4 Guest Post Mistakes To Avoid

Trust me, guest posting isn’t all rosy like WE paint it.

I know you can drive a lot of targeted traffic with it, gain traction, but if you’re not careful, guest posting can contribute to your site’s failure. Oops!

I’ve written and published more than 500 guest articles since July 2011, when I started blogging.

So, I’m not new to this system of growing a blog. It works but there is a CLAUSE.

In another post, I’d talk about the benefits of contributing to top blogs in your niche. But for now, let’s see the four ugly aspects of guest blogging. Here we go:

1.    Procrastination

One ugly thing that I’ve been battling with as a blogger is procrastination. I don’t know about you.

And because I contribute to other blogs, not as a staff writer, but as a guest blogger, I tend to defer my own projects.

Rather than researching my topics or making plans to create my own digital product, I’d write a guest post. Deep within me, I’m not happy with this slow movement.

Reaching out to fresh visitors might look good at the surface, but it’s hurting your success.

The best time you’ve to make a difference, and create passive income is now. Guest posting may not allow you the free time to focus on your own affairs. So watch it!

Whatever you want to do to grow your business, do it now. Guest posting is powerful, but it’s never an alternative to pursuing your core objectives.

2.    Neglecting your readers

guest posting ugly

Few days ago, one of my subscribers wrote me a funny email. He said, “My subscribers are unsubscribing from my email list. What do you I do?”

Of course, I advised him to minimize the number of guest articles he writes weekly and focus on his audience. You’ve a blog, with readers who need you.

They need your good posts to keep going on this hectic blogging career. They came to your blog because you were solving their problems initially – what’s happening now?

Nothing should come between you and your readers. Make out time for your readers. Listen to their weak words and find a way to support them. That’s why you’re a blogger, to help make the world a better place.

3.    Minding other people’s business

I recommend you read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” It’s a great book that teaches how you can mind your own business.

I discovered few months ago that if you’re guest posting at the expense of engaging with your readers, you’re minding other people’s business. Period!

Sure, you can grow your business when you reach out, but what about your present readers. What are you doing about them? Are you really satisfying their thirst and hunger for quality content?

The people you’re serving are first and foremost, your greatest asset. Like I always do, I encourage you to reach out with quality guest posts, but remember to mind your own business.

To build a profitable business, write compelling content for your blog regularly (not daily, please). Then get out there and promote the hell out of it.

4.    Altering your blog’s personality

People liked you not because you had a new idea, or some spectacular insight, but because you’ve a voice.

A strong voice that’s able to pierce through their ignorance and make them better. Your ability to give life to an old idea is what makes the BIG difference.

Now, when you accept guest post all the time on your blog, without at least writing blog posts for your readers, you’d miss out on the personality aspect. Readers would start to complain and before long, they’d look elsewhere for another savior.

If you’re too busy to handle your blog and cater to readers, get an in-house freelance blogger/writer and guide him or her for the first few months on how to create content for your readers.

There is nothing wrong with accepting guest posts from great writers, but what about your unique voice?

Take this home

How many guest posts have you published so far, with your blog URL? Listen to this, guest posting is damn powerful – it’s the surest way to lift a new blog from the dunghill and place it on the summit.

But as you embark on this feat, writing for your blog MUST come first.

How has guest posting helped in your blog’s growth? Tell me what you think about writing for other blogs – the comment box is for you. See you at the top!

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25 thoughts on “4 Guest Post Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. Jason James says:

    I submitted a 3,000 word guest post that was original and unique to problogger and I’ve yet to see it, titled, the S.Q.U.I.R.T principle

    I’d rather get a backlink from somewhere where my fate isn’t determined by one person. Guest posting is powerful, but in my opinion it requires tons of research and work. If I am going to publish epic content, I want to do it for me, not for someone else.

    I’d just pay to play if I want to siphon visitors from other people’s blogs. John lets you do that for a couple hundred a month. 😉

    1. I don’t think so. Nice post Didn’t knew many of them but now I know them thanks will follow some of them thanks for sharing.

  2. Adam says:

    Hey John great post man!!! I am prepared for when I get enough traffic to blog post…
    This is off the subject but you should do a post on how to drive traffic to a blog sometime:)

  3. Michael Sato says:

    I haven’t done any guest posts before so this tip is very helpful for those newbies that will start with guest posting.

    Definitely will check this blog post again once I get my guest posting started.

  4. sapna says:

    Hi John

    Guest posts work great if handled in a better way. There are many fellow bloggers who have generated huge traffc because of that only.
    I believe in “my voice” for my blog.

