5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Google To Get Traffic

Ok, so maybe Google does provide you with the most traffic but there are other places that will generate just as much traffic. Google has been the go to guy for every blogger, affiliate marketer, and online business for years now but with all the changes Google is making you need to ensure your business is going to survive. The trick to getting your website to survive is very simple, you need to diversify where you traffic comes from.

What most website owners don’t realize is that there is more traffic away from Google than at Google but you will have to get out there and earn it. If you want to earn traffic from other sources other than Google then now is the time, don’t leave your website in the hands of Google any longer.

As you most likely already know, there are ways to get traffic other than Google and you have used them before. Where most website owners go wrong is they tend to only do what they need to in order to get ranked on Google but then they stop. My advice to you, “Don’t stop”. If you want to make sure your website can stand on its own two feet then you need to get to work. Here are the five reasons why you don’t need Google to get traffic.

1 – Yahoo Answers

If you have ever used Yahoo Answers then you know just how powerful they can be and how many people utilize it in a day. What most website owners don’t realize is that when you give an answer you can put your website link in the box below. The nice thing about being able to put your link on a Yahoo answer even though it is a nofollow link is that autoblogs will pick these up and then you will have a backlink from them. Another great thing is that the traffic you get from the answers will gradually add up and over the course of 1 month you will have a nice amount of traffic coming from the answers you provided.

Tip: The one tip that I have for you is to keep things relevant. If you are promoting a website about child safety then you need to answer questions related to that niche.

2 – Forums

Most website owners have looked around and even contributed to forums here and there but then they stop. Why stop when a forum can get you loads of free traffic? What many website owners don’t realize is that they have to gain the trust of the other forum members in order to get those members to become your readers. One of the great parts about a forum is that you don’t have to provide a long answer, all you need to do is provide some good information that will benefit the other members.

Tip: When it comes to forums it is all about quality. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 posts on a forum if nobody is reading them, make each post count by stuffing it with as much quality information as you possibly can.

3 – Guest posts

One of my favorite ways to get traffic without Google is to just write guest posts. I know you have heard of this before yet most website owners don’t see the value in it. What you need to know is that when you write a guest post the readers of the website you are writing for might click through your author link and check out your site. The one thing you must keep in mind when guest posting is that it is all about providing quality content to the websites readers, if you can provide quality content that the readers like to read then you might be lucky enough to get that person to click through to your site for more great content.

Tip: Writing guest posts can be time consuming and might seem like a hassle but you need to keep it up. My advice is to write at least 2 guest posts each week and keep that going for at least 3 months and then re-evaluate where your website is at then.

4 – Twitter

One of the easiest ways to get traffic is with Twitter. The great thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to know a million people, you don’t have to be an expert in your field, and you don’t have to spend hours trying to promote your website. With Twitter all you need to do is link to your website in the bio and then send off good quality tweets throughout the day. When it comes to getting traffic from Twitter you will need to experiment as to when the best time to tweet is because everybody and every niche has their own special times.

Tip: In order to get more traffic with Twitter I would highly suggest you find a popular person in your niche and then follow their followers. The reason this works is because roughly 60% of the time the people will follow you back and because of that you will get more followers very quickly.

5 – Facebook

By now you must have a Facebook account and if you don’t then you are missing out on a huge traffic source. Facebook now has over a billion members and you can easily tap into that if you have an account. The best thing about Facebook is they allow you to create a page for websites and with this you will be able to get your friends and family to “Like” your page. All you have to do is get a few people each day to “Like” your website’s page and then it will be shown to all those people’s friends and family and the cycle will begin.

Tip: The one thing you never want to do with Facebook, just like with Twitter you never want to constantly promote your website. If you have a Facebook account then you need to make sure that you are providing something that your friends will enjoy as opposed to always giving your websites link as your status.

Google is a great source of traffic but why submit yourself to whatever Google has up their sleeve. Do yourself and your website a huge favor and get out there and start getting traffic from all 5 of these places.

Adam Snyder is a blogger who shows people many different ideas to make money that they can do with or with a website and from the comfort of their own home.

152 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Google To Get Traffic”

  1. Erwin Miradi says:

    Nice post by Adam. But well, it looks like thats a lot to do. For a lazy guy like me I probably can only do 1 or 2 points of the 5 above.

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      I’m the same way, it’s a lot of work for not a ton of results. Especially in the beginning.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I agree. I think most of us are the same way. That’s ok, with focus comes results. Just make sure to pick 1-2 points that have ton of leverage. It’s better to pick 1-2 versus 0.

