4 Powerful Marketing Tactics For Bloggers

Would you like to reach fresh readers easily?

If yes, then you’re to give more time to marketing, than any other task.

Bloggers tend to neglect the most important aspect of growing a blog, which are traffic generation and engagement.

Both of these can bring more money for the blogger and fame as well.

Yes, writing blog posts regularly is awesome and a must for bloggers, but don’t stop there.

Take it a step further by promoting what you’ve published.

It may not be easy to reach the right set of readers, but nothing is impossible.

When you’re just starting out in your blogging career, you’d work harder but as time goes by, experience and creativity can help you work smarter.

So, in this article, you’ll discover the 4 powerful ways to grow your blog. The points may seem common, but it could transform your blog. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1.    Speed up your blog

Is your blog slower than a snail? No reader is going to stick around waiting for that header to load. In a web page, the texts ought to load quickly, followed by the images. Make sure you’re using a good wordpress theme, styled with cascading style sheet (CSS).

To further boost your blog’s load time, log into your dashboard, click on the plugins button and delete any plugin that’s not in use.

Use sizable images of about 300 x 300 pixels for your posts. Clear your sidebar. If you’ve unnecessary affiliate banners, which aren’t generating any substantial income, remove some of them.

When you speed up your blog, it’d be easier for search engines to index and serve your article pages to target audience. But there’s more to this – your readers can fall in love with your blog speed and share your posts willingly.

2.    Add social share buttons

You need other people to share your posts. The best SEO practice now is to engage readers socially.

In other words, encourage your readers to share your latest articles. This is called leverage for those who invest in stocks and other securities. It’s like putting your money in an income yielding venture.

You can’t grow your blog alone, no matter how much effort you put into it. Give other people access to share your posts, images and infographics. How? Add social share buttons if you’re yet to do so. Make the buttons visible. I recommend sharebar plugin. It’s 100% free to download.

Ideally, remove unwanted networks in the share buttons. You only need 3 – 4 social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon and maybe Pinterest).

3.    Write epic content   write epic content

Few weeks ago, I wrote an epic content and it went viral.

I saw more than 20 authority blogs linking to the post and this only happened after 2 days of making it live.

Naturally, blog readers tends to promote, share and bookmark epic content.

Has your blog post gone viral in the past? Share your opinion in the comment below…

The passion you’ve for writing can be used in a more creative way. Don’t write anything, unless you’ve ideas boiling in your head.

Let the words out and purge your heart from every worries and anxiety. The secret to crafting epic content is to understand who you’re writing to.

For instance, if you knew that I like partying, when you write to me, add some elements of that lifestyle to spice up the article. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing about partying or blogging, a creative writer knows how to bridge the divide.

Feed your mind with good thoughts. Then pull a seat and write your way to fresh traffic and fame. Don’t despair or feel as though you’re no good writer. Quality content is already a marketing magnet. Readers can connect to it very strongly and that’s the KEY.

4.    Target long-tail keywords

Is search engine optimization dead?

I don’t think so. On the contrary, SEO is the new term for serious bloggers who can take the Bull by the horn and optimize properly.

The era of keyword stuffing is no more, but keyword targeting will never be rivaled. The best way to dominate search engines in this new age of Panda and Penguin is to target the long-tail key terms.

Actually, they’re called key phrases because they contain three or more words. Such keywords are longer than the seed term. Want to learn more, see how to dominate Google first page.

A typical example:

Let me give you an example. Take this:

I want to rank #1 on Google as a web hosting company. Naturally, I’d optimize my blog pages for these keywords: web hosting, buy web hosting, best web hosting et al.

You see, because of the level of competition in the web hosting niche, the chances of ranking on Google top 10 is slim. In fact, it can be impossible. But let me show you how to get it right.

Don’t target “web hosting company” go geo-specific instead. That is, target local buyers who don’t like going out of their environs for shopping. You could target “best web hosting service in New York” or “Los Angeles web hosting company.”

Or better yet, optimize and write quality content for these similar key phrases, “cheapest dedicated web hosting,” VPS web hosting package online” and so on.

