3 Ways to Do SEO and Improve Your Organic Traffic

SEO might sound scary to many bloggers whose sites were penalized by Google Panda or other updates.

But does it mean that SEO is dead?

The debate has been going on; a set of website owners said that they were fed up with search engine optimization and would rather use social media to reach their audience. Hmm!

While the other set of site owners still believe that organic traffic is superior to social and hands-free once you set it up. And to you, what’s your take on this? Let me know on the comment box.

It doesn’t matter what your opinion is at this point. This post is going to show you how thinking out of the box could generate more passive traffic to you.

Search engine traffic is passive

The success of a website lies in its ability to generate passive traffic, income, community and survive the test of time. SE traffic is passive when it’s properly done, but social media requires continuous tweaking.

If all you do is optimize for active traffic like tweeting your latest posts, the chances of your blog becoming a go-to resource in its niche are small.

So don’t be tired of doing SEO.

It’s still alive and if you follow the three tips below, you’ll not only attract free targeted traffic, but you’ll also boost your search rankings in the process – without employing any complicated SEO techniques. So, without much ado, let’s get started…

1.   Define your specialty      Define your specialty

Have you defined your specialty yet?

The problem many bloggers have with SEO is their inability to target a specific niche.

Of course, you could still build a profitable blog been a jack-of-all trade but it’s going to take a lot of time – which you don’t have.

The simple formula to position your web pages higher in Google homepage is to narrow your niche.

Then start dominating the niche, by adding rich, valuable and helpful content. When I ask bloggers what they do online, and the responses I get are usually similar. “I’m a blogger!” One of them answered.

Yes you’re a blogger because you update regularly and you also use WordPress CMS, but that’s too generic of a title.

You can’t drive organic traffic by being a blogger, but when you clearly define your role – that’s where the right optimization can take place.

If you’re a business coach, produce and publish more content in that field and begin to build a following. If you know how to create YouTube videos so well, use it as your edge – and beat the stiff competition.

2.   Evoke curiosity with titles

Did you know that the title is the most important element in any piece of content? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a video on YouTube or podcast on iTunes.

Learn how to create titles that persuades. Let it inspire and spontaneously cause an ideal customer to click just once. That’s all you need to establish a connection.

I’ve come to understand that Google rewards catchy headlines, not because Google spider has eyes to see or intellect to detect your creativity, but because people actually loved and clicked on such titles.

Google spider is like the toddler that needs to be spoon-fed and guided – in other words, whatever people do with your title would determine what Google would make of it.

In this post-panda age, you don’t need hundreds of links to outrank other competing web pages. You only need powerful and valuable titles that evoke curiosity.

Don’t deceive people with your titles, but don’t write generic titles ideas either. Learn from titles that went viral and see what they had in common.

3.   Build a social influence

To get fresh visitors from Google, you need a social influence. You can’t hide under your shell and expect a miracle to happen.

Building a social influence has got nothing to do with Facebook page and wasting time there. Also, it’s got nothing to do with spending 4 hours on twitter – sharing gossips about Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, being social begins with your uniqueness. How you treat others and what inspires you to lend a helping hand to your target audience & readers.

Yes, facebook, linkedin, twitter and all those social media networks are great platforms to put your social lifestyle to work, but it begins with your blog.

Who says a blog is not a social network? Actually, you could use your blog to build a strong community online, and even take it offline like Darren Rowse has been doing.

When you’re a social and loving person, it’d be revealed in your content. You just can’t fake it any longer; especially now that quality content is the permanent secretary of Google. Lol!

Why is SEO so hard?

Have you ever asked such a question before? And to be honest with you, search engine optimization isn’t and will never be hard. If you think it’s hard, I think you should look at the keywords you’re targeting.

If the competition is high, you may conclude that SEO is hard.

But if you become savvy and target local keywords as well as geo-specific key terms – then picking up targeted traffic from Google will be your second nature. Sounds easy…huh?

