3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make A Guest Post

Let’s face the truth, guest posting is a trend now and everyone seems to love it. For blog owners, it means fresh content for readers; as for guest posters, it means backlinks and more exposure for their own blog. On the other hand, not every guest blogger get an impact on their blog after their guest post is published maybe because of the blog they guest posted on is not popular. Nevertheless, in this post, I will talk about the on site factors causing your guest posting venture to fail rather than the external factors.

Your Theme Sucks

Alright, one of the reasons is maybe your theme sucks. I’m sure you don’t like seeing the same theme on various websites and neither do your visitors. Believe me, they despise blogs that give them a feeling of reading a “copycat” blog. Lets say I am using John Chow’s theme on my blog and if I do get visitors from my guest post on John’s site, they might say, “Isn’t this just another blog similar to JC? Why should I even bother to read it if I can get everything from John’s blog?”

Well, using free themes isn’t just a problem. You see, themes are normally given out free to bloggers for a reason. Ever heard of this context, “There’s nothing free in this world?”, well it’s true because theme designers normally put their links on the footer of their free theme. What you will expect next is you will give out page rank juice to the theme creator and sending free traffic out too.

Last but not least, free themes are used to generate backlinks by theme designer so try not to expect too much from it. Generally, free themes don’t allow you to change the header or they might even replace it with a text header. So what’s good using a free theme, you won’t be able to brand your own blog and you might even chase off visitors from your guest post!

Your Content Sucks

Picture this, you read an awesome guest post on John Chow’s blog, you look at the credits, click on the link and you get sent to a blog where it’s stuffed with RSS feeds from John Chow, Shoemoney, Zac Johnson and Problogger. What will you do next? If I am you, I will hit the close button immediately without any thinking. What’s the benefit of reading a plagiarized blog? In this world, everyone loves original. “Buy Original, See Original” is the slogan for my country’s awareness program to stop pirating discs activities. Let say if you can buy a Air Jordan and China’s fake Air Jordan basketball shoes at the same price, which will you settle with? Definitely the real one so remember, I don’t mean you shouldn’t use some ideas from other bloggers but what I mean is not to copy them directly.

Besides plagiarized content, your blog is so not going to be popular after your guest post if it lack posts. A blog is alive as long as there are posts so if you are just a new blogger wanting to do a guest post, remember to make your blog useful before promoting it. No readers in the world like a blog with only a post and I can tell you that they will be your once in a lifetime visitor.

Your Are A Cheapskate

I remembered the old saying, “Being a cheapskate prepares you to be poor”, so please don’t be a miser. If you want to be rich, live a rich man’s life rather than saving all your money and starve yourself. First and foremost, those new “Probloggers” who wants to make big cheques in the blogosphere and save money at the same time will opt for a .info domain name. Here’s the fact, the .info domain is normally of low quality and Google doesn’t really like them too. Proxies owner usually use .info and that puts you in the same league with them too.

Do you know what makes Nike and Addidas so successful that nobody can kick them off the first and second place? It’s the logo. If you see a Swoosh logo or Three stripes on a sports equipment, you will know that they are of high quality and for me, seeing their logo makes me feel superior. Lets get back to your blog, if your blog has a logo designed by a 13-year-old kid, it’s destined to be a supreme failure and even God can’t stop it. My advice? Get a decent graphic designer to design your logo so you can make readers feel that they’re reading a quality blog.

The greatest failure in life is unable to take action so here’s my two cents, I can tell you everything that will make your blog fail and how to prevent it but it’s up to you to take action. If you prefer to sit, whine and take no action, I can guarantee that you will still fail so GO AND TAKE ACTION NOW!

This post is written by iYingHang, a 17 years old online entrepreneur who runs his web design company while blogging at his technologies blog, Shastera Technology Blog.

101 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make A Guest Post”

  1. Maybe this will stem the tide of low quality guest posts flying around. Probably not.

    1. Hi Ying Hang ,

      I found your post interesting but also very negative sounding. Almost as if you were talking down to everybody.

      Telling people not to guest post is a negative approach. Trying to stir up some controversy I guess?

      Having good content is number one. Who cares about the great logo and theme when the content is not up to par. The look is important and can help but it won’t do it for you.

      I don’t think that people who steal content and post it on their blog will want to guest post anyway. They are too lazy to write on their own blog.

      Plus they would be exposing themselves to a large audience for what they are.

      There may be people who use .info because it is cheap at least the first year but not everybody who uses it uses it for that reason. Generalizing is something that can be dangerous.

      People who guest post or are wanting to are people who take action.

