300×250 Embedded Ad Spot for Sale

I have the 300×250 ad spot for sale. That’s the ad you see on the right of this post. The 300×250 ad is embedded into the first two posts of the front page and into all single posts. The ad also appears in the first two posts of the full feed RSS. This is the only ad that shows up in both the blog and the RSS feed. All together, over 1 million banner impressions per month are delivered to this ad.

The 300×250 banner spot is the biggest and most visible banner spot on this blog. It is also the highest performing. Zeila Rich used it to make over $13,500 in five days by using the banner spot to promote her SGR affiliate program.

We’ve made at least 10 times of what we spent so far. We paid $1,250, and we made over $13,500 as of right this second with the SGR Affiliate Program. On top of that, we’ve had over 312 subscribers to our newsletter only within 72 hours. We still have over 25 days to go. The truth is this is the BEST ROI ever for me as an advertiser.

The first time the banner spot was sold, it was immediately flipped for a profit. It would have been flipped again for a mega profit but by that time, I had put an end to ad flipping.

Only Ten Spots Available

Your ad will go in rotation with nine other banners. This will help to counteract banner blindness that often happens when a reader sees the same ad too often. Price per banner rotation is $500 per month. In this case, a month is from October 11 to November 10.

If you’re interested in securing a 300×250 banner ad, PayPal $500 to [email protected], and Email your 300×250 ad to same Email address. The banner can not be bigger than 25K in size. Animation is allowed but no Flash please. I expect all 300×250 ad spots to sell out so get your order in now if you really want it.

112 thoughts on “300×250 Embedded Ad Spot for Sale”

  1. bob cobb says:

    Damn, gonna make some good money with this ad 😈

    1. Turk Hit Box says:

      Too bad I can’T afford it 🙁

    2. Yes he will, but i believe that 9 ads in rotation it is a bit too much, even for a busy blog like Johns. After all he can give it a try and see later if he should diminish the number of ads in rotation or continue with that same number.

      Tho that will bring him 5k a month if all 10 slots get sold…yummie…

      1. John Chow says:

        It works out to $5 CPM. I used to make that much from Google when it was running in that spot.

        1. I make $15 CPM from my 300 x 250 adsense block in that spot. I guess that is just the difference between the pockets finance industry and bloggers :mrgreen:

          1. Everton says:

            isn’t it around $16CPM at approx 300k PVs?

            Sounds reasonable to me for the hotspot on the site.

  2. Great offer, too bad I can’t afford that! 😈

  3. Damn thats allot of money.

  4. Raj says:

    Maybe next year i can buy this

    1. lyricsreg says:

      Or the year after that 😈

  5. A case study from other previous advertisers would be interesting!

  6. CFernandes says:

    This will add $5k to your bottom line 😀

  7. IF the ad was so beneficial why has it become available? 🙂
    Deal well with regular subscribers and create the affiliate system I talked about earlier. IF someone scores the highest they could win that spot. THAT would make it rather attractive. But might not make as much chow… 😉

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s become available because the current ad terms is up and I not allowing a single advertiser to take up the entire spot anymore. I highly doubt I will put up a $5,000 spot up for grabs anytime soon.

  8. Israel says:

    interesting. deciding if I should but or not.

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      Israel, out of interest what site of yours would you link too?

      1. Israel says:

        it would either be my fatman blog or an affiliate offer.

  9. That ad spot is tempting to say the least.

  10. Zac Johnson says:

    Congratulations already on your next new high for monthly earnings. This will surely boost you past $20-$25k.

  11. What a great endorsement by Zeila Rich…..hopefully it will pull in additional sales for you.

  12. loredan says:

    Sounds interesting, John!
    1 million banner impressions divided by 10, that’s roughly 100k impressions per ad…hmmm

    1. lyricsreg says:

      how many clicks can be expected from that ?

      1. Michael says:

        About only 10? 😈

      2. Israel says:

        lol, more than 10, depending on what the banner is. but it wont be high.

  13. Graham says:

    It is tempting, but 10 rotations! That is a little much, don’t you think? If it were say 4 or 5 I would have no problem paying for it.

    1. John Chow says:

      It works out to $5CPM, which is a very good rate for a 300×250 ad.

      1. LeGo says:

        CPM is cost per impression, where you are referring to $5 as the cost per 1,000 impressions… Right?

