5 Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain Name

What domain name to choose?

Finding the right domain for your new site can be very hard. Not only can it seem as if every great domain in the world has already been taken, but with concerns about domain squatting still being fresh in people’s minds, even the prospect of trying out domain ideas can seem risky.

Fortunately, there are many tools on the Web designed to help us get through a bad case of domain writer’s block. All the while, these tools let us both safely test new domains and to cut through the clutter of already-registered names, making the process much faster.

Here are five tools to get you started and, hopefully, help you find just the domain that you’ve been looking for.


Domainr’s simple interface belies some very serious power. Type in any word you want to base a domain on and Domainr will let you know what combination of domains, subdomains, TLDs and directories will for for you. For example, punch in “briefcase” and you’ll get briefc.as/e among your options.

All in all, a great tool for finding imaginative domain/extension/directory combination to create your word.

Bust a Name

If you have a list of words you’re considering for your name but no idea how to best combine them, Bust a Name can help. Simply put in your words, dragging sets of them into groups if you don’t want them paired with one another, and let Bust a Name find all available combinations.

The service can even sort available domains by readability, making it easy to find which is the best combination out of the possibilities you have.


If you really want a domain name but know that it’s taken, and you don’t care what extension its under, iWantMyName will not only scan the domain you want, but also look for it under a variety of TLDs, including many obscure ones that are almost certainly not registered.

You probably won’t get your “.com” with this site, but you may be able to find your “.be”


Domize is a beautifully simple idea that may help you find an even better domain than you thought possible. Simply type in a domain idea and Domize will look up the .com, .net, .org, .biz and .us domains for shorter iterations of the word, each leaving one letter off. For example, looking for “Domize” will cause it to look for “Domiz”, “Domi”, etc.

You might be surprised to find that there are many decent 4-6 letter domains available, if you’re willing to not have it spell a word, but rather, be the beginning of one.

Domain Tools

If you are really struggling for a good domain name, Domain Tools, has a powerful domain suggestion tool that looks for a keyword or phrase you provide and picks out relevant, related terms and finds domains using them. For example, a search for “Laptop” might turn up “GreatLaptopRepair” as a suggestion.

This tool can be a great way to find a good domain in a very crowded field.


In the end, the Web is filled with great tools to help you pick out the perfect domain for your site and these are just a few to get you started. Don’t give up your quest for a good domain because your “perfect” domain was already taken, instead, focus on finding another that you like even more.

With a little bit of help and some creativity, even with the millions of domains already taken, you should have no trouble finding one that works well for you.

This post was written by Lior who works for an online task management tool start-up from new york and also advises to a small nursing wear company.

50 thoughts on “5 Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain Name”

  1. Edgar says:

    I just found punksevents.com and few others thanks John!

    1. Is there any spelling mistake on punksevents.com because when I added this on address bar … this one is saving server not found ?

      1. True, no such domain exist.

      2. d3so says:

        I guess he was talking about finding a domain that wasn’t registered.

        1. That’ s what he likely did, I had the same feeling about it D3so.

          He says I just found punksevents and few others.

          Unfortunately he thinks John has written this post which is not the case.

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    Not bad, but what about paid software? Those are all sites that can be used by the general public… i find it that software works better.. especially paid ones!

    1. Market Samurai provides this kind of option.

      Yeah this one is simply great for those people who wanted to start their first blog.

      Though bustaname.com is really looking promising.

    2. Abhik says:

      Software are automated.. That’s why people like them.
      There are free software who works exactly same as some paid ones. They also helps to construct domain names from keywords.

      1. specially if your business is to book domains and then sell there after on premium price you must equip yourself with domain samurai or something like that.

        1. Yes buying and selling domain is also a good business provided you should know basic of this.

  3. Jose Augusto says:

    Owning the exact domain name only for your new online brand is not enough these days; saving the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s exact user-names and iOS app name is a must. That’s why this little tool was born: http://www.brandier.com

    1. Thats a great point. If you are going to buy a domain name, make sure you snatch the social sites name too.

  4. Domainr simply show suggestions and when you click on such domain than they will tell whether this one is available or not.