      I’m sorry but your guest post has holes in it and it looks like it was put together without due care.

      1. d3so says:

        This guest post isn’t high quality as well. The grammar is an issue. He’s talking crap about free themes. There are tons of free themes out there that are awesome. If you’re smart you’d know how to remove backlinks and edit headers. I don’t see how the “cheapskate” deals with guest blogging.

        The only thing that was on point was the crappy content.

        i ain’t afraid to say it, “This guest post sucks!”

        1. I agree, he’s a smart guy but didn’t think this one through.

          1. d3so says:

            Although, he could be using the tactic of sparking controversy in order to increase readers and encourage comments.
            If that was his goal, then he succeeded 🙂

          2. I think he has succeeded in creating a controversy. I knew it from the beginning by reading the title.

            While reading the title, I thought this has to be a controversial post and there must be a lot of comments!

          3. PPC Ian says:

            I honestly don’t even understand this post. Guest posts are absolutely awesome in terms of gaining exposure and backlinks. Of course, you need to focus on quality (both in the post and on your blog).

          4. d3so says:

            He’s just bashing on people with a crappy blog theme and content.

          5. I don’t understand it either. It’s like he’s bashing everyone :/

        2. Yo d3so

          I see this guest blogger got people ready to go get something out of the trunk of their car if you know what I mean.

          But I understand your views about the whole concept this person trying to get across.

          I see this article as a judgment post and nothing else. Yes he makes some good and bad points, but what he done that really guarantee his article to be read by not only us..but other millions of people.

          Is that he struck a nerve, and people can’t help but to express their thoughts..now that’s a real blogger whether I agree with his views or not.

          Peace d3so

          TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

          1. d3so says:

            He doesn’t have the right to judge anyone.

          2. You are right, he didn’t even mention links and exposure only kind of worrying about what people will see when they get to your blog and assuming the worst.

          3. is he judging or just telling certain people not to submit guest posts??

        3. Bidet says:

          I agree there alot of free themes out there that are pretty good.

          1. Yeah using free themes are actually fine 🙂

          2. Using a free theme will certainly be fine to feel good about guest blogging. I really don’t get this scare people from guest blogging approach.

          3. Lakhyajyoti says:

            I am using a free theme till now.But planning to change it.

        4. I can’t agree with you more. It all boils down to content.

          1. Absolutely. It’s the quality of content that matters the most. It’s not the theme that should keep you from guest posting.

        5. Every blogger do not know how to remove links.

          Here is another example … look at this –


          This fellow do not know how to remove links from his blog and he is keep using that.

        6. Hey, who’s to talk about grammar…we all know John has his own issues with that 🙂

          1. You should read the post of Jeremy … his grammar is also great.

      2. I definitely agree with you. The post was controversial and if that is his goal, then he succeeded. But I also found this guest post not of a high quality.

        Although this guy is smart, he could have done it with more care.

        1. d3so says:

          Yes, he couldve stated his views in a more professional manner instead of making himself look like a “smart-astronaut” 😉

          1. Smart astronaut to me is a professional. Unless it’s a saying I’m not familiar with with a different meaning.

  2. Harshad says:

    If you want to be rich, live a rich man’s life rather than saving all your money and starve yourself – Not applicable everywhere but certainly applicable in terms of spending money on a good domain and host.

  3. SnowBall says:

    Haha, a guest blogger blogging about not guest posting. Love it. Some good points in there too.

    1. Definitely an interesting move on his part. You don’t usually read articles about people putting down what they themselves are doing. He must think his theme and content don’t suck and he is not a cheapskate?

      1. d3so says:

        lol he’s really drawing some negativity to himself isn’t he. straight up hypocrite.

        1. I wouldn’t be so harsh. He put it togehter without reading it over or he can’t see things from a broader perspective, thorough other peoples eyes, as well as his. Too much down on others as if they were all way below his level.

          Age is not an issue but he seems to be proud of it.
          That is one thing that nobody has any influence over. Age as a selling point? He seems to be saying hey, look how smart I am, only this young and look at me what I’ve already accomplished.

          That’s very well but everybody else is not necessarily less smart. Geniouses excel usually in one thing only while lagging severely in other areas.

          Considering the value of others as well as your own is a good thing.

          1. d3so says:

            Egocentric much?

            I should introduce him to my friend Carl Ocab 😉

            But yeah, if that’s how he feels then good for him.

          2. iYingHang says:

            Hey guys peace,

            I am talking about why you shouldn’t make a guest post when your blog is not ready yet but not why you shouldn’t make a guest post ever in your life.

