4000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

Today I passed the 4,000 member mark in my AGLOCO network. As I write this post, I am sitting at 4,044 sign ups. That’s a 433 member increase since my last update five days ago. The increase level of daily sign ups may have something to do with the pending arrival of the Viewbar – it’s expected to be available for download at the end of this month or early next month.


I am quite happy with the current growth of the network. Right now, it’s pretty much on autopilot. The direct and extended referrals have taken over. The network will keep growing even if I do nothing. That is the cool thing about the AGLOCO business model – you do the work once and you could get paid for it for the rest of your life.

The State Of AGLOCO

AGLOCO currently has about 180,000 members in the network. I found this out by getting the referral ID of the last person who signed up in my network. AGLOCO started their member drive at BBBB. They are now BBBS. Every letter represents 10,000 members. That is really amazing growth for a company that is barely two months old and haven’t release their product yet.

The AGLOCO company blog states they have over 30,000 “founding members.” A founding member is anyone who has referred another member. Let’s do the math; out of 180,000 members, only 30,000 has signed up another person. Sounds depressing doesn’t it? Not at all. This is right inline with the 80/20 rule which states 80% of all work is produced by the top 20%. It’s also good news if you’re a founding member because you don’t have that much competition, yet.

The Business Model Of The Future

AGLOCO has generated its share of good and bad press. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on. The Internet business model of the future is all about revenue sharing and empowering users. YouTube recently announced plans turn their video sharing site into a revenue sharing site which will give YouTube users a share of the ad money their videos produced.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. It’s the users that made YouTube what it is today, but when they were brought out by Google for $1.65 billion, it was the founders who made all the money – the users got nothing. OK, they got their videos hosted for free but look how much the founders made off those videos! $1.65 billion isn’t pocket change.

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84 thoughts on “4000 AGLOCO Sign Ups”

  1. Max says:

    We all want to know: how much have you made from it?

    1. John Chow says:

      Right now, absolutely nothing! But that’s ok. it has cost me absolutely nothing as well. 🙂

      1. Kenny says:

        Are you going to start your paid campaigns to recruit AGLOCO members when the viewbar is released?

        1. John Chow says:

          Yes. Right now, I’m working on the landing page.

          1. ian says:

            I wouldnt be starting any paid campaigns until you received some cold hard cash. Hope the agloco thing works out well.

          2. Nomar says:

            They are trustfull in my opinion.. You will earn big money from it

          3. Leftblank says:

            John will yeah, but I doubt the average person will make much of it, but well, if it’s free and easy it wont be much of a problem.

          4. Aaron says:

            How do you know when the Viewbar is comming out? I haven’t been able to keep track of all of the agloco.com craze.

            I’ve been wondering since I’ve heard about agloco.com, how are we suposed to know if you aren’t appart of the founding team at agloco.com? You and other people with the same level of friends and are ‘suspiciously’ well aware of every thing to do with agoco.com. How do we trust that you aren’t apart of this extrodinary scam?

            Hope you can answer these questions and more. Thanks for your time.

            And, Yes. I am signed up on agloco.com… the posibility of agloco.com being a valid network has lurred me in. But I am still suspicious…


    2. I think it is amazing that you have signed up that many members. I seriously doubt you should get any paid campaigns it would be better to just run the ads on your own blog in place of adsense.

      1. Jeff says:

        It’s risk management I guess. If John is quite positive there will be money to be had as a result, then he’ll get the head start to make investments. Sometimes you can’t wait for money to spend the money – you gotta spend to make it come.

        it’s a gamble and since I don’t know much about this agloco concept I won’t bother making judgments on whether he should or not.

  2. Nate W. says:

    John, you are going to be so filthy rich it is disgusting.

    1. Pallab says:

      So true 😀

    2. Joneh says:

      i like that statement…
      “so filthy rich it is disgusting”. All the best John Chow. :nod:

    3. Jonix says:

      🙂 with 4000 and growing…no doubt, “filthy rich” 🙂

    4. Marc says:

      There’s no such thing 🙂 Good work John!

    5. Jeff says:

      I want to be filthy rich too.. 🙁

  3. Dave says:

    Damn, i hate you so much right now, lol.


  4. Scott Howard says:

    It has amazed me at how many people I have told about this that are not interested.

    1. Allen.H says:

      Yeah, and you’d think people would be interested in this since a lot of them are instantly into the “make easy money online” scheme (which isn’t possible), but when there’s an action of downloading a bar with ads, the word “spyware” pops up instantly in their minds.


