3000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

Today I passed the 3,000 members mark in my AGLOCO network. As I write this post, I am sitting at 3,010 referrals. Considering I haven’t talked about AGLOCO in nearly a month and my referrals still increase by over 1,000, that’s not too bad. However, the numbers could have been better.


If you look at my referral chart, you’ll see I signed up over 400 people on the front line, and those 400 went out to sign up 2,600. That sounds great until you look at a network like McCall’s. He signed up just 73 people directly but those 73 went on to sign up 9,934 people! That should tell you that you don’t need to sign up a lot of people to build a big network. Get just a few hotshots in there and watch out.

With my wider front line, I should be able to overtake McCall, and I still may. McCall’s advantage was he concentrated his efforts on the 20% of the 80/20 rule, where I just signed up anyone and everyone. By focusing his efforts on signing up people who wants to build the network, McCall has developed a huge down line without having to sign up a ton of people on the front line. However, because I have way more people on my front line, my network has the potential to be bigger.

Another thing I realized is many people are waiting for the Viewbar to become available before they start signing people up. I think this is a mistake. Personally, I rather have AGLOCO delay the Viewbar even longer because right now, I have very little competition. Once the Viewbar comes out, I’ll be up against everyone and their dog. I’m laying the foundation to build a huge front line so when the Viewbar is released, I can just sit back and enjoy the show. If you’re serious about building AGLOCO, then NOW is the time to sign up those referrals.

How To Sign People Up

I’m going to reveal some of my referral ideas from the old AllAdvantage days. As far as I can tell, nobody has written anything about the methods I’m going to talk about. They are divided between no cost and cost. Everyone can do the no cost methods and some may want to try some of cost methods. This should help you in your quest for more referrals.

This Is An Easy Sell

Many people are making AGLOCO way more complex than it really is. This is an easy sell. You should be able to convert better than 50% of people you talk to. Just keep the following in mind; it cost you nothing in time or money and you make money. If the person you’re talking can’t grasp that concept, then you’re talking to the wrong person. Move on to the next.

When someone asks what it is, the only thing you need to say is, “AGLOCO offers a toolbar that display advertising. If you run the toolbar, they will give you a share of the ad money. They also pay you if you refer other people to use the toolbar.” That in a nutshell, is what AGLOCO is. If the person cannot understand that, there no use going any further. Take the advice of McCall – go after the 20%. Show the other 80% what it is, but don’t spend too much time with them.

No Cost Referral Methods

A lot of AGLOCO sites has talked about no cost referral methods so I won’t spend too much time on it. Basically, they include telling your friends by phone or email, or setting up a blog or MySpace page. The personal email is very effective. McCall displayed a nice referral email used by one of his referrals. You may want to use it as a template for your email.

Hey Cindy,

This note is mainly to offer you a chance to help build AGLOCO – it is a Member-owned Internet community.

Here is why I would like you to help. First – it is free. Second – it is quick and easy to join. Third – AGLOCO’s purpose is to get its members their share of the money generated on the Internet (i.e. you make money). And lastly – if you help build the AGLOCO network you can make much more.

Here is a link to sign up (it automatically records me as referring you with my ID BBBK0695) www.agloco.com/r/bbbk0695

AGLOCO works with a toolbar type software called a Viewbar. Privacy is very strict so no spyware, popups or spam.

As to how much money you can make, there is a study which says the average user should get $5 to $15 a month. (But less at the beginning.) Click here to read the report. http://simmonsreport.spaces.live.com

How much can you make helping to build the network? The Simmons Report predicts $30 per referral. I have 200, but a friend of mine RZ McCall has over 8,000. He has a great blog site http://mccallsnotes.spaces.live.com.

AGLOCO is in their beta phase which is the best time to help them build out the network. So please join now and help build the network. Have questions? Their website has all the details so go there www.agloco.com/r/bbbk0695 or ask me.

Go Girl,


BTW – I will have more to say about the Simmon’s Report in a future post. There are pieces of it I am going to take apart.

