5 Growth Hacking Tools You Need to Know

You’re more than just a mere marketer. You are an entrepreneur, you get things done, you set goals, and most importantly, you follow through. Due to the busy nature of owning a business, there’s no doubt that you’re looking for ways to become a smarter marketer — and that’s where we come in.

The key to every business is growth. We want to help you explode your revenue and bring in more happy customers on a consistent basis. In order to get this done, you’re going to have to implement tools into your marketing plan. But not just any tools, you need the best.

Our goal today is to bring you some of best hacking tools for growth that the internet has to offer. The tools listed here are designed to help you in multiple ways. You have to keep in mind that like all professions, a diverse toolset is crucial to success.

Crazy Egg

A/B Testing is a pivotal way to make sure your marketing plan is working. Essentially, A/B testing is when you run two different email copies, marketing campaigns, or ads at the same time and gauge the results.

The point is to find out what works, toss out what doesn’t, and improve on your marketing strategy until you have a lineup of advertising that promotes substantial growth. Crazy Egg is an excellent tool that makes doing A/B testing a breeze.

Crazy Egg allows you to build visual heat maps to see where customers are going on your website. You can look at both individual sessions as well as overall stats for any given period of time. So, how does this help?

Let’s say you set up two ads on your website. You can insert the link into Crazy Egg’s heat map tool and see which ad is getting more clicks. Based on your discoveries, you can learn what your customers like and help build clean efficient ads.


Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to market your brand to a new, wide audience. Due to the popularity, all of the major social media outlets have come up with ways for you to explode your growth through creating and designing custom ads.
Marketo allows you to roll all the traditional social media ad applications together into one easy to use system. This versatile tool will help you build ad campaigns and spread them on all of your business social media accounts.

Once you have your ads posted, Marketo lets you develop a plan and follow analytics on each platform. You can see which ads are generating growth, and which ones need some tweaking. The detailed overview gives you information such as click-through rate, conversions, views, and more.


Growing and acting on your lead list is perhaps the most important part of any business. If you’re advertising to the same people over and over, you’re not going to see any substantial growth.

OptinMonster is a tool that’s used by marketers to help curate leads through smart design forms, audience targeting, and converting people who come to your page. One of the best ways that this tool will help you grow your business is by helping you entice and target visitors to your website.

There are multiple ways OptinMonster connects visitors to your brand. You can use it to build custom forms that encourage people who come to your page to sign up for your mailing list. If properly implemented, you can also use this tool to target people who leave pending shopping carts on your page.

The purpose is to cast out a net and pull in those who would otherwise leave your website and never come back. You have to be able to turn this section of your audience into customers, and this tool helps you get that done.


When you’re writing content for your website, it’s crucial that the content matches what’s popular, particularly with your audience. There are ways that you can sift through popular content so you can ensure that you’re delivering something meaningful to your audience.

BuzzSumo is a tool that helps you deliver quality content that’s bound to grow. You can target specific keywords and see what’s ranking well in your niche — including with your competitors. You’ll discover what kind of content people are publishing, including the titles.

There’s no quicker way to add some serious growth to your brand than by publishing quality content. You can use BuzzSumo in combination with Google’s Keyword Tool to develop a long-term SEO and marketing plan.

After you’ve published some content, you can come back and track it alongside your competitors to see where you can improve. The real-time analytics gives you insight on how you can craft curated content that will keep your audience coming back for more.


There are few things that will turn customers away from your product or brand like a website with technical issues or logical problems when logging in and making a purchase. If you want to see some serious growth in your business, you should work to solve these problems as soon as possible.

Mixpanel is a tool that, among other things, can help you hammer out the details of your customer’s experience when they make a purchase. This resource helps you build data on your customers as they are going through and filling up their cart.

You’ll learn if they are running into problems, and how you can speed up the checkout process. Studies show that the longer the customer lofts around before the purchase, the better chance you’ll end up with an abandoned cart. While you can use your marketing skills to pull those people back in, your best bet is to make sure they can finish their order the first time.

Mixpanel will help give you a competitive edge on the market by helping you tweak and perfect your customers experience from start to finish.


Website growth is something that you have to work to achieve. However, if you have the right tools at your fingertips, you can “hack” the system and make some serious progress towards your long-term marketing goals.

Each one of these tools offers something a little different. You have to make sure you’re creating engaging, SEO-rich content, entice the people who come to your website to become customers, have an all-star social media plan, and engage in A/B testings.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’d already heard of most of these, especially Crazy Egg and BuzzSumo (two of my favorite tools ever) but I’d never heard of Mixpanel before, and I’ll definitely be checking it out. I’m a total fiend for anything and everything that gives me more information about the customer experience, especially information about bad customer experiences.

  2. Winning tools here Syed. If you choose the right tools you save time, energy and also grow your business more quickly.

  3. Hi
    Great list of tools. I have heard a lot about crazy egg, but haven’t tried yet. Indeed, this tool is very useful for bloggers in making their marketing strategies in a right way. I will use this tool.

    Mixpanel is new to me and you have provided a great review of this tool. You have done a great job by listing growth hacking tools in this post.

    Yes, we must have right tools in our pouch which can fulfill our business needs.

    Thank you for sharing this post with us.


  4. You’ve got great growth hacking tools here, Syed.

    Though I have not used Marketo but I think their features like you explained here are powerful.

    When you understand which campaign is bringing the cash, it will help you to reduce flushing your hard earned money through the pipeline.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  5. Mary Rosalie says:

    Great list of very important tools for growth hacking. It will be pretty much difficult to market successfully without a couple of the tools.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the list, I read a lot about them but haven’t really tried them. It’s really hard to do everything without any help, definitely going to try them now.

    Thanks for this article syed, found it really helpful!

  7. John says:

    Hi Syed,
    Very Useful tools ,but one of the i heard lot of time is MIXPANEL. but didn’t get satisfy answer.thanks for sharing such a good information about this. i am waiting for more tool like this in your next update. keep it up.once again its very helpful for me…

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    These are the great list of tools. I would like to choose OPtinMonster from the list as it helps in curating leads right through audience targeting, designs and converting audience.

    Thanks For Sharing

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    Hey Syed, Thanks for sharing these useful tools. I have used Crazy Egg and BuzzSumo, rest are new for me. Thanks!

  10. james says:

    all tools are amazing this article very useful Thank you very much for sharing this.

  11. Vaibhav says:

    If you are an entrepreneur, you should have heard about customer acquisition and great impact of growth hacking strategies on marketing. All the tools mentioned above are very helpful though I would say crazy egg and buzz sumo are better than the rest. As a growth hacker, every strategy you execute, every tool you implement and every technique you try, you develop a desire for growth.
    Thank you for providing such a useful information about growth hacking. Keep enlightening us with your informative posts kudos.


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