6 Underrated Benefits of Blogging

Some people will tell you that blogging is dead. As it turns out, some of those same people said exactly the same thing several years ago and yet we’re still here and blogging is just as relevant and arguably even more powerful than ever before. Social media, especially in video format, is certainly a very big deal, but that doesn’t mean that blogging doesn’t still have its place among your online repertoire.

Blogging can be remarkably useful, boosting your SEO, driving more traffic to your site, and helping to establish your expertise in your industry. But there are several more benefits that may have forgotten about too.

1. Networking with Everyone

Your blog not only provides a very stable home for you on the Internet, one that isn’t at the mercy of someone else’s algorithms, but it also gives you a tremendous opportunity to connect with all sorts of individuals.

It enables you to connect with brands both within and from outside of your niche, unlocking tremendous opportunities for sponsored campaigns and native content. It enables you to connect with your fellow bloggers and influencers, leveraging one another’s knowledge and experience for mutual benefit. It enables to you connect with your fans, followers, customers and colleagues, giving a direct channel where you can receive instant feedback.

Making money online can feel like an awfully lonely experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

2. Forming a Habit

One of the great benefits of the dot com lifestyle is that no one is that no one can tell you when and where you work or what you work on. On the flip side, this means that you need a tremendous amount of discipline to avoid the pitfalls of endless distraction and ceaseless procrastination.

Committing yourself to a strict blogging schedule helps to develop the kind of work ethic and discipline that you need to succeed as an online entrepreneur. It forces you to form a positive habit and this will serve you well in all the other tasks you need to do.

3. Developing Technical Skills

It’s true that you can outsource practically anything on the Internet. You don’t need to know how to design a blog theme, because you can just buy one or hire someone else to do it for you. You don’t need to know how to install, activate and configure a plugin, because you can just get someone else to do it.

At the same time, the very nature of blogging is such that you’ll start to learn some of these technical skills if only through osmosis alone. You’ll learn how to edit images effectively. You’ll learn some basic HTML and CSS code. All of these kinds of technical skills, even if you only remain at a novice level, will serve you well, no matter what you choose to pursue online.

4. Thinking Things Through

There’s something naturally miraculous about the simple process of writing things down. Some people choose to do this by maintaining a personal journal or diary. On some level, your blog can take on part of this role too.

You might start with any inkling of an idea, but through the very process of having to write and format your blog post, you are forced to develop and refine that idea into something more clearly defined, something more useful. You may gain insights that you wouldn’t have otherwise and these can help to further improve your chances at success.

5. Working When You’re Not

It’s not technically true that blogging is a great source of passive income. That’s because if you want your blog to succeed over the long term, you need to keep up with your posting schedule and continue to engage with your audience with new content.

However, all of the content in your archive will continue to work for you for years to come, especially any content that is more evergreen in nature. Speaking for myself, I have at least a few resource-type posts that continue to drive considerable traffic to my blog, oftentimes even more than my newer posts. Even if I never touch them again, they’re still attracting traffic, they’re still earning revenue, and they’re still helping me grow my audience.

6. Owning Your Identity

Reputation management can be a very tricky business, especially when your name is your brand. Anyone on the Internet can write about you. If that content is negative in nature, this can significantly harm how future prospects may view you, shrinking your opportunities to succeed.

When you have your own blog and you point your social profiles toward it, you increase the chances of “owning” the search engine results page for your name (or the name of your brand). What you write about yourself will be front and center, rather than the rant-filled drivel that someone else might be writing.

Do you still blog? What have you found to be most beneficial?

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12 thoughts on “6 Underrated Benefits of Blogging”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I love blogging for all 6 reasons dude.

    Owning my identity and working myself into my brand and blog has been a treat. I never knew how much I would enjoy this branding and blogging ride, being a ham in my videos and podcasts. Not literally. I keep in shape.

    I figure out new ideas, access long dormant talents, have fun, help folks and inspire bloggers to live their dreams all thru this fabulous blogger that is alive and well, thank you.

    My biggest blogging benefit is enjoying the ride. I love blogging, The work is play.

    My 2nd biggest blogging benefit is being able to circle the globe thru this medium as a full time, pro blogger. Seeing the world, helping folks, living in the tropics, experiencing new cultures….the list of blogging perks is limitless if you commit to doing blogging right.


  2. S Emerson says:

    Not many people get the networking part of blogging and commenting on blog posts. I have built some great online friendships through blogging and commenting on blogs.

    Discipline to create a blogging schedule and keep to it creates anticipation for your readers.

    I don’t particularly like it when blogs outsource or have too many guest authors. I follow a blog to read what the person behind the blog has to say. That is why I followed the blog in the first place.

