5 Blogging Myths That Are Killing Your Blog

As with all myths, there is always a little bit of truth behind them.

That is exactly why myths spread and survive, even if they aren’t true. Myths are especially destructive to our mindset when we aren’t even aware that they occupy our subconscious thoughts. We hear them once or twice and inadvertently end up believing them, even if we haven’t had time to really logically analyze if they make sense.

Which of these Blogging myths are hiding in your subconscious mind?

Myth #1 – Content is All That Matters (aka “Content is King”)

Yes, it is important to produce high quality content. Yes, both your readers and the search engines will love you if you produce high-quality content. However, creating high-quality content is not enough.

There are millions of Blogs on the Internet which started out by delivering top-notch high quality content on a consistent basis for weeks, months and even in some cases years. However, because the authors of these Blogs believed in the myth that content is all that matters, their Blogging careers have been a huge disappointment to them.

Producing quality content is one piece of the puzzle to building a successful Blog, but there are many other factors involved as well. By far, the one that’s most undervalued is Blog marketing. If you don’t learn how to effectively market your Blog, it doesn’t matter how much quality content you provide because nobody will ever read it.

In the beginning, it doesn’t really matter what marketing strategy you use, as long as you do something. Too many people worry about finding the best Blog marketing strategy and spend years procrastinating while doing nothing. Just do something. Set aside a percentage of your Blogging energy/time to marketing efforts. In the beginning, it may be as high as 50% or even higher and over time it may shift to only occupy a small percentage of your time as your readers begin to market your Blog for you.

Learn how to promote Blog posts. Learn the basics of SEO, PPC, link building, advertising on other Blogs, guest posting, or whatever other strategy you want, but don’t just expect people to automatically find your Blog simply because you’ve created high-quality content but spent 0% of your time on marketing it.

Myth #2 – No Traffic/Comments = My Blog Sucks

Many new Bloggers experience the “empty room” problem when first getting started. They pump out high-quality content, all excited to see what kind of feedback they get, and then they sit anxiously waiting for someone to leave a comment.

When nobody (except maybe their spouse) leaves a comment, they get depressed and wonder why nobody likes what they wrote. So they go back to writing even more content, and then once again they sit there waiting for someone to comment.

After a while they start to feel like they’re talking to an “empty room” and so they begin to make excuses as to why they don’t have time to write the next Blog post.

If you’re not getting comments on your Blog, there is a 99% chance that the problem is not your content but rather that you’re just not getting enough traffic to your site yet. When you see an A-list Blogger getting 30 comments on a Blog post just hours after it’s posted, remember that they might have +30k subscribes reading their Blog!

If you’re getting five visitors to your Blog a day, don’t expect to be getting five comments. It doesn’t mean people aren’t reading either. Only about 1% of people ever leave comments. Most people spend a long time lurking before they ever comment on anything. Call it Internet shyness or whatever you want, but don’t let it discourage you from Blogging. I personally know a reader who had been reading my blog for three years before she left a comment. She read every single post, but just never felt the courage to leave a comment. Expect that to happen.

Also, refer to Myth #1 and realize that you must learn how to market your Blog.

Myth #3 – There Are Already Too Many Blogs Out There

There are hundreds of millions of Blogs out there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start and grow a successful Blog today.

If trying to compete with hundreds of millions of Blogs scares you, realize that adding up every single Blog in the world as a measure of competition isn’t very accurate. It would be like saying that you can’t open up a restaurant because there are already millions of restaurants in the world. If you do some research, you’ll find that out of all those millions of blogs 99% of them have been abandoned or aren’t posting anything of value on any consistent basis.

Then if you further break things down into specific niche markets, there really aren’t that many Blogs out there to compete with. A few months back I found out that my Blog was the #17 top marketing Blog in Canada (JohnChow.com being #1). There are millions of Blogs in Canada, so you’d think that there would be a ton of competition. If that is so, how did I get to the #17 spot as a marketing Blog? I don’t even focus on the marketing niche exclusively – I Blog about everything from personal development to spirituality – and Internet Marketing is just one category I cover.

In reality, there is very little competition out there in the Blogosphere for someone who is willing to put in the time and energy to produce a high-quality Blog with high-quality content and take the time to learn and apply proper Blog marketing strategies.