The PPC Landing Page

Many people have set up blogs or landing pages for AGLOCO. However, like most new sites, getting traffic to it is a problem. This is where Pay Per Click advertising comes in. You send traffic to the landing page with Google Adwords or other PPC search engines, with the hopes that the person clicking the ad will sign up.

Let’s say I bid 25 cents per click and get a 25% conversion rate (1 in 4 sign up). That means it will cost me $1 to sign up a new referral. Can I make money on that? During my AllAdvantage day, I worked out that I made about 30 to 50 cents per month off each referral. If AGLOCO is able to produce the same results, it’ll take me two to four months to break even. After that, it’s pure profit. That’s not a bad deal. How many businesses can break even in two to four months?

I am setting up an AGLOCO landing page and will begin PPC advertising soon. I plan to spend $2,000 on the promotion. I believe in the concept and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Of course, I will reveal the results of the promotion for all to see – much like the way I recap my monthly blog earnings.

Some will say spending money on this is stupid but I don’t see it that way. If AGLOCO fails, I’m out a few dinners – no bid deal. If they hit big, I’ll be among their biggest referrers. I’m willing to risk some money on that. Many people thought David Cheriton was crazy for giving two Stanford PhD students $200,000 to start a search engine in 1998. That $200,000 became billions when Google went public. With AGLOCO, the downside is next to zero but the upside is unlimited.

The Opportunity Show

During the AllAdvantage days, I use to sign up tons of people by buying a table at local opportunity and networking events. As people came to my table, I explain to them what it was and sign them up right there and then. Then I gave them a floppy disk (remember those?) containing the AllAdvantage software to take home to install. My sign up rate was near 100% of the people I talked to because THIS IS AN EASY SELL! You surf the web, you make money, it cost you nothing. How hard is that to sell?

If you can’t afford the cost of buying a table at the show, you can still get people via the back end. Make up some business cards that has the URL to your AGLOCO landing page and show up at the event and pass out cards. That’s what a networking event is for. Sarah got quite a few sign ups at the last SOHO event we went to. Networking and opportunity events are great places to get new referrals. People attending these events are already part of the 20% and will be a lot more open.

Now Is The Time To Build

As I’ve stated at the beginning of this post, now is the time to build your AGLOCO network. Don’t wait for the Viewbar to come out before you start referring. You have very little competition right now. Use this time to sign people up. Waiting until the Viewbar is released may make it easier to sign people up but you may find the people you wanted to sign up has already signed up with someone else.

Join my AGLOCO network

75 thoughts on “3000 AGLOCO Sign Ups”

  1. Andrew Chen says:

    I am not good at asking friends to sign up things but I realy like to know how much monoey you can make on this. Are you going to disclose how much you are making on AGLOCO?

    1. Raghu says:

      The catch is that it is still time away before he makes money out of it, and waiting till then might make it tougher to sign on more people !

    2. John Chow says:

      Yes, I will be disclosing AGLOCO earnings as part of the monthly blog earnings recap.

    3. Brian Morin says:

      It seems to be very difficult to get in touch with anyone in Agloco. Is it just me, or is it the “New World Order”. I wanted to get in touch with David Laurence “Top Gun”. His page that redirected was very interesting. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him???


  2. Paul says:

    You may have gone easy on the sales pitch until now but looks like your upping your game with this post. I’m convinced and will sign up later today !

  3. Raghu says:


    Thanks for the update. I am one of the 414 on your network. But the downstream contribution has been just 20 !

    The initial enthusiasm to get people on my network has somewhat died down in the last few weeks – will revive it though.

    1. Jane says:

      This may b a common reaction with the Viewbar being held for so long.

  4. I seem to have been really unluky with my AGLOCO signups. I have 9 direct referrals but only 6 exteneded! how can 9 people put together be worse than me!

    1. 9 is unlucky? I’ve got 1 with 0 extended. Everyone that I talk to is in that camp of questioning it and not understanding. The doubters seem to want to wait until there is proof in the pudding that they pay you or they think it is all spyware. Oh well. I keep trying but without any success.

  5. "ME" says:

    congrats sir John Chow.