What challenges do you’ve with search engine optimization? Could you please share your comment in the box below and be explicit – I’ll address the issue in subsequent posts. See you ahead!

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42 thoughts on “3 Ways to Do SEO and Improve Your Organic Traffic”

  1. Sound advice. There’s no doubt that SEO is definitely getting harder, not the end of the world though, just means that the weaker competition will keep falling away.

  2. Abhishek says:

    You have got some very nice points here and as you said SEO is really important for any website as it gets traffic and that converts into money

  3. Chris says:

    Not a good post. Nothing new hear, just regurgitated content from other sites. Why are their so many spammy ads on this site? Watch Matt Cutts’ latest video, Penguin 2.0 is going to penalize for this type of stuff. It’s amazing this site gets any traffic at all. Who are all of these people leaving comments saying John Chow is amazing? Read SEOMoz. That’s amazing. Not this stuff. I can see how this helps super amateur marketers, but there is no actionable strategies here, only theory and concepts with no concrete examples.

    1. Chris says:


    2. Google is going to penalize your “hear” and “their” pretty soon. Anyways, thanks for your honest comment.

    3. I. C. Daniel says:

      That’s rude!

      Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    4. “Why are there so many spammy ads on this site?”

      Have you seen how much money John makes from these ‘spammy’ ads? I’ve worked my ass off on my website (not the design, it’s very basic) for almost 3 years and put no ads on it because I wanted a ‘good reputation’. Well that only gets you so far. I’m sick of making peanuts for all the work I put in.

      I wish my site had all of these ads and I wish I could have the luxury of charging $500 a month for a 125×125! Don’t you? 😉

      1. Chris says:

        Direct ad buys are dying because they kill advertiser ROI. The days of being ROI positive from a $500 125×125 ad unit are over. While John Chow will surely benefit, the advertiser is getting crushed even WITH a weighted attribution model. I’d also like to point out that some of these ads are passing pagerank, which is against Google’s policy if they catch it. I won’t even get into the negative impact on UXhere, which Google is actively addressing.

  4. Pretty good post you got here. SEO is always a important matter.

  5. Good post. The most important point I think is the first one. Target your niche and dominate it

    Sometimes we stray from our original intent on our blog and get to far out of bounds with our posts.

    Good job, thank you for sharing this.

  6. Kollin says:

    Yea i have to agree with what you said about the guy who’s getting all his traffic from social media. Social media is great for interacting with your visitors, but you need other sources for traffic.

  7. sumit says:

    getting traffic from facebook :– creating a group in you niche and joining groups in your niche and discuss in that group with this you can get more traffic to your site.

    getting traffic from twitter :– tweet daily in your niche and this will create a good followers. Re-tweeting followers tweets and they will also retweet youtr tweet. in this way you can get a huge traffic.

    1. I appreciate the clear explanation from you. Thanks for reading.

  8. Edson Hale says:

    After Google Panda and Penguin it is wrong to assume SEO is no more; off-page SEO is still there and you cannot bring organic traffic on your blog without it. Yes there is big change in off-page SEO; you need not to submit your blog’s URL in thousand of directories or social bookmarking sites nor you have to give blind comments (without reading contents) on other blogs of your niche nor you just have to participate in forums just to beg a few back links. In short now we must forget about quantity and focus on quality, now we are not allowed to beg the back links; we have to earn them by putting our quality stuffs on other blogs and guest post is most important of them.

    1. Excellent insight Hale. Earning the links is the best SEO strategy in today’s SEO practices. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion.

  9. The challenge for me has been getting good quality links from other sites, or even finding enough sites who would want to link to the site.

    1. Do you guest blog? It’s a nice way to get quality backlinks.

  10. XESShoes says:

    Thanks. SEO is very important, but very difficult to use and achieve the target audience.

  11. sahil says:

    Thanks for sharing this article
    I like # 2 much as it something very much different

    1. I’m glad that you benefited from the post. God bless you.

  12. Seo is like fishing to me, cast your line in and hope you get bites…
    Now you need to use the right lure, hook & sinker… this is something you need to figure out and see what works the best…

  13. faisal says:

    SEO takes time to happen, so people find it hard.