There are many people who can produce content, and there are many others who understand marketing, but very few who do both effectively.

Myth #4 – I Can’t Blog Because I’m Not a Good Writer

When I first started Blogging I considered myself a horrible writer. English class was one of my least favorite classes in school. I wasn’t one of those people who entered creative writing contests, and neither are most Bloggers.

Blogging isn’t as much about being a good writer as it is about having something to say and not being afraid of saying it. You don’t even have to be a writer to be a Blogger. There are many examples of Bloggers who use video or podcasts as their primary medium of communication.

Regardless of which medium you choose to go with, whether it be written posts or videos, give yourself permission to suck at first. Over time you’ll get better. I read that former basketball superstar Larry Bird spend four hours per day, every day practicing his shots when he was a kid. He became good because he was willing to practice and get better.

Give yourself permission to practice. Over time you will become better. The beauty with Blogging is that it’s the people who produce the most quality content and who learn how to effectively market themselves who win, and not the people with the best writing / grammar skills. Otherwise the best Bloggers would be English/Grammar teachers.

Myth #5 – The Blogger with the Most Posts Wins

While producing high quality content is important, it’s really quality and not quantity that matters.

100 high quality blog posts are better than 10,000 junk posts. So don’t waste your time pumping out post after post just trying to win the “Blogger with the most posts” award. That will really get you nowhere. While there is nothing wrong with writing a boatload of content if you’ve got something of value to say, if you don’t have something of value to say then don’t just pump out content for the sake of doing a post.

However, at the same time, 100 high quality blog posts are better than 1 “perfect” blog post. What this means is that you also shouldn’t be spending a year writing a Blog post. Take your time to write / edit a good quality post, but realize that it will never be perfect so don’t spend so much time writing the perfect post that your readers have already left long before you’re finished.

There is a point in time where the post you’re writing reaches the “good enough” stage, where any further effort to make it better produces diminishing returns and that time could be better spent promoting/marketing the post or your Blog, or even writing another post.

Learning to balance quality and quantity is important. Just don’t fall for the trap of thinking that if you come up with some elaborate scheme of pumping out crazy amounts of content, it’s going to make you ultra successful because the search engines will see you have a lot of pages of content.

Remember that ultimately it is people that are reading your content, not search engines. If all you produce is worthless drivel in large quantities, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Instead try to focus on delivering value, while at the same time not trying to be perfect.

Remember, if the Blog post is totally perfect – you waited way too long to click Publish.

Paul Piotrowski is a highly ambitious and passionate self-improvement fanatic who has spent over 13 years relentlessly pursuing and studying personal development wisdom in almost every area of life. Read his blog at http://www.paulymath.com.

116 thoughts on “5 Blogging Myths That Are Killing Your Blog”

  1. ashok says:

    really a nice post,, these are the great problems which each and every bloggers face during blogging,, even i too, when i first started my blog, my english was very worst, so i was thinking that i am going to get sucked,, but after some days i feel myself that my english is getting better as i write more and more,, and i even start getting some good comments from the visitors,, nice post,,

    1. d3so says:

      Keep going at it! John makes mistakes too with grammar and misspellings but he still has a huge readership.

      1. Jeremy Blake says:

        One of my favorite parts of reading John’s blog is reading his grammatical & spelling errors. 🙂

        1. Tasarım says:

          Haha yeah sometimes that might be fun to read 😛

          1. Salesfist says:

            As long as the message is clear, it doesn’t really matter that much.

      2. and me too still make lot of it, but some time grammar is not what your readers are looking at, its your content and information that you are providing to them.

        1. Everyone makes spelling errors. Most people really don’t care, but then again their are “grammar nazi’s” out there who will nitpick everything! Can’t please everyone…

    2. I agree. Grammar mistakes should not be a big worry. If you’re telling people the things that you want to and if they’re understanding it, that’s all that matters 😉

      1. d3so says:

        Well, if errors get in the way of reading then it needs to be improved.

        1. Tasarım says:

          Of course you always need to have the urge to improve, but smaller mistakes are just not THAT big of deal 😛

          1. d3so says:

            It is if you are a nitpicky person 😉

    3. yeah exactly the content is cool and very much educative.

  2. CJ says:

    Great post John!
    And yeah, about your first point, content definitely isn’t everything these days. I learned this the long way, haha. Having great content doesn’t matter if there’s no one there to read it!