  6. Allen.H says:

    Personally i don’t believe that most of the people will even use the Viewbar when it comes out. There are too many obstacles that will tell the average web user “don’t do this”. This may present me as pessimistic, or a lazy man, but I’d much rather put the time and effort in my assets, that are more leverage-able and bring me more revenue in the long run.


    1. John Chow says:

      While I like investing in assets as much as the next person, I don’t see how (short of options and futures) they are more leverage-able than AGLOCO. McCall sign up 73 people and now has a network of 10,000+. That’s pretty good leverage!

      As for most people not running the viewbar, I like to hear what you think are the “too many obstacles” that will tell the average user not to run it? The only one I can think of is, “Making $3 to $5 a month for running a viewbar is not worth my time. OK, it doesn’t cost me any time since I’m already online for more than five hours a month, but that’s beside the point!”

      Yes, some people do think that way. 🙂

      1. Allen.H says:

        I wouldn’t want to be dependent on 10,000 people using, removing the viewbar, switching a PC and thinking “why should i install that viewbar with ads when i only made $10 from it?”, some will think it’s spyware. But hey, That’s just my view. I’m not saying those who don’t have anything better to do shouldn’t be doing this, or those who have a blog which just cracked Technorati’s 1000 rank and think “what the hell, i can market this and i’ve got nothing to lose”


  7. Good post John. What I did back in the AllAdvantage days was create little posters and pin them up in Grocery stores. Worked wonders.


  8. Carl says:

    Who wants a toolbar? That’s what it is, at the end of the day… very very few people will install it and keep it.

    It’s a horrid scheme in my opinion. Own the Internet? annoy the internet more like it! :/

    1. Ian says:

      Yeh, but you get paid for it so I can see why lots of people might want it!

    2. John Chow says:

      Millions of people want and use a toolbar. And they install it without getting paid for it. If AGLOCO can match the number of Toolbar installed by Google, Alexa or even Stumble Upon, they’ll very do well.

    3. Jane says:

      That’s what I first thought when I wasn’t to big on the net. I kinda hated toolbars and thought they were annoying. If I needed something I would just use my google homepage. But getting paid for something you do already is pretty enticing.

  9. Carl says:

    Congrats John, you’ll be one of the 10 people who manage to make any money out of this 😉

  10. Theo says:

    Personally I have seen to many ‘get rich quick” schemes in the past, and all of them revolved around in convincing people that their scheme is the one that truly works. The better the writeup, the better the results. But in the end, few people earn the big money. Like the LRB for instance.

    For me it will remain “if it looks to good to be true, it most likely isn’t”. If you want to earn big bugs, you will have to work for it.



    1. John Chow says:

      In the end, few people earn the big money.

      Isn’t that the case with everything? How many WalMart employees make more than the WalMart CEO?

      However, you have to work for it to earn the big bucks is true. Most of AGLOCO (80%) will just run the tool bar and sign up nobody. And that’s fine. They’ll make $3 to $5 a month doing that, which is still in the black since it cost nothing.

      Another 19% will sign up some people and make some part time income from it.

      1% will be able to live off it.

      1. Asheesh Bothra says:

        Hi John,

        Congrats on ur swelling referrals.

        ur comment made me feel really good cos i stand at 0.8% of all referrers n i’m trying hard to better that!

        Good luck 2 u! 🙂


  11. Matt says:

    I seem to be really unlucky with my AGLOCO sign-ups. I only have 9 direct referals, but even worse is I only have 6 indirect! How can I have less indirect than direct!

    1. Jane says:

      I would suggest looking at the 80/20 rule that John talks about in some of the AGLOCO posts…basically being intentional about who you refer…knowing they will be getting other sign-ups.

  12. Ryan says:

    This is a no-brainer type of sell. You either want in or you don’t. I don’t, but that’s just me. 🙂

    I’m interested in seeing how this shakes out for you. Any updated on the viewbar? I imagine when that drops everyone will be out there trying to sign people up.

  13. Kiltak says:

    The thing that worries me about agloco is the time it takes them to release the viewbar. If they don’t do it quick, the initial “excitement” factor will fade away for most of our referals and no one will be using the viewbar when it comes out.

