6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic

How do I get Traffic to my blog/website or Forum? I get this question asked almost daily and instead its asked by every one of my 10 readers, So In this post I will tell top 6 reasons why you are not getting traffic to your blog/website or Forum, So here are six reasons why you are not getting any traffic

1. Poor Content

Well you might have probably heard that content is the king and without offering Good content to your readers you cannot get any kind of traffic and If you get any traffic reader won’t stay on your blog, won’t subscribe to your RSS feed and never return to your website that you probably don’t want to let it happen because returning visitors are very crucial for your website’s success

2. Poor SEO

Without Seo you cannot get a good rank in search engines, If you have good content but no one is reading is then whats the use of it, You also need to do search engine optimization along with writing good content

3. You Probably listen but don’t act

You may have read the best Internet marketing books on the web, You may know what are the best traffic generation methods but if you are not acting on it then you won’t get any traffic, So Listen and act

4. You are not posting Frequently

Search engines like those website which are updated regularly and if you are not posting and updating your blog frequently then it will be very difficult for you to get Traffic from search engines but keep a thing in your mind that Posting frequently does not mean that you pull garbage in your blog, instead focus on the quality and frequency keeping both of them at a balanced level, One more thing is that you should have a proper schedule if you are posting daily then stick to it

5. You believe that there is a silver bullet to get traffic

Most of people believe that there is a silver bullet or magic button which when pressed will get flood of traffic to their blogs and that’s not true, So stop searching for a magic button and focus only building content and optimizing that content for search engines

6. Your Blog is Probably New

If you have just started your blog few weeks or months ago then you need to wait until it’s properly indexed by search engines and it takes so make sure that you have enough patience in order to succeed, Just focus on building content regularly and building quality links and search engine will index you soon, Usually it takes search engine around 4-6 months to rank you

Rafay baloch is an Ethical hacker, Web entrepreneur and Internet marketer he blogs at Techlotips and he is author of the book A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking.

75 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic”

  1. Harshad says:

    Point no. 3 & 4 are very important. Lot of people spend commenting and posting on other’s websites but do not update theirs.

    1. d3so says:

      That’s me right there 😉

      I’m guilty of a few others, can you guess which ones?
      This post is a slap to the face for me 😛

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I agree! I have been trying to increase my post frequency but more than twice per week is going to be difficult! 🙂

        1. Posting frequency helps but it’s not as important as it’s made out to be. Especially if your blog is not a news blog.

          I keep coming ascross blogs which haven’t had a new post in months and Google seems to like them quite well.

          Of course if you can post high quality posts daily it will be much better than posting only weekly. But posting for the sake of keeping the frequency up without regard to value can be a big mistake.

          1. Kai Arora says:

            Posting frequency is as important as good content because search engine love website that are updated frequently.

            I have two blogs and traffic is not same on both because my posting frequency is different on both.

    2. Rahul says:

      That is true Harshad because it is easy to do to others than to you

    3. I think 1 and 2 also important.

    4. I would say #4 is by far my biggest problem out of the six on the list. I don’t post nearly enough on any of my blogs even though I know I need to.

      1. I think John’s has a good posting frequency. He usually posts twice a day, but not every article is a “resource article”. Some are breezier than others which helps feed the google bot and equal level of quality and quantity.

    5. Bryce Long says:

      Traffic is definitely the make or break of blogging. One of the best sources for me and building my blog (TheRichMindset.com) has been StumbleUpon. I wrote an article about Tim Ferris and how he marketed his new book “The Four Hour Work Week” and that’s had 12,034 stumbles in the last few days. Crazy. The StumbleUpon community definitely like good content, which is harder to write than you think.

      1. Nice. Did you buy any Stumble Upon clicks to help get it started or was it organic?

    6. Kai says:

      Very true, posting frequency is important.

      I own 2 blogs. One I post daily have thrice the traffic to other where I post every 3 days.

      Will increase posting frequency….my New Year resolution 🙂

  2. 1. Should be using godaddy with an invalid whois lol.

  3. You did not end this post with a full stop, so I assume there’s more to it than these 6 reasons … 🙂

    1. Rafay Baloch says:

      You are right about that..:)

  4. Thanks for sharing this info :

    I did not know that
    “Usually it takes search engine around 4-6 months to rank you”

    Below a certain point of view this information reassures me.

    1. dotCOMreport says:

      Yeah, it is very reassuring. It takes consistency and patience and the search engines will take notice.

      1. Cerise says:

        Yes, consistency is the way, and it is just that way with anything. Just like any other goal in life, time and follow through is the key to success.

