31 Days To Build a Better Blog

Darren Rowse over at Problogger has re-released his 31 Days To Build a Better Blog workbook for 2010 and he’s offering three awesome bonuses. This is a great resource for any blogger looking to take their blog to the next level.

The workbook uses a two pronged approach to teaching and is designed so that you come away from the challenge having not only learned how to build a dynamic blog but you’ll have actually done something with the knowledge. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is for bloggers at different stages of their blogging including:

  • Those who have just started a blog but who don’t know what to do next
  • Those who have had a blog for a while but it’s stalled in its growth
  • Bloggers with bloggers block and lacking inspiration

For the next seven days (until 19 January), Darren is offering three exclusive bonuses with your order of 31 Days To Build a Better Blog. They are:

  • A report by the name of 9 Things to Do to Get Your Blog On Track for the New Year – essentially it is a 9 day extension of the 31 Day workbook. It contains 9 extra tasks, particularly designed for the new year.
  • 55 minute podcast with Leo Babauta from ZenHabits.net – this podcast is rich with tips on how Leo has launched his blogs and leveraged them to sell successful e-books and a best selling book.
  • 45 minute podcast interview with Neil Patel from Quicksprout.com – another practical podcast with Neil on how to drive traffic to blogs as well as tips on personal branding, SEO and more.
  • 31 days to build a better blog

The cost of this valuable resource is only $19.95. That makes it almost an impulse purchase. Darren is one of the best known bloggers in the world. All of his works are top notch and this latest offering is no exception. If you want a better blog, you can have it in the next 31 days. The 3 new bonuses will only be for those who buy the workbook in the next 7 days. Go get it.

Get 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workbook

31 thoughts on “31 Days To Build a Better Blog”

  1. Karl Foxley says:

    Definitely money well spent.

    1. I’d have to agree! Considering it is cheaper than most ebooks you will be offered and sure to contain much more value!

  2. Bidet says:

    This is a great book and its cheap too, its definitely worth it. Thanks for sharing this deal with us.

  3. chester says:

    Hey that’s pretty good for $20. I’ve had a blog for 4 years now. Time to step it up.

    1. On the sales page someone says they implemented a few of the tactics from this book and increased their traffic by 3 times. I’m sure the link from Darren’s blog helped.

  4. Seems like a good buy. I have just started out too long ago, My growth is actually increasing and I am very inspired right now, but I will keep this book on hand if and when I do run into one or more of these issues.

  5. the book looking pretty good to me.. i think $20 enough to pay for this book

  6. The $19.95 is the easy part. The hard part is making improvements in your blog consistently for a month.

    But there are definitely benefits to doing so. For example, ever since I’ve been updating daily at Digitivity, Google downloads my sitemap every day even though I don’t notify them of updates.

    I’ve seen the proportion of URLs indexed go up, too.

    1. If you work hard for 31 days straight, you probably won’t have to continue every single day after that.

      1. True its a one time commitment.

    2. You strike a good point. It’s easy to PayPal someone twenty bucks, but actually putting what they say to use is what chokes business owners up.

      Personally, any time I spend money on anything, I get my money’s worth. If I buy a video game and end up not liking it much, I’ll play it all the way through to make sure I feel justified in my purchase.

  7. Would like to know a bit more about what is inside the book but may have potential.

  8. kevin thomas says:

    $19.95 that’s a drop in the bucket, the bonuses alone are more than wroth the money. If you’re not willing to spend money on your online entrepreneurial education you’re doing nothing but spinning your wheels

  9. Nick says:

    Darren is a great blogger, and this is a great book, all for a small $19.95 investment. Thanks for sharing this deal with us, John.

    1. Both are top-tier bloggers.

  10. S Ahsan says:

    That is a real good bargain but i am hoping he will be giving discounts since he just released the book. Thanks for the review

  11. George says:

    Looks good. Definitely worth investing in.

  12. Another great offer from one of the top bloggers.

  13. It looks great, I´ve heard very good things about it, besides Darren Rowse has a solid reputation, I think I will invest on it.

  14. All the top bloggers are releasing their “recipes” for a relatively small fee, of course. There is loads of common groud in the methodolgy preached by all and sundry, and eventually this surely has to start reaching some form of saturation point?

  15. Den says:

    Thanks for sharing. I will never mind spending 20 bucks to get advise from him

  16. Indeed, this seems a great resource for any new blogger for taking it up to next level from this workbook.

  17. I will most likely get this! Thanks for alerting me.

  18. great site and very good reading i have bookmarked this for further reading many thnaks

  19. Kate says:

    That book looks like it would really help me out. And it does not cost that much. I think I might just buy it 🙂

    1. Don’t think about it, just get it!

  20. You can’t beat the $19.95 price.

  21. Focusing the whole month of January on redoing my blog to offer my readers the top quality they can get.

  22. I agree with Jacques how much can you do with a blog? I mean after a while you are redoing the redoing of the redoing. Either the content is good or it is not…period Paul

  23. Do they offer an ebook version or audio?

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