    John: Lucky you.. 3% of your referals are there because of me 😉

    1. Ryan says:

      Once money starts being earned there will be plenty of excitement, I assure you.

    2. John, Yes, 3.62% of your referrals are also from my network. thank you mentor.

  14. Marc says:

    Very impressive numbers. I played the AllAdvantage game last time around though and I think I’ll let this one pass 🙂

  15. Wow, that’s awesome John.

    I’m sitting at just 41 referrals. I signed-up via your link so I’m in your downline. But my downline is not doing real well at the moment filling their own.

  16. Scott Howard says:

    I signed up for it but when I sign in I can’t seem to get past the “change your password” page after I put my new password in the boxes. Any one else have this problem?

    1. John Chow says:

      Try doing it on another browser or computer. If you still have problems, email [email protected]

  17. Nomar says:

    That is a amazing number !! you are going to make lots of money if its working one day

  18. Payton says:

    You could also take advantage of existing ad space if you run a popular blog or site to have something always visible. That way you don’t have to keep posting and seem like you’re whoring it too much 😉

    I run a celeb gossip site and made a blogad for it (on the right side) but really you could make any size banner and stick it on your site.

    1. Jane says:

      I checked out your site and you incorporate the AGLOCO add well…it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, yet it’s catchy enough to make you read it.

  19. Hey John,

    I have about 120 signups…i’m closing in on you! (well not really). But thanks for getting me into agloco, i appreciate it.

    Also, the food post below is pretty gross, good job eating it.


  20. Alex Becker says:

    So far I have zero refferals

  21. While there may be some earning potential in this for those people which sign up a large number of referrals, it just doesn’t sit right with me personally. Feels like it would tarnish my sites reputations, promoting a pyramid scheme. Thats just my opinion of how it would be perceived by my visitors. But each to their own.

  22. jray says:

    And Digg users think this site is too spammy?
    what’s wrong with them!

  23. OK, fine, you’ve convinced me 🙂 I just joined under you.

    I’ll give it a shot – I did earn some money back in the AllAdvantage days… and now I have more leverage, so it might work out.

  24. AglocoNews says:

    I started an Agloco Member chain for fun.

    Come on by here http://www.agloconews.com/agloco-member-chain and add your member link.

    Lets see how many we can get.

  25. David Mackey says:

    I joined, but I’m not building, simply because the same monetary potential doesn’t seem to be there. They’ve created a lot more safeguards to make it a viable business, and at the same time may have taken the life out of it.

  26. Jeff says:

    Ya i signed up just to check it out but I still don’t know what concept this is based upon.

    1. Alex Becker says:

      Its called targeted ads. They get money from advertisers and share it with you.

  27. Zoltan says:

    John, do you really think that 1% will be able to live off it?
    What could be the optimistic value of AGLOCO by then end of 2008? And the pessimistic one?

    Well… you rank on the top 0.05% of members with 3,000+ referrals, McCall ranks on the top 0.02% of members with 10,000+ referrals, I rank on the top 1.41% of members with 184 referrals. Anyone who is good in maths, how many members does AGLOCO have?

    1. John Chow says:

      When I had 10,000 members (with 100 new members per day) in AllAdvantage, I got up to $5,000 in one month before the net starting caving in. Can you live off $5K a month?

      The top 1% will be a moving target. Right now it don’t take too many referrals to be there. However, as the network gets bigger, you’ll need to sign up more people to stay in the top 1%.

  28. Michael Kwan says:

    I’m still having a lot of trouble signing people up, with only one referral thus far. While I (and most of you guys) can see the value in AGLOCO, the average web user will scoff at it as spyware, spam, or some other sort of scam. All those “bad people” out there have ruined for “honest” schemes like AGLOCO.

    By the way, John, in the comment form it asks for URI and not URL. You might want to fix that. Oh, and what cars are those in the new banner? They don’t look like American muscle at all. Koenigsegg?

    1. John Chow says:

      WordPress call it URI for some reason. I don’t know why. The cars are Pagani Zonda Fs.