  5. Jerry says:

    This number 3 really amazes me. I always knew what I should do, but I never think about them seriously until now that I have started my new blog. Actually, during the evolution of my blogging I have committed all of these mistakes before.

    By the way, Merry Christmas John

  6. Kirk Taylor says:

    I come to this website because there is an amazing amount of valuable content.

    Like many other readers, I’ve wanted to do a guest post, but I have to say that before I would ever do one, I would want to make sure that whatever I wrote had some unique value to it that was unique and thought provoking, causing the readers to at least take a look at my blog.

    John, your guest blogger clearly state he has no readers and then proceeds to tell us how to make a blog that gets no readers. I don’t get it?

  7. ikki says:

    good tips john, u always sharing great information

  8. Donny Gamble says:

    I think another good reason that blogs don’t get any traffic because people don’t add their own personality into their content and try to be like everyone else.

  9. Vee Sweeney says:

    Posting frequently is a good point to make. Once a week or twice every week isn’t going to do it these days with so many blogs out there. However, quality also needs to be taken into consideration. The worst thing that a person can do is to make a post every day that are of poor quality.

  10. 7. All of the above!

  11. Some valuable points shared however I do have some constructive criticism. The grammar is a little messed up and reading this post was a struggle in itself in some places. Also I don’t believe that it takes 6 months to get ranked in the search engines.

    1. Rafay Baloch says:

      If you blog is new it will probably take search engines around 4-6 months to rank it well, I am not talking about indexing, That’s not a big deal…

  12. Rojish says:

    Sticking to a posting frequency will be very helpful in getting regular readers. In the new year my main goal is to maintain my posting frequency.

  13. Fernando says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaat? Search engines index you in a couple of hours now and you will get ranked in less than a week. If you want to improve your rankings, that’s a whole different story!

    1. Rafay Baloch says:

      Fernando I was takling about getting a good rank in search engine takes lots of time specially if you have a new blog/website

  14. VienChinh says:

    No.1 is important

  15. Magic bullet to get traffic – freeseoreport.com, nice tool

  16. Is this article really “Content + SEO + Time”? I get that there’s no magic bullet but come on this provides no new information!

    1. Kirk Taylor says:

      Agreed, but obviously there are quite a few people that think otherwise? I guess we’re in the minority of readers on this site.

  17. Dean Saliba says:

    Good advice. I fail at the SEO bit. I have no idea how it works and believe me I have tried.

  18. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for sharing that…….i think if you are not updating your blog regularly then downfall of your blog may starts……..

  19. James Howard says:

    Hi John,

    I have certainly been guilty of number 3 in the past.

    You need to take consistant action daily to build things up to a level where the traffic drives itself.

    Plan an hour a day to spend using different methods to drive traffic to your site and it will roll from there.

    James Howard

  20. Good points. I would like to add that many people start blogging with great enthusiasm. But this enthusiasm die down over a period of time. So before you start blogging, one should ask himself/herself, “Can I do it for long term with same enthusiasm?”

  21. fas says:

    Is hacking ethical is my question, LOL.

    1. Rafay Baloch says:

      Yes, Penetrating a system in order to find vulnerabilities is called as Ethical Hacking and Penetrating for negative purposes is called Un-Ethical Hacking

  22. Ari says:

    I just build one blog, 3 moths old, daily updated. So I am still waiting the good rank… Good post anyway!

  23. PPC Ian says:

    I would also add link building to the list!

  24. DeWayne says:

    Many of the points you shared in this post I am already aware of, but like anything else in life, if a person doesn’t take action on all the steps you listed, then their blogging won’t be as successful. From my own personal experience, it takes perseverance, solid planning and patience to really make it online, of course, I could be wrong.

  25. Siddharth says:

    yes always, as u said, Content is the first priority, its the king, template and design matters last .

    1. Yup, content is the thing that makes the visitors come back for more. If you want to make it you better start producing quality before quantity. A smart thing to do before setting up a blog would be to write about 10-20 posts and save them on your computer. That way you can keep the posts coming for at least a month without working too hard when you start the website.


  26. Mike says:

    I am planning to quit my day job and focus on creating iphone apps. Now, I don’t have a blogging site that talks about it, but I’m thinking it may be a good idea to create a blogging website that’ll boost my app sales.

    Do you guys think it’s a good idea to start my own blogging site or just ask other people to blog about my apps?

    I know blogging takes time to research and write, so it won’t be easy.

  27. LatestGirls says:

    Nice tips to the point. Just have to follow the basics and keep doing it till one gets it right.