        1. John Chow says:

          That is correct.

  14. Neil Duckett says:

    A little out oy my range at the moment. Would love to look at this in the future.

  15. Michael says:

    It is one of the best ad spots but for a normal blogger or website owner, $500 is way too much! Plus take into account that the ad is going to be flipping with ten ads, I don’t think it is worth it.
    John, I really want you to do something for those other bloggers out there who can’t make $10 a month. Why not make a $200 budget to offer placing your ads on other blogs (lets say $10 an ad)? That would rally benefit others. What’s more John, you should make an ad spot to is dedicated to a monthly ad contest.

    1. Nice idea but John here to make money, if people can’t make $10 a month I doubt that John is going to see it as his problem.

  16. max says:

    oohhhh… i might need this for my latest venture. 🙂

  17. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but the Web has changed so dramatically over the past two or three years that the efficiency of banner advertising seems questionable today, to put it mildly. Unless your site is well-known and BIG (like Amazon.com or ArilineTickets.com, or whatever), your banner ad will be ignored by most surfers. The same goes for text ads. Cyberspace is oversaturated with advertising content. One click per three to five thousands of impressions just doesn’t cut it.
    The best way to get ahead? Try getting a celebrity to mention your site (or your business, or your name, or whatever) in an interview. I guess. Or invent a totally new way to promote your site. I’m trying.

    Mighty Niche Books

  18. We’ve just purchased a spot, we’ll let people know how it goes on our blog:

    It’s hard to find banner advertising on a high profile site for around $500/month, so although this is shared with 9 other advertisers, it is quite big and predominant, and it’s on for a whole month, not just x number of views. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

    Tim from bla.st

  19. max says:

    I will trade you an ad for 100 pages on my new wiki at http://fivedollarwiki.com. How about it?

    1. Googlelady says:

      Max this script is now out and selling with a nice price? Because everyone now wants to make the same idea of Milliondollarwiki 🙄

      1. max says:


        Yeah, we should have ready to go packages for sale at $1000 each by next week or so…well if I don’t get enough sleep that is. 😈 😈 😈

        It took me 3 days w/o sleep. (which I found out The creator of MillionDollarWiki did the same thing…i guess it takes about 3 sleepless nights…i went to sleep everyday after sunrise…

    2. lyricsreg says:

      Looks more like the $4.99 wiki to me 🙂

      1. max says:

        hahaha…lol 😈

  20. Mubin says:

    I love how people are telling John how he should go about making money.

    1. lyricsreg says:

      Yes, he needs the advice 😀

  21. If I had a need, I would grab it. It is a great location.

  22. Missylicious says:

    Wow.. $5k in advertising revenue for you.

    1. loredan says:

      No Missy, this is just an EXTRA 5k :mrgreen:

  23. great way to make 5,000 this month John.. Do you use a plugin to rotate those banners??

  24. Just a question but would you accept adverts for products outside the “Make Money Online” market?

    1. Israel says:

      yes he would, it may not perform well, but you never know.

      1. I can’t afford the $500 at the moment but I’d be willing to guess that a good ad in front of that many eyes would must give a return. I’ll get saving…

  25. Zeila Rich says:

    Here’s a personal endorsement from me:
    Yes, John Chow’s ad space is very lucrative if you know how to use it. You have to understand your market and audience. We know readers here love to make money, and want to make money, so we promoted The Secret of Getting Rich Program, that pays us $500 per sale on the 1st tier, and $250 on the 2nd tier.

    From the adspace on JohnChow.com, we have garnered over 100 sub-affiliates, and some of them till today, have generated passive commissions for us. From the last count, we have reached the $35, 000 mark, not too shabby, considering we spent only $1,250 in the first place. Here’s what we promoted: http://www.rich4life.us

    However, what is missing from JohnChow.com is the information how someone can make money online in all the different ways. We have started from Google Adsense, and have earnt our first million from it. We are launching a new project, to help you, make money from Google, which is much more reliable than JC wants you to think. If you think blogging is the only way, you are only narrowing your options. Check this out: http://www.adsenseresurrected.com, and see how much we are earning from our current account, nearly $60, 000 per month, solely from Google Adsense.

    Visit our blog, to see our first 1/2 million dollar check from Google (biggest ever check) yourself.
    We are sharing some affiliate marketing tactics too on our blog. We’ll let our guards down for once in our life for your benefit. There are so many things we want to share, that would make the gurus raging mad.

