5 Killer Ways to Make Money Online When You Have No Money

“Put your wallet away!”

Immediately, this statement goes completely against what many online have led you to believe.

This story is well known and goes a little something like this:

First, a “newbie’s” introduction to the online world typically comes from those who have been successful (and, unfortunately, not so successful, as well) who tout the value of one legitimate online business model over the next. While one may advise of the benefits behind jumping right into product creation, others can passionately argue the value of loading your own website up with Google Adsense adverts and affiliate links. Generally, with anything you choose to do online, you will require some degree of an online presence: facilitated by your own website, with domain and hosting packages.

Let’s put this commonplace logic behind us for just a moment, though.

While I don’t mean to discourage any goals pertaining to the development of your own internet business empire, the truth of the matter is that many who find themselves wandering aimlessly in the online world don’t necessarily have a significant amount of money to spend or invest. Their dreams may be lofty; however, their resources may be very limited. Where the crinkle of hundred dollar greenbacks doesn’t provide extra cushioning to your backside, leveraging your own skills, passions, and abilities is a completely viable alternative to making any significant monetary investment. In fact, in order to get started making money online, you have only to look so far as the many completely free websites and business models that are available to you.

1 – Crowdsourcing

From writing, to graphic design, head on over to a website like CrowdSPRING.com, sign up for free, and submit an entry or two. In an online space where brands are continually competing, you can tactically embed your own skills and abilities into the crowdsourcing business model and walk away with a few extra bucks in your pocket: if you are good enough, and passionate enough. Be wary, however, because a “creative”, such as what I would advise you to become, essentially assumes all the risk in this online model. With thousands of “creatives” throughout the world submitting entries, you may work very hard on an entry, only to find out that you don’t win. Akin to investing in a pink sheet penny stock, your upside reward can be very substantial if you learn to be a good steward of your own time, and go after projects that you are very confident you can win.

2 – Fiverr

Making serious waves in an online space, Fiverr’s business model isn’t without it’s own fair share of those who gloriously praise it to those who outright condemn it. When you sign up to post a gig on Fiverr, be sure to think long and hard about something valuable that you can offer to others, that will require a very minimal time investment on your part. The key to succeeding with Fiverr is finding a perfect combination between uniqueness and value, while also gaining the momentum and social proof necessary to substantiate a buyer’s purchase.

3 – Social Bookmarking

Whenever you write an article or blog post, you can also create a social bookmark to it. In it’s simplest form, a “social boomark” is simply a few sentence overview written in order to give a brief overview of a piece of content. Dependent upon the site you choose to socially bookmark from, not only can you earn a pre-designated revenue share on your completely free account, but, oftentimes, short bookmarks can rank quite high in Google. If you do have your own website, social bookmarking websites, like Xomba, InfoPirate, and SheToldMe, can also be used to gain a great high authority backlink. If you haven’t written your own article, ownership of social bookmarking websites tend to prefer that their contributors actually submit content from a variety of online sources (so as to diversify their content submissions).

4 – Writing Articles for Syndication and Affiliate Earnings

Ask any internet marketer about their preference of article directories and they will, most likely, mention EzineArticle.com. As the lifeblood of online marketing efforts, I truly believe that the written word will always be valuable: even in a world where video (think, YouTube) is beginning to gain a major foothold. When you submit a high quality article to Ezine Articles, you can have the opportunity to have your article syndicated. This simply means that others, who deem your content to be valuable, can take your article and use it on their own website, while keeping your author’s resource area intact. Several people I know earn a few thousand a month just from writing content for syndication while embedding their own affiliate links at the tail end of their content. Alexa Smith, a young internet marketer who posts frequently on the Warrior Forum, earns over $10,000 a month, consistently, just from contributing content for syndication to a website that was completely free to join.

5 – Writing Articles for Web 2.0 Revenue Sharing Websites

While the potential for content syndication is generally not allowed in conjunction with the Terms of Service (TOS) of these respective websites, writing for a free website like this can incur its own great benefits. From an aesthetic point of view, it may actually be very difficult to tell an article directory from a Web 2.0 revenue sharing website platform to begin with. Both are free to use, and both have hosted advertisements. Where hybrids of each model exists online, you will find that revenue sharing websites do just that: share revenue. While article directories will allow for content syndication, they generally don’t allow for revenue sharing. Free revenue sharing websites that exist online include sites like HubPages (60% revenue share), InfoBarrel (up to 90% revenue share), and Suite101 (unknown revenue share), just to name a small handful. Jason Mayer (jcmayer777), on InfoBarrel, consistently earns over $1,500 a month there, which gives great indication to the value and potential of writing for a Web 2.0 revenue sharing website.

