7 Fail-Proof Ways To Organize Live Webinars

So you want to make money with live webinar?

Webinar is a form of online meeting whereby you share valuable information with targeted audience. Often, what you’re showcasing has a direct correlation with recent developments across the web. Webinar can only succeed if the topic under discussion has a strong debate, or sounds confusing to many. By presenting a viable solution, you could earn a decent income from it.

Without much ado, let me share with you the seven fail-proof ways to organize live webinar that can put money in your bank account. Nothing heavenly in this post, but as simple as these tips are, they are powerful enough to transform your entrepreneurial mindset and generate income for you. Are you ready? Let’s dive in…

1 – Develop A Strong Mindset

You need a strong mindset to arrange a successful live webinar. A lot of things may challenge the very thing you believe and if you’re not well equipped in your mind, giving up becomes the next agenda.

It takes a lot of boldness to trounce competition going on in your niche. For those of us in the “make money online” niche, we understand how competitive ranking for any related key phrase is. Even if you’re a Google Developer, daring to optimize for such key terms would generate little or no organic traffic.

But when you develop a strong mindset, you would be able to take action; irrespective of what you feel is wrong. For people to honor your live webinar and invest their hard earned cash, you need to show ‘strong will’.

So, starting developing your entrepreneurial mindset is this respect. Read extensively about live webinar and join discussion boards where online meeting, video conferencing and live webinar are discussed.

2 – Have An Actionable Plan

Before you arrange a live webinar, you need to clearly write down your plan. If you don’t have a plan, you may wander and waste time on activities that are irrelevant. Just like business plan, live webinar has a life of its own and you really need to have a scalable plan for it.

The first live webinar I hosted failed woefully because I didn’t consider goal setting and planning. It got to a point during the course of recording a podcast that I suddenly forgot all I wanted to say.

It was as if the hell was let loosed on me. But you can avoid this. Get a sit, relax and write down your goals and how to achieve them (plans). What exactly do you want to actualize in hosting a live webinar?

3 – Have A BroadBand Internet Connection

A vital aspect of live webinar is internet connectivity. You need to use a reliable internet connection. For those of us who still use Dial Up: Mobile Phones and other handheld internet devices, I suggest you consider a broadband network. Why? “You ask!”

It’s because you’ll be transmitting a large data from your host server to your guests’ server. Video streaming and Slideshows need fast internet connection. Being able to transmit signals from one server to the other, in few seconds, is the most vital part of successful live webinar.

And because it’s live, those who are watching and listening from their PC, right in their living room can easily bookmark and share on social media networks; thereby increasing traffic to your webinar. It’s recommended you use a broadband internet connection instead of a dial up.

4 – Target The Right Audience

Do you need 1000s traffic to succeed in web marketing? Absolutely not!

What you need is targeted traffic. Thus, it’s better to invite 200 targeted guests, who can register, attend and respond to your call to action than 10,000 untargeted visitors who do nothing.

If you truly want to make money from live webinar, then focus on the right audience. You don’t need everybody to attend and listen to your coaching, but you need few people who already showed interest by subscribing to your email list, following you on Twitter and connecting with you on LinkedIn.

It’s all a number game – if you invite a handful of people, be sure to have an encouraging turn-up on the D-day.

Ensure you use proven and legit web promotional strategies. Bloggers should engage their readers and invite as many that are interested.

5 – Use Press Release To Publicize Live Webinar

When I finally realized my mistakes and the reasons why I failed in my first webinar, I quickly wrote down my next goals and took action. My saving grace was press release distribution.

There is so much potential in press release marketing. If you’ve not started using it, the right time to begin is now.

By writing a release article that goes out on daily basis, you would get the media to pick your content and republish on popular magazine. One of my press release content was picked up by Small business Magazine publishers.

I was quickly contacted and within 5 days, over 837 targeted persons registered for my live webinar. Even though I didn’t see all of them that day – I still recorded 562 active participants.

6 – Promote Recurring Affiliate Offer

Do you want to make extra money every single month without biting your finger?

Recurring affiliate offer is the right way to go. Those who honored your live webinar have already showed interest in further learning. Off course, they registered for the webinar with their names, email address and phone number (in most cases).

You now have the chance to further presell them with your passive income offers. If you sell a one-off e-book and earn $520 at the end, it will be nothing compared to extra $520 monthly.

However, instead of promoting recurring affiliate offers for the sake of earning quick bucks, make sure you trust, and use these products and services. This is the only way to sound ‘original’ without hurting your chances to make good money. At the base of selling affiliate offers that pay monthly, you can package e-books, software and membership access as a bonus to improve conversion rate.

7 – Build Relationship Afterwards

Relationship marketing is the secret ingredient to building a successful online business.

Those people who fail to establish strong and mutual rapport with other people would struggle to break even. In today’s web marketing platform, selling e-books, short reports, software and membership access is becoming difficult.

Buyers are becoming savvier by the day. It takes extra effort to persuade and nudge them to buy. But when you build relationship, you will automatically ‘earn’ the trust needed to sell anything online.

But you cannot build relationship with your webinar guests without capturing their names and email addresses. We call this list building; an arm of email marketing and it’s very vital you begin today, if you’ve been skeptical all these while.

Probloggers like John Chow, Pat Flynn, Yaro Starak, Brian Clark etc. are all avid email marketers. They understand the power – join the fast moving train before it leaves the station and earn a living online.

Live Webinar Takeaway

There you’ve it, the seven fail-proof ways to organize a successful live webinar and make money easily. But all these professional tips will amount to nothing if you fail to take action. I recommend you set your webinar goals first, have clear plans on how to achieve it and scale it through from there. See you at the top!

Michae Chibuzor is an SEO copywriter. He writes about search engine optimization, social media networking and helps entrepreneurs host successful webinar and video conferencing with GoToMeeting coupon and GoToWebinar discount