5 Things Successful Bloggers Hate the Most

Do you want to know what makes successful bloggers tick?

I mean really tick? Then you’ll need to consider their dislikes.

So many activities a lot of bloggers engage in don’t necessarily bring results. You’ll need to dislike such activities so that success can come.

Savvy entrepreneurs can show you that disliking a particular activity doesn’t make you outdated or unwise.

Rather, it helps you to focus on more important tasks at hand that can push your business to the top.

Let’s quickly look at the five things successful bloggers hate the most.

If you want to make impact, you’ll need to hate these things, at least to a certain extent. Let’s go:

1.       A free blogging platform


blogger blog


If you’re still using the free wordpress or blogger platform to run your blog, then you’re NOT ready to either make money online or build a community.

Most people use blogger to share their nutribullet juicer reviews, but if you’re serious, you should get a domain name for that.

The truth is, you don’t even have total control over your site. Yes, even with the self-hosted blog, no blogger actually has 100% control, but to a large extent, the files are stored on your own hosting account.

People who have succeeded online as bloggers would go the extra mile to buy a domain name, a reliable web hosting account which they can use to run their blogs.

When it comes to wordpress blogging, please stay away from free meal. Such meals can’t quench your hunger for a real business. A free blog wouldn’t even allow you to do your SEO – which is a great way to get more targeted traffic to your blog.

And if pro bloggers couldn’t run their businesses on free blogger or wordpress, you MUST not. Period!

2.       Free autoresponder account

Over the years, I’ve seen people make this mistake over and over again. But you can’t find someone who earns decently from blogging, still using a free email marketing service.

In the future, when the veil must have fallen off your eyes, you’d discover that you can’t import the leads or manage it with a free account. You’ve labored in vain. How pathetic?

You’ve a profitable business to build. Therefore, ditch all free stuffs when it comes to building your list and invest $15 – $50 per month on subscription as a beginner. You’d live to be thankful for this simple advice.

If you think I’m making this up, you could ask bloggers making raves in the blogosphere. I doubt you’ll find anyone who still uses free autoresponder account. You MUST never subscribe to those new and flashy services. Please do not!

3.       No product of their own

Isn’t it high time you create a product of your own? Look around and you’d see that 99% of successful bloggers all have one form of product or the other.

They understand that money can only come when you’ve an offer; you bring value to your audience. In 2012, I saw a lot of bloggers who aren’t serious at all – in fact; they’re the ones who complain that blogging is all hyped up.

But when you look at their arsenal, they don’t offer any product for sale.

A product or service that’s in high demand could bring you success online. Either you offer your service to those who needs it, or you write a book (e-book, short report, hard copy book) and teach people (preferably beginners) how to achieve a specific goal.

Trust me; I’ve about 52 rich bloggers who are living the internet lifestyle. But they didn’t achieve this feat in a month, not even in 6 months.

They started creating products early and within 3 years, they’ve built an income generating system. If you truly want to make a living online, you MUST have a product or service. Anything short of this is the surest way to fail.

4.       Not collecting email leads

List building is pretty straight forward. And successful bloggers could cry when they miss out on a potential lead.

They wouldn’t make the mistake of sending you over to their sales page without first asking for your email address. I’m sure you’ve seen sales funnels more than a thousand times online.

Do you really know why building a list is important?

The ultimate reason is to have a database of qualified prospects and customers – ready to receive, click, read and purchase your product. Except you don’t have plans for product creation in the future, then, I’d say that direct marketing would work for you.

But having a product is great. It positions you as an expert in your niche. It builds your brand and most importantly, you make money. So, start building your list today if you’ve neglected it.

5.       Not making enough money

There is no shortcut to making millions online. You’ve got to work for it. It’d be easier if you had a product or service to sell. Affiliate marketing could be a side income, but having your own product is the best way to make a living online.

Don’t just look at the present circumstances around you and conclude that you’ve no hope. That’s a BIG lie from your subconscious mind.

To make money online and support your lovely family, travel the world and invest into profitable systems, your blog needs to generate income.

Even if you blog because of your passion, if money isn’t forthcoming after a set period, your passion would start to die. Oops!

If pro bloggers weren’t making enough money online, then they would not be popular, in the first place. And that’s the motivating factor to create a valuable product for sale.

If successful bloggers hate to be “broke,” you too must work hard and smart to break that gene. What do you think?

Blogging takeaway

Blogging is awesome. Apart from the monetary gains, the community and lovely people you would connect with can enhance your life. I don’t think so. I know so. If you’re ready to start making money online, here’s how to earn $1000 monthly from blogging.

It’s about time you look at the things that are taking up your time as a blogger – it might be your limiting factor to making money online.

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29 thoughts on “5 Things Successful Bloggers Hate the Most”

  1. This actually all makes sense.

    I’m still doing my number 3, it’ll take a while but I’ll get there 😉

    Good tips Michael

  2. Russ Gelfuso says:

    I’m interested in what you have to say!

  3. Gary says:

    Begging for follows on Twitter or Facebook.

  4. Thomas says:

    hello , I’m interested in what you have to say!