As you can see from this article, there are a plethora of absolutely free opportunities available online for you to leverage your own passions and skills to begin making money online today. The opportunities presented just skim the surface in an online world that is filled with completely viable business models that you can certainly use to help you earn money that you can further invest into future ventures.

Howie Romans is a U.S. Army officer, and blogs frequently over at tacticalcashflow.com.

64 thoughts on “5 Killer Ways to Make Money Online When You Have No Money”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Great ideas and definitely good stuff for people just starting out!

    1. Yes if you are new and wanted to get the value of your time while visiting websites …

      Than these options are simply great for you.

      In fact I would suggest that fix one or two hour for these websites, if you are new to internet marketing world.

    2. dotCOMreport says:

      Fiverr is great for people just starting out. However I would advise anyone who is serious about doing serious business to have an exit strategy in place. If you can, use those sites to build clientèle – within their T&Cs of course and plan to actually run your own business

      1. Alex Dumitru says:

        It’s clear you can’t do any serious business on Fiverr. That’s just for very easy tasks.

    3. d3so says:

      I’ve never heard of the social bookmark sites mentioned in this post. That’s something I’ve got to check out.

  2. Donny Gamble says:

    I use Fivrr all the time and have actually found some pretty good providers on their who offer a lot of value that I ended up hiring for a couple of projects that I am working on.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Me too! I have found providers on Fiverr that way over deliver. Others, are complete junk. Its all about testing and finding the right providers.

      1. Getting right people is quite tough task today and when you got it do not disclose their email address to other people.

        Because these are treasure for you. Believe me.

      2. d3so says:

        I’ve been hearing a lot about fiverr recently but haven’t had the time to check them out. I bet they’re a must bookmark site.

  3. Abhik says:

    Those are pretty neat ideas..
    There are few others like revenue sharing, freelancing etc.

  4. Vinay says:

    so many ways to make money on the internet these days, good list of resources

  5. Fiver can seriously help big time.

    Its has a huge market and their is potential for some passive income

    I have seen many people now doing business on fiverr only

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yeah, Fiverr has taken the industry by storm. 🙂 I have already ordered over 10 projects on Fiverr after signing up just a month or so ago. I have been very happy with some projects, and unhappy with others. However, the price is so low that the net effect is a big positive. I’m a fan of Fiverr for sure!

      1. Hey Ian

        Will you please tell us for which service or work you used fiverr so far ?

  6. Nikmaya J says:

    Good advice. Many ways to do online business. As a senior you’ve describe this.

    1. Obviously he is the senior and describing it all only after making the practical at all on this and that makes more heavier these articles.

  7. Alex Neill says:

    Great article from Howie, I keep hearing about $5 and I am sure I could rustle up quite a few ways to use that, so gonna take a look now, $5 for 5 mins work sounds like a really easy way to make a wad of cash ca-ching!


  8. Togrul says:

    Great ideas,
    worth give a try.

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Phil Turner says:

    Howie has hit the nail on the head, as he usually does. “Put your wallet away” is great advice.

    Writing articles is a great way to earn for anybody, whether they are new to the Internet or have been around for years. There are other ways, but anyone can write an article and earn money from it for years to come. Theese Web 2.0 sites give a new writer a platform to get a start and earn some dollars, before they dive into the world of setting up websites and affiliate marketing.

    There are many other ways to earn a dollar online, too: Selling photos, running a radio station, selling music, writing your own book and blogging come instantly to mind.

  10. Rory Mullen says:

    Good write up howwie. We need more people like you that put time into this website. Info Barrel is the way to go when it comes to writing artcles

  11. Thanks for the info and for the useful links.

    I did not know about CrowdSPRING.com.

  12. Fiverr is really great way to earn some bucks.. just be creative and make money

    1. Yes if you want to start your journey than these are very safe roads.

      So try them out …

      1. Abhik says:

        Yes, they are..
        And, you are nothing to lose..

  13. Of all these five methods, Social Bookmarking and Writing articles for Revenue sharing will be best way to make a good amount of money. I haven’t tried anything else, in my early days of online career, so I am not sure about how other method works for people.