    Instead of that they should produce those results which are available or which are acquired but ready to sell.

    1. Yeah this is a must have requirement, the tool should only available domain rather then a complete range of domain around a keyword.

      1. With that option they can save their visitors time.

        Sometime this can be annoying as well.

  5. Lakhyajyoti says:

    I know about most of the tools you have mentioned above.

    1. which one you find most useful, we can’t go with all of the above list.

      1. There’s a program called CPMage that goes in and finds not only available ones, but sorts them by date, PR and age. Don’t know if the program is still available or not, it’s an add of for the owners of WPMage.

  6. Abhik says:

    Nice post Lior,
    I wasn’t aware of Bust A Name and iWantMyName. My domain research was limited to a few other sites.

    1. mine too, simple tying on Godaddy and checking whether its available or not doesn’t work anymore.

      1. Because we are not into this domain business and not building 100 of network of blogs.

        Otherwise people who are into domain business or building network of 100s of blogs they do need this kind of tools.

  7. Thanks Chow.
    The domain suggestion tool was great, and new to me.

  8. Don’t forget about branding your domain name as well on all of the social network platforms to boot. It makes for future promotion far easier….

    1. Good tip and to check your user name is available or not you can try this website –


      1. Nice, I didn’t know about that site. Bookmarked it. Thanks!

  9. I am in process of registering 5 domains and your blog was indeed helpful.

  10. fas says:

    Well mostly you want the name which you have as your first or last name or something on those lines.

  11. Just wanted to add that Market Samurai can help also, I use it to find domain..just wanted that add that one also.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    1. Yes Market Samuari is indeed very helpful and have many options which can be handy for you.

      1. d3so says:

        I’m always hearing things about Market Samurai. I should check it out.

  12. These tools that were suggested were very useful. I have been thinking about ways of how to find a good domain and I am happy I stumbled across this post.

  13. Bust a name is a great tool – have used it many times and is always successful – for me at least!

  14. Rich Dennis says:

    Cool… I’ll have to give these a try.

  15. Thanks for the tips. I never realized how important keywords were to the domain address until I started SEO.

  16. Like every one about to start says , seeking domain is the most important step and that can take lot of time for may people , finding the right one that you think is suitable will be a hard job . your tips were very precise and new actually , very well done §! 🙂 ,

    1. Yes Rahul, Now i understand the important of keyword in a domain, i searched for three days for a perfect domain for my new project.

  17. PPC Ian says:

    Great post! I’m a fan of dot me and dot co, two country specific TLDs that are now being marketed as global extensions.

    1. i never know that TLD co is now available as global extension, i guess two country specific words words must suffic with co TLD

  18. Very good tools listed here. There is another tool I use, called instant domain search http://instantdomainsearch.com/ it finds domains as you type, easy to check domain availability on the fly.

  19. Santel says:

    Thank Lior for sharing these tips, I always stuck with classic thinking when I want to find domain name, I purchased few domains and leave it expired without using them.

    I will try these tools for my next domain,

  20. Well, that’s a very handy list of online tools for new domain name finder. I have bookmarked your post. I am glad you shared it, thanks.

  21. I’ve been using bustaname.com and namestation.com for quitesometime now….

    Check them out as well

  22. Kristi says:

    I’d like to add two to this list.

    DomainsBot (http://www.domainsbot.com/) has a Google Instant-like search box that will suggest domain names while you type, and also has a great advanced search feature.

    JustDropped (http://www.justdropped.com/) has a search and also email list you can subscribe to that will alert you to some premium domains that have just become available to register.

    1. That’s a great addition to the list included in the post, Kristi.

      Lior did an excellent job I think and you put a crowning jewel on top.

  23. Very Helpful. Thank you!

  24. Farouk says:

    that’s a good idea 🙂

  25. Great list! the only problem with those domain generators is the names arent created by a person. We like to create the names ourselves so we can take into account things like connotation and memorability.

  26. Great tools you have passed over for the bloggers like me who makes their most of time loss only for finding the best domain to start their online business tour .

  27. ikki says:

    great tool, but i have my own domain now

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