  14. My Fun Life says:

    SEO marketing is not Dead its just saturated

  15. Thomas Arillotta says:

    Great post! I agree. Don’t be afraid of SEO. There are a lot of people out there on the web that aren’t getting involved in Social Networking (I, for one). These will soon change as I get more involved in blogging; I don’t have a Twitter account, I don’t have a LinkedIn account, I only use Face Book for keeping in touch with my personal friends. As far as web pages I’ve had in the past, I usually relieved on word-of-mouth of SEO. But I’m about to enter a whole new dimension to the internet; blogging, and I have to get savy with EVERYWAY of bringing traffic to the sites I’m about to launch.

  16. Ferb says:

    Headline is very important to attract people as mentioned and also show people the promise of title to give them what they’re looking for.

  17. Aditya says:

    Yup now that’s true SEO is hard SO many competitors…………..

  18. Paul B says:

    You do know that guest blogging has been pinged by Matt Cutts as an area Google aren’t exactly 100% happy with?

  19. Jason Rogers says:

    I recently did a mid range SEO campaign for a blog I had, spent about a month gradually building links and 60 days later I am number 1 in Google for 3 of my main keywords and plenty of long tail. Is SEO dead? I am not sure.

  20. I read up about Penguin 2.0 today and I say bring it on! I’ve longed for a time when spammers get nowhere and people who ‘manipulate’ SEO get minimum results.

    The ONLY people online who should be making ANY money from ANYTHING are those who create engaging, original content and offer products and services that are actually of value to the customer!

  21. Bhanupriya says:

    I just started blogging. SEO is almost a new term for me. Thanks for your awesome post. Learn lot from it.

  22. vipin says:

    i have been following your blog for last 1 month. The seo techniques you have mentioned are excellent. I am new to blogging and wanted to build some quality backlinks for my new blog. I shall be highly obliged if you share some cool tips to build strong backlinks. In return i’ll provide you link to my site for your site.
    Please help a newbie.

  23. LeadGenix says:

    I like how you focus on the real gist of SEO, which is creating a website that is ideal for users and has great content. This is the core of having a great site, the rest can all follow suit.

  24. Whitney says:

    SEO still works if you do it right, but the focus now is on social..sharing your content and letting the backlinks come naturally. Good luck to everyone who’s just starting with SEO..it’s a long journey that’s worth it! 🙂

  25. Jen Becht says:

    Real natural SEO is hard. It’s the blackhatted SEO that create all the competition and Google updates. Many people are tying to cheat the system with low quality 3 page site and some super high quality links ( probably brought it from somewhere ). I seen it so many times. I don’t 100% believe high quality content will get you on google page 1 ranking. What is your opinion on that?

    1. I think you’re probably right, Jen, This is what bums me out. I hope we get to a point where blackhat SEO is recognised immediately and completely abolished by Google.

      I want to blog in a world where quality content rules and is the main determining factor behind how much money a website makes.

  26. thnx for these informations and if you want you can take a look on more of seo strategies in this link :

  27. ronis says:

    SEO is indeed confusing, I prefer to create quality content, that will provide benefits for my blog visitors

  28. Harris says:

    Thanks Michael Chibuzor for informative post, I got some important things from your blog as you told the importance of the title and specialty.

  29. George Garza says:

    Search engine optimization (SEO). The process of affecting visibility within the search engine organically (naturally).It is useful tips for beginners, it can increase the number of visitors who are actively searching for your service or product. I hope this info is workout in my seo company.

  30. Blogger’s brilliant Efforts are really appreciable. Anyone can easily understand the thoughts. Also I like the conclusions made on this topic which is really very informative.

  31. Stefan says:

    Interesting article. I want to apply this to my finance blog.

  32. sunil singh says:

    You are great for sharing this information on seo technologies when read your post. it is best for me and anyone

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