  14. Interesting and useful information. I just wanna tell U “Thanks”. Thanks!

  15. GTA 5 says:

    Thanks for all these very useful & free ways to earn money online without invest anything! It’s currently my goal to earn as much money as possible with only one blog 🙂

  16. Manspaugh says:

    Quality article. John, you need this guy to post more often. With an economy like this, and so many people trying to earn money online, we are desperate to hear how we can make a living online without forking over tons of cash! Great post!!!

    1. Howie says:

      Thanks for the great comment, Manspaugh! It’s up to John, but I’ve got alot of material in my “back pocket” if he’d ever want/need me to guest again. I wrote this one in 20 minutes upon returning from a field training exercise with the U.S. Army. Instead of racking out, I felt ultra motivated just to write. Thanks again, manspaugh!

  17. My first visit here and the first point crowdsourcing is new to me and its really interesting to read them. I love the way you made your presentation. Thanks John.

  18. fas says:

    These are not really for newbies as they have to learn the game before going all out.

    1. Howie says:

      The tricky part about earning online, fas, is that there is/will be some degree of learning curve involved in whatever you do. With this post, I was hoping to convey that, with the right combination of passion and free resources, people can really leverage the talent and skills they DO have. For designers, crowdSPRING is a viable option. For writers, they can actually engage in all of the options: writing articles for fiverr…crowdSPRING recently expanded to allow writing projects, and there are a plethora of online directories and Web 2.0 properties that one can write for, as well.

      I hope you understand my approach with this.

  19. AJWalton says:

    This is a great post Howie. People starting out shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of money to start learning how earning online “works.” These are great ways for people to learn how things work, and clearly can provide all the income one could want if they keep at it.

  20. Kate says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Fiverr. Fiverr is definitely a good to start for taking small online jobs. I’ve two gigs on it and with just few consistent sales each month i managed to buy a domain and hostgator package. If you can’t do the regular gigs then you can use sites like freelancer.com or textbroker for skills jobs. Not sure how consistently they can pay you like fiverr sales but if you get it going initially then you’ll start regular income with it.

  21. Chris says:

    Are you allowed to include affiliate links at Ezinearticles? I thought you could only use a landing page url. What article directories allow affiliate links?

    1. d3so says:

      I didn’t think you could add affiliate links to them either but in this post it states that it’s ok.

    2. Howie says:

      Hey Chris,

      There’s a point in my blog post that walks a thin line between a minor error and simply needing further clarification. I apologize for that. Instead of just directly using a Clickbank hoplink, instead you can use a $1 domain that is forwarded to the product sales page. So…I know…for a $1 domain, it’s not exactly FREE, as the post title said. For the upside potential, however, the cost will barely hurt most people’s pocket books.

      It’s not necessarily the FACT that you’re linking to an affiliate link that they mind, it’s pretty much only the APPEARANCE of the link on their page. Ezine Articles really just doesn’t want to see something ending with “hop.clickbank.net”.

    3. Abhik says:

      You can musk your affiliate URL with your own domain.. That works.

  22. Allen Walker says:

    Thanks for the share, Howie. 🙂 Wasn’t expecting to see a blog post from you today on here. Good one!

    A lot of free money-earning activities seem to be dependent on content creation. So, for newcomers, I’d say that mastering the art of content creation is something that they should start with as well…


  23. Nice Post

    I doubt that someone can make serious money of fiverr though

    1. Abhik says:

      I also doubt that.. But anyone can give it a serious try.

  24. Dreamaker says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with all Howie had to say here, Writing on line for passive income is the way I’ve chosen to go. This is a viable source of income for all I need. The best part being that it is a viable source of income that will only grow with time.
    I write for Ezine and Info Barrel and I have doubled my income each month since August of this year and I am on track to triple December 2010 earnings this month.
    I’ve also built a writers blog and this has provided another stream of income totally dependent on my involvement. This income has also grown by leaps and bounds. With content that is relatively new in the scheme of things I am very happy with the progress I’ve been able to make.

  25. Tom Weyers says:

    Some Good ideas in there, you can also try things like microworkers, Odesk, Elance, freelancer etc. of course, you need a certain level of skill to do any of the things listed here.

    I also agree that you can’t really make any decent money with it, but it’s a good start if you can build up a little capital to invest in bigger things. Generally, it is pretty cheap to start up online.