          3. Perhaps you should have taken then your own advice? SY

          4. Yeah i guess you should’ve taken your own advice 🙂

          5. Hi SY,

            Here below your comment we again have the non creative parrot commenter.

            I think that this post is a good lesson for everyone.

            It’s always easier giving advise to others than to do those things yourself.

            This is why we have stock brokers and finacial advisers who lose money everytime they invest for themselves.

            To make a living they are advising others who because of their certificate of an expert, no matter how gained, blindly believe them and take their advice.

  4. Earl says:

    almost hypocritical post title – but that’s what drew me in. Yeah, I’m not doing any guest posts until I get a professional done up blog theme.

    1. d3so says:

      Same here, I’m going to start guest posting once I build my blog up to a reasonable level. No one wants to read a new or dead blog.

      1. That is a good way to approach guest posting. On the other hand don’t wait too long. The purpose of guest posting is not only to have people be in awe of your blog.

        If your guest post is good and your blog has at least some good content and it is obviously fairly new nobody will expect you to be better than John Chow.

        People will think of you as a talented newcomer to the blogging world and be curious what you’ll come up with next.

        They’ll give you a break and perhaps come back later to see how you are doing.

        1. Well what do you mean by reasonable level.

          Let me tell you, if you have anything to say and that one is worth while than you should say it even if your blog is not indexed or have alexa ranking in millions.

          But yes professional design and good content is must for your website.

  5. Baker says:

    bold statements here.

    1. Indeed these are very bold statements. It’s one of the weirdest posts i’ve read tbh O.o

  6. I don’t think it would make much sense to publish bad content on your blog but write great content for a guest post. On the same hand, not many A-List bloggers would publish your guest post unless you have good content and/or are well known.

  7. I agree with Snowball.Very funny hahahahaha 🙂

    1. Haha yeah! It sounds pretty funny 😛

  8. Wow you’re 17 and you already have your own company and online blog? I admit that’s pretty impressive, but I wonder how well you are actually doing.
    I agree with your points. If you’re going to blog, you should invest the time and the money to make it a good blog.

    1. at 17 nobody really expects you to be productive so even if he’s earning some pocket money it’s good.

      1. This one of the most correct posts i’ve seen so far 🙂

        1. Really? I’d like you to name at least 3 points why.

    2. Paul B says:

      Online blog, as opposed to?

      1. Hmm… haha I guess that was a bad turn of phrase.

    3. hey, you’ve got to start somewhere

  9. Interesting perspective as recently I was thinking of having some guest posts on my own website.

  10. Adsense Tips says:

    Never been a fan of guest posts on any of my blogs.

    1. Well good for you then 🙂

  11. Kimberly says:

    OK, so, basically pay for a [email protected]$# design, content, and then you’ll be set 🙂

    1. d3so says:

      Shouldn’t that be common sense from the start? I guess not.

  12. Sean Supplee says:

    lol a bit odd of who wrote it but still valid points. Provide quality at all times. Just making one worthless bad comment or content is enough to damage your career here in the IM world for a long time.

  13. TODHD says:

    Before even considering doing a guest post, make sure your blog is up to par

  14. This really doesn’t make sense when you post about not guest blogging when you are the guest blogger. As stated, free themes can be great if you know what you are doing. So much negativity.

    1. That what he is also trying to tell and ultimately he is the victim of that … 🙂

  15. That’s totally contrary to what everyone says.
    While we could argue about the blog posts, there’s no doubt that for a new blogger, guest posting might be the ideal way to getting some backlinks, traffic and regular readers for their blog, as it provides a lot of exposure to them. Period.

  16. Great points from everyone good reading everyone’s opinions!

  17. Chris S. says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but I found this post to be uninformative drivel. In fact this post is the fourth example of why it can be a bad idea to write a guest post — it can be harmful to the blog you’re posting at.

    1. d3so says:

      lol I couldn’t have said it any better.
      I wonder if he replies to any of our comments.

  18. I like the last point. It is true if you want to become problogger act like it. You need spend money to make more money indeed.

  19. Dean Saliba says:

    I don’t agree with the last point in your post. Sounds like something only a bloger making thousands am onth would say.

  20. blogercise says:

    There are many great free themes out there from designers who produce work purely for alturistic reasons. Remember, WordPress itself is given away for free and we are not required to link back to their site!

    As someone who has released free plugins for WordPress without expecting *anything* in return I actually take offence at the first point.

    Many free themes are sophisticated, allow customisation and don’t ask for anything in return. I wonder if the lack of affiliate comission on these is the reason they aren’t promoted so much on the pro blogging scene?