    Thanks John for the insights.


    1. James M. says:

      Since I’ve heard about guest blogging, I’ve always known this to be a traffic drawer for the guest blogger’s blog. But aside from procrastination which is definitely keeping me from doing it, I’ve still to find the guts to really express my voice in the bigger world out there. I believe in posting only quality articles in one’s blog, and even better when one guest-blogs.

  5. Steve says:

    It is ironic this post is written by a guest blogger, but the points do drive home. I am just about to open my own blog up to guest blogging and this definitely changed my perspective. I do not want to over saturate my blog with guest posts at the cost of losing my voice and as a result my audience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to offer guest blogging as it is a great way to collaborate, attain content I myself do not have to write, etc., but after reading point #4 above, I will steer clear of going overboard. Thanks for the great tips Michael!

    1. Yes, I could say I’m a professional guest blogger considering that I’ve surpassed the 100 quality guest posts target for 12 months. And this post isn’t to discourage you from accepting or writing guest articles. It’s more like a wake-up call to everyone.

      Point #4 is my favorite – please don’t go overboard. Your voice is entirely unique to you. Secure it with your whole being!

      Happy New Year Steve!

  6. Vikas says:

    I agreed. Serving our regular readers comes first. At the end they are the people who helped a lot in building our blog.

  7. Tim Miller says:

    I totally agree with you Michael. Last month, i decided to write my first ever, actually, my second ever guest post. And honestly, in one full month i tried to focus on writing that guest post without updating my blog.

    And i assumed it was rejected because i didn’t see it posted on that site for almost a month now. So yeah, i think guest post can make me become really lazy, especially when knowing that our guest post is finally rejected. Totally devastating!

    But i don’t think there is another way to make your blog successful in 2013 except by writing guest posts on popular blogs. Without guest posting, your blog will fail eventually.

    1. Of course, you’d still use guest posting, but don’t neglect your current readers. As the saying goes, “A bird at hand is worth a thousand in the bush.” Treat your readers well and don’t forget to reach out for more. Thanks for your comment.

  8. ZK says:

    If you’re going to use guest posting to build links, its not going to work in the long run….For a guest post to go viral or the engagement factor needs to be high and consistant ..

  9. Nkay says:

    Thank you john.

    Though I haven’t done any guest blogging yet, I have been thinking of getting into it. I am also thinking of accepting guest blogger as my blog grows. I think this is a good start for me.

  10. Submitting guest posts is a great way to gain exposure. However, it is important that you determine what you want the exposure for. Why are you trying to drive oodles of traffic to your site? Determine what you want your blog to achieve for you. Ideally, I’d insist you have a business model first and then use your blog and guest posts to acquire customers for that business.

    If this is taken into consideration then your guest post undertaking can be planned in such a way that it does NOT undermine your business. I think the big problem for most people is that they start off just trying to drive traffic to their site (without a clear business model).

  11. faisal says:

    Guest posting is a good way to boost traffic.

  12. Eric says:

    I am little confused Michael is guest blog posting a good idea or bad one? It seems as if your trying say both I am correct on this matter?

  13. Cierra says:

    The worst for me is procrastination. I still have a post not done from a year ago!

  14. Jesse Reed says:

    I agree my problem is that I would hate to produce my best content just to give it to someone else who never posts it. That being said I am always on the lookout to write a guest post for a blog that I actually like reading. such as this one.

  15. haRiYorBlog says:

    It easy for a big blogger like yourself to ignore the benefit of guest post at least at this stage but people like myself don’t have that luxury. my blog http://www.hariyorblog.com is new and i need stuff like that to promote it or maybe you have other ideas that i can use to be improve my blog exposure.

  16. I like the first point, many bloggers had the problem where he will write good content as guest post. He will not find articles for his blog. It’s better to manage yoor blog effectively at one point of time.

  17. Pranshu says:

    Thanku Jon

    Realy nice post and yess guest posting is the best way to boost traffic

  18. Such a balancing act – you want the best content for your own readers however the only way to be a successful blogger is to have also good content for the blog you’re intending to guest-blog for.
    I’ve just put it in my to-do list to create a guest blog this week – thanks John!

  19. True and valuable tips.

  20. Engr Abdul says:

    I agree with this points 100%, i was busy writing quality contents for other blogs when my blog is hungry for contents. This drove my loyal visitors away. Thanks for sharing 😀

  21. MiciROX says:

    Yep Laziness, procrastination, the number one reason why a lot of people are not getting anywhere with their blog :/ I’m sure everyone is at fault in this.

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