        1. I think often times we don’t do these strategies for traffic is because we feel it is very insignificant compared to google. I have recently started finding other ways to generate traffic and I am going to see where I stand 4 months from now with consistency.

          If the results are worth the effort I will invest more resources to it.

        2. Kevin Kimes says:

          There are dozens and dozens of alternatives to Google for getting traffic.

          Paid traffic accounts for several of these options, and some paid traffic sources can even be useful for bloggers in many situations. Sometimes it’s a long-term investment, but paid traffic to a blog can be used as a short term cash building campaign. Real blogs, even, not flogs. 🙂

          1. Yes but those alternatives are not long term,,,,traffic from Google is long term…

  2. Ralph says:

    You missed LinkedIn. Currently my number one source of traffic by far.

    http://socialmediatoday.com/ralphkooi/322044/10-linkedin-traffic-secrets-exposed for a few great tips.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah LinkedIn is one of my fave too.
      Thanks for the share dude, gotta check it out.

      1. I also use Linkedin but, i get only few.

        1. Google have given more importance to Linked In in Panda Update.So it helps more.

          1. Thanks for informaing dude.

          2. Kevin Kimes says:

            I once logged on to LinkedIn. Which looks like LinkedLN to me, because everybody uses fonts with the lazy capital ‘i’.

            But then I recently found that Linkedin is ranked 11th in the US for traffic, 13th globally.


        2. If you have 500+ connections, then you will get some serious traffic (depending on how you go about it.)

          1. Erwin Miradi says:

            @Kevin: Wow that is huge. But I don’t know why somehow I can’t get that huge traffic from LinkedIn. Stable, but not that huge.

          2. I have no great idea about linkedin. I will try to create 500+ connections. Nice share dude.

    2. Abhik says:

      I tried promoting in LinkedIn, but got no traffic.
      May be I missed something.

      1. I agree, LinkedIn has not given any traffic.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          It all depends on your network and how well your connections trust you. As someone with a large network on LinkedIn, I get some traffic from it, but not as much as FB and Twitter. Still worth the effort, but agree it’s not going to be a huge source of traffic.

          1. Kevin Kimes says:

            I suspect it just takes an entirely different approach to generate traffic from Linkdin than what we’re all used to. I bet there are some good guides out there for building traffic from it, up just like with facebook or twitter.

          2. Erwin Miradi says:

            Yeah true. LinkedIn is not gonna give as much traffic as FB or Twitter does. I’ve tried different approaches too. But then I think spending more time for it is not worth the traffic though.

        2. I got 15+ today from Linkedin.

          1. Thats good ..keep it up..linkedin is a good source of traffic…

          2. Ok, you got me – I will have to invest more time in Linkedin.

      2. Virtual Tour says:

        I haven’t gotten anything from them either, tried for a long time. I think that it’s only good for some niches

      3. Forums, Guest posts and Facebook are three known ways to get traffic to blogs, the rest takes too much time to work with.

        1. Yes forums are also considered as a good source of traffic…

    3. SportsNub says:

      It maybe good, but have never tried it.

    4. Sara says:

      Yeah …LinkedIn is a good source of traffic. Also stumbleUpon is Missed…

  3. hi Adam & John,
    i guess pretty well written by Adam and he does makes sense with people going over dependent on Google. this is nice way of finding alternates and with little efforts this can give good results as well.

  4. Arun says:

    Nice article, i did not know yahoo answers had so much potential. Will have a look at it.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yep, Yahoo Answers do hold much potential but you need to be careful that you aren’t just spamming your link around.

      1. Paul B says:

        Ha ha ha, everything in that list is about spamming your links around.

        1. SportsNub says:

          Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Everything in the list relates to spamming, so it means if we don’t use Google then we will need to spam our links around to get traffic. :rolleyes:

          1. Erwin Miradi says:

            Come on, being too ‘white hat’ ain’t gonna take us anywhere. So I think it’s necessary to do a little bit spamming once in awhile hehe..

      2. The good deal about Yahoo! answers is that you can always search for posts which is within your area of knowledge. My only problem is that there are more questions that I can possibly handle.

    2. Sara says:

      Yeah comparing to other ones in the list Yahoo Answer have less potential…

  5. George Tee says:

    Hi adam, great post and tips. When Google changes their algorithms tons of websites dropped their rankings, there is no traffic which means there is no money coming in. I also believe that yahoo answers gave a good amount of traffic. Forum posting is quite hard at first expecially if your new in the community. Guest post are very effective source of traffic plus the author will be known as well as the website. Twitter and Facebook is very effective on giving good traffic.

