4 Unique Ways To Make Money Online

Everyone wants to make more money.

But only a few people are actually doing something about it. You may have good wishes but until you take a bold step to change the circumstances of your life, nothing moves. Period!

In Physics, I learnt that a body will continue to be in a state of inertia until a force (push or pull) is applied to it.

This post is one of those ones you’ve been looking forward to. I’ve drilled down the creative ideas you can apply right away to start making more money online.

There is no magic bullet to any of these ideas – just your zeal and the will to see significant improvements in your income.

Here you go…

1.    Promote a recurring product


The first method which I’ve been using since 2012 to increase my monthly income is by promoting recurring products.

At first, it may seem as though nothing meaningful is happening but stay right there and work your ass off. You’ll increase your cash flow.

If you put your mind to it, and for instance recommend web hosting services to your target audience – especially the same hosting company that’s brought you a level of satisfaction, you’ll definitely convince and get referrals.

To get more readers and visitors to order web hosting, email autoresponder or membership ecourses through your affiliate link, be honest in your reviews. Show the good aspect of the product/service as well as the not-so-good part. People will trust you more and follow their instinct – which says that no offer is 100% perfect.

Don’t be tempted to review a recurring product and make it seem too-good-to-be true. It’s a wrong approach. Just be yourself and say it as it is, while pointing out the strongest benefits.

2.    Sell through email follow-up

This is a simple and straight-forward method. Instead of selling an affiliate product directly on your blog, you would sound more professional and intimate when you get onto their (subscribers) inbox.

Already you know the process. Start by building an email list. Then use the first 7 days to acquaint (get closer) to your subscriber. Tell them who you are. What you can do for them in terms of helping them draw closer to achieving their business goals and so on.

Then recommend your affiliate offer, giving reasons why your subscriber should get it instead of the other product.

The reason could be that you’ve benefited immensely from this ‘particular’ offer instead of the ‘other.’ You’ll definitely make more money offering immense value and selling through email follow up messages than your blog.

3.    Add video to your product page

This is for those who already have niche sites or their own products. For instance, I’ve just seen a tremendous increase in sales on one of my Amazon niche sites when I added a short video on the product page. Recently, a good friend of mine added a video to his babytrend stroller blog and received a lot of conversion. Maybe you should give it a try. http://strollersup.com

That is, I embedded a YouTube video right after the title on my product page. The video is there to explain briefly what the product will/can do for you. For instance, one of my friends owns a blender review blog. He reviews different brands of blender in the market.

So his introductory video shows people the various aspects of a particular blender, how to clean it, repair it and how to use it. This is a huge bonus for his visitors and target audience because now they can make wise buying decisions.

Helpful video tutorials on your product page can help boost your sales and income online. Go give it a shot.

4.    Charge more per project

Another simple and yet powerful way to make more money online is to increase your fee for each project that comes your way. This is specially recommended for freelancers.

For instance, I’m a freelance writer and in 2012, I was charging $30 to write a 600 – 1000 words article. When my writing improved, I increased my fee to $50, then $70 and right now, I charge nothing less than $100.

In order to achieve success with this method of making more money online, get to know your niche. Read wide. Ideally, take a course and learn a skill then add it to your skill set and be ready to give. And don’t be scared to charge more; what you’re really worth.

Take this home…

When it comes to making more money online, you’ve a lot of work to do on your mind set. It’s actually what you believe is possible that will eventually be available to you. Working hard is good, but nothing beats a mind that is determined to succeed in life.

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