5 Daily Tasks Blog Owners Must Do To Succeed

Running a blog can be a very time-consuming activity, especially if you want to do everything as thoroughly as possible. The thing is, such an activity will obviously won’t allow you to get much rest – running a blog can be a full-time occupation for some. Here are five of the daily tasks that blog owners should be able to address and include in their everyday routines.

1 – Content Posting

First and foremost, you should definitely think about how to bring new content to your blog every single day – or at least on a regular basis. After all, content is the number one thing that is going to attract new readers and keep them following you for more than one day. Of course, not everyone has enough ideas to add new content every single day, but there are plenty of solutions for that problem.

For example, you might want to allow others to publish guest posts on your blog under certain circumstances. Not only will you get additional content for free, guest posts, if done correctly, can also improve your SEO by a decent margin.

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2 – E-mails and Comments

Secondly, pay attention to all sorts of feedback you might be getting. Let your readers know that you care about their comments and reactions by replying to as many as you can. Don’t be afraid of participating in discussion about your own articles and confront readers with what you really think. Show them your personality.

Another good reason for being engaged when it comes to comments is that you will be able to deal with any spam issues in a very straightforward manner. By going through the e-mails and comments on a daily basis, that particular problem will never get out of your hands and it will never harm your operation in any way.

3 – Social Media

Answering to e-mails and comments should be one of your priorities, but don’t forget to check your social media profiles as well. Make sure that they are up-to-date with what is happening on your blog, so readers that do not check your blog manually can stay updated via Facebook or Twitter without any hassle. Getting more fans and visitors through those social networks might not be the most effective way of getting new readers (in comparison with the other methods), but it is nevertheless a worthwhile investment if you are able to find some free time in your schedule.

4 – Search Engine Optimization

In order to maximize your traffic and get better results when it comes to search engines, you should try to make sure that your blog is following the latest trends in SEO. Joining a forum that is focused on the topic might certainly be a good idea, as you will be able to get all the news quickly and directly, without having to wait until the rest of the competition overtakes you. Staying ahead and on top of things can get you plenty of benefits in today’s extremely competitive world of blogging. Guest blogging, for example, can be a nice way to improve your SEO in a very clean manner, although it usually does take a lot of time.

5 – Traffic Monitoring and Monetization

Finally, you should also try to monitor your daily traffic and monetization efforts, especially if getting money is among your main goals when it comes to blogging. Try to find which days get the most traffic, study any sharp rises or declines, and try to deduce what could have caused them. If the traffic rose unexpectedly after the publication of an outstanding article, it may be a good idea to follow that up with additional content with similar themes in order to keep that new audience interested. Of course, the very same applies the other way around – you should try to find out the causes of any declines.

When it comes to monetization, you should keep track of any revenues that you were supposed to earn and also follow new developments in the advertising industry, as there might be some new ideas out there that could help you earn even more for the same amount of energy (being a regular reader of JohnChow.com can really help on this). Innovation is what can bring the biggest profits, so don’t be afraid of trying new ideas and suggestions.

Charles Dearing has worked extensively in the web hosting and SEO industry and wrtites for SEO Positive. He is also an avid blogger and he enjoys sharing his insights on various blogs and online publications like JohnChow.com

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  1. Great tips here. I certainly have to follow this advise as a first step to realizing my blogging ambitions

  2. sapna says:

    HI John
    This is the best list you have shared.

  3. Thanks for this information sharing with us!

  4. Karan says:

    Nice tips. Thanks for sharing

  5. faisal says:

    Also one must try to make better network every day.

  6. Romy Macias says:

    Thanks for the list of 5 Steps.
    On my Post-It on my Screen! Implementing NOW.

  7. Boise Idaho says:

    One strategy of blogging I use is to create derivatives of your key words. For example if your keyword is ‘jello bowls’ you should not only blog about that but also ‘bowls of jello’ or ‘jello in bowls’ so you capture additional visitors.

    1. Romy Macias says:

      I do something similar to what you’re describing.
      I was just watching one of John’s videos on YouTube on choosing Google-friendly Blog Titles: How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Titles and he uses a plug-in called Keyword Winner. I use ubersuggest.org with good results.