  6. Yahoo answer is really good for getting traffic. I do this in regular basis.

    1. SportsNub says:

      That’s good and it’s nice to hear that you are getting good traffic with that.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I used to use Y! Answers quite a bit, but have been slacking off for the last year or so. I need to get back in the game on that one. Y! Answers is great.

    3. Sara says:

      You are Right but getting traffic from Yahoo is a little bit difficult as compared to FaceBook & Twitter..

      1. Twitter is difficult for me.

        1. Erwin Miradi says:

          @ Rajib: I don’t think it is. You just need to put more effort to it.. And of course following the right people.

          1. I will try to put more effort. Thanks for your suggestion dude.

        2. In the starting it is difficult..but there are some tricks which will be useful to drive more traffic..

        3. Erwin Miradi says:

          No problem. Good luck man 🙂

  7. Jordy says:

    Youtube works wonders for getting traffic. I don’t like traffic getting methods that require a lot of time. Posting on Yahoo Answers is very time consuming.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Of course it is but you can outsource it, as there are many people available around who can do that in low rates.

    2. Yes yahoo answers are time consuming….youtube is another better option…

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        I agree with that. But there’s always harder competitions on Youtube.. If you can’t make your link interesting enough to draw people in, that’s not gonna make it anyway.

  8. Interesting post!
    In my opinion Google is one of the best and great way to le t the traffic and specially targeted traffic in to the website but that true that we have seen in the past that every update from Google and then adjustments can hurt business very badly sometimes… so it’s always good to have an alternate way to produce traffic.

    Some nice referral sites are mentioned in the article and I just wanted to add ‘Guest Writing’ as this drive less but very educated and targeted traffic related to your niche.

    Over all a great and enjoyable post!

  9. incomediva says:


    i love your post and you are quite rigth, its high time we started exploring other sources of traffick for our sites, as a matter of fact i am on yahoo answers but am yet to get the hang of it cause am always getting warnings from the admin team

  10. Samantha says:

    Twitter and LinkedIn are my favorite places to get traffic, great post, I’ve also got quite a bit of traffic from YouTube on my ecommerce site too.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I really like YouTube as well. Google owns YouTube and I have to hypothesize that if you do really well on YouTube (tons of subscribers and video views) that is just one more way of showing Google that you are a great website.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        YouTube is another one. Some people simply use YouTube as their primary medium for making money, as YouTube Partners. There are a handful of people making a LOT of money on there.

        In addition, the more traditional route of creating videos which direct people to your destination of choice can work quite well.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I have a ton of respect for those people! It’s a great way to make money. One of my sites is starting to get a lot of traction on YouTube and I continue to be impressed with the potential there.

    2. I am not good with twitter. That’s why i didn’t get any traffic from with. Although i have almost 1000 followers.

  11. Another thing is that having signature at forums also gives you backlink for every post you make,

  12. Abhik says:

    It’s true that there are lots of alternatives, but they are not that effective.
    Google sends me 10x traffic than others combined.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yeah, I have the same point. Google provides lot more traffic then this sites.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      I know of a few online marketers who make 7 figure incomes without using Google at all.

      1. Yeah.. But even then Google is primary source of traffic for the most of blogs.

    3. Yes Google is usually biggest source of traffic for any site..

  13. fas says:

    Which of the above traffic sources convert like Google?

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      I think it really depends on your niche. I’ve seen twitter convert really well for some campaigns and nothing for others. Same with other sites. Had horrible luck with linkedin but really good with facebook.

    2. There are no sources that can work like Google.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        Many sources convert far better than Google. Google is basically the cross section of all demographics in the whole world. Some traffic sources are certainly better suited and convert much better for some niches and products.

        1. I have no idea about other sources. I will try to use others. Thanks for your suggestion dude.

  14. Twitter is a giant source of traffic for my site easyretweet.com

    1. SportsNub says:

      That’s good, I see that your site is related to Twitter then it is obvious that it’s main source is Twitter only.

  15. Sadia Komal says:

    No doubt these website are good to get traffic but not like google, twitter is best for targeted marketing

    1. for me FB is working Twitter is almost dead for me. …i guess it will be out of scene very soon.

    2. Hmmm..Twitter is also a good option…Specially for Marketing…

  16. here you goes again….believe me John it is still impossible to build a blog without big daddy Google

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I have to agree with this. It is best to partner and work with Google. Of course there are other options, but Google is going to be the main source of traffic for most blogs and websites out there. Moreover, the quality of traffic from Google is top notch. Google has the best converting traffic around.

    2. Your are 100% right. Without Google blog are nothing.

    3. Kevin Kimes says:

      It is 100% possible to build a blog without Google.

