5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Successful At Blogging Yet

Blogging is a hobby for many people but it’s also a source of income for a lot of us. In fact, blogging is definitely one of the ways to make money online. Making money blogging isn’t as easy as you think because you have to do things right. Some bloggers are trying to blog just for money and this can be a huge mistake. You do not need to be a writing expert to become a successful blogger but you need to have a certain amount of skills. As I have mentioned, you need to do certain things right to become a successful blogger.

1 – You are mainly blogging for money

This is a huge mistake. Any top bloggers in the blogosphere will tell you that. Some of them tried to only blog for money but they failed. They decided to stop and they started writing good content and they noticed that their RSS subscribers started growing at an impressive rate! Even better, they started making money! It’s simple, your visitors or readers will be wanting to learn from you because they consistently need tips and if you write good content, they will keep coming back over and over!

2. You aren’t choosing the right topics

You have to make sure that your content is matching with your blog’s topic. If you are blogging about ‘ How To Reduce Stress ‘ and you have a ‘ make money online blog ‘, you won’t get any interest. However, if you choose to write an off topic post to give your readers an original read, then it’s perfectly fine. However, make sure you are giving original and valuable tips to your readers and not repeating what everyone else says. The secret is to always give your personal touch and you will be in the ballgame!

3- You aren’t encouraging feedback or engaging yourself

You can write the best content in the World but if you don’t get feedbacks from your readers, you will be talking to yourself. When you write content, you are trying to pass a message to your audience. As an owner, you are the king of the Empire and you need to have a good control on your blog. And also, make sure to not write your content just for the search engines, write posts for humans. Make sure to approve comments and interact with them and this is gonna make you a better blogger.

4- You don’t write often

Not posting often is a big mistake because if you don’t update your blog often, people will think it’s dead. You have to know that the people that subscribes to your RSS feeds wants to be updated often. Think about it, if someone subscribes to a certain newspaper, it’s because he wants to freshly updated news on daily basis. Guest posts won’t always do the job because most of the time, a blogger will accept guest posts when he is in lack of time or when he has to deal with an unexpected event.

5- Not Getting In Touch With Other Bloggers

I have learned this the hard way. I started my blog a year ago and I haven’t got some reputation until just recently because I decided to get in touch with some bloggers in my niche. I offer them to get interviewed by me or I try to guest post on their blogs. I haven’t guest posted much on other blogs yet and this is why I am not successful yet. What are you waiting for? Get recognized and build you a reputation as a blogger!

This article has been contributed by Fazal Mayar, who’s been blogging for about over a year now. He has discovered that blogging is his passion and will be for the rest of his life. He will always work hard to make money online. Apart from blogging, he also loves affiliate marketing, pc games and hockey!

55 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Successful At Blogging Yet”

  1. ” You don’t write often” is what I consider the most important and deciding factor. Somehow one should manage to post regularly to insure success in blogging.

    1. Abhik says:

      That’s highly true.
      But the other factors mentioned by Fazal are also critical.

      1. d3so says:

        Another one of these posts, lol.
        This topic has been brought up countless times.
        I suppose it’ll benefit those who forget about these essentials.

        1. I think people don’t realize that when they get started, everything takes time!

          1. PPC Ian says:

            I like Fazal’s point about not encouraging feedback. I don’t do that enough. Fazal, congrats on the guest post!

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Totally agree, posting regularly is an important factor. Anyway, sometimes quality beyond quantity, while you update your blog regularly, be sure you maintain the quality of the post as well.


      1. d3so says:

        That’s something I definitely struggle with because of my busy schedule and my laziness.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I feel like a mouse on one of those wheels! Its tough to keep up, but it’s my passion and excitement that keeps me going! 🙂

      2. Yep I agree with you quality is more important.

    3. I totally agree with this, not writing often enough will kill not only your following but your rankings

      1. d3so says:

        I’ve seen blogs that are dead and new posts haven’t been written for years but they still continue to thrive because of their quality content.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          D3so, are you really looking to sell your blog or was that an April Fools joke?

        2. yep and also they have regular backlinks update

  2. Vinay says:

    lol I am subject to almost all of these… too busy working on my biz and partying (I know both shit excuses) need to refocus!

  3. Faust says:

    provide content that will help users, don’t think about the money it’s only secondary.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That is true. If you can help others, you will be rewarded handsomely. This applies to all aspects of life. Great point! 🙂

  4. I’ve always had trouble figuring out how often to post is “enough” vs “too much.” There have been a few blog I’ve subscribed to that I ended up unsubscribing because I felt overwhelmed by how often they published, and couldn’t keep up! Does anybody have any good recommendations for how often?

    1. Chris,

      the minimum is 1-3 times a week. Below that, you will have a hard time making progress with your blog. There are some bloggers like John who tries to write everyday and this also works great as well.

      1. guru says:

        I think the frequency depends on the age of the blog, if the blog is new I think you must post daily or almost daily until you get the desired readers. Once the blog has grown then you can do the thrice a week posts.

  5. if we do not move in right way we cannot succeed

  6. Abhik says:

    You are mainly blogging for money
    Yes, this is what most people do.