    It’s like they say, if a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?


    1. elie says:

      hey, That’s paul talking. =D

      Those are Really good points Paul! I’ll checkout your blog right now.

      1. Thanks! Glad you liked them.


        1. Nice post man. It’s hard for beginning bloggers to NOT want to blog every day or multiple times per day but that’s not always necessary.

          Thanks for the post 🙂

    2. Andrew says:

      This post was written by a Guest Blogger and not John!

      Every time people are thanking John when in their haste to comment they are not noticing the actual author of the post. This happens over and over.

      It must really annoy the actual blogger that created the post.

      1. It’s OK, it doesn’t bother me that much. As long as they get some value from it.

        But it does also does illustrate a very important point to Blogging – which is that most people SCAN content, and not actually read it. 🙂


        1. Like you header … those are dogs or black panther ?

  3. Dino Vedo says:

    Interesting post. PS: This is from a guest blogger ^^^ LOL

    Anyways I agree with quite a few points here!

    1. d3so says:

      It’s funny because John stated that content is king and I too believe in that. But there are other important aspects. What’s a king without is court?

      1. Tasarım says:

        Content is king that is for sure. But other aspects are just too important to ignore 🙂

      2. I believe having good content is king. There are so many blogs out there that simply have a billion posts and very little “content” in them.

        I think that’s what the author of this post is trying to communicate.

  4. I’m not sure if I would agree with Content being King as a myth…starting out, frequency, quality and sheer determination will decide if you last or not. The more you post, the more traffic the serps will give you…look at John…he’s posting 2 or 3 times a day 😉

    1. Trust me, “Contest is King” is a myth. John posts 2-3 times a day, but that’s no enough. When he first started out his Blog, he spent quite a bit of energy promoting and marketing it.

      It doesn’t just happen by itself. You’ve gotta take marketing seriously.

      1. d3so says:

        But what’s the point of marketing when there’s no content or the content sucks?? It’s a wasted effort.
        Content IS King and marketing and whatever else is essential can be queens, jacks, and aces.

        1. Tasarım says:

          They’re both important. Both marketing and content are vital parts of your website.

          1. exactly what i was thinking

          2. First step is content and second step is Marketing.

            If you want to get the maximum than you will have to use both side by side.

  5. Alamin says:

    Wow. Great post paul. I am totally agree with you. . Quality content isn’t enough as if none know about your blog. So we should make a combination with content and marketing. At the early stage of blogging one should give more attention on marketing. As your blog grows you marketing will be less. And i do believe that to be a good Blogger you don’t have to be english guru. Just have to share your info in a good manner. Thanks

    1. Absolutely… after a while, the marketing aspect kind of takes a life of it’s own. People start linking to you, and thus that boosts your rankings with Google , so you end up getting more free traffic, which in turn gets you more readers and more links and the success spiral continues.

      In the beginning though you gotta get that wheel moving yourself.


  6. Benjamin says:

    Excellent Post! Thanks for exposing those myths!

    1. d3so says:

      These can also be considered stereotypes and are partly true based on perspective. These myths are real for bloggers who are not assertive and don’t take action to fix whatever they lack, whether it’s inexperience writting or the inability to get comments.

      1. Tasarım says:

        Wow d3so, never thought of it that way 🙂

  7. Fill a need or want and people will come.

    1. Fill a need or want and then market the crap out of it. 🙂


      1. Haha Paul, that surely sounds more accurate 😀

  8. Jeremy Blake says:

    Kind of eye opening / encouraging to hear about the lady that read your blog for three years without commenting. Funny how people tend to be shy, even over the internet. I guess I sort of remember being like that though…especially when commenting on content that ballers like you are dishing out.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised as well. But then I thought about all the Blogs I visit in niche markets I’m a newbie in and more often than not I find myself lurking for a long time before I ever start leaving comments.

      Also, sometimes people really enjoy your posts, but they just have nothing to comment about them. They just wait for your next one. 🙂


  9. What an informative post!

    It basically covered all the main points on why bloggers fail.

    “Producing quality content is one piece of the puzzle to building a successful Blog, but there are many other factors involved as well. By far, the one that’s most undervalued is Blog marketing. If you don’t learn how to effectively market your Blog, it doesn’t matter how much quality content you provide because nobody will ever read it.”