  29. How can I tastefully put a referral link on a ‘niche’ site like mine, paulallendesign.com, without detracting from it? The two would only seem to detract from each other. I’ve paid for many a weekend date way back when with my massive $100 AllAdvantage revenues. I just had a major flashback on the Jiggy Mouse, shaking all over my screen, with my Windows98 486DX Compaq running 24hrs a day. LOL.

    1. John Chow says:

      If your site is not a good match, the best way to do it would be to make a new page for AGLOCO and link to it by text or banner.

      1. Y. R. Dubey says:

        Where can I find Agloco Banners for promoting my link in the banner-exchanges? Please advice.

  30. Oh! That’s Greeeettttt…
    Me & my wife are promoting agloco very
    well. This time we reached 1445(194 direct).

    But you are going very well dear.

    for your success,
    yogesh subhanand

  31. At first, I was surprised that you are freely divulging your AGLOCO landing page and advertising strategy before actually implementing it.

    Might this lead to higher advertising competition for you and more costly promotion expenses? There are sure to be many people that take your advice or try to copy your AGLOCO strategy.

    On the other hand, if this information motivates your existing referral base to grow their networks, it could be highly advantageous for you in the long run. Either way you win!

  32. Great info John!

    I’ve got 472 members now, 142 direct and 330 extended. I am aiming for 1,000 before the Viewbar is released. I have great expectations with AGLOCO. I like their high goalsetting, 10 million members by July 1st 2007. And I like the people behind it all. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone, to reach a network of 1,000 members or more. You just have to stay focused, and set your own goals…just like AGLOCO.

    Good luck to all for many years to come!


  33. vijay says:

    hello John..
    I have been reading your blor regularly since 2 months.. Recently on the Agloco blog one user raised some serious questions which i would like you to comment about.

    Here im pasting it…

    1. Call be when someone actually gets a check, until then it’s a scam.

    Solution: get the browser out there so we have something to sell instead of just an idea. I know you want get the numbers up to increase the rates but you can’t tell me you can’t put escalators in the contracts which increase fees when we get the numbers you want. At the very least put a fullsize, working, clickable viewbar sample on the site.

    2. You had me until the member calucator. If I bring in 15 people and they bring in 15 people I’m supposed to get $1 Million a month, yeah, right.

    Solution: Give us the real $ numbers (and if they are going to fluctuate then the %’s) for what each direct and indirect referral will bring in. The calculator is useless.

    3. If the company is giving out 90% of the money to shareholders and 10% to management, what is left to a shareholder?
    Why would anyone purchase shares in the open market (the stock exchange) if they can just join a site and get shares, essentially for free, so I get worthless shares, right?

    Solution: Get with your securities lawyers and get a definitive statement of the shares concept; are they options with a strike price of zero, giveaways, are they limited in any way? Also give some idea of where money going to shareholders in coming from.

    4. Do I get shares or money or both?

    Solution: Be even more clear about the payout structure on more pages and in more definite terms.

    1. Sorry to say dear but i think this man is totally mad, i think.
      That person did not get even 1% of the idea and
      understanding of Agloco business concept.

      What i say but he showed his no understanding
      of e-commerse business.

      I must say totally insane…

  34. Jane says:

    I’ve just finished reading all your posts on AGLOCO. I feel you did a great job at describing what it is, what it does and your progress with it. You’ll have one more person to include in your stats 🙂

  35. Hi guys, as you know link exchange between relevant sites will help boost your ranking, and for sharing traffic from various relevant sites.

    If you would like to do link exchange with Agloco Dude please take a look at this blog post.


    Thank you for reading.

    Agloco Dude

  36. James. P says:

    Thank you all for your comments they give me a lot of hope being a new member.I’m working hard to get refer, and your comment will make me work harder. GOD BLESS!

  37. Paul Wong says:

    I personally think it is an idea that if implemented correctly, may be the next big thing. I’ve had difficulties explaining to laymen about Agloco hence I came up with simple but effective phrases and diagrams.
    To be honest, if anyone wants to know why this will be big, go get a copy of the book, The Google Story. There, you’ll find tons of similarities between Agloco and Google during the start-up period as well as their mindset. I wish for good health and forever happiness to you and your love ones!