    I look forward to highlighting some good free themes on my own blog 🙂

    1. d3so says:

      Please do so! All the good free themes get buried under crappy themes.

    2. Paul B says:

      I woulnd’t get too offended. The whole post is just a way of pimping his design company by spouting crap.

      It’s hard for some people to realise that sometimes people do stuff because they like to do it, not for personal gain.

  21. Shawnsey says:

    As you said, original content is important. Yet sometimes its hard to write with so much already out there. If you do read alot of blogs you can think of a few that share some similar posts and thats ok!

  22. “Generally, free themes don’t allow you to change the header or they might even replace it with a text header.”

    That was the point when I stopped reading, there are literally hundreds of free themes out there that offer tremendous customization possibilities, including upload of custom headers. Next reason not to guest blog: Your facts suck and you never checked them!, I see no reason why I ever wanted to visit your blog, SY

    1. Good points SY. He never checked on what he was writing about. Just made it up thinking everybody would swollow it. Whe I read the title of the post I already thought what a load of…


      1. He surely got as commenting on the c..p he wrote, hasn’t he. But controversial posts like this will only be good for a short term success of a blog, they will not contribute to the long term success of his own blog. It is a win situation for John (controversial blog post with lots of comments for free) and a lost opportunity for this guest blogger to get more visitors to his blog long term, SY

  23. 3 Reasons You Shoudn’t Make A Guest Post – Now Read My Guest Post

    LOL 🙂

    1. Haha yeah sweet irony!

  24. Bidet says:

    This is true if you guest post and you don’t have good content then the reader will just leave your site and not come back. Its good to guest post once you have your blog in order.

  25. Andreas says:

    Let me put it in a philosophical way.
    Before publishing a guest post on someone else’s blog, you should ask yourself this question:
    Would I publish this article on my blog?

    1. I agree. It’s useless if we’ve chosen the wrong blogs to submit our guest posts.

  26. I am pleased to see so many negative comments on this post because experience of other very poor guest posts seemed to indicate that the readership was some kind of self appreciation society. I do have some sympathy for the writer though; he’s only 17…..

    1. Age is not an excuse for arrogance, imho, SY

        1. I do agree but don’t let us be too harsh concerning the impetuosity of a youth who might be destined for greatness 🙂

  27. Instead of getting recognition many guest blogger also get huge criticism as well.

    1. Yeah ZK unfortunately that’s true. While true criticism might be useful to you, some criticisms are just too pointless & harsh

  28. Actually, I;’m getting professional written guest posts on bunch of my blogs related to cars and yachts. Other opinions, other points of view, it matters to my readers…

    1. Certainly … if you are getting professional and knowledgeable posts than this is simply great.

  29. Sandeep says:

    Actually when you want to write a guest post, you would want it to be published on blog with good readership and page rank. So, guest posting helps a lot when your post is of a good quality.

  30. Christina says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with guest blogging either. I also want to see a different perspective on those blogs I’ve been following and having a guest blogger is an answer to that need for fresh content. Perhaps, his only purpose is to hook us which he succeeded…

    1. Well he pointed out few things and points and if you are falling within them than you should not add guest post.

  31. I remember that there is a post in CarlOcab.com saying that content isn’t the king. The “king” would be how the marketer actually markets the blog.

    I personally think that while we’re doing guest posting, marketing ought to be the first priority, not the content. Of course, content is important.

    However, it will be better if we leave the readers feel like “wanting more” so that they will click on your links to find out more about the author.

    A decent content will be enough, the key of guest posting for me, is marketing.

    1. Well …. can you tell us in simple words what do you want to say ??

  32. Just by reading the heading in the content…I would:

    1) Agree
    2) LOL
    3) Go on to say that if you fall in those categories, you should find another day job!

  33. Good advices! lol well its better start for something

  34. I enjoyed reading the comments on this post more than I enjoyed reading the post. If the goal of the writer was to create controversy and a barrage of comments, I think he has been successful.
    Although I am not into guest blogging, I have read a lot of its benefits. The unconventional title drew me into this article. At the end of it, I guess there is no unconventional wisdom here.

    Personally I prefer blog commenting rather than guest posting. You get a link with much less effort. What say?

  35. edward says:

    I never tried guest posting ever since because it requires a lot of work. I do not have time to write for my blog so there is no reason that I will write for other blog than back link. I love commenting though.

  36. Right time to tell people not to do guest post.

    Because these days Guest post in tradition …

  37. Great post John. I recently had a logo done and it does add an air of professionalism to my site. Next, onto the theme.

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