      1. Jane May says:

        Yeah, I can see that being one of the big challenges. Marketing it to people who are suspecious of it.

  5. Alex Becker says:

    John if you put those numbers in their calculator it gives you $1,000,000 and thats a month. How can that be?

    1. Dan says:

      Yeah. This way it seems like once the toolbar is released the original owners will need to sing up the ownership transferring papers to John Chow and walk away:)

      I wonder if John is now the leading AGLOCO referer?? Anybody has more more signups?


      1. Allen.H says:

        John is among the top 0.03% of all AGLOCO users, this should give a good indication where he is now. I do not believe he is the leading referrer (just yet).


    2. Jane May says:

      I think that’s where the shares come in. He’ll be a big share holder and not necessarily a million bucks.

  6. Ryan says:

    You finally convinced me. Persistence is a key, I think. 😉

    I signed up in your network and will float a few links around. Sorry to say I fall in that group that probably won’t promote very much. 😀

    1. Alex Becker says:

      Yea I signed up under John but I probably won’t do anything about it just like the other 80% of people that signed up

  7. Wow, all i’ve got to say is that you deserve it. Keep up the good work John…

  8. I try to promote but my friends just dont seem too interested in it. Hopefully once this thing gets underway they will see how big it really is and sign up under my account.

    1. Nate W. says:

      Maybe if you tell him John’s referral story they will get more interested. Everyone I have told about John’s Agloco success to becomes very interested…

  9. Eintnohick says:

    What I don’t understand is since they are issuing and distributing shares, why wouldn’t they have to register under the Investment Company Act. Clearly they are giving shares away to unaccredited investors. Are they excluded because they are GIVING shares away and not SELLING them? What am I missing here? Please enlighten me!! Thanks.

    1. John Chow says:

      AGLOCO is not registered in the US and are not subject to US security laws. They plan to list their shares in the London exchange.

      1. Jane May says:

        That’s interesting. How would that impact US users?

  10. Congrats John . . .but I still think I can catch you! 😉


    1. John Chow says:

      Nothing is impossible. I fully intend to overtake RZ McCall.

      1. Ryan says:

        How many does this guy have?

        1. John Chow says:

          His last update shows him at 13,080 referrals. And he did it with just 88 direct sign ups.

          1. Ryan says:

            Wow, he must have gotten some of the right people!

            Did you sign up under him? 😉

          2. John Chow says:

            I’m really it not sure. It’s possible that one of his directs referred me, but I did not sign up directly with him.

          3. Jane May says:

            Now that’s target recruiting!!!

  11. John, I have a new monetization idea for you. With your success of signing people up to AGLOCO from your site, you can sell an AGLOCO link in one of your updates on their service.

    Instead of your id in the link, the person buying the link would get their id for a few signups.

    1. Jeff says:

      the truth is i still dont even know the concept behind this aglogo thing.

      1. Jane May says:

        You should go back and read John’s posts about it. He covers it very well and in detail.

  12. Alzabini says:

    Yo Johnny,

    I have 61 direct recruits and only 3 indirect recruits…whats up with that??

    1. Matt608 says:

      Yeah that has happend to me only not quite so badly. I have 16 direct and only 9 indirect. This month John has way better proportions than us. I guess we just have to keep referring untill we referr a bigshot.

    2. Allen.H says:

      The people you have directly recruited either lost interest or are being lazy and recruiting people themselves. Sometimes it’s about who you recruit and not how many.


  13. Tak says:


    You do ramble a lot! Thank God, otherwise I’d have nothing interesting to read.

    I’m wondering, if I have friends in China that sign up, could they get paid too if they qualified according to the business model? Or are there restrictions.


    1. John Chow says:

      There are no country restrictions. You are can sign up anyone in the world.

  14. Nomar says:

    wow, that is great john, you are good in recruiting ppl

  15. Markus K. says:


    you did a great job. I hope i will be successful as you are. But have no fear, i’m concentrating on germany 😀

    greetz Markus – agloco-news.de

  16. Fahari says:

    Jeez, I jus’ got hooked up in this craze; Agloco. I have informed every single mail in my account and just hope they will come on board.

    John, 4000 and couting, what in the world did you do?

  17. Marc says:

    John, do you really see this as a viable business model moving forward? I have to say, I’m a bit skeptical to believe this would be widely adopted.

    1. John Chow says:

      I believe enough in this to put $2,000 of ad money to promote it. Yes I think the business model is viable. The last time around their mistake was paying more than they made. That won’t happen this time.

