6 Favorite Words To Help You Make More Money Online

This article may look different from the traditional, but you’d enjoy it.

Why? Because words are powerful and if you understand the effect of words, your success will be easier than picking up pretty girls. Lol!

When I started blogging, I came across an epic blog post and after going through it, my thoughts about making money changed.

The reason why you’re not making enough money from your website could be the wrong use of words.

Or better yet, you don’t even understand the impact of certain words.

Why words are powerful

Words are powerful because they’re the exact thoughts of the subconscious mind.

What we say from our mouths has its root from our thoughts. The earlier you realize the blogging is not all about waking up every morning to write, the better for you. Successful internet entrepreneurs don’t joke with words.

They can bury their heads meditating on a specific word – and sooner or later, you’d see the effects: Thousands of subscribers, speaking engagements, six figure earnings and so much more.

At the end of this post, I’d like you to add your favorite word. Make sure it’s one word, and not a phrase. Here are 6 of my favorite words that could help you make more money.

1.      Email        email marketing

Yes, that wasn’t a typo.

Email is my favorite word because with it, you I can build a strong nexus with potential customers.

Click here to see why email marketing is important.

The right email campaign could generate a staggering income – I love email marketing.

Most of what you must do as a blogger or entrepreneur is to build an email list. In fact, nothing is as important as collecting leads.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling physical products from Amazon & Ebay, or digital products from Clickbank & CJ, the bottom line is to start collecting email leads from Day 1. Yes, from the very first day!

Let me shock you: if you’re a blogger and you’re not building a mailing list, I’m afraid because you may not be in business when next I see you.

Don’t get me wrong, you could make money without selling through emails, but it’s the most difficult thing to do. I make more money from my list, than I do from organic traffic. Is email your favorite word?

2.      Content

No matter what you’re selling online, content is the bedrock of your business. I like the word “content” because it paves way for other marketing practices. Without quality content on your blog, don’t even bother guest blogging or marketing through social media.

And Google loves fresh content. If you can challenge yourself to produce quality and valuable content regularly, you’d reach 75% of your target audience, even without social media or forum marketing.

Organic visitors would trail your blog and hand you their hard earned money. If you enjoy reading quality content like this (I suppose), your readers also deserve the best. Make it your vision, pursue it.

3.      Marketing

Why is ‘marketing’ one of my favorite words?

It’s obvious; marketing is the fuel that powers your blog engine. If you don’t market your products and services, you’d be broke. Period!

And quality content without the right readers to consume it is a waste of time.

Most likely, you want to gain traction, build a community and make money online. Well, it’s not going to happen overnight. You need to market your blog post, your “hire me” page, your new e-book and any other income asset. Don’t wait for them to come – go and meet them wherever they are. But marketing is not for lazy people, here’s why:

4.      Smart

Being smart is the key to winning the race of life. I know people who work 6 hours per week and make six figure income annually, whereas, a couple of my good friends works about 10 – 12 hours weekly, but has nothing to show for it. What’s wrong with my friends?

Even though they’re hard working, it’s obvious that they’re working on the wrong tasks. For instance, if you spend 4 hours on Twitter every day and expect to grow your blog, how feasible is that? As a blogger, writing, optimizing, marketing and relationship building are fundamental elements that brings long-term success.

You’ve to work hard in a smart way. Don’t spend time on activities that can drain your energy, instead, work on your core objectives. Every task must be tailored to meeting your goal. I’m yet to find any secret to living the internet lifestyle. Anyways, if there is, taking action in a smart way is the ultimate.

5.      Monetize     monetize a blog

When should you monetize your blog?

This has been a controversial question and I’ve seen it popping up from every nook and cranny of the web.

But what’s the BIG deal? If you feel comfortable monetizing in the first month of launching your business, go ahead.

If not, wait until you’ve built a community like Copyblogger media (Brian Clark) did.

As for me, I got my first client after 1 month of starting my freelance writing blog. So, it’s relative…

The bottom line is to “monetize.” You can’t make money without a clear monetization path.

Most people who complain that blogging is full of crap and scam have issues with selling. Some people actually have problems with promotion or trying to convince their readers to buy.

The word “monetize” is my favorite – what’s yours?

6.      Traffic

Who doesn’t want more traffic?

The truth of the matter is, without traffic you can’t go far in your business. No matter what business model you’ve chosen, potential customers must come to your blog or you’d quit anytime soon. One of the blogging nightmares is lack of traffic, but there is more.

Here is the harsh truth: You don’t actually need thousands of traffic, you need targeted traffic. Why? Because 100 targeted traffic to your website is better than 1000 untargeted traffic to the same website.