    This is advice that now I have read thrice in two days.
    And it is absolutely true. If you do not market, how are people going to know about your great content?

    Just as having good content is essential, it is equally important to market your blog, to get your name out there.


    1. Three times in two days. I think something is trying to send you a message maybe?



  10. Some great tips again John. Can you refer me to some ideas to get more quality comments on my blog?

    1. Ar first I thought it was written by John too, but it is actually written by Paul Piotrowski (Guest Blogger).

    2. I noticed on your site you’re using Disqus for posting comments. Have you tried removing that and using the standard comment system from WordPress?

      I am not sure how popular Disqus is, but I very much prefer the standard interface where you enter in your Name, Email, Website for leaving comments.

      It rewards the person commenting with a link back to their site as well which I think encourages people to comment more.

      Also, have you considered partnering up with a friend or other Blogger to leave comments on each other’s Blogs to get the conversation started? A lot of times the first comment is the hardest one to get.

      Once one person leaves a comment, others join in. The hardest comment to get is the first one.


      1. Tasarım says:

        I definitely agree. Using normal commenting system is much more intuitive and easy Paul 🙂

      2. I pretty sure you can set Disqus up to allow a link. I’ts just another comment platform.

        I have used both, but just prefer the standard wordpress comment system.

  11. Great post Paul, I personally think that perseverance is the one virtue a blogger needs most, because, lets be honest, in the beginning you write a new blog for yourself and for your cat 😉 SY

    1. Or in my case, my two dogs! 🙂

      Yes, perseverance is a virtue in any area of life. Especially blogging.


  12. Paul says:

    Hi John, thanks for sharing…comforting thoughts to me since I’ve been blogging religiously with a new blog this year…Paul

    1. The post is written by you (Paul 😉 ) and not John. I, too, thought that John had written this excellent post.

  13. Hi Paul, John,

    I like all five myth points you describe and especially the 5th myth that the blogger with most posts wins.

    Unless one can write great content posts every day I feel that it’s better to write fewer posts rather than bury the good posts by filler posts.


  14. Mike says:

    I knew it right away that getting comments is not easy, especially when your blog is just established not a long time ago and there’re not a lot of people reading that. Thank you very much for this post, it helps me a lot

    1. No problem Mike. I”m glad to help. 🙂

      Commenting on other Blogs, like this one, is also a great way to get others commenting on yours. Inevitably people will click through when you write good comments and they will sometimes leave comments on yours.

  15. Great john.
    That’s why I always read your writing.

  16. I like this post John. It’s definitely very encouraging and worth reading again.

  17. jordy says:

    These are great tips. I have to tell you that the title is what drew me in to read the post. I read it three times and the way you worded it, it makes no sense to me. So, I stopped by to take a look.

    I have a lot of posts on one of my blogs, but I use Google Webmaster tools to pinpoint what’s working and make it better through link building.

    That’s where the quality part really begins to take off.

    1. That’s another “secret” to getting readers to read your content. Especially from RSS feeds. We must create “hypnotic” titles/headlines that pull the reader in.

      I learned how to write like this from Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Writing programs. I still suck at it compared to him, but at least I don’t suck as bad as I used to.

      Titles are very important. I’m glad it pulled you in. 🙂


  18. wow awesome content that has been dropped here thanks for this i will definitely implement this steps and give a feedback on it. thanks

  19. I’ve always loved your advise. With your guidance, I have raised my adsense from USD 0.80 to around USD 4 per day currently. I wonder when I could be independant from my website?

  20. Nice job John pointing these tips out. This will help me substantially as I start to build up my blog.

  21. Hey Paul,

    Awesome Post man. You’ve mentioned some great myths on why bloggers fail.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks, glad you liked it.


  22. Namit Gupta says:

    Greatly Inspiring post. Solved many of my problems and myths about blogging. Thanks 🙂 I will promote this post as far as i can, so that others can learn and become aware about these myths.

    1. You’re welcome. I wrote about these myths because I struggled with them when I first started. I figured I’d share them to save others a lot of wasted effort.

  23. christina says:

    Really excellent post that sums up the art and strategy of blogging well.
    Will come back to this one often.