    1. Or really mr spammer!

  5. sandi says:

    Michael, I agree with you list. I especially hate the fifth point.

  6. Dario Izaks says:

    awesome points ,I really love this article and would take it in consideration since I am also a blogger.

  7. I think that these are also 5 things that UN-successful bloggers hate L O L

  8. These 5 tips are easily known to a beginner !! But, there were enough other things I learned from this post like link placement, proper internal linking, use of easy to go language and still re-scanning the post for more hidden lessons 😉 Thank You

  9. VKool says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have applied most of the things you laid out in this article. However, I’m having a problem right now that I probably would need to ask you for a favor

    My blog includes not only make money online niche, but also many other niches like health, entertainment, and so on…. From your opinion, how would you create email leads for a blog like that?

    I have seen many famous bloggers are experts in their own niches but I haven’t seen many promoting too many niches.

    I’m looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks Michael

    1. I can see that your niche is too wide. In my humble opinion, I suggest you narrow your niche and dwell on one or two topics that are closely related. Health is already a huge niche, why not blog health topics and establish authority there. And if you know much about entertainment, stick to its topic. How do you manage to write “make money online, health and entertainment?” Please narrow down, before building your email list. I hope my advice helps you get result. Good luck and thanks for reading my post.

      1. VKool says:

        Hi Michael,

        I have narrowed my blogs to different niches. I’m currently running few other blogs that are getting more popular in their niches. This is my first time running a multi-niches blog, I’m running this blog with few of my partners who all have different expertise in writing about different niches, including Health, make money online, and entertainment. I’m no expert but I haven’t really seen any one succeed with a multi-niches blog. If you’ve seen any, please let me know so I get a feel of how they run their blog efficiently. Thank you very much Michael!

  10. Natok says:

    I can totally agree to you. However point 3 is probably the point you can divide people with. I’m working on two niche products there are no professional books about and it is really time consuming and requires a lot of effort, you don’t need to bring in, when you are “only writing a blogpost”.

    Really an awesome post!

  11. I. C. Daniel says:

    I like to read forums, so I’m a member at TOP internet marketing forums 😀

    What I’ve seen is that the beginner in this new blogging business always STOP work after 2 months without making a single dollar.

    Few of them buy a money making guide and suceed and rest of them try to learn by searching the information they think they need across internet.

    That will take some time and I’m afraid patience is lost.

    Best Regard from I. C. Daniel – Romania

  12. Glenn says:

    Thanks for the post, you make some important points.

    I, too, am still working on creating my own product, but for now I’m trying to be informative on my blog and provide value to my visitors. All seems to be going well so far. Looking forward to ramping things up a bit 🙂

  13. Edson Hale says:

    All the points given above are not new to bloggers; but the really you attached with them is really horrendous. We proudly declare that out of every 100 bloggers 97 fail but dont not mention the reasons of their failure. I think all the above five points are the main reasons of blogging failures.
    Thanks for sharing this information in a wonderful narration. God bless you

  14. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    the 5 things I must say are true. I need to work harder to create my own product and start earning good money from blogging. I hope to achieve this this year. I know I need to work hard but it is in a reach.

    Thanks for your post.

    All the best and see you on top.


    Check my squeeze page if it looks good: http://erwinmentel.com/op/4-442-in-4-weeks-opt-in

  15. Good list Michael,

    I would add to the list professional plugins/software tools as well.

    If you want professional results you need the right tools for the job.

    It also helps if you can get a mentor to show you the ropes.

    How long did it take you to figure out a system that works?

  16. Abhishek says:

    This is true. Capturing email leads is very important for any blogger and many successful blogger miss while doing it.

  17. judkis says:

    i’m a million miles away from pro bloggers,this article teach me a lot.

    thanks john chow!

  18. Raja says:

    Even, upcoming bloggers like me are also hate those 5 things!Anyway thanks for remembering!

  19. Bloggers hate one more thing, If they don’t get traffic on their blogs they really hate this. Sir All above points are just similar to my views. Thanks.

  20. Ryan Bruno says:

    Great article being fairly new to blogging this will help a lot.

  21. kishore says:

    Blogger is not an absolute free service, they embed their own adsense publisher id along with our adsense publisher id. In this way they take share of our adsense income. So blogspot is not at all free service.

  22. Aakash says:

    You are right Successful Blogger will never use Free Blogging Platforms. Free Blogging Platforms like – Blogger, WordPress.com are for beginners. But free Blogging Platforms can make your blog popular. Many big bloggers have started their journey on free Blogging Platform and then they migrate to their own server.

  23. Hello,

    Very good information in your posts; thank you for sharing. I tried to subscribe for updates but the link was not working even after twice confirming that my email address was entered. Could this be a browser issue?


  24. i like it, i remember when i learn blogging my friend suggest me to buy .com domain and start going pro.. yet, i must work hard today since my blogging is getting lower traffic and revenue. can you help me to solve this? thank you

  25. hector says:

    hi guys i just made my own website, its fulu.tk check it out!

  26. John Smyth says:

    Nice post, I’ve been blogging for years and make a very good income on creating affiliate sites. I do agree owning your own product is a good way to move to the next level but there’s no guarantee it will sell.

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