      I get zero traffic from Google, and I know there are other, more established bloggers who get their traffic from non-Google sources as well.

      Digital word-of-mouth (“viral”) is the biggest way, but requires original, unique, and useful content.

    4. Yes Google contribute a large part of visitor to any site…

    5. That’s actually false. I remember when John’s blog had barely even been around for that long & he got banned from Google. He was still getting lots of traffic & pulling in $30K+ a month.

  17. Yahoo Answers was something completely new for me.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yahoo! Answers is awesome. I highly recommend it. The beauty of Y! Answers is the answers rank really well in search engines (such as Google). Even if your own site doesn’t rank well in Google, you can leverage Answers to get some traffic while helping people out by answering their questions.

      1. Chris says:

        need to have a look at Yahoo answers, didn’t realise it had so much potential

      2. well, but my other web page is always number one or two in the SERP, so I work some more with this one.

    2. I’ve gotten a lot of links from Yahoo Answers even though I wasn’t the one who provided the answer. Never occurred to me that some people actually use 2 fake accounts – 1 to ask question and 1 to provide the answer to their site (and then vote it as the best answer themselves from first account)

  18. Sara says:

    All the ways mention above are some good sources of traffic. But i think Social networks are best of them…

  19. Virtual Tour says:

    Thanks for the great post!

  20. rontite says:

    Interesting. But I’m reminded of a great Chris Rock line: “It’s like steering a car with your feet. Just because you do it doesn’t mean it ought to be done.”

  21. PPC Ian says:

    I like the title of this post, very catchy. While I agree there are other ways to drive traffic, it really is difficult to run an online business without the big G. 🙂

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Not difficult at all, if you know the “how”.

      1. Kevin when your blog will start receiving traffic from Google then perhaps your point of view will be changed.

        1. Kevin Kimes says:

          I’ve done other things which get plenty of traffic without using Google at all. 🙂

          1. Erwin Miradi says:

            I agree with Ian. Google is a little bit sensitive these days, and I found my blogs are in difficult position. Yes we also have other sources where we can get traffic too, but it means a LOT of work.

    2. Yeah without Google running an online business, site , or blog is very difficult…

    3. Adam says:


      I know exactly what you are saying. If you want to run an online business you need traffic from Google. Most people think Google is the only way to get traffic when in reality they are just a small portion of what is actually out there. Google will drive a lot of traffic to a website but if you were to get links on every other website online then you would get more traffic then Google could send you.

  22. Very true on the Facebook traffic. I’m not a big Facebook user and promoter but when I look at my blog referral traffic I’m pleasantly surprised at how many actually come from Facebook.

  23. fazal mayar says:

    good post, its not vital to get traffic from google but for any blogger, organic traffic helps a lot though

  24. Nice post Adam, I do apply these methods on and off but haven’t into guest blogging yet. However we can push a side Google, they deliver high targeted traffic. This post is lively with more feedback and value in discussion content too. Thank you guys.

  25. Its great tip to receive some natural traffic thanks for sharing it

    1. Yes organic traffic always count a lot…

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        But without the big G, we always to figure out a way to make sure they come back..

  26. Nice post love to try it out for my site

  27. Agree with all the above and Google is a great source of traffic Google also provide best results related the query . Google gives always fresh and fast result.

  28. This is an interesting post to encourage more visitors.

  29. Joe White says:

    Don’t forget about Youtube, you can get lots of views from there and click throughs. Once you have content on there is just keeps working for you too 🙂

    1. Nice point you have mention . Yes Youtube is another good source of traffic…

      1. Hmmm agree both of you dears.

    2. I agree, Youtube is also a great site to generate traffic… it is just so easy to create links and the views are so amazing.

  30. Bruce says:


    Nicely done, great information, another thing to put on my list to do . . .

  31. I really hate using facebook and twitter for traffic, almost none of it converts. It’s better with a brandable website like this one.

  32. Deneil says:

    I do 2, 4, and 5 daily. I don’t need to think about it. It has become an habit.

  33. For me the only traffic source that really comes close to Google is Facebook. I have been doing really well networking on Facebook. The viral effect is hard to beat. I have not had much luck with Facebook ads though.

  34. Jess says:

    Great post – I have utilized all the “alternative traffic methods” that you listed here and have had great success, except for guest blogging. I see the benefits of doing guest blogging but I decided to let that slide so I can focus on other methods of traffic generation.
    Thanks for the tips!

  35. Helen Neely says:

    Most of my traffic come from articles I have on many sites and Google searches. I tried promoting through Facebook, but I have yet to see good traffic from there. Need to put in more effort I guess.