  28. abufaris says:

    point 3 is crucial i lot read but less act…

    1. True I agree to but end all I believe content is KING!!!

  29. Farouk says:

    yes these points make a lot of sense
    thank you 🙂

  30. loyd says:

    the last one is me! my domain is less than 2 months old and im getting around 200 uniques per day, still not sure if iyts a good number for that age but 200 hits will not get me a long way thats for sure.

  31. Might be the problem of not getting traffic to my blog is the frequency and better SEO and it is also the new enough.

  32. Sunny says:

    Good post! I had been blogging since 2007. I received my first Google pay this year! True content is key. I am interesting in earnings more than the 370$ I made so far. You are an inspiration.

  33. All true John, takes time and major commitment to get a strong traffic stream.

  34. Basically I feel that lack in the consistency is the vital one.

  35. jeff says:

    it’s really difficult to create good quality content especially if you have difficulty in writing. Good quality content and articles are way to go

  36. make money says:

    They are surely the main reason.I think I’m lacking “NOT POSTING FREQUENTLY”.

  37. Constantine says:

    Another good reason why a blog is not getting traffic is when the blogger has chosen a very competitive niche. He/she may write the best content in the world, do SEO, but the blog will never be ranked high.

    1. I agree with you Constantine… research is key….Its crazy to spend so much time working a Niche that you have no chances of winning.

  38. Kevin Lett says:

    I am guilty of not posting on a regular schedule. I try but I lose interest some times. It runs is spurts. One month I will post twenty times and the next maybe only one. That is my biggest downfall.

  39. I try several techniques to get my blog some traffic, one thing is to pretend that Google doesn’t exist. This way I look for other avenues in which people can find me.

  40. Posting frequency is important. I went from 2x a week to 4x and now for December I have posted every single day and twice per week 2x a day. Readership has grown to where 70% of total traffic is now new.

  41. Imtiaz Hami says:

    If you consider content itself with a reasonable amount of SEO, that should work wonders. Its akin to a bestseller. A bestseller will have interesting content that readers vie for and will be advertised in a cogent manner. A popular blog is askin to a bestseller then.

  42. sharwina says:

    i need someone help, i have a goal to make 30 000a month. how long it will take for me to achieve that? roughly tell me please. i am reading alot in this website but cannot find answer for my question. someone help me please

    1. Eh…It took John a few years to get johnchow.com to that level of earnings. Pretty unrealistic for most blogs too.

  43. Kevin says:

    Almost everyone of those applies to me haha. My goal is to work harder for 2011.

  44. Nhut says:

    Yes, that’s true. A blogger should work hard to update his blog frequently with quality content and have some SEO on it.

  45. John I want to thank you for including me on this very short list of very impressive people. For those reading wondering “who the heck is SHE” I have been quietly (or not lol) teaching merchants and affiliates how to do affiliate marketing right since before most of you were even online :)Some people in the industry know me as Loxly, a former moderator of the CafePress forums and the ABestWeb forum, plus a variety of other ecommerce and marketing forums.I’m VERY excited about the Affiliate Summit forum since they already create “community” twice a year. It’s our goal that we can help keep the networking going in between each Affiliate Summit event. Go sign up for the launch announcement :)Thanks again John, and when we revisit this post in December 2011 it will be interesting to see all that is accomplished in the coming year!

  46. When you say it takes between 4 to 6 months for the search engines to rank your site, do you mean stable ranking rather then dancing?

  47. I really need to get #2 in order.
    It’s top of my list for 2011.

  48. Techmaker says:

    Previously I thought search engines are able to rank our blogs within few weeks. But after reading this I understood that it take more time. So I want to be patience. The motivation will play a big role in blogging. Thank you for the tips.

    1. SE’s seem can start listing your blog right away, but it usually takes a few months for your blog to start climbing the listings.

  49. Jimmy says:

    Thanks man 🙂 My blog is 5 months old and traffic is a bit low , below 100/day. I think its because of my post frequncy its very low.

  50. No promotion = No traffic. You are writing some great content on your blog, but the traffic comes when you let them know that you have some good content to show them.

  51. True, it will take some months for the search engines to figure out how to rank your site. Many people says that the site is put in a sand-box for about 6 months if they are targeting high competitive keywords. However with links form high-authority sites such as cnn.com you will get out of that sandbox much faster. I don’t know if this is true but that’s what I have heard.
    Other than that I think you have written down the most crucial things everyone needs to know. Thanks for the great post! =)


  52. ibnujusup says:

    listen but no act…. count me in.. 🙂

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