    1. Which Myth was the one that really “spoke” to you?


  24. I’m very heartened by this post. I don’t have anything like as much traffic as I would like, but I can see that driving up the traffic is about the tactics I use to build interest.

    Thank you, especially for what you say about myth two.

    1. Yes, many people jump to that conclusion way too fast.

      If you’re not getting traffic, that doesn’t mean your Blog/Content sucks. It just means your current marketing efforts aren’t producing any good results yet.

      I’ve actually seen this problem with ecommerce site owners as well. They build a site, and it doesn’t sell anything online – so they LOWER their prices.

      Meanwhile, they are getting zero traffic to the site. Then they complain that their online prices are too low, so they see no point keeping the website up.


      They don’t realize that if nobody is looking at their site, it doesn’t matter how low their prices are. First you gotta get some eyeballs looking at your stuff… then, and only then you start tweaking and adjusting your site.


      1. Tasarım says:

        Nicely put Paul. Sometimes you have to change the way you market your blog. It doesn’t always mean that your blog actually sucks 😛

  25. Chris says:

    Really neat post with some timely reminders here. Interesting what you were saying about comments on your blog, always a tough one.

  26. Hey Paul, I can relate to the “empty room” feeling, I had my comments off for the first several months of my blog being live rather than deal with all the spam, and when I finally did end up turning them on, people were used to being unable, so the comments were slow coming in.

  27. I totally agree when you state

    ” Myth #4 – I Can’t Blog Because I’m Not a Good Writer ”

    I can say though, as your blog starts to age you start to learn the ropes on being a better writer, but also, it is more about telling your story and getting your point across.

    I can personally say that if your writing is A + English and your articles are boring I probably won’t be around very long, but if your writing is so so and your articles lead to good info for me I probably will be around for a while.

  28. Soares says:

    Try and try and try again….and never give up!!


  29. Tasarım says:

    Nice tips John. And i’m seriously amazed by your mythbusting skills 😛

  30. jobucks says:

    this posts is very interesting and informative. Yes, I agree with what you said… Quality content is also important but the important is blog marketing….

    Even if we’re the most awarded writer in the universe if we don’t know how to reach those people in the France, China, Japan… It’s useless….

    Getting on the the top 10 of google search results is not enough to have a successful blog…..

    1. Tasarım says:

      Indeed it’s not enough to have a successful blog. Blog marketing and Quality content is the most important of all!

  31. Jaynerd says:

    This post was very informative.
    I recently just started a new technology blog and I know it will be very discouraging in the beginning but with perseverance comes result.

    Thankfully, the new generation of bloggers have the help of digg, stumbleupon, twitter and facebook. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to start a blog prior to 2005.

  32. I have 2 blogs with similar subject. Blog 1 has lots of organic content, comments, and backlinks – blog 2 has not that much yet it wins out in the serps for the same keyword!

    Sometimes ta just don’t know…

    (shrugs shoulders)

  33. Great post. Dispelled a lot of myths I thought were true. Like the post # myth. I guessed the blog competition myth, and the comment rates were interesting reading too. More posts like this please!

  34. frenchy says:

    Most of these myths often exists in my subconscious too. This post is very informative and could inspire both old and new bloggers not get easily discourage by bad thoughts but instead get determined to strive harder to get better.

    1. Tasarım says:

      Indeed. Those myth’s can sometimes really play with your mind 🙂

  35. Addy Kho says:

    I agree that marketing is difficult in blogging. There are not many Johnchow around…

    1. Tasarım says:

      Indeed! Not every one can be a John Chow 😛

  36. I’m glad to hear that many of these are myths, as they are touted as truths elsewhere. Great insight!

  37. myth sometimes incompatible with the fact ,

  38. JK North says:

    Very insightful!
    Its funny how prevalent those myths can be.

  39. It is all about creating quality content that people want to read along with targeted traffic

  40. Anwar says:

    I was at the point recently where I thought writing everyday was the key. I had no problem finding topics, but I burned out rather quickly. On top of that I think my posts started losing some of it’s quality.

    I’ve recently start writing just once a week. Taking the time to write detailed and helpful posts. On top of that marketing more. I find it far more effective and readership as actually gone up a bit. Thanks JC

    1. John M says:

      Thats a very good point, having fewer but higher qualtity posts must be better for bringing people back to your blog.
      Rather then having lots of poor quality posts.