    I have pages and pages of ideas for my blogs. It goes back to discipline to put those ideas into articles/blog posts….

    I have some evergreen articles/posts still bringing readers in 10+ years after they were first published. It is amazing how a good resource post can keep on living years later.

    I have fallen off the wagon as far as blogging consistently but when I did it benefitted my blogs through word of mouth.

  3. Hello Michael,

    Blogging has evolved a lot and it is one of the best medium of doing business online. I love all your 6 points and all of them are very helpful to become a successful blogger. Networking is one of the best benefit of blogging, It helps me to connect with fellow blogger friends and I have always learned something new from them.

    Thanks for these great points and enjoy your day 🙂


  4. Some Blogging company groups say blogging will die.Am blogger i have experience Blogging never die blogging can best doing business online

  5. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Michael,

    Blogging has become the best way to get the word out about what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who makes crochet patterns or pet sits.

    You can grow your business and brand by blogging. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but the great thing is that all the work you put in the front end can end up paying off for years to come.

    I’ve personally found that I love networking with other bloggers. In my short period online as a blogger, I’ve met some really nice people.

    It does take commitment and persistence to grow a blog. But it’s nice knowing that I’m working on building my own future.

    Thanks for sharing these tips have a great day 🙂


  6. Hello,
    I started blogging not long ago and what I like about it is that you learn continually by blogging. You learn about your niche, you learn how to write and so on. I remember starting my blog without any technical knowledge. It took me time to finally go online last month. During that I learned a lot and thanks to bloggers have been following.
    I wish to continue blogging as long as possible.

  7. DNN says:

    Affiliate marketing and side hustles are work but it’s not work. I say it’s work because you have to create content, form e-mail newsletters, and stay connected to people meaningfully so there’ll always an affiliate products and services. I say it’s not work because if you love doing what you’re doing, it’s literally not considered work though it is work. Like myself, though sometimes wake up in the wee hours of the morning and work past midnight online in doing affiliate marketing related tasks such as creating and publishing content, striving to boost organic search engine rankings, uploading videos to YouTube, checking your business pages, so on and so on. Blogging is a labor of love anyone grows a genuine love for over a period of time because it allows them to freely publish thoughts rambling in the back of their mind to the web universe not only making money online full-time, but also empowering others with useful information.

  8. MSI Sakib says:

    Hi Michael,

    All your points regarding blogging are definitely true. However, I want to add one more thing in the list which is “Being jack of all trades”. When someone plans to start blogging he or she has to learn basic of almost everything from graphics designing to coding, from doing research to networking.

    Honestly, blogging taught me a lot so far!

  9. T I Antor says:

    Hey Michael,
    Your last point mostly impressed me. Offcourse i love blogging and you can call its one kind of drug for me. I have learned many things by doing blogging and still learning. I want to own reputation as a blogger and you can say it’s my passion(don’t know, can i do it?). Every point you have discussed on this post is the real fact of blogging. Yes, its true that, we get lots of followers or can engage with people by blogging, gain lots of technical skills day by day and broaden our thoughts for writing great unique contents. That’s the reason i love blogging. Thanks man for sharing such a nice post.

  10. Humphrey says:

    This is really true! You have shared some very useful information. I recently converted my website from HTML to wordpress which makes it much easier to work with.

  11. Hello, Michael,

    I love all your points. But especially I liked 1st and 3rd point. Here’s why-

    Networking with Everyone- I liked this point, I’m here explaining a bit. Why did I like?

    When I come into the blogging paradise, I did not know anything. If we want to achieve something by heart, that thing definitely gives you positive results. It is genuine.

    I like to make new bloggers international friends and now I am enjoying too, this is my life. In the blogging field, we learn a new thing every day and connects with the whole entire world. It is true.

    Developing Technical Skills- In the beginning, when I came into this heaven field. I did not know that “what’s a blogging, even I did not know “B” of blogging. But these process requires a time. Right?

    Then, things have gone to be changed. Slowly slowly I learned too much about blogging.

  12. Liton Biswas says:

    Hi Michael,

    You really thought deeply about the benefits of blogging.

    I love all 6 benefits of blogging you shared in this post.

    I have written a post on “reason to be a blogger” a few days ago. While I was writing that post, I came to know these benefits of blogging with many other benefits of blogging.

    If I summarise those benefits of blogging, which I remember at this moment, it will look like below –

    blogging helped me to form some good habits –
    * I now take exercise everyday.
    * I get up early in the morning at 6 am
    * I now don’t waste time, as need to do many blogging task.
    * I’m now more organized than before.
    * I now have a daily routine.
    * I’m now living a cheerful life.

    If I list them all, this comment would be another post.

    So, in conclusion, blogging adds many benefits in our life in many ways.

    However, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed it.

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