For instance, if you’re selling web hosting, then, you need people who wants to buy web hosting and nothing else.

Now, if 10 people visits and buys the VPS or Dedicated hosting packages, isn’t it better than 100 people who just admire your animated header, the color merging and awesome design? I guess you don’t need that type of audience. They waste your time and burn your bandwidth.

What is your favorite word?

I’d like to know your favorite word, how the word has aligned your thoughts and actions towards reaching your goals. Do you think words are powerful or just mere combinations of alphabets? The comment box below is yours – share your opinion and let’s fall in love with words. Your success is sure!

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33 thoughts on “6 Favorite Words To Help You Make More Money Online”

  1. Maria Palma says:

    My one word is “content”. As a blogger, I understand the power of quality content and inspiring readers to take action – like buy from me 🙂

    1. Content? Hmm, I think you’ve a point there. Thanks for your cute 2-cent.

  2. Connect

    As in normal life, it’s all about the connections you make.

    1. I like connect, too. Life is all about building strong connections. Thanks Mike.

  3. Kenny Fabre says:


    “traffic” and “email” “moetize” plain and simple is all a person needs to make money online. If they didnt do anything else they would still make money with this an send traffic and build an email list and then monetize it front end and backend

    1. Hey Kenny, I like “email” and “monetize.” Both are duets in the realm of marketing. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Mikka says:

    My favorite word is “value”. Because no matter if it’s emailing, content or marketing, the thing I try to focus on is to deliver the highest value.

    If you’re able to overdeliver your readers and customers, then the rest will follow…

    1. Believe me, “value” is one of my pet peeves when writing a content for my blog or for clients. Whatever you do, offering value is the greatest of all.

  5. Mi Muba says:

    Passion, passion and passion is my favorite word and after its first meaning I also decode this word as commitment, perseverance, wisdom and optimism.

    1. Passion is like a fuel that the engine needs to run. Whenever you run short of it, go and refill. I like passion – just like purpose.

  6. “content” and “traffic” are essential to the existence of any blog. However, nothing can be done, in any business, without “motivation”. And it’s not just about being motivated at the beginning, but constantly staying motivated and reaching for the new goals.

    1. Motivation!
      I should have added that – thanks for pointing that out. You’re such a greater reader.

  7. Shubham says:

    My favorite words are ‘content’ and ‘marketing’ Both are very much important for a blog to grow.

    1. Thanks for your 2-cent Shubham. It means a lot to me.

  8. JamesW says:

    Truly inspiring post Michael, words can help us but they can also be sharper than any knife or sword. we need to choose them carefully if we want better future for our business and ourselves.

  9. Like your style Michael. My favorite word is: “Targeted” – because it doesn’t matter how many people visit your site, as long as they are “targeted” – they will be more likely to engage and sign-up as well as become your customer.

    1. Hmm, targeted is a cool word because that’s what matters – it brings a stellar conversion.

  10. Raplus says:

    My favorite word is content. As a blogger I know if I have a good content I get other all things given by this list 🙂

  11. Stella says:

    My favorite words is ‘content’

  12. Stella says:

    Another one is MARKETING. Most Imp to any biz

    1. Thanks for your addition of favorite word – marketing is cute!

  13. Great advice, will implement these tactics onto my own financial website, Stocks on Wall Street. Thanks!

  14. pradip says:

    Nice trick and tips for making online money.thanks for sharing interesting information.i really bookmarked your site.

    1. Thank you for bookmarking the site.

  15. Ujjwal says:

    Very Good Article.

    But I think Content and the monetizing is also important.

    Can You Help me to Monetize my website in better way.

  16. faisal says:

    Favourite work is Networking, for obvious reasons

  17. Deco_SLiM says:

    Nice writing style…

    Outside online

    You need to be knowledgeable, smart and get the right connections.

    My 2cent

  18. Truong Thien says:

    content is still my favorite word 🙂

  19. Samuel says:

    Wow! Nice work. My own favourite words are Learn, Plan and Organise. You learn more, plan better and re-organise stuffs all through your business and entrepreneurial journey.
    Plus sir, I’m shocked to notice that you’re a Nigerian! Wow, I’d like to know you better sir.

  20. Wopres says:

    My Favourite is TAKE ACTION. It doesnt’t matter Where, When and Why. 🙂

  21. Tony says:

    Great post! Some people say that talk is cheap, however, most of the important things have been accomplished by talking. I like the taking action part. That’s what most people miss.

  22. Thanks a ton!!! Your online site has helped me a lot in finding very suitable and cheap deals. I must say that your website is helping a lot to provide users their favorite deals.

  23. manumatiasmatos says:

    Thanks for great tips. My words:
    Provide. Relevance.

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