5 Types of Posts Which Always Create a Buzz

When publishing content, it’s important you write something which resonates well with your readers. There is so much content available online that putting together something full of substance is difficult. With so much spam floating around online it’s no wonder that people are quick to judge the quality of content on a blog or website. Recently, there’s been a trend beginning to emerge shifting from creating unique content to reviving older content putting together something more in-depth and resourceful. If your an experienced blogger, you’ve noticed five post types have done particularly well over the last several years. Focusing on creating content around these post types can increase user engagement and traffic.



People have been using search engines for years trying to find ways to solve a problem. For this reason, content which provides a complete breakdown on how to solve a problem has become very popular. Imagine trying to build a website or starting a blog and you need resources on topics, niches, design, etc. This information is available online for free and people are quick to share content which provides a complete solution.

While doing keyword research, find questions being asked by people and do a quick search to find your competition. For example, if I’m writing a tutorial on “how to build effective backlinks”, I’ll do a quick search in Google visiting the top 5 results. My goal is to skim through each piece of content making notes on how I can improve this tutorial. Next,

I’ll use my notes to create something better so it resonates well with my readers. If I noticed my competitors didn’t add images and videos, I’ll add them to my content to make it better providing a visual aid to my readers. Infographics are a great way to resonate well with your readers which you’ll learn later.

Numbered Lists

These are short and right to the point which is what people are looking for especially when they don’t have time reading 2000+ words. Not to mention, when people need information, their looking for the shortest way to get it and will skim through pulling out the important points.

Many bloggers argue that list posts have been played out however this is exactly what people are looking for. They need a quick “updated” list of resources. For example, if I’m writing content on the “Top 20 Social Media Networks” it’s better I list them in order from #1-#20 with a short description instead of writing out lengthy paragraphs.

Here’s a great way to generate a solid list post…

First, use tools like Topsy to check what’s trending online and related to your “keyword”. Topsy will display the content with the most “shares” from highest to lowest. Skim through the top “3” and create something better adding additional information and more in-depth. If “Top 30 WordPress Plugins” is at the top of the search results, you can create something which is “Top 50 WordPress Plugins in 2014”.

Secondly, do a quick search to find out what’s displayed in Google as the number 1 result for your “keyword”. Google, after the recent algorithm updates, is putting more emphasis on high quality content. If you produce something better you’ll have a good chance of outranking your competition.



In recent years using infographics as complete posts has become a popular trend. The trend can be attributed to the scientific study showing that our brains do less work digesting infographics compared to lengthy content. Its proven infographics are more likely to be read compared to text content and they efficiently get your point across. For someone trying to build engagement and increase traffic, it can be a vital tool used to build popularity.

Here are some reasons why infographics are so effective:

First, they are easy to understand because many people respond to visual aids better then reading content. Instead of having re-read content several times to understand the logistic behind each point, infographics have simply streamlined the process of comprehending what’s being presented.

Secondly, According to Wharton School of Business, 67% understood visual presentations with words better than just text alone.


Expert Posts

Very effective and can generate enormous traffic to your blog by doing a quick follow-up after publishing. The best way to gain knowledge is to ask those who have loads of experience. They can provide you knowledge on what works saving you both time and money. Next, their happy to “share” the post with their social followers which can generate huge amounts of targeted traffic. For example,

I had put together an expert post and I included 14 top pioneers in the industry like John Chow, Zack Johnson, Brian Dean, etc. When I finally published it on my blog, it was a complete success especially because 12/14 shared it right away on their social profiles. Some of the experts had 10,000+ followers on both Facebook and Twitter all relevant to my niche.

Guest Posts

Every online marketer will tell you that guest posts are the best way to generate a buzz and traffic to your blog. As blogs begin to grow, the owners have a hard time tackling several projects at one time so would often accept fresh new ideas from people starting out. In return for your hard work they’ll allow you to place a link within the author bio box which will be displayed towards the bottom of the content.

I’m surprised at how many people don’t take advantage of guest posting opportunities and from my experience it’s because they don’t know how to find the right blogs.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to do when searching for guest posting opportunities. Always start by doing a quick search in Google using the following terms after your keyword. For example, link building “become a contributor”

  • submission guidelines
  • accepting guest posts
  • contribute an article
  • guest post
  • write for us
  • become a contributor

 Visit each blog and generate a list of popular & relevant blogs which are accepting guest posts. Popular blogs have a large readership and following within social networks which can be essential in building your brand if you get published. Next, contact each blog owner asking them about their guidelines and suggest a few topics you have in mind.

If you’ve been asked to put something together, it’s important to follow these guidelines…

  • Always write high quality content (very important)
  • Follow formatting guidelines (H1,H2, H3, paragraph, meta)
  • Follow image uploading and formatting guidelines
  • Follow linking guidelines
  • Always ask questions to ensure your following the requirements

Keep in mind that your building a relationship by guest posting and this can lead to more opportunities going forward. Put effort and the hard work will pay off!

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17 thoughts on “5 Types of Posts Which Always Create a Buzz”

  1. Umar Siddiqi says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Stick to these five types of posts and soon your blog will attract traffic like honeybee.

  2. John says:

    Really instructive John.Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi John,

    This is another great post!
    I always love to visit your blog because of the value you share each time!
    I’ll certainly come back to read over this post again.


  4. Enstine Muki says:

    Hey Rizvan,
    You are very correct! I did an expert post including John chow on how they make money. It went like wild fire 😉

  5. faisal says:

    Not to forget, controversial posts.

    1. Rizvan Ullah says:


      Thanks and I was going to include that as well. However, you need to be careful with controversial posts because if done the wrong way they can backfire. Not to mention, that you need to be genuine about your opinion. I know many who would start a controversial post and not feel genuine about their opinion.

  6. Really True, i have all ready try numbered post and infographic, it’s a really Good.
    Thanks John

  7. Jethro says:

    This post contains tips that we bloggers should not ignore of. We can learn from it and apply to our blog. I want to try the Expert Posts stuff. Thanks for this blog post, Rizvan! ^_^

  8. Tony says:

    You can always rely on getting great insight and usable information from you John.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jeremy says:

    Hey John,
    This is exactly what i’m focusing on in my blog. The only thing I would add in the mix is the inclusion of relevant keywords, for SEO purposes.


  10. karen siau says:

    Thanks for great advice. I love to present article in point form as i did in my work for training in Quality Management System. otherwise most of them (trainee) can fall to sleep

  11. Hi Rizvan,

    You are so correct – and on point.

    However, another type of content that never fails to impress is old content that did amazingly well, dug out, polished and rebranded. Have you ever experienced the fire such an entry carries?

    Be certain to make the day great!


    1. Rizvan Ullah says:


      Thanks for your reply.

      Yes! I have done very well when I’d create “How-To” content. I would do research, polish and publish.

      Thanks for your input and let me know if I can help in any other way!

  12. Very simple but also very effective suggestions.

  13. Dev Pandey says:

    Hi Rizvan

    I must say it is an interesting post.!!!
    Is is always interesting to read post on John website. Anyway, Rizvan you have shared a very informative post. And we have on many other sites, posting likes these really become viral.


  14. Very informative post. 🙂 Certainly teaches a website owner what types of content would draw the readers, and would be effective in attracting traffic. I particularly zeroe’d in on “infographics,” because I realized that stats and showing them in a visual, storytelling way is very attractive and would personally reel me in, as a consumer. Again, thanks for a wonderful, informative post! 🙂 Learned and reaffirmed my own thoughts on the matter. 🙂

  15. Nan Malott says:

    Great advice for someone new to the business. Thank you.

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