    I remember when I first started out, I had a blogger blog and an adsense and clickbank account – and it was all free! Soon I realized though that I needed to move forward and got myself unlimited reseller hosting for around $55 a month, and I now have over 35 blogs, squeeze pages and niche websites hosted on there, all bringing in a steady income, and funded by the free methods I used when I started out.

    It is a good idea to try these things, but soon you’ll realize that there has got to be more about online marketing than social bookmarking, selling articles and facebook likes.

  26. I like shetoldme. I submitted my many articles on it. But dont get so much traffic from it

    Need to check crowdspring. Don’t knew of it…Need to chek it


  27. This one is simply good for those people who still do not believe that they can earn online.

    Guys if you still believe that online earning is myth than this post is simply for you.

    1. d3so says:

      I think people are skeptical when it comes to making a living online. It’s quite possible to make even $1 online.

  28. Jimmy says:

    i think writing for those site who have revenue sharing program is best. if you are writing for high ranked sites…

  29. nintendo 3ds says:

    Killer content again John! While I knew about Fiverr (also have made good $70 giving out social media planning advices) & Writing Articles for Syndication and Affiliate Earnings, Earning while doing social bookmarking was something new to me. Also Xomba, InfoPirate, and SheToldMe are websites I wasn’t at all familiar with. Can’t thank you enough.


  30. Alex Dumitru says:

    A great post for people who begin making money and don’t want to invest.

  31. Kirk Taylor says:

    Howie, you did a nice job putting this together so fast. It’s got people excited and motivated to take action. I enjoyed the post and look forward to reading more of what you have.

    1. Howie says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Kirk! Since this post went over so well, I’ll have to submit another one to John sometime soon.

  32. So Fiverr is like a source for Freelancers where business owners can find someone that can do a specific thing for them?

  33. ikki says:

    nice ways to get money

  34. Devon Brown says:

    These are awesome ideas for beginners!

  35. DUBturbo says:

    These are great examples of ways a brand new person can make some money online without putting out cash. It seems like a lot of people are turning to the Internet for some extra money.

    Crowd Spring looks like a solid idea for a person new to making money online. I have never actually heard of the site before. There are probably lots of creative people who would love to contribute to that site. Cool idea.

    – Andrew

  36. terry says:

    I think you have to balance the desire to make money with the intent of presenting a valuable product. I can’t agree more with hitting the social networks, working the creases, but in the end it has to be worth something, or it’s all uphill.

  37. pwarlick says:

    Excellent ideas here Howie, and I too use some of these platforms along side of my 3 other blogs. Right now I am using a blogger platform that is free and 1 of those nets me next to $100.00 a month not to mention how Info Barrel is growing my income by leaps and bounds. Social bookmarking just adds icing to the cake. If you are between jobs like I am, then there is a way to make money online, and hopefully as time evolves I will not have to leave home to earn an income.

  38. Fairooz says:

    Wow! These are cool ideas!

    defenitely i’ll give a try!

  39. Rob Merlino says:

    I made a nice chunk of change with Payperpost (I think I signed up for it on a link from JohnChowdotCom) in my first year of blogging, then a Google slap dropped my PR and I couldn’t get the $35-50 posts anymore. That said, even at $5-10 per post, paid posting is a great way for the newbie to get started because it gives practice in constant content creation and it creates an immediate income which helps with inspiration to keep on going. I don’t REALLY do any paid posting any more-maybe one or two here and there-but not like the three paid posts a day I was doing when I first started out. What paid posting did for me is it gave me some decent income while figuring out all the other stuff

  40. fiverr is a great site to earn without any investment and programming knowledge…

  41. Great post. Should check out Fiverr, and also the way we can earn on the web 2.0 revenue sharing websites is also great. There are many of that kind.

  42. Neon SRT4 says:

    Fiverr is a great way to earn money. I really love to earn money from there.

  43. I’ve had great success with creating logos for websites and working on fiverr.com. In fact last summer I made $360 from designing logos and about $200 from Fiverr.com. With fiverr you gotta figure out a gig that a lot of people wants and that you can complete within minutes. If you spen too much time completing gigs it wont be worth it. You should be able to complete about 18 gigs at most every day without any problems, because that’s how many orders you might get if it goes viral.

  44. This is a great opportunity for me to earn a few bucks while I work on the profitability of my own site, great stuff!

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