    1. Yes if you need more traffic from social networks you need more efforts than Google…

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        To get traffic from Facebook, you need to at least be around the right people. I mean like, you’re gonna get less traffic for your sportcars blog if you’re friends with bicycle community. That’s what I think

  36. if we have good quality links it will be great in google

    1. Yes Quality linking is one of the major factor considered by Google…

      1. Yeah well said its a for Googel and quality Link also 6 builds on our experience and proven platform for helping organizations better manage their entire quality system with a comprehensive, yet easy to use, solution.

  37. interesting points about google would like to check it out

  38. yeah…I agree with these all points because some of my traffic came from facebook and my twitter profile. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  39. This was a great read and very very useful, I put most of my time trying to get my site ranked higher in google, but now twitter, facebook and yahoo answers here i come!

  40. codero says:

    Hi John,

    Although you have your own idea, I still think google is the most important one especially for small or new website.

    Twitter, facebook or other social media effects will not help all the time, maybe just a short while.


    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      You got a point there!

  41. Yasir Imran says:

    A part of my posts 4 Yahoo Services help your blog to grow is part of this post too.


  42. Brock Blohm says:

    Yet another great article!
    I especially like the Yahoo! Answers idea. Never looked in to that before. Interesting concepts.

    Isn’t it true that by participating in all of these methods – Google will recognize this and determine that you have ‘more authority’ and will rank you higher organically in the search engines? Or is that not correct?

  43. Health Blog says:

    You have made your point very nicely. I use some of the techniques you mentioned.
    I get less than 20% traffic from Google.

  44. Google is doing plenty of things to make the process easier for the users so that makes us problem

  45. Kevin Martin says:

    Thanks for the awesome post. Those are some great alternative ways to generate traffic.

    1. Agree Kevin and Twitter is the easiest ways to get traffic is with Twitter….

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        Please explain how you “easily” get traffic from twitter. 😉

        I think it takes quite a bit of work establishing a following on twitter before traffic can be generated there. 🙂

      2. i have tried this strategy its really works a lot

  46. In my opinion, well it really depends on what your content really is. If you are running an ecommerce store, then Google Product Search will provide you with a ton of traffic. Yahoo answers could double up if there are relevant questions about your products / services that you sell.

  47. rakesh says:

    you are trying to fight with 800 pound gorrila called google. Google provide much mush more traffic than these combined efforts.

  48. And also most important point for me in your post that talked about forums…

  49. Other are also important but i most prefer to Forums .

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      I’m not really a forums person. But I know many bloggers that have tons of traffic coming from the forums. But they have less backlinks of course, since forums is a little bit addictive it’s hard to log out from there once you’re in.

  50. nice tips Google tips would like to know more on this topic

    1. We are concentrating more on google so we should update ourselves on it

  51. Whatever i love Google..Google is the method to upgrade the websites.
    Well i would like to say thanks for the whole information.

  52. Google is still a significant player in my view provided you are producing good unique content, however Facebook integration is essential and now produces more traffic for me that is highly targeted and hence has much greater CTR’s

  53. Nino Hou says:

    ur almost true, but i think this one trick u dont listed above is good too.
    By comment 2 other blogs as i do now

  54. Gift Ideas says:

    But still the Google is the best source of traffic.

  55. More offen everyone prefer google for the traffic

  56. Essays says:

    It is right that Google is not the only way to get quality traffic. There are other ways around. Due to extensive competition at Google, we should find alternate ways to promote our website.

  57. I try to grow my business withouth relying on google. The benifits are great, but you could see this year, anything can happen to your site. Yahoo! answers is a great option. I try to leave 1-2 answers a day, it makes a difference on the long run.

  58. Amani says:

    FB can generate huge amount of traffic. Also the traffics that you get from FB sometime easily invite their friend to visit your site such clicking on like button.

  59. Technary says:

    You are very much right about not relying on Google. I have seen many bloggers spending a good amount of money spending on SEO tools to boost their pagerank and fully depend on google.

  60. Techmaker says:

    I never use Yahoo answers and guest posts to improve my blog traffic.
    I never thought yahoo is a powerful tool for blogging.
    I think you recall it to me.
    I’ll start it.

    Thanks for sharing
    15 Big SEO Tips To Avoid

  61. Gift Ideas says:

    There is nice article about google traffic. i think it is not easy to stay without google traffic.

  62. who2india says:

    Great post, I try to post in forums but sometimes takes up too much time, have to analyze whether does it provide equal returns in terms of time spend posting it.

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