  41. Excellent posts. You brought up some great points.

  42. Good Read, i wrote a similar article on 5 great myths about blogging a while back on my blog. People start or end up a thing just because they believe it should be “like that”. So better clear up all the air before one jump into anything.

  43. Re Myth #2
    Take John Chow’s advice in his ebook “Blog Comment Secrets” and use an alias to make the first comment yourself which can encourage others to comment after you

    1. That would be one of John’s “evil” techniques. 🙂

      1. Hi Paul
        Oh not “evil”. John is definitely one of the good guys. Thanks for your article. It was a timely reminder for me.

  44. Interesting Post! Every point challenges the traditional ideas about blogs. Point no.1 ‘ content is king’ is a valuable point, writing a quality content is not enough, how well you market your blog matters.

  45. Wolfgang says:

    Hi John, I find your post very encouraging, marketing is important, since I have article marketing I have started to see more activety on my blog, and like you English was my worst subject at school.

  46. Great post. That “empty room” feeling is lousy when you start out blogging, and the sooner you pluck up the courage to start commenting on other like-minded blogs the sooner you start to see the results.

    1. ffl license says:

      Yes spread that commenting mulch around and links like little plants will pop-up everywhere. Sometimes the plants will grow into trees, to stretch the analogy.

  47. Good advice! I appreciate the thoughtful commentary. It really is hard to keep posting when you feel like no one is reading what you have put so much time and effort into though.

  48. This is one of the great post that i have ever read, I enjoyed it really, because it is totally based on my current stage of blogging.

    1. yeah many of us are currently in that place.

  49. Very interesting post but I’m sure that a lot of people have said that but what strikes me the most about it is when you said that it’s not all about content. Actually I have been saying that it IS all about content but after I read your post I realized that you were right as far as it not really mattering if you don’t have anyone seeing your blog – meaning marketing it. I have to say that I realize that you are right – even though your content may be good the more people that know about your blog the better!

  50. Hey John, this was a great post. I think that content matters…but truthfully there are some great written books out there that never make it to the number NY times best seller. That’s why they always say best selling author!

    I’ve been taking marketing seriously with my blog and have noticed how I’ve rose up slowly on search engines, and it’s drawing traffic to my site.

    I believe part of marketing is to go out and offer value to other people and bloggers and have them promote your blog for you. And in return promote their blog if you can.

    1. Hi Vincent ! Do you really think that being a successful blogger needs to take long time and patience ? There are so many people out there blogging too and I am not sure that i can gain may success at just a year or even two years

  51. Well guess it makes sense to be contradictory to what one hears all the time about just content. So it should work because all myths are just that myths and makes sense. What would be nice is an even bigger breakdown of where people should spend their time within a day. Do you have a formula for how you spend your time? Absolutely Great stuff keep it coming.

  52. Toya says:

    Excellent post with some great reminders. Especially appreciated the point about comments. When you look at the ratio of visitors to comments it makes great sense. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  53. Lena.FM says:

    It was a lovely post, thank you Paul! I was very hesitant to click b/c there is a 100000 useless “expert” blogs on the internet but I am glad I did. 🙂

  54. ffl license says:

    Link building is vitally important for your blog. A method I use that is quite successful is to make other relevant topic websites aware of your own and if they think your blogging is of quality they will link to you.

  55. I loved this blog post and I wanted to touch up on more about the myth about content. I do believe that good content is important and is considered with the SEO basics in driving traffic to your site. I agree link building is the way to go and I still believe if you build it and work hard building it up people will come.

  56. Wow! I was feeling a little disappointed with my blog, but after reading this, I am now motivated to keep up what I’m doing.

  57. Hi, John !. This is the first time i visit your blog. I really feel comfort now to stay blogging. English is not my first language and I am not really a good writer too. I just feel that marketing blog is not as easy as I guess. I have post many articles in my blog. But It’s so hard for me to get even one comment from others blogger.

  58. This is a great list. Particularly the myth about not having a lot of comments/traffic. With some proper SEO work, you can get some traffic to your content rich site.

  59. Ary says:

    These are some important facts, that I believe every blogger must take into consideration. But I think that a lack of guest posting should be added too.

  60. Although these are myths but however you can not deny that there is fact on them.

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