    Me and Mo, we are an underground couple who is slowly surfacing, to help you learn how to make money from Google. Google makes billions from Adsense, you need to take a bite out of it yourself. Don’t just rely on blogging. It helps, only if you want to make thousands a month. Start small, think big!

    Reach for the riches!

  26. Hoto says:

    5000$ in at just one ad spot, nice. i cann´t affort it, but once i gona be a big time blogger i am gona take one too. nice idea the rotation.

  27. Mubin says:

    John, could we change the ad 2X if we had the spot? Like lets say I wanted to promote one site for 15 days, and another for 15 days after that, is that cool with you?

    1. John Chow says:

      Sure, that is fine. As a matter of fact, I can run both banners at the same time. They would be divided evenly between your 1 rotation. Or I can run one for 15 days and the other for 15 days. Up to you.

  28. chtanxw says:

    The space that put the sport car logo is worth more than $10,000 per month! Let us see when it will be offered.

  29. Simple says:

    Damn….i can’t afford it 😈

  30. great008 says:

    damn…i cant afford it yet 🙁

  31. max says:

    yeah, me neither… 😕

  32. Randy Ray says:


    Is the adspot still available? I am considering of buying one

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I still have some spots available. If you order now, I’ll be able to put into the Oct 11 rotation.

  33. If only I had the cash for a spot hah! A shame the stock market’s like crack… sigh..

  34. Jacob says:

    If I had the money, I would be very excited to purchase one. Oh well.

  35. Nick says:

    I’d love to have this ad because I think the exposure would be phenominal, but I just can’t justify the expense at this point because my site doesn’t make me any money at all!

  36. Zlatan says:

    Replying 😀

  37. Sean says:

    You asked for replies, so here it is 🙄

  38. James says:

    If only I had that type of money to spend on advertising. 🙂

  39. Matt says:

    Should that not say 25 KB. 😛

    1. John Chow says:

      I guess you’re right. I hope advertisers know what I meant. :mrgreen:

  40. maurizio says:

    let’s divide it in pixel and sell just the pixels.

  41. Jayne says:

    I’m curious why you put an end to the ad flipping previously? Why not let it play out?

  42. Ruchir says:

    Nice strategy. Sell multiple ads and rotate them instead of selling just one…

  43. You’ll get a good cash, for sure! 😉

  44. Nick says:

    i’m an rss reader 🙂

  45. Adnan says:

    Good luck selling it John!

  46. chris says:

    RSS reader here…. 😆

  47. Shaun Carter says:

    RSS reader here and I want that book! 🙂

  48. ThienLee says:

    RSS reader here

  49. chtanxw says:

    You must subscribe RSS or you will miss many chances…

  50. Jonathan Kok says:

    Since everyone posted I’m a rss reader, I’ll do the same for the book.

  51. Wahlau.NET says:

    they are so fast….

    sorry I got no money to advertise

  52. Ethan says:

    RSS reader here

  53. Nick says:

    I’m an RSS reader

  54. Nick says:

    RSS reader here

  55. KennyP says:

    I am a RSS reader too

  56. RSS is AWESOME!!! 😈

  57. Felix Ker says:

    I want the ebook!

  58. Ash Haque says:

    Hi I’m an RSS reader

  59. Rhys says:

    Yay for books!

  60. gsp says:

    in for the book!

  61. Poker says:

    Too bad this is too expensive for me 😥

  62. I like ads…ads are great.. I wish i had enough money…

  63. Vijay says:

    RSS Reader as well!

  64. Please enter me for the Forex book, per the RSS.

  65. James Wilcox says:

    count me in for the book! I’ll consider an ad as soon as my blog starts turning a decent profit.

  66. Daniel says:

    I will be getting this ebook this Christmas I guess.. By the sounds of it!

  67. Ryan says:

    I’ll take 7 entries. The book sounds interesting.

  68. dcr says:

    Sounds like an interesting book.

  69. Kit says:

    I am a RSS reader. :mrgreen:

  70. JoeTech.com says:

    Here for some extra entries. Glad I read the RSS feed.

  71. Roseate says:

    Count me in for the ebook 🙂

  72. Josh says:

    sweet. PPC and Forex

  73. max says:

    I still want to win this book… :mrgreen:

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