  8. Ejaz Alam says:

    Thanks for nice reminding tips. We all bloggers do need to carryout these activities regularly. Yes posting fresh content daily is a daunting task but it should be your priority 1 task. Cheers and regards

  9. Great tips there, simply direct to the point and clear.

  10. Romy Macias says:

    You mention that you work only 2 hours a day. How do you do it? Including all these 5 steps, would take me more that 2 hours. Could you give us some tips on how to reduce the time allotted for these activities?

    1. John Chow says:

      You outsource it. πŸ™‚

    2. Elliot young says:

      Well I also think it has to do with how old you are in blogging, newbie bloggers will actually spend more time putting together articles to post when compared to the older guys.
      Another thing that matters is if you blog on what you are passionate about, it will actually take you lesser time make a new post.

      1. True about being passionate or knowledgeable about your topic reducing the amount of time to create material. But, even about things I feel knowledgeable about, I still like to spend a fair amount of time researching.

  11. Bruce Frazer says:

    Hi John.

    I feel that Blogging is important for not only content, but by using SEO tactics, your site will gain long term free traffic..such that if all your other methods of traffic generating fall down – you will still have the S E traffic to get you through.

    I know a lot of people are looking for the “Short term Gain” in monetization but Blogging offers you as a marketer the long term loyalty and strong customer foundation that is really crucial to longevity in any business.

    Thank you for keeping the Blogging “Flame” lit.


  12. Jason James says:

    You can post every day for the entire year, and still have a blog that fails. I voraciously posted on a daily basis trying to ‘suceed’. I did everything else wrong. I was ranked for irrelevant terms, and I didn’t do anything to focus on SEO. I used a free host and a free domain.

    It was a recipe for a disaster, and content posting, social media, and comment responding didn’t save me from my demise.

    You need to plan, content writing is more of a supplementary thing. Never make it your primary focus.

  13. Whitney says:

    These are all super important..you need to stay on top of all aspects of your blogging business. The more you do that, the quicker you’ll grow. It’s all about building a community around your blog and interacting with that community. Great post.

    1. Linda Tran says:

      Yeap!.I got some hepful tip from you.Thank johnchow!.

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    Very helpful!
    Thanks John for sharing us πŸ™‚

  15. Scott says:

    This is an absolutely fantastic list. One that I am implementing right away, only way to make a living blogging is to treat is as a business and not a hobby. I have been “toying” with making money online for over 10 years, the key word is toying, time to get serious. Going through your blog profit model book as well, just added several lead captures to the blog, and working on my autoresponder right now. Thanks for the great advice.

  16. Randell says:

    G’day mates
    Cheers for the great ideas, these are some great tips and i’ll be implementing them into my daily routine. Id like to thank Charles Dearing for the post, wonderful write up mate great work and thanks john for running such a stellar blog.

  17. Thanks for the advice. These are crucial tasks every blogger must be doing, and doing right.

  18. ConorX says:

    Great tips, Charles. Bloggers should schedule their task properly to work more efficiently on daily basis.

    Thanks for the tips again…

  19. ZK says:

    If you’re a blogger…content will be key to ensure your success. It will be challenging to keep posting valuable content every day…Guest posting is a great option but check out the credentials of the guest author before you put up his post…Avoid link builders

  20. Vikas says:

    daily posting is the life blood of blogging business.

  21. Hi John,

    Nice tips that can be easily followed.

  22. Teresa Owen says:

    Good info, thanks. I want to learn more about SEO, do you have any forums or sites that you recommend? Thanks

  23. Matt Hayden says:

    This list shows that you’ve got to do several things regularly if you want to have a successful, money-making blog. You have to commit to it fully, and devote several hours a day to it. No wonder so many people give up on their dreams to make a living blogging.

  24. swamy says:

    It is very good and chock full of information on blogging

  25. Tim Miller says:

    Great article Charles,

    This is what i call as easy to read article. I really love reading this kind of post because it’s simple to read fluidly and effortlessly. I also agree with you, in the first stage of building blog or even YouTube channel, you must be really consistent to publish new contents every single day. I also think that guest posting is really crucial to build a successful blog. Without guest posting, eventually, your blog will fail.

  26. It’s really nice tips .. I am really very confused what to do what not to do as I am new in this world !

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