      1. Ryan says:

        How many signups do you think $2k ad money will get you? Obviously you think it’s viable over the long term, just wondering what you expect to get out of $2k as far as signups are concerned.

        1. John Chow says:

          I am hoping to get 500 sign ups from it.

  18. Chad says:

    John is currently ranked number 3 in referrals. The number one and two spots currently have 15,359 and 12,519 referrals respectively.

    See the list here.

    1. Allen.H says:

      Wow, 15,000 is going to be very hard to beat. But considering John didn’t start his advertising campaign, I’d say it’s attainable (the #1 guy is apparently advertising)


      1. Ryan says:

        I’m interested in knowing what the cost per signup is going to be when he starts paying.

      2. Dejan says:

        The big difference which just might make John no.1 or at least no.2 are his direct referrals. I think he will pass RZ eventually, but it looks that D. Lawrence has 15k directs, so that might be a problem 😀

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  20. fernando says:

    hello..i have been a member since December of last year. and there is always one nagging question that have not yet been answered. how will members get paid? is it thru paypal or egold or check or etc.?

    this question have been repeated dozens of times but there was no single comment on it.

    i would rather see a comment like “we’re still in the process of negotiating with paypal or egold or whatever” instead of not seeing any commnent at all. If Agloco is looking for the best options then say so. that is better than having no answer at all.

  21. Rado says:

    ola, John

    I am making AGLOCO net in Portugal and also some in Slovenia. You have really a lot of members.
    I have only 28 at his moment.
    What is your advice to get at least 1/4 number
    of members ?

  22. Rado says:


    what year is it? it is a year of 4044 members
    of John.


  23. Agloco Dude says:

    When do you proposed that you will have 10,000 network referrals John?

  24. Juanita says:

    John, did you get your viewbar yet? How will member get paid?

  25. Johnny_Cash says:

    How is AGLOCO different from its predecessor, AllAdvantage?

  26. DJ says:

    Congrats on reaching 4000, at this pace you may reach 10,000 by lainch date.

    I wrote an interesting article on “Building an Agloco network through social networks”.

    Please check it out on my blog: Do you Agloco?

    Thanks, As I grow, You Grow!

  27. DJ says:

    To all you other Agloco Addicts ( yes I said it, myself included ) :

    Well, once I have read all the updates on the major Agloco sites, I still want to hear and talk more about Agloco, thus I have started an Agloco chat room on my blog:


    Come on by and chat about Agloco or anything else. I will be in the room 24/7, haha I truely am addicted to Agloco.


  28. axa says:

    John, have u read the latest update from Agloco Blog?
    Quoted From :
    Brian Greenwald
    AGLOCO Development Team

    “Obviously, I have two minds when it comes to this. I really want the Viewbar out there. I want Members to start using it. I want advertisers and online merchants using it. And I want to start generating revenue for Members and the company.

    On the other hand, I also want more time to get ready for the Viewbar. As a part of the AGLOCO Revenue team, I want to have more time to get more agreements in place so the Viewbar makes more money even at the start.

    I hear two minds from Members as well. Some Members want the Viewbar out because it would help in recruiting, and because they are eager to start earning. Other Members have expressed that they do not want it out right now because they want more time to get their networks growing before the Viewbar attracts so much recruiting competition.”

    I think most of member want to get the Viewbar ASAP….

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes I read that. Myself, I rather have the viewbar delay a bit more. But I can imagine why most would want it now. But now we know it’s coming in March, so I better crank up the referral machine!

  29. SEOFriends says:

    I remember my experiencies with AllAdvantage and Spedia some years ago and I think AGLOCO has a great change to become very popular online community. Now I’m waiting for the toolbar.

  30. Liara Covert says:

    I believe in the agloco concept. If you don’t have faith in something, you can’t really expect it to work in your favor. I was inspired by what I read and thought I’d add the toolbar myself. I encourage and support inspirational initiatives. It would seem they help to build confidence in other people. I see it as a very valuable thing.

  31. j_erine says:

    The frist time i read it, i dont know what is it. But after reading and reading it. I think, is not bad to try agloco.com. So hear i am. just singn up as a member. Quistion is, How to make it work?

  32. I jumped on the AGLOCO bandwagon about 12 days ago. I created an AGLOCO website (blogAGLOCO.com)and so far have 20 Members. I think AGLOCO will go far, and am glad I am along for the ride.

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