    1. You can always blog for money, but you don’t have to push it in peoples faces… I think that’s more what he’s going for.

      1. You are absolutely true. Blogging is just for art. Many people, blog only for money.

  7. Jayrweblog says:

    I don’t blog for money, although I’ve got adsense ads on my blog. All I wanted to do is to share my thoughts to my blog readers.. .

  8. I am doing blogging since 3 years, till now, i am not able to success yet. I do not know, what mistakes i do. But your post realize that i have done some mistakes doing blogging.

    1. Abhik says:

      Go and do some damage control..

  9. Dj Sophia says:

    I think that a blog must be updated on regular basis…and networking with other blogger is a good idea..

    1. I think so as well, blogging regularly is huge to success

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I need to blog more regularly! I try to blog once every 5 days (or more) but it’s a hard schedule to keep given all my commitments.

  10. An interesting post. A thing that was not mentioned was the length of the post. Sometimes I feel I have good ideas to write about, but when I think it over it feels like the post will be so short. What is you opinion about that. Does all posts have to be “articles”?

  11. ElvinGoh says:

    I started off blogging about 1 week ago and love to share with others especially tech news and gadgets. It is part time basis but hope it will become my main source of income in future, looking forward to more of your advise. Keep up the good work!

  12. Rohit says:

    getting social with other bloggers is the most crucial step….once you start socializing by posting regular comments on other similar blogs and by posting guest blogs…you build reputation as a blogger…which in turn gives you long time followers…

    1. guru says:

      In retrospect, I wish I connected with other bloggers better from the word go. In my book, always connect with other bloggers and preferably those higher up the food chain.

  13. David Hodge says:

    Well i think my content matches my blog content But i need to personalize my site more.

    1. Personalization helps people relate more, gives it a personal touch.

    2. I have checked your content, and it is perfectly matching your site and it is unique. Keep it up. Just increase more ad placements, and i am sure, you will earn more.

  14. in my case, i believe that the most effective cause is that i’m Not Getting In Touch With Other Bloggers. your article has opened my eyes in this substantive issue which i will consider in future, especially that i’m trying to build a high legal consideration that online users can adopt to protect their online activities and business. thank you indeed

  15. fas says:

    How very true. Connection is important, something which John manages very well.

  16. Good article and it is inspiring me …. from my point of view the real ones is you must have a compotency in your field..and offcourse..people like your way on making money online….they are ttrust you…

  17. I think #1 is the most common reason. I see way too many people whine about how they’re only “making pennies”. You can always tell which ones are in it for the wrong reasons.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That’s for sure. My sites that make the most money for me are the ones I’m truly passionate about.

  18. Another great post by John Chow. I think a lot of people forget things like this when they are trying to make money online.

  19. I am not sure about posting often enough…. regular readers become accustomed to me posting once a weekly. I do agree that posting more often would generate more traffic. But the traffic I get now seems more sincere than when I was posting 3x/week. I think the reason being – the content is better, more indepth when I post 1x/week.
    Guess another option would be to hire another writer or add guest posts.
    Nice post, Fazal.

  20. PPC Ian says:

    Fazal! Great guest post. Nice to see a regular commentator being featured as a guest author.

    1. Yes that’s right the regular commentator being featured as guest author. It’s really nice!! Congratulation Faizal.

  21. Masaya says:

    All of it common sense but things that still tend to be forgotten and overlooked. But I think you forgot the main reason people do not make money. That they do not take action.

    The one most important factor to make money is to get of (or rather on) that chair and actually do some work. It is suprising how quickly it can give results.

  22. Blogging is a dying vertical its far to saturated for most people to make a living…. One reason for this is because of “make money online” blogs that cater to peoples naivety and makes thousands of clone “make money online” blogs popup everyday.

    I frequently see these guest bloggers such as Fazal giving expert advice but if you have a look at their blogs it is clear they are not making any money but are just trying to resell the same advice that they once took in hopes of making some chump change. There is no doubt that John Chow and a dozen other bloggers make a generous living blogging but lets step back to reality…. YOU ARE NOT JOHN CHOW.

  23. I laughed when I saw the title of this post. 🙂 I have to agree with you. One must blog out of passion and not because of the intent to make money. That’s the only time we can have good content.

  24. Elva LEE says:

    Hi John, I found it’s difficult to Get Touch With Other Bloggers as a new blogger or small blog. How to resolve this problem then?


    1. The only way is to appear more often on the blogosphere..keep contributing actively everywhere else!

    2. Just Get connected with Other Bloggers in Social Methods, just like becoming fan in facebook, or tweet with them, and make friends.

  25. Tom Rineberg says:

    Fantastice information and excellent advice. All of your tips are right on and I can appreciate all of them. It’s hard to say which one is the most important because they are all important. I couldn’t agree more with you that You have to blog often or you’ll lose ’em, You have to have a topic worth reading and at the same time meaningful or you’ll be talking to yourself, and if you don’t get involved with other bloggers you might as well be a stone.
    Great advice!


  26. Techabouts says:

    People are going to do the same things again and again evn if they read this post 10000 times

  27. not choosing the right path it won’t let us to get succeed

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