaving the psycheck that keeps the lights on

  20. Joey Xoto says:

    Nice post John,

    I have to agree on some elements; however you really do have to be prepared to work hard, and as you said “smart”. Nowadays there are so many products on the market, that for a newbie it can become overwhelming, and sometimes confusing when trying to figure out how they can actually monetize their blog.

    I am in a situation where I would love to leave my job. However right now am not just there yet. My blog is going OK, but I just need to put more time and work in. I am working incredibly hard to get my online business going; and eventually I hope to reap the rewards.

    You are an inspiration John; and it is great to see you spending time with your family. I think if somebody really puts there mind to it, it can be done.

    I think the biggest reason people fail, is:
    1. Their expectations are incorrect.
    2. They want FAST cash and don’t deliver excellent content.
    3. Their mindset is not right.
    4. Information overload!
    5. They hop from one product to another hoping to find a quick solution.
    Finally 6 (and perhaps the most important); They do not PLAN!

    “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”

    Great to see you succeeding with your business John. Good luck to you.


  21. Hi John,

    I agree with you that there’s a lot of upsides to being your own boss but one must remember there’s a lot of risk to.

    Don’t expect your blog to become a success over night but work on it for a while before quitting your day job.

  22. Sal Jumat says:

    Thanks for the inspiring story n useful tips Michael. It’s true what u said about working smart n hard. They both go hand in hand towards success!

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