3 Ways to Increase Site Traffic Outside of Traditional SEO

We all know that SEO is one of the most basic forms for ranking in Google and getting traffic to your site. We also know that there are more than a billion active sites on the internet today, all of which are creating content daily and making it harder to rank your site in the process.

With all of this in mind, focusing solely on Google organic search rankings might not be the best use of your time and resources. Granted, if you have an established site or know how to rank well, it still works like a charm for receiving high-quality free traffic. However, if you have a new website or one that doesn’t have that great of a DA or PA, ranking simply won’t be that easy.

The good news is that there are thousands of ways to increase traffic to your site without relying solely on SEO. Today I’m going to share a few examples of what’s working for other sites and how you can try and replicate the same results.

Localize Your Online Business and Google Listings

In addition to providing you with results for anything you can possibly think of, Google also wants to be your local guide to everything in your area as well. This is where ‘Google My Business‘ comes into play.

Nearly every local business is now already online, whether they like it or not. The difference between those who rank through organic local results and with ratings/reviews in place is those who verify their accounts and information. This can clearly be seen when you search for anything in your area, especially restaurants.

Need some help with your local search rankings or business listings? Take a look at these local SEO ranking factors for 2017 and make sure your local or retail business has the right content, keyword, targeting and data in place for Google to properly rank your site. Even if you don’t see a ton of traffic coming from these local search rankings, they can bring a lot more local customers right to your business local.

Google Video Rankings

We all know how massive and huge YouTube is for online video and how it attracts billions of views daily, but don’t forget that Google owns YouTube and pushes a ton of traffic to video through search rankings as well. If you need any inclination of how well video can start boosting your own traffic and earnings, just take a look at John’s video results as of lately.

Perform a Google video search for anything and you will find a wide range of video results. However… if you look closely enough you will soon realize that not all Google Video rankings are only focused on YouTube videos. Not only that, but many websites rank for video content while sending users directly to their site (ie: Time.com in the screenshot below).

Keep in mind, just like everything else with Google, ranking is easier said than done. If you aren’t currently using online video with your content creation and marketing, you are already missing out big time. Now that you’ve likely discovered you can rank more often in Google through the use of Video Results, you are missing out even more.

Rank in Google News

Billions of people are searching Google every day for whatever it is they might be looking for. Hundreds of millions of people are using other Google search options as well… such as those tabs for dedicated searches specifically for Images, News and Video and Shopping.

While anyone can rank in Google, it takes some time, effort and approval to start appearing within the Google News section. Granted, if you can work your way in here, you can see a nice flow of traffic outside of your traditional free organic listings.

Want to see a perfect example of this? Run a Google News search for “android news” and you will get all the latest updates and news on everything Android from sites like CNBC and other big media outlets. You will also find some popular blogs in the mix too, such as Android News, a blog focused on everything Android and Smartphones.

It’s also important to note that any website or blog can make it into Google News, but only if they follow the guidelines in place and meet the needs of what Google is currently looking for. To learn more about this process, I recommend you refer to this article on how to get listed in Google News from Search Engine Journal.

If you’d like to learn more about how to rank videos in YouTube and Google, check out these five video SEO guides.

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7 thoughts on “3 Ways to Increase Site Traffic Outside of Traditional SEO”

  1. Ash says:

    Awesome guide Zac. I always look articles to increase the traffic without old SEO techniques. Your articles give me the idea who I can increase it without traditional seo. Thanks for that

  2. Fab points Zac.

    I have seen a little sweet traction through YouTube videos recently. A few showed up for keywords related to Thailand and travel, on page 1 of Google. It was not too hard because each was a non competitive keyword but you see the power of YouTube and videos and how Google backs its little brother, big-time.

    YouTube is also a great trust builder. People see guys like John chatting on a screen and instantly grow a little more familiar with him. It’s like, they see he is human. Adding a human element to your campaign definitely boosts your traffic quickly.

    More than anything though ya gotta practice, as you noted. This takes time and patience and effort and continual learning and tweaking to see what works and to see what does not work. I struggled for years to get even a few views on my videos because I did not spot patterns. I didn’t see how videos with certain lighting nabbed more views. Or how certain keywords boosted my SEO juice and page views. But now I do, and create videos more carefully and mindfully to serve my intended viewer and to also spend time wisely.

    If you don’t optimize videos it is a waste of time to upload videos to YouTube. Unless you have a massive following. Get down those keywords, record in the proper lighting, be authentic and spot patterns. See which videos get the most pop. Replicate that success.

    As Google gets more fickle it goads us to create traffic sources that don’t rely on the Big G. These 3 traffic sources rock.

    I’d also add if you can get ranked on Google Alerts you can drive nice steady traffic too as many bloggers and online entrepreneurs reference these updates to get the latest and greatest news from their niches of choice. Just yesterday your Blogging Tips blog reached page 1 of a Google Alert sent to my inbox for the competitive keyword of “blogging”. Good deal to drive targeted traffic. Even though it is search related, it is probably seen as a less traditional route opposed to trying to rank on the search engine itself.

    Signing off from Thailand.


  3. Thanks, once again to sharing a great information to get more visitor on blog it’s really helpful techniques to increase my blog traffic

  4. Rohan Nagpal says:

    Thanks for mentioning the last point. I didn’t know about google news ranking. I am definetly going to use it.

    Thank you

  5. Sandeep says:

    Excellent point there about Google News, Zac. Not a lot of people know this, but having your site registered with Google News is a guaranteed way to rank higher in SERPs.

    As you said, it takes time and effort to get approved. Having a ‘news’ section on your website is perhaps the best way to get approval quickly. Doesn’t matter what niche you operate in, just update 2-3 news stories per week and have around 50-60 news articles on your site before submitting your application to Google.

    The best part about all this is that even your regular non-news articles will start appearing in Google News, making it easier for your new articles to rank in SERPs.

  6. Tarik Pierce says:

    Don’t sleep on social media traffic either. It’s risky because you don’t control the FB pages but I’ve never seen so much viral traffic in my life. FB is a beast and if you go viral, better watch your server bill.

    I’ve done really well with viral listicles on FB like top 10 lists. People love them and FB sends me a lot of traffic for free every month. One of my goals for this year is to get better at writing headlines for social media.

    Optimizing titles for SEO doesn’t really do as well on social media. You have to catch the reader’s attention and sell the click. Try it everyone and let me know the results!

  7. Great guide Zac! I used to do Google Listings on my previous campaign. Thanks for sharing about Google Video Rankings and Google News.

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