Those are long-tail keywords. They’re easily ranked for, and can generate more sales for you; provided you’ve a highly converting sales page. Use this simple tip to increase organic traffic, dominate Google homepage and build a profitable blog.

What is your take?

How best do you market your blog? If you mention guest blogging, could you highlight the key points? But before you leave a comment, grab one of those marketing tips above and implement it right away. Your success is sure!

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17 thoughts on “4 Powerful Marketing Tactics For Bloggers”

  1. Naveen says:

    Good Article. It’s always nice to remind people of these basics.

  2. Kenny Fabre says:


    add social share buttons and writing content is where its at. Im getting great results with the social share buttons, and my readers love my content so I’m doing good but Im working on getting bigger

  3. Writing epic content is should be your main focus. Promotion should be second because you do no want to promote trash content.

    Many bloggers think that just by writing should be enough to attract reader. That is far from the truth.

  4. You are the reason why I started blogging about 4 years ago. I really love your content and plan on building a site that brings in tens of thousands of dollars a month like you, John

  5. Pretty much all the essential points for a newbie blogger covered here with simple passages. 😉 Sharing it right away.



  6. Mikka says:

    Hey Michael great post,

    the social share buttons are definitely something to implement asap as it can boost your traffic and your brand – but like Michael (Belk) said, you first need to assure that your content is worth sharing…

    I use AddThis for my share buttons. They offer great options and you can customize your buttons and the place on your blog where you wanna put them.

    Concerning the place, I saw a recent test result done by AMD (a french company) where they tested the place on a website share buttons are located and the best results were coming from floating buttons on the left like on JohnChow.com 😉

  7. Zack Lim says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for sharing the 4 powerful ways to grow the blog.

    I agree with the 1st way that we should have a blog which load fast as online user tend to have short attention span and they will not be patient to wait if the blog loading speed is slow.

    I feel the epic content works hand in hand with the social share buttons as people will only share when they feel that the content is good. A good reminder to always focus on creating content that is useful to the reader.

    Regardless of the status of the Search Engine, I personally think that keyphrase optimized content is still useful. I think the challenge will be balance between optimizing for the keyphrase and at the same time making sure that it is readable to readers. It is definitely possible with some effort.

    A very good reminder that writing good content is only part of the equation as we need to promote it too.


  8. faisal says:

    Wonderful idea but not many use long term keyword in search.

    1. You might be surprised how people search these days. I’ve talked with a lot of bloggers and their success on long tail keywords is great.

      Michael, these tips are great esp. for new bloggers. You make it easy for them to grow.

  9. Ben Troy says:

    Target long tail keyword is very important now as the Google has changed the rules to go against domain keyword site and websites that are just focused on some main keywords.

  10. Mi Muba says:

    Traffic from search engines and social community both can made a blog decent in the eyes of google. A blog with loads of traffic simply from search engines mean there must be some SEO trick working to do this. Therefore, a balance approach should be adopted to use key words and socializing the blog

  11. mark gates says:

    hey John, come on I know you got your confident skills as a ultimate fighter hehe but you truly helped me optimize my site. Thank You! cheers

  12. Your advice on cleaning up a blog is advice I give on speeding up a website load time. Many times pieces of code (from plugins and apps such as CRMs that are no longer used on the site) get left behind and slow down the page’s load time. Doing some housekeeping on the site helps improve it’s overall load time which is good for the both the user experience and SEO.

  13. Ton Golner says:

    As simple as that, can make you loads of money. Just brilliant. Thanks, John!

  14. Chris David says:

    All good points, but I see lots of site failing point number 1, blog loading speed. If your site is taking longer than two seconds to load then you should follow the tips above to correct it. No point in getting a Google penalty for something that is easily avoidable.

  15. Good Blog sir… your blog is very helpful… I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I really love and enjoy your contents but I know it is not a new, the reason that make it “news” because John writing it again; I just remember King Solomon said “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Ideas are as old as time,but they keep resurfacing over and over again. The methodologies, formats and manifestations have changed… …but the basic reasons why success is what it is, has never changed. Thank John

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