  38. Hi

    I too am having problems getting people to sign up for AGLOCO. I’ve sent mails to friends, and for the most part, the reply is :- “Is this for real? No way, it’s spyware – no thanks” or something along those lines!

    I’ve even added a link to my AGLOCO referal page in my dating site and although my traffic is increasing (VERY slowly, only getting around 7000 hits per month) I’m not seeing anyone sign up from there. I think it’s difficult for people to understand that it IS an exciting thing thats happening but a there’s a lot of “too good to be true” feelings from users who are so used to seeing “Make CA$H from the internet” type ad’s that they feel that they shouldn’t touch this with a bargepole!

    Anway, I’ll keep trying!


  39. John,
    This is by far your longest post on Agloco and most inspiring. Looking forward to more advice from you. I am sure many people will find your post very useful..

  40. Adam says:

    Hi everyone and congrats to everyone who is sitting in the less then 1% range I’m currently at the 12% range with a lot of work to do but I’ve only just started promoting it more this past week.

    I started promoting it on Google and MSN groups and have gained close to 20 referrals just from that but I just started up a recent blog at
    http://aglocohype.blogspot.com/ and I think this will do wonders because I inform people about what Agloco is and I also do my best to update it every day with tips on how to increase your network.

    I have ran into ton’s of people who automatically think this company is a scam but I think a lot of these people have came to the internet thinking it’s easy to make millions of dollars and when they fall for the get rich quick schemes they just get frustrated.

    P.S. Check out the first page of my blog I’ve uploaded a video with two of the Agloco reps and they make some good points in it. I think a lot of people have not seen this video before and it gives you motivation to keep going because you realize it is a real company working towards the greater good.

    Additionally for everyone who thinks Agloco is a scam and just think that you sign up and do nothing else then please don’t get upset when the people who have worked hard to get their referrals start to earn a nice income because nothing comes for free you always have to work hard for it the sooner you realize this the better you’ll do when trying to make money online.

  41. Hi John, Great job with the blog! I recently made a site http://www.AglocoBanners.com to help everyone promote their AGLOCO campaigns. Feel free to stop by and download a banner.


  42. qutepangy says:

    I must have been living in the dark ages. I didn’t hear of Agloco until recently. The only problem is, most people I meet are so young and UNambitious. They have no motivation to sign up. So I decided to just post the Agloco message to my blog, and hope for the best!

  43. Jay Markley says:

    My name is Jay Markley and I do not know how to trace the progress of my agloco account.
    (BBBB6247). Some of my referrals and my referrals referrals have not received account no. for a referral link.Please respond to this request at: [email protected]

  44. Wes says:

    Ok John,

    I’m on the grind now, and just put 20 more counters into the pile, although u are past 5 levels now, so you don’t get all of the action!!!

    thxs for showing me this, some buddies are excitd more than me haha.


  45. Ja-won Tillery says:

    I joined AGLOCO on Jan1. In ten days I have 33people. I`m tring to get up there with the big doggs lol. Everydayi plane on getting someone to sign up. This month i will have over 50people.

  46. surf says:

    Just wanted to say what a wonderful resource site you have all the very best for the future.Keep up the brilliant work.

  47. James. P says:

    I like reading all the coments and really injoy you ansewering back John.I keep working away each day trying to get sign-up I only have a few but that’s ok it will pay off.how long out is the veiwbar it would be good to know so we have some more hope!I hope not long because I think it will help.also anyone willing to take a look at my blog page and link me I will look at there’s and link with them we need to help each other.There’s some good links on my page that can help!http://wwwgoodnews.blogspot.com Thank you and GOD BLESS! ALSO SO ANYONE CAN E-MAIL ME AT [email protected]

  48. Hello,

    This is a cool blog. I enjoyed reading all the comments out here. I joined AGLOCO and hope to grow my network as well… so far im in the top 8%, so hoping that is a really good sign… Good